His Master’s Voice (Inside His Head)

Continuing our theme of animals being driven slowly insane by technology, let’s visit with Harvey, who now thinks that people live in tiny little boxes.

Mega-Baroo, Efrat P.



  1. This was made even more adorable by the British accents. “Haah-vee.” “Doesn’t he look all confused?” So cute.

  2. Flutterby says:

    Poor bebeh! My faddah does this to his puppeh when I call. He makes me say her name over and over. She backs up, poor thing. Probably thinks I live in that hand-held box!

  3. so kewt! i noticed that his tail has not been docked. how sweet! has a white tip and white mittens. too too cute.

  4. marthava says:

    The paw deah confused ‘Ah-veeeee!

  5. I’m dying from the confused cute!

  6. Definitely a confroosed puppeh!

  7. tracylee says:

    can’t watch the video at work (boooo)
    but the pupster is megacute in the still shot!

  8. tracylee says:

    p.s. when I adopted my greyhound she didn’t know how to play with other dogs, and ended up learning from a neighbor Boxer pup… so now she playfights by punching like a boxer!

  9. O No!!! He (she/it) DI-unt!!! says:

    Dictionary definishe of both “Kyoot” AND “Confoozhun”.

    Methinks Harvey should replace Jiminy Cricket as the Ultimate Figure of Guilty
    Conscience. I will submit the required documentation/ applicashun to the Vatican

  10. crackjob says:

    “Is she in the gah-den?”


  11. Head tilts galore!

  12. dewicasgwent says:

    The law in the UK is docking can only be done by a Vet, and Vets decided they would only do it if it was medical necessary.

  13. @dewicasgwent – yay!!! for the UK and UK vets!

    My local vet doesn’t do ears or tails – and that is one reason I think he is awesome.

  14. Adorable!!

    I do wish my Schipperke puppy didn’t have her tail docked.

  15. Barooteefool!

  16. This reminds me of my dog. I would record him howling along to the piano on my blackberry, and then playing it back, he would do this exact same reaction, wondering where the dog in my phone was.

    Boxer pups are just too cute. What a face.

  17. I go to http://www.enature.com quite a bit to try and figure out the local birds by their songs. Max does this when he’s trying to figure out how the various larks, robins, woodpeckers and towhees got into my computer, but not to that extent. Boxer pups are too cute!

  18. The phone call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

  19. Barooing leading to neurons firing and new neuronal connections made. Harvey has now possibly leapt from concrete to abstract thought processing.

  20. And can we all please get a load of those miraculous forehead wrinkles? How great is this puppy?!?!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Dahling, you look all confused!

    Poor lil’ Hahvey!

    Adorable! 😀

  22. If you’re buying a pedigree pup, you can ask your breeder NOT to dock tails and crop ears.

  23. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    My favorite moment in this comes around 0:19, when Harvey is startled out of what was supposed to be a yawn, sort of like this: “Yaaaw — Wha-HEY! Again with the nice lady and the box with the talking that is coming from it!”

  24. Cute as a cute button.

  25. My cat KittyKat used to jump on the side table and press on the button of my old answering machine and to hear my voice on the tape, then he would look over to where I was like he was thinking: How can you be in this box AND on the sofa? 🙂

  26. Chinchillazilla says:

    My cat tries to free the people trapped in the answering machine. He hangs up on everyone by lifting the receiver and trying to let them out.

  27. FinnMacCool says:

    Come here, Harvey. I’ll stop the bad people from hurting your sweet ‘lil noggin’!!!

  28. the bug man says:

    My ex-girlfriend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend (not Kevin Bacon, I promise) had a somewhat uptight borzoi named Chico. His mom called and left a long message for Chico on his answering machine once. This turned out to be a mistake, because when the ex-g’s s’s ex-b came home, he found the answering machine in tiny pieces scattered around his apartment.

    I can only imagine Chico standing there, brow furrowed, head tilted, thinking: “Grandma is trapped inside the plastic box. I must help her escape.”

  29. Two thumbs up for the UK and their refusal to crop ears or dock tails!! Harvey is much happier with all his parts.

  30. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Amazing-I looked at the tail too & thought-how lovely…he has all his parts!

  31. Aww, the confused tail wag is the icing on the adorabuls (adoraboxers?) cake!

  32. Where is she?!

  33. OMG I have been slayed by the absolute adorablness of this clip!

  34. Once A Fish says:

    Oh, this reminds me of a funny story. Several years ago, All Things Considered (on NPR) was doing a segment where a scientist lady was studying hawks in urban environments, such as strip malls and things. To entice the hawks to appear, the scientist lady would blow a whistle that sounded exactly like the death-scream of a mouse (a horrible sound!!). Well, when she blew the whistle, instincts kicked in and my usually quite docile fourteen-pound cat LEAPT across the room and dove head-first into the stereo speakers, trying to get at the dying mouse. He managed to make a dent in one of the wire covers of the speakers with his head. Now, to make the story even funnier, the next day NPR ran the story again, and this time I was listening to the radio in another part of the house. I had forgotten about the whistle, so when the lady blew it, my kitty dove at the SECOND radio, denting that one with his head as well, so determined was he to get that poor suffering mousie. He was so very confuzzled– especially since he has never seen or heard a real mouse in his entire life!

  35. Fluidstatic says:

    Poor sweet confused Harvey. I want to cuddle him.

