To Curry Favor, Favor Curry

Here’s another one for our WTF (white tabby flavoring) file: A kitteh who just loveses him some curry, only not for eating. From our friends the Japanese, of course.



  1. It’s just soo delish. That’s the rub!

  2. JustanotherHeather says:

    Awww… he needs a wet wipe for that curry! And now I want curry for dinner. Mmmm!

  3. Linda H. says:

    What can I say?

  4. Curry neko!

  5. BabyOpossum says:

    PDQ FTW!

  6. That is adorable! Coincidentally, my kitty loves curry just as much! Only he loves to nom it.

  7. Oh my God, I’ve never seen anything so wonderfully silly in my life!!!! ROFL

    Gorgeous kitteh, BTW.

  8. Dammit, now I wanna cook some curry. If that curry smells anything like mine I totally understand his reaction.

  9. chillcat says:

    that is hysterical!

  10. In the immortal words of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: “Good rice, good curry, good Ghandi, let’s hurry”. Bon Appetite!

  11. marthava says:

    I get like that about Krispy Kreme Donuts.

  12. @Hila
    OMG funneh!

  13. maralisil says:

    “And there were in the same country / Shepard pi-ies! / That lacked but one ingredient / and so the Shepard chefs sent forth a sooth sa-y-er / Saying, “Sooth sayer say unto me the sooth! / And thus he repli-ied / with these wo-ords: TO CURRY FAVOR! FAVOR CURRY!!!” PDQ Bach, The Seasonings. [i metz Peter Schickele! 🙂 ]

  14. i like thick japanese curry with thick potato wedges….. (@_@)

    rice will do fine too…. (^_^)

  15. shannomo says:

    I wonder how he feels about the bath afterward?

  16. I like to see a cat who really gets into his food.

    This vid reminds me of an old Garfield comic: “I love lasagna! I love to smear it on my body. Which ensures that I don’t have to share it with anyone.”

  17. fuuuuuuuuuuuuny!

  18. I love these Japanese clips – the high pitched voice, the “ooooh” and “aaaah” soundtrack in the background! Hilarious. I wonder what they think of our TV shows? They must think we are dreadfully boring.

    Maybe the curry smells bad and the cat is rubbing it like they do on dead things. Or is that only dogs?

  19. clearly, that cat needs a hug

    and a smaller serving

    send him here and i shall see what i can do

  20. BenPanced says:

    Dinner’s ready! It’s met kitteh’s approval!

  21. But the cat never actually ATE the food!!

  22. Someone suggested on japanprobe that catnip may have been added to spice up the curry. Notice the cat blissfully inhales the aromatic fumes but doesn’t attempt to taste or ingest the scrumptious curry. Anyone experimented with giving catnip enhanced catfood to a cat? Does nepetalactonesurvive the cooking process?

  23. Uilleand says:

    Now you’re cooking with catnip!!

  24. GMTA Uilleand! She put nip in that curry!!

  25. Nah, this is case of OWTF – “Off-white tabby”.

  26. @NTMTOM wins the Internets!!!! PDQ Bach reference! Wooo-hooo!

    “Open! Sesame seeds! And see what you see!”

  27. PS My darling Stinky had the same reaction to all kinds of herb-y scents. He once was so hypnotized by a bowl of mushroom soup with dill that he literally fell into it, poor doofus.

  28. @Snowy2, my Stinky wouldn’t have needed the added nip– he had nip-like ecstatic reactions to a range of herbs.

  29. Jiffknee says:

    I once had a kitty who was similarly over-amorous with green olives. She lurved them so that she would rub her lil’ face all over ’em, lick ’em a bit, and lurve ’em some more. Thankfully, it wasn’t so obviously messeh.

  30. How cute! But it does beg the question… Why The Fur? My kitty would have a fit if she got curry in her pristine floof. I smell catnip…..

  31. @Maralisil, Peter Schickele went to Juilliard with the head of my conservatory, so he came to our St. Cecilia Day celebration one year, and he was hysterical. He made his usual late entrance (“Wait! Wait!”) dressed up like St. Cecilia in a long white gown, golden locks a halo (!), and work boots. 😀

  32. That is a happy kitty face. And I love happy kitty face.

    @Maralisil: I had forgotten that part! (I usually skip over The Seasonings in favor of the 1712 Overture.)

