Her Little Helper was a Bit of an Alarmist

Whoa lady, if you’re about to do what I think you’re about to do, then I can tell you with complete certainty that things will never be the same. You’re about to ruin everything, and I’m sorry, but I absolutely cannot allow you to put that wooden cutting board through the dishwasher.

I thought Palmolive was green, Larissa M.



  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*thud*

  2. What kind of bebeh animaleh is that?

  3. Ohhh,the cutest widdle thing!

  4. Just wanna cuddle!

  5. BenPanced says:

    “Sorry, ma’am, but this model doesn’t allow the optional goat installation.”

  6. Mandatory comment:

    What a cute kid.

  7. ROFL, Kar!

  8. Kids today. 🙄

  9. Oh goodness! That is an adorable goat. Is it a babe or pygmi?

  10. Oh my god, do you know what happens to wool when you put it through the washer?! What a baaaad plan!

  11. heeheehee! Clearly you can only get your furs all softlike and fuzzer wuzzered by jumping in the dishwasher. Who knew!?! Thanks for the happy happy cuteness today!

  12. Kid stop trying to get my goat!

  13. Clearly the wooden cutting board has been through the dishwasher before. The babeh goat – not so much.


  14. COXCUMUZZLE? or feetsies, either one. (or four)

  15. Dear, I think the dishwasher needs fixed, there’s still some schmutz on the goat’s head. It’s clearly not rinsing…

    – or –

    I thought there were laws about kids working in restaurants? Oh, he’s just washing dishes? Okie dokie.

  16. O No he(she/it) DI-unt!!!!!! says:

    ……Did you all know, that “Palmolive softens hooves, while you do the dishes”?

    (Please insert alternative correct choice word for the foot of a goat, if hoof is incorrect. Thank you very much for your assistance in these urgent matters of homeland security. You may now stand down. )

  17. OH. MY. GAHHHHH I want one to pop out when I open the dishwasher tonight!

  18. delicate ankles placed neatly together.
    obvy this is a lady goat.

  19. Stop kidding around and pre-wash those dishes:)

  20. Looks more like a Dawn than a Palmolive.

  21. Maaa-aaa-aaaa-m! I know you said to take a baff, but I’m not getting in there! Stomps wee hoof.

  22. But why would a goat want a soft hoof?

    My husband has said he wants a pygmy goat. If he ever gets one, I have no doubt that my dishwasher door would have a goat standing on it too.

  23. Kid or lamb?

  24. zippythepoet says:

    If I had a little helper like that, I’d never complain again about doing the dishes!

  25. When kids play with the dishwasher, nothing good can come of it!

  26. Man, I’m pretty sure I need a goat.

  27. i am in serious need of a behbeh goat. srsly. only thing is, they scream so loud when you pick them up…

    they’re just too irresistublz. plus, our yard is overgrown from lack of lawnmower, so i need a goat to take care of that AND for me to cuddle to (near) death. so obessed with baby goats. i have a stack of pictures at home of myself with a bunch of little ones, mini-goats if you will.

  28. @chanpon Maybe she’s trying to felt her goat 🙂 Make the bebbeh into a scarf, a bag…

  29. goat? lamb? peeg? regardless, or should i say ear-regardless, eet weel leeck the cutting board clean.

  30. Man, it realy gets my goat when people run wooden cutting boards through a dishwasher.

  31. All of your dishes are belong to us.

  32. Adorable little dude, but that dirty dishwasher sicks me out. Gross.

  33. puff, puff… just back from running to check if my dishwasher had a cute kid standing in the door. 😥 No such luck.

  34. Those hardwood floors…
    That baby…..

    want both.

  35. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Aww… don’t worry. She’s just kidding around 🙂

  36. AHHHH! You guys are keeling me with the babeh goats! MUST HAVE EET!!!!!

  37. Looking at that dishwasher…I’m not surprised they have a goat living in their house. He is pretty cute though 🙂

  38. Esther W. says:

    That’s 100 lbs. of ‘tude in a 15 lbs. package.