  36. Copperbat says:

    Harvey. ❤

  37. LOL! Once A Fish, I needed a laugh thanks 🙂

  38. paulajeanne says:

    Poor baby! Tha’ wass mean!

  39. Wow: Ahhvee can baroo clockwise AND counterclockwise: ambibarootrous

  40. Tzarinac says:

    The perfect picture of bemused confusion. “Where’s my Mama???!!!” Adorable!

  41. so cute!!
    “mam is here!!”


  42. @Saffron: (sound of twelve-year-old girls screaming) AAHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! 😆

  43. TracyFlick says:

    British people make anything sound proper. I love it. This is so repetitive. Yet. I could listen to you all day.

  44. At 0:34 on tape

    Man: Where is she?
    Woman: Hah-veeey…
    Little Harvey spins around at looks at his butt. Made me LOL!!

  45. binky-mama says:

    The leeps! omg, the leeps!

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    Harvey is adorable!
    Once a Fish: Funny story about your silly cat! At the end of this video, Harvey turns around and looks at his rear end. This reminds of one time when my sister’s dog er, passed gas quite loudly and then turned around really fast and looked at her own butt with this totally startled expression. She looked like, “What was that?! What just happened here?!!

  47. kibblenibble says:

    ♥ Harvey! ♥ What a cutie barootie!

  48. BStrange says:

    Such a sight for sore eyes after a thoroughly awful few days. He’s like a living, breathing, baroo-ing cartoon!

    I hope his owners know how lucky they are. ‘Cause I’d skuh-weeeze the stuffing outta him if I could… just… reach…. Ehn!! And that would probably spoil his adorable forehead wrinkles. 😀

  49. When my cats were young, I had a keyboard which functioned as a sampler – taking sounds through a mic (or other device) and putting them on a FLOPPY DISK! Anyways, one day I sampled the cats meowing, and then played it back to them. They were walking around behind the speakers trying to figure this out.

  50. upupnaway20 says:

    This is by far THE cutest thing I have ever seen.

  51. Yeah, I love doing this too! But this pooch has a far better reaction than the look of disgust and pulling away that our cat does. Ingrate!

  52. OMG. Adorabuhls. 🙂

  53. Dogs don’t do electronics…their paws are too big for the little keys!

  54. LOL@Saffron

  55. @QoD: Reminds me (gross warning) of my Dante’s reaction when he horked up his first hairball. “MOOOOOOOOM!!! It came out of MEEEEEEEEE!!!”

  56. @Once a Fish– several years ago, I was cleaning and found a dead mouse (yes, ew). Immediately, my two innocent-of-mice cats were on the thing. One would prance around with the thing in his mouth, like “Look, I killed it!!!” then the other would attack him to get it away from him, and repeat the process. Neither of these cats had ever seen a mouse in their lives, both had been nothing but pampered little snooky-wooky-boo-boos all their lives, eating fancy-shmancy cat food– and they were acting like this poor, smelly mouse corpse was Godiva chocolates and champagne. 😛

  57. Docking tails became illegal in England in 2007, with exemptions made for working dogs, if necessary.

  58. So darn cute! My husband did that to my Boston/Chi when I was away and he would start nudging the phone and whining every time he saw it until I got back. My guy had to call me specifically to talk to my Wuppie, because he felt kind of bad that my dog was convinced that daddy had trapped mommy in the little black box. He was so confused and happy when I got home, though. I felt so bad for traumatizing him, lol.

  59. Love the Pupster but as a Brit I am amused by your reaction to the English accent.

  60. @Hon Glad, WHAT English accent?
    Or WHICH English accent? 😆

    Didn’t you know that English accents are Kryptonite to American women?

    Although like a lot of Brits don’t realize there’s more than one American accent, a lot of American’s don’t realize there are like 40 gazillion English accents. 😆

  61. My in-laws once had a cat that was AFRAID of mice. Unfortunately, that didn’t transfer to birds – he definitely did a number on the local feathered community (including a pet parrot).

    About the rear-end thing – James Herriot wrote about a boxer named Cedric with that unfortunate gas problem (passing gas, then looking wildly around for the source of the sound/smell).

  62. Both my fuzzballs (dog and cat) do that. The Mister Cat does it with a look of disdain, like, “I would never be caught in a box like that.” He’s wrong; he’s a great deal like Maru in the box respect, and gets stuck often.
    My dog gets distressed because she can’t REACH me. My husband doesn’t do it on purpose, but he doesn’t like just talking on the phone and doing nothing, so he’ll put the speakerphone on while puttering around on the computer or something.

  63. Queen of Dork:

  64. P.S. Harvey is adorables! So quizzical!

  65. My cat is like that – when we go away, I’ll phone home and when she listens to a voice she knows on the phone (I’ve seen her do this when my daughter calls), she comes close and rubs up against the phone safter giving it a little purr.

  66. I want a boxer puppy!

  67. Paunchie says:

    “acting like this poor, smelly mouse corpse was Godiva chocolates and champagne. ”

    EW LOL!!

    how sweet is this little dog. Pretty sweet. smooch!!

  68. Paunchie says:

    Qweet teasing heeem!

  69. Harvey is love! I cannot believe they still dock boxpups in America? How barbaric.

    That’s not a “British” accent BTW – it’s a south-eastern English one. Accents differ wildly across the UK (just thought I’d get my nuff in now)

  70. dunno what’s cuter, the dog or the accent. awesome.