Yoga Bear

Heeeeey Boo-Boo! Am I doing this Pic-a-nic Basket Pose right?

You’re smarter than the average Sender-Inner, Roberto R.



  1. Flutterby says:

    Now straaaaayyych it out … feel the burn!

  2. Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear,
    Yogi Bear is always in the ranger’s hair.
    At a picnic table you will find him there
    Stuffing down more goodies than the average bear.

    He will sleep till noon but before it’s dark,
    He’ll have every picnic basket that’s in Jellystone Park.

    Yogi has it better than a millionaire
    That’s because he’s smarter than the average bear.

  3. Flutterby says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
    Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
    Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

    Obvy, this isn’t Fuzzy Wuzzy

    groaner…sorry..*slinking away*

  4. yogi bear?
    more like yoga bear!

    da dum deesh!

  5. sigh* i am not clever. that was the headline. too busy distracted by cuteness of bear!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    BKS Iyenbear says: “Time to get up off your asanas. Nomaste.”

  7. OMG, Cinnamon Bear!!

  8. MoonCatty says:

    Yep… I’m bear footin’…

  9. He makes that look way too easy. I’ll give up on the stretching and nom the fuzzy earses instead.

  10. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Back in the day…. in my family we used the nickname “BooBoo” for my brother Bruce & joked with him about the pic-a-nic basket & such.

    This’yere is a kyoot baar.

  11. Hum…that is no yoga pose I know. Looks more like Conan O’Brian’s M*******ing Bear.

  12. paulajeanne says:

    At least he’s being modest.

  13. Bears are so cute, love the pose kind of yogaish pose lol

  14. kokobutterbuns says:

    Man-Bear in the morning stretches & scratches his you-know-whats

  15. 260Oakley says:

    What’s more frightening? Hairballs or bear…..? Equally grizzly, I’d say.

  16. Um, looks like those workers at construction sites who yell, “Hey, baby! You want summa THIS?”

  17. So Yogi is a yogi? I think this universe is somehow on its head.

  18. neonRHINO says:

    Does anyone see where his OTHER hand is? Haha I swear, this bear cracks me up!

  19. Surrealle says:

    Lol Carol!

    I’m surprised there aren’t more comments about the dirty interpretation of this pic.

  20. thanks for publishing!
    anyway, this bear is in the Fasano zoo, south of Italy.

  21. oh, of course the one above is Roberto R., the submitter 🙂

  22. I think bear wants to go pee pee. Or is doing an MJ impersonation.

  23. well if it’s an italian bear, that explains everything!

  24. Hon Glad says:

    “Nuts and berries, sheesh”

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Oh, by the way that is my favourite line from Yogi Bear, not a reference to his nuts and berries 🙂

  26. He looks fluffy enough to cuddle although probably not a wise idea.

  27. Oh, I’m gonna that that is an bored bear. Beautiful color, though, and yes, it would kill me if I tried, but what would a nice snuggle from him feel like in the first 1.2 seconds?

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Y’all think what you want, I think he’s being modest.

  29. Privacy paw!

  30. Bear foot pads!!

  31. Yes, Surrealle! The dude is grabbing his crotch for goodness sakes. I’ve taken a lot of yoga and have yet to hear the teacher say “take a deep cleansing breath, bend forward towards your left foot, and grab your crotch!”

  32. Bearobics, the next big exercise trend.

  33. So sad to see concrete in the background… I hate when zoos don’t even attempt a natural habitat for animals. Cute bear, save the bear!!!

  34. Fleurdamour says:

    He looks like he’s checking out the bear on the next mat to make sure he’s got the pose right.