I’m just Warren C. doin’ the pee-pee dance here…

Look, there’s no one else around. If you take me to the grassy knoll, you know I’ll be the only shooter!

You put the right paw in… Stacey T-K.



  1. Another cotton ball fluffer!

  2. earlybird1 says:

    SO CUTE! I clicked on the link under the photo, and bless me stars! The photo above has been doctored a smidge! For Emma’s dignity, I gather! LOL! She is adorable!!

  3. doggie hopscotch!

  4. Is this what you get if your cross a dog with the bear from the Snuggle comercials?

  5. “Warren C.” – snerk!

  6. That just scared the CA-CA out of me!

  7. Humans look at me
    And tell me what you see
    You ain’t seen the qte-est me yet
    Give me hugs and I will become your pet

    I got noms in me
    And I must set them free
    I can pee behind that big fence
    Don’t you know that I can!
    Then I’ll go and eat more!

    I’m gonna chomp forever!
    I’m gonna eat that kib-ble.

    I see my dish being refilled
    People who see me go “aawwww!”

    NOMS! You will supply them forever!
    You’re gonna shnorgle me now.

    I’m gonna love you forever
    Because I’m your way cool doggeh

    Cool doggeh
    Cool doggeh
    Cool doggeh

  8. Why is “Cat on Mars” playing in my head as I look at this?

  9. Thanks to the alt-text, I expect this dog to have a George Costanza voice >_>

  10. 260Oakley says:

    Napoleon is caught short again.

  11. I rather think he stomps the yard .. Woho! Sweet!

  12. O No!!! He (she/it) DI-unt!!! says:


    It’s a Fuzzy Wuzzie Hokey Pokey!!!!

    Mgmt Office
    (*whistles the “Innocence Tune” aimlessly)

    (okay, not REALLY Mgmt)

  13. I like the raised back paw. 🙂

    This photo (neck down) reminds me a little of Teddy from the movie Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

  14. @Saffon– Magnificent! MWAH!

    What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about? 😀

  15. @Leslie, what is “the innocence tune”?

  16. Yeah!!! It’s my Emma-nemma!!!

  17. OMG so cute!!! I kinda wish dogs walked on two legs now!

  18. pink belleh!!!!!!!!

  19. well, apparently this is another cultural reference that i just don’t get… i had hoped to be able to figure it out from the comments by now, but the peeps ain’t given up no clues today… so who’s warren c?

  20. Are you saying Warren pees?

  21. Warren Commission… grassy knoll…

  22. @ceejoe – I believe “Warren C.” is a reference to the Warren Commission which was established to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  23. ah. got it. “only shooter…” thank you, fellow peeps.

  24. oh, and stacey t-k, both Emma and Maggie are adorable!

  25. Srsly ppl, the flicker stream is a must. Check it out!
    Stacey, these pups are too cute and I am envious of your apparently beachy lifestyle.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    Emma and the standing cat can get married as they’re both bipedal.

  27. astrogrrrl says:

    “Lemon tree! Lemon tree!”

  28. Flutterby says:

    She looks like a cross between a poodle and a papillion(sp?). The ears are wonderful!

    [Ooh, like a poodillon? 😆 – Ed.]

  29. EEEEEEP! SO CUTE! I wanna dance with him!

  30. That’s hilarious – it HAS been doctored. They took the chest fur and put it on her belleh so that her netherregions weren’t showing. Cute!

  31. LovesDogs says:

    Hippity-hop, hippity-hop, skippidy dooo daaa dayyyyyy! Happy puppheh!

  32. Wow. What a completely tasteless joke.

  33. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    My dearest Theresa:

    The following is from Urban Dictionary webpage. I had a quirky, elaborate description all queued up in my comment box here (useful references to Keystone Kops, Laurel & Hardy, etc) but the Computer Universe has done something tangled & puzzling with that version.