    I’m going to see the Jekyl and Hyde tour this Friday for my birthday!

  33. PDQ Bach Stands for Pretty Darn Qute Bach LOL


  34. @Ellen, my all-time favorite is Iphigenia in Brooklyn, S.53162. 😀

  35. Fonzie, the cat that owned me when I was a girl, used to do this when my mum brought home a paper bag of carrots from the market. She would leave the bag slightly open on the work surface, and he would ram his nose into it and get so carried away with the scent he would push the bag back and forth on the counter.
    Weird part was when he was eventually prised away from the bag his mouth would always be slightly open, in a little smile 😀

  36. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    MMMM…. curry flavored kitteh!

  37. @ Katie OMG my kitty does that! Whenever I wear this wooden bangle she shoves her face onto my wrist and sniffs REAL hard…. for about 5 seconds. Eventually she moves her head away with the silly mouth open smile. It’s hysterical, she looks like she’s about the sneeze her face off! Strange thing is she keeps coming back for more….

  38. until 0:35, I was convinced she wouldn’t get any curry on that blindingly white neck fur.
    alas, ’tis wet nap cleaning time

  39. Lauren A says:

    I’m thinking maybe the food was too hot, so the kitty rubbed her face on the outside of the bowl to mark it with her scent and claim it in the meantime until it had cooled down? Either way that is a very gregarious kitty!

  40. I have a cat that has a similar reaction to a bleachy kitchen cleaner. He rubs on the cabinets below where I am cleaning up. Luckily, he doesn’t try to eat the stuff.

    Ishi the open mouth is to expose the extra smelling glands cats have in their mouth. It’s called the “Flehmen response” I think.

  41. Squee Girl says:


  42. I bet the curry was laced with catnip.

  43. Wow, I am SO impressed at the erudition of my fellow CO-ers!!! And NTMTOM to boot! You all rock.

    Years ago I played some concerts with Peter Schickele – he was absolutely effing hilarious. Before that, in school, we had an annual PDQ Bach concert. The Seasonings, Iphigenia in Brooklyn, Sonata for Viola Four Hands, and Last Tango in Bayreuth are the numbers that I remember from school. Not to mention listening to the Beethoven 5th sportscast…

  44. Oh man, I have tears in my eyes from laughing!

  45. wwwwwwwwowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  46. @Prinbsn
    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Hyperion
    Across the flaming sky,
    His cha-a-a-a-ariot, chariot, chariot, chariot
    His chariot did ride,
    Iphigenia [niyah, niyah, niyah… – Ed.]
    Herself in Brooklyn found!”
    (Love the hemiola cadences)

  47. maralisil says:

    I met him in the early ’80’s at Wells College (still a women’s college then), where I was a vocal music minor immersed in multiple choral groups. Schickele did some new work for us, including some new (straight) music that he’d composed. I’ll always love his funny stuff, though! It’s GOOD, even when he’s trying to be bad! 😉 I bought the book he published around then and donated it to the college library. I should have gotten it autographed!

  48. My old cat used to have a similar reaction to gum wrappers. I think it was mint gum only though. He’d rub his face against the empty wrapper and would act like it was catnip. My other old cat used to steal my mom’s menthol cigarette ends out of the ashtray and would literally walk around the place with the cig buts in his mouth until we’d take them from him (he’d ONLY do this with menthol cigarettes though). Months after he died later on we’d still find cig ends tucked away in odd corners of the house where he’d stashed them. So, I’m guessing there is something in the curry (some spice or herb) that hits the spot with this cat, much like the mint or the menthol used to attract my two old cats.

  49. I laughed and went OH NO KITTY YOU MADE A MESS

    Seriously, that one was wired right to my ovaries. ❤

  50. Fleurdamour says:

    You guys should have a Japan news bureau.

  51. earlybird1 says:

    Could the kitteh be snuggling up to the bowl because it’s warm? Too hot to eat, IMHO anyway, judging from the steam. I know cats love warm things but I don’t have a cat, so I could be wrong…

  52. Lynnette –

    Catnip is also called ‘Cat Mint’ – I think the plants are very similar.

