Another Day, Another Motopup

Perhaps inspired by our recent NYC two-for-one sighting, Jessica S. writes: “I snapped these pictures when my friends and I were lost, driving around in San Francisco. Seeing this guy in the next lane made missing our exit totally worth it!”

Left Coast cuteologists hoping for a return may want to stake out this intersection.



  1. Oh, awesome! My dachsie has the same killer doggles!!!

  2. Andi from NC says:

    Love the goggles, but he needs leetle helmet to protect that sweet noggin!

  3. Love the goggles!


  5. !!!!!! if i could find those goggles with the chin strap i’d get them! my abbie won’t wear anything on her face and tries to paw things off but the chin strap would so keep goggles on there and reduce watery eyes. eeeee!!!

  6. the doggles are fantabulous!

  7. I was all like “we’ve already seen this picture!!” Share the road indeed.

  8. D’awww! *noms those velvety ears!*

    @Marie : I suspect it’s a custom mod by the owner of the doggles in question, since I don’t think anyone BUT doggles makes their dog-goggles.

  9. i can’t wait until people make dog motorcycles. if people like dogs riding people riding motorcycles, wouldn’t they like dogs riding motorcycles, no people in between?

  10. The pic is clearly cute, but on another note: Joes of Westlake is still there?! Dag!

  11. Andi, I was thinking the same thing. I know what somebody’s going to get for Christmas….

  12. Flutterby says:

    Ver cute, but also think puppeh needs a wee helmet to protect cute haid; brain bucket!

  13. What an awesome pup.

  14. LOVE it! The doggles are the perfect added touch!

  15. OHHHH SQUEEEEE I love the Doggles.

    So love the pic!

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, looks like a terrier. Born to be Riled.

  17. Awww Cute pic but the wild child in back would love to have the wind in his/her face too ! Get that pup a side car !

  18. Stressfactor says:

    TWO “motopup” sightings in short order? I think we’re going to need a new CO tag. ‘Motopup’ deserves it’s own tag!

  19. skippymom says:

    I love how the dude is all suited up in his super-heavy-duty I-mean-business-don’t mess-with-me biking outfit, and there just happens to be this adorable little pup head sticking out of his backpack. Excellent juxtaposishe.

  20. The doggles make the pic. Is that a Parson Russell Terrier? Too anerable! He does need a doggie helmet, though. Safety first!

  21. Awww! I live in SF and see stuff like this pretty regularly. Usually it’s a super-serious hipster dude on a bicycle, and then you notice the puppy face sticking out of his messenger bag! The other day I saw a girl on a bike with a grocery store basket strapped to the back, and a leetle dog in it, just chillin’, enjoying the breeze. I wish I could take pictures of these things but I’m usually driving when I see them. This was the best I could do, while sitting at a stoplight:

  22. Unquestionably CUTE, but they’re not in San Francisco, they’re in Daly City! So they were REALLY lost.

  23. I agree with J-Dogg.

    I’ll take the bike, however. The puppeh can stay cute and safe at home. 🙂

  24. I wonder if I could ever bicycle with a cute pup on my back…:-D I promise you NO driver would attempt to run me over EVAR.

  25. And where is the doggie helmet?? Too cute.

  26. It’s a Beemer too! They’re great bikes, my dad has several and as a kid I used to ride either behind him or in his sidecar.

    Love the glasses on Curious Pup! And are there really palm trees in San Francisco? I didn’t think it was that warm there.

  27. @ Cee, I was only ever in San Fransisco once, and there were palms. I remember because it was the first time this prairie girl had seen them. Cool.
    Love the pup-pack on the all-in-black-biker-dude. Too cute.

  28. Gretchen says:

    Yeah, Jael, you said it for me. And Cee, there are loads o’ palm trees in SF and the Bay Area. It’s not always warm but it’s never very cold.

  29. My little Maltese would fit in a bag on my back, but I doubt he’d ever be calm enough for me to ride with me. Though he does want to help out during oil changes 🙂

    @Marie: I think Aerostich sells some doggles with the chin-strap.

  30. I recently bought some Doggles for my Boxer, and they have double stretchy straps–one for the back of the head and one for under the chin.

  31. yup daily city. awesome tho..

  32. @Jael – Agreed. Right by Westlake Shopping Center if I’m not mistakin’. Very lost indeed!

    And how come I drive by that place all the time and never witness such adorabuhls!?!

  33. Linda SF says:

    OK local yocals …. Where was this picture taken?!?! It looks soo familiar!

  34. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Linda SF: I found the intersection on Google Maps. Click the link under the first picture (where it says “this intersection”). That link will take you right to the spot.

  35. marthava says:

    The little soft brown ear floppages keel me.

  36. the doggles are ridiculously cute – but seems to dangerous for my liking……….

  37. Doggles. The most wuhnerfuhls creation evars! I think it’s amazing the dogs don’t try to get away…or can they?

  38. skippymom: “Juxtaposishe” is a word of great awesome-osity! I also like how the driver seems to be a macho man with an anerable pup as a sidekick.

    (Macho macho maaaaaaaannnn, I’ve got ta be a macho maaaaaaaaaaaann!)

  39. softie1974 says:

    I can’t stand it…I just can’t stand it….I gotta get me a motorcycle, and a pup, and some matching gear for the both of us…/end of coherent thought…@_o/ded from qte…call my next of kin…

  40. Alexandria says:

    YAAAAAY! A Jack and a BMW! Those Doggles are too chic.

  41. Wanna touch the JR…so cute…I showed the pic to my JR!