  39. I wanna goat!

  40. Bebeh goats are so cute because they always must be higher, no matter how slightly higher it is!

  41. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    They have my exact same dishwasher! (Except mine is much cleaner.) But why didn’t mine come with the patented “Cutie Goat Pre-wash Cycle”? (Oh, yea, that’s what my doggies are for. !!!SNRK!!!)

  42. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Quit teasing us, you heartless tormenters! Where is this magical kingdom you keep posting pictures of, where baby kids – and not the two-footed kind, neither – gambol about the house as if it was nothing, leap on the beds, sproing around the hallways, take over KP, and in general have a high old time? And how come I am not there ten minutes ago?

  43. Looks like the little kid has blue eyes and look at the size of the ears. I’m thinking Nigerian Dwarf.

  44. Now how cute is that?! What a little sweetie! 🙂

  45. misstester says:

    @Connie I agree, this lady definitely looks like a Nigerian Dwarf, just look at her little head!! SO adorable!

  46. Man. Why don’t I ever find cute little goatlets guarding MY dishwasher?

  47. BStrange says:

    Want. To. Hug.

  48. kibblenibble says:

    I ♥ this baby. Goatie reminds my of my kitty Isabella. (My avatar.) She also must stand or sit on the open door of the dishwasher for any loading or unloading. I call her my little supervisor. I always ask her, “Am I loading it correctly?” 🙂

  49. kibblenibble says:

    PS Nose boop! *boop*

  50. Geaux Ghoti says:

    Um… Is that thing dishwasher safe? You should probably check the label…

  51. gooeyctr says:

    “…and I would a’ gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for them meddling kids!”

    shaking fist impotently

  52. stop staring at my goat!

  53. bookmonstercats says:

    … and I thought we were weird, having two guinea pigs living in our kitchen. Not that I’m getting any ideas, mind you.

  54. I’m surprised the dishwasher is so dirty. They obviously don’t have any trouble getting the kids to help with the household chores . . .

  55. Bebeh Pygmy Goat!!!!! I need a whole herd! I would have the most major cute bounding all over the place.

  56. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Cuttingboard is Bamboo, and I’ll bet that they’ll clean that dishwasher. (sometimes I wonder about the state of some of the houses that people of which people put photos of on the interwebs…someone want to edit that sentence?) And the floors are Pergo, I’ll bet.

    That said, WANT A BEBE GOAT!

  57. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    **And thus the Three Billy Goats Gruff learned that the troll lived not under the bridge, but in the dishwasher. Oh no!!**

    I never realized before now that I needed a teeny tiny goat. But now I realize that I definitely do. I think I have a goat-shaped hole in my life.

  58. enlightenmentgirl says:

    Mrs. McGinty said:
    Where is this magical kingdom you keep posting pictures of, where baby kids – and not the two-footed kind, neither – gambol about the house as if it was nothing, leap on the beds, sproing around the hallways, take over KP, and in general have a high old time?

    I want to live there too.
    It’s so nice to see kids helping around the house. . .

  59. Sometimes things get dirty..sometimes pictures get captured that perhaps show a temporary state of ‘dirtyness’… Leave this household be, besides… anybody with a goat this cute gets a free pass in my book.. Pergo floors work just fine too.

  60. Vote vote vote! Like a baby goat!

  61. Now I know why all my chopsticks are crooked. Thank you tiny goat!

  62. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s BEE?????????”

    “WHEERE”s Bee????” ‘HUH? where is she??” “Heeeere, Bee; dinner!!”

  63. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ entropy’s (that word)

    here. I’ll give that bet a go:

    “Sometimes I wonder about the housekeeping skills of the people whose homes we see in portraits and photos, on the worldwide web.”

    There. Howzat workin’ for ya???? 🙂

  64. Alarmed at the Dishwasher Cleanliness Alarmist Police says:

    Seriously people, it’s a little bit of schmutz on the outside rim of the dishwasher. Just because you have OCD, and the time, to clean every crevasse of your house with a toothbrush, doesn’t mean you should expect this poor person who is clearly very busy with the much more important task of entertaining baby goats to be all OCD as well!