  53. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    OldCat, you are right about the flehmen reaction.
    At our house we call it the “Stupid face”

  54. love this video!! cuz i love japanese curry, too.

  55. Anonymous Coward says:

    my big guy (how would a scuba-diving couple name their first cat? Cousteau, of course! (my late wife came up with the name, not me)) has a similar reaction when i eat salad that has olive oil in it.

    after supper, i’ll often be on the couch (sadly, no cowch named Daisy…) and 18lbs of him will come up, have a sniff and start washing my beard then rubbing his face in it for what feels like hours (ok, maybe half an hour?). and he does it with gusto, i mean real pressure. i can truly feel his teeth — and the slobber after long enough.

    he appears to derive some form of pleasure out of it, though it does look like an drug addict getting his fix. i really wonder what’s really happening.

    his sister does not do this, only him.

  56. i have had a number of cats that have loved the smell and taste of curry. i currently am owned by two that love it. they hang out in the kitchen when i cook it and then sit as close as possible to me when it is time to eat. they will lick the curry sauce off of my finger then rub all over my hand.

  57. If you’ve ever had Japanese curry, you know that the smell of the curry is so strong that any catnip added to it would probably be overwhelmed by the smell from the wealth of curry spices. I personally think it’s just a weird cat. :p

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    My cat Picard had this reaction to the smell of toothpaste. I had to keep all tubes closed in the cabinets or he would hop on the bathroom counter and try to rub his face on them. I love the smile-o-bliss on this cat’s face at the end of the video. Now I am seriously craving some curry something.

  59. If that woman makes one comment about finding a cat hair in her food…

  60. Catnip Flavoured Curry, no doubt! 😀

  61. Isabelle says:

    My cat has the same reaction with:
    Olives, aritifical mint flavor (like gum, tooth paste, mouth wash, hand cream) and ,cumin!
    And cumin is other used to make curry 🙂
    He like it so much, he drools all over…

  62. Ed., (NTMTOM now?) you filled in exactly what I was thinking in Theresa’s quote!!! (one too many niyahs, though, isn’t it?)

    What a good start to my day – thanks for the link, Theresa. 🙂

  63. My Tux kitteh, skinny Sid, loves my armpits, at the end of the day when my deodorant is wearing off.

  64. My dad’s cat does this to olives, very creepy. Nearly put me off them for good!

  65. maralisil says:

    I just remembered that my cat treated Ben Gay like it was catnip too! She’d be fascinated!

  66. A lady I met in the ER vet’s waiting room–we both had calico kittehs under observation–told me a cat of hers had a thing for anything mint-scented. That lasted until she bit into a tube of Ben Gay. :O

    P.S. My calico is now fine. She’s sporting a poodle cut from the shaved legs where they put her IV lines, but she laughs at pyelonephritis!

  67. My cat, Tux (Valentine’s Day 2008 Zing went my Heartstring) loves olives the same way someone else mentioned, only she will eat them, but if I have brine on my fingers, she licks it off then does that to my hand.

    As it turns out, my boyfriend’s two cats have the same reaction… neither shall leeck you unless you either do that or, in the “cupboard cat”, Nyx’s case (we have no real basement, so he tries to get into the cupboard, he’s a black kinda fluffy cat), he has a stronger lick spot than Tux.

    So strong is it that I’m sure he has it double, and his brother has nearly none… bookcase cat (a blondie, Sol) doesn’t have much of a lick spot.

  68. So kawaii! Love the neko!

  69. Now, there is a cat with some taste! Dinner anyone?

  70. Love, love, love that smile at the end. Methinks his human pet puts catnip in her curry!

  71. Hila, that was hilarious! Didn’t see that episode.

  72. DeviousOne says:

    lol, One of my cats had an ANTI-favor reaction to some Chinese food we had once. We had some general tso’s chicken left after the meal, and we wanted to see if he had any interest(he’ll eat turkey and ham and sometimes bologna, we didn’t know about chicken). He swiped the ground on either side of the plate, trying to bury it!

  73. 😆 That kitty looks like he/she is totally bombed out of his/her furry mind 😆

  74. That cat is like … Drunk on that stuff.Either that or that cat has some serious eating disorders!