    Herewith & Hereunto, Appertainin’
    Innocent’s Whistle

    1. Innocent’s Whistle
    The whistling tune that’s performed when caught or nearly caught in the act of doing something wrong

    (PS: It helps, to visualize someone suddenly straightens up quickly, dusts off his jacket, & his face suddenly appears as guiltless as the Mother Maria or a boy in the you-know-which Choir….)

  34. JenniferL says:

    fab photo
    comment in very poor taste

  35. Flutterby says:

    huh??? wah…?

  36. AliceBlue says:

    Did Zapruder take this photo?

  37. Does anybody remember Snoopy from the Peanuts doing the happy dance?

  38. omg! It’s a Powder Puff Chinese Crested! My mom has one of those. They’re so adorable.

  39. Making a joke about the Grassy Knoll isn’t funny. At all. We lost a President that day.

    [True, but he joke isn’t about losing a President, is it? – Ed.]

  40. warren c…or warren g 😀 regulators!!!

  41. She’s a Havanese/Chihuahua/Dachshund 🙂 We got her as a baby from a rescue 🙂

  42. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ FRANK: OMG when you’re correct, YOU’RE CORRECT!!

    YOU WIN!!!

  43. What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?

  44. CatViccer says:

    This pix made me laugh out loud I burped a little for some reason!

  45. doing the bloated, knock-kneed, wa-wa dance on tiptoe!

    [Naturally! – Ed.]

  46. Mrs. McGinty says:

    “…The photo above has been doctored a smidge! For Emma’s dignity, I gather!…”

    LOL! Our kitty No. 1 also has a little skin fold like that, but he, uhm, isn’t a she. Well, technically, he isn’t a he anymore either, seeing as how we removed some of the essential equipment, but we still call him The Boy.

    I don’t know if doggy anatomy is like kitty anatomy, but if it is, then that … thing… looks a lot worse than the skin fold it actually is, like a little “pooch.” But I like the idea of putting Emma in a modest little high-necked number. Heck, it’s obvious she thinks she’s people! What a cutie patootie!

  47. Really way cooler than that standing cat that was all over yahoo the other day.

  48. This is so cute!

  49. That dog looks soooo IRISH! 😀

  50. The Shazinator says:

    Could that be a Seinfeld reference I see? Lemon tree!!

  51. 260-you got my pun, yes?

  52. the pee-pee dance!!!!! hehe hillarious!!

  53. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:


    I personally don’ know nuthin’ bout no STANKIN’ Seinfeld reference.

    (I THINK American citizens are not required to sign an oath of loyalty or of enjoyment of Seinfeld….yet…..NOR do I own my first cellphone yet…so far the Emigration/ citizenship Dept haven’t come knock-knock-knockin’ on my door….)

    BUT I DO know of a phenomenally wondrous, EARLY PP& M song (back before they were a basic staple of NPR fund-raising drives)….lovely, calm, short, understated parallel about unrequited love……called “Lemon Tree”
    (prob their version might have been released ca 1964-66 originally)

    Folk-Musically (Indignant Enough for ALL of ya.)

    “NOW when I was a kid, people KNEW THEIR FOLK MUSIC references….grumble….mutter ANDFURTHERMORE….grumble…mutter etc etc & so forth….)

  54. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    And at Theo:

    ya brought that classique “Humpty-hump” item back into anotha comment stream!!!
    Wicked coll, man.

    (Is a wimpy nerdy white “girl” allowed to say “Wicked Cool”???)

  55. mandy_Reeves says:

    Is tippy toe, from when George tries to steal his girlfriends answering machine tape?

  56. Adorable! is she walking over to her brother Colby’s? 🙂

  57. Gotta admit the kid is cute. Problemo with the grassy knoll quip. It isn’t cute if you’re old enough to remember. Funny thing is certain memories just of fade all that much.

  58. Gotta admit the kid is cute. Problemo with the grassy knoll quip. It isn’t cute if you’re old enough to remember. Funny thing is certain memories don’t fade all that easily.