Vote like a baby stoat!


We’re honored to be nom-nom-nominated for a 2010 Webby Award! To win, we need your halp!

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The baby stoat, dubbed “Blears” by wildlife workers, was kept alive with a heart massage and mouth-to-mouth according to Mail Online!



  1. LizzyBee says:

    eety beety nose boop!

  2. That nose looks like a wart on my toe I used to have

  3. victoreia says:

    eety beety babeh!

  4. victoreia says:

    [hmmmm…….how to vote often……..]

  5. OMG, it’s almost like a fuzzy earthworm! With whiskers and a beepable nose!

  6. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!

  7. neon nose nominations needed!

  8. I stoated

  9. I really had to clean myself up after that!

  10. I stoated too. And BEEP!

    Hey, English cute-ologists, what’s a water butt?

  11. How do you do mouf to mouf on such a little head?

  12. BABIES!!!! <3333 X3 Nothing I love like leetle weasels and stoats~~ ❤

    I think CO needs a 'weasels' tag for these little guys and their ferret cousins!

  13. Instant win. And Zeki is absolutely right.

  14. I can’t even imagine attempting cpr or mouth to mouth on something the size of my thumb for fear of blowing out their lungs or crushing it.

    So glad to hear the happy ending!

  15. kibblenibble says:

    The wee innocence! So glad this stoat was resQte! 🙂

  16. kokobutterbuns says:

    OH!! Those baby whiskers are so long and yet still so teensy!!!

  17. Possible distant relative of Rudolph (the red nose).

  18. Vote! ICHC!

  19. Hamasuta San says:

    Sorry guys, ICHC has my vote forevah!!

  20. No way. What a perfect little face!!!! His leetle nosicle is almost transparent!!

  21. Vote vote vote like a baby stoat stoat stoat..

  22. @Kar – I was trying to picture the mouth-to-mouth stuff myself! On a little, adorable, wee fingerling stoat? And did they massage his heart with a Q-tip? 🙂

  23. _The Stoat_

    instant million-sellar!

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Ceejoe, I believe a water butt is a barrel used to collect rain water.

    The little stoat is glowing! How’d he do dat?

  25. Jeff Blake says:

    Candy looking nose.

  26. Richard Featherstone says:

    A water butt is a large barrel that collects rainwater via a downpipe and guttering on a roof.

  27. This is one wild and crazy stoat. You (Meg) have been saving up pictures of stoats all year, haven’t you? Well done, Peep 1.

  28. I’m in the wrong job. I should be looking after these bubbas.

  29. Birdcage says:

    I just stoated. We need more stoaters! Get out and stoat! Rock the stoat!

  30. I just had to come back to keess that redonkulous nose. 😀

  31. I’ll bet most of us would give snout-to-nose rescue breaths to this little critter in a heartbeat.

    Did I tell you that my son and I went to a Rabbitry last week? 250 giant rabbits and many more babies-the babies grow from the size of a thumb to the size of a large rabbit in three months! Then they grow to the size of a B-I-G bunny. A man’s rabbit, for a manly-man. Who sqeeeeed. Killer’s bigger, bigger brother wants a manly-man rabbit for his 21st birthday. It won’t live here, so Killer is not a factor.
    All I can think of is those wonderful Gillette commercials with the big, hunky guy in the towel, or the Old Spice big, hunky guy on the horse, backwards. They need big manly-man rabbits, too. For the record, I did not squee, it was more of a coooo.

  32. Charlene V. Martoni says:

    This is cute. Was it like a premie?

  33. I would like to kiss that nose, and it would be safe before the teefs grow,
    when it would probably attach itself to my upper lip.

    I’ve stotaly stoated. Isn’t the webby Trophy Cuteoverload’s by right, I believe we won it the first year of the awards creation and we are not giving it back. So there, thssp.

  34. I stoated and am here to say Stoat Stoat Stoat! and
    I Loved April 1st .
    IT was awesome!


  35. OOOPS

  36. Colonel Jenna says:

    A friend told me about doing CPR on mice. It was pretty much blowing in their faces and tapping their chests with one finger and hoping-and-praying that the mouse made it. I’d certainly try it to keep something as precious as Blear alive! SQUEEE!

  37. Cholmondeley says:

    “Smaller than a Biro” hee hee! I’m practicing teensy mouf-to-mouf on my thumb…

  38. Vote MORES peoples! We’re stuck at number three!

    Look at the weasel nose.. just loook at eeeeeet!

  39. I stoated – better get the stoat out – CO is in third place and that is unacceptable!!! Stoat Stoat Stoat!!!

  40. BrianinCanada says:

    I miss the little stoat nomming the button that said “I voted bitches!”

  41. I stoated!