Let’s check in on Maru…

Yep. Still a boxaholic. Getting worse, too.

Wow—he’s reeeally struggling.

Get thee to a Boxhab! See ALL of Maru’s trials and tribs over at I Am Maru! Sender Inner Marianne H. sent this one via volcanic ash cloud.



  1. yarnyoga says:

    Not even a diet is going to make this one work …

  2. Flutterby says:

    MARUUUUUUU!!! No mistaking that face!

  3. Flutterby says:

    What a way to start Caturday.

  4. Persephone says:

    Ha! The writing on the box says “small.” No wonder Maru doesn’t fit!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I highly recommend checking out Maru’s blog. I do, daily. The love Maru’s human has for him is so touching. She (I think it’s a she) is a talented photographer and videographer, (and presumably a darn good housekeeper.) Maru is her purrfect muse. There are captions in Japanese and English, and sometimes the translations are a bit rusty, but that just adds to the charm. ♥

  6. If I had a cat with a tail that size, my floors would probably be as clean as Maru’s human’s too. One swipe of the tail is all it’d need.

  7. Its a cat thing. If they can put something of themselves in a box they will.

  8. Maru, you are so amazing 😀

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Um, this box seems to have shrunk since I last used it.

  10. Squeeeeshy kitteh.

  11. “Who am I kidding?” 🙄

  12. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh wow I’m glad I clicked on that link! There is something so pure, sweet and simple about the Maru pictures with captions.

  13. Maru is practicing being a flower arrangement, that’s all. No problem here that I can see.

  14. tsk, tsk…..will he never learn?

    (I hope not; all the better for us Maruniacs)


  15. I Am Maru blog will have to get added to my daily dose of kitty cuteness. I can’t get enough of his face to ear size ratio. *thud*

  16. Round cat in a square hole…

  17. needapuppy says:

    Maru’s mom knows a lot about animal behavior, too, and is always coming up with new things to keep him busy.

  18. Those special lights in the dressing rooms always make things look better in the store than they do at home. What looks fine in the dressing room, suddenly looks a wee bit too small in natural light….

  19. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Now people, it’s VERY simple. Maru is, after all, a growing boy….

    Y’all wouldn’t WANT him to STARVE, wouldja???
    THEN what would us’ns do, hhhmmmmmmmmmmm?????

  20. Maru. Rhymes with “Baroo?” This is not, I think, a coincidence.

  21. He has the “I dare you to laugh” look on his face.

  22. Does this box make me look fat?

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Who shrunk my box!?!?!

  24. LOL – My cat and kittens are always trying to “stuff into” some sort of box as well.

    Here a picture of my beauty ECHO, she is 1.5 years old, and is watching my laptop 🙂


    LOL – I think she likes the warm air from the PC fan.

  25. Uh-oh. He looks pissed! Like the world is refusing his command to provide him with a proper-sized Maru box. Lol! Oh, I hope they give him a tiny jewelry box next. The little gold ones you automatically get at the store. What will he do when not even a paw will fit inside. Stay tuned!

  26. The brushing video is pretty great

  27. I don’t care how small the box may be, a cat will find a way to stuff some part of itself into it!

  28. Josh! I was going to post that video too because it is sooo cute it made my heart actually hurt.

    He loves the brushing sooo much!! How must his human accomplish so much when that cat is around to hug and brush and cuddle? I would get NOTHING done if he was my cat!!

  29. I love that brushing video. Maru looks so content. He must really love his owner (pet human).

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    JoshN: Oh, thanks for sharing that! I love Maru’s “paws up” in that video. Don’t you think maybe we should have an Emmy Award ceremony or somthing for adorable CO videos?

  31. Nicolletta says:

    20 pounds of Maru in a 5-pound box.

  32. I highly recommend that rubber brush – called a Zoom Groom, I think, but there must be clones of it – to cat owners that haven’t tried it. Rupert absolutely loooooves it. Dervish likes it too, but he gets playful and hard to brush.

    Dervish is the boxaholic. I buy my 24 of beer in a flat of four six packs, and when I’ve put the first one into the fridge, he’ll be wedged in the empty corner of it. Also, Kleenex boxes, large boxes, and I swear I saw him trying to jam a paw into a matchbox once.

    Basically, if you add up our two cats, you get a Maru. 😉

  33. Love Maru. I should send him boxes to show my absolute adorations.

  34. Wow… Maru is getting desperate. That’s the equivalent of going around drinking the backwash out of all the leftover beer bottles after a party.

  35. kibblenibble-#5…I too have noticed how pristinely clean Maru’s house is at all times!

    He is just SO squishy and overwhelmingly CUTE!!! >^.^<

  36. Maru, you either need boxhab or weight watchers.

    What, no?

    Well, as long as you love yourself..

  37. The brushing video is great!!! Being Maru’s hooman must be exhausting but oh so rewarding.

  38. Ummm…why does Maru from Japan have a French accent?

  39. 😆 Maru, Maru, Maru 😆 You silly kitty 😆 That box is too small for you to fit in 😆

  40. 😀 AWW 😀 Maru is one very badly spoiled kitty who loves all the brushing his owner gives him 😀

  41. Some of the phrases on the blog are quite lovely, taken out of context:

    “He opened both his mind and body as soon as I talked to him.”

  42. OMG!! My husband and I laughed at that so hard it made our sides hurt….I heart Maru:)

  43. That’s “low energy cardboard performance art”, obvy. 😀

  44. They tried to make me go to boxhab, I said NO NO NO!

  45. ❤ @ kibblenibble…Maru's blog is fantastic.
    Here is the linky


  46. Looks like Maru is under general anesthaesia!

  47. I’ve also been totally addicted to Maru’s blog for a while now (almost as much as CO). I love the captions, I love how nice Maru’s house is with it’s minimalistic decor, I love how it always seems to be sunny where they live, I love their little garden, and I love how dedicated Maru’s owner seems to be and how happy Maru seems. And above all, of course, I love Maru and his crazy antics.

  48. Paunchie says:

    Tried to make me go to rehab I said nyhere nyhere nyhere

    (as long as mama sez I’m fi-hine)

    (brush my big be-hin-hind)

    I’m a kitteh! It’s my job to test out all the boxes round here.

  49. Maru even has a DVD apparently


  50. on the box there’s a printed word “小”
    which means “small”…
    it makes me laugh! hahahahaha

  51. mintyheart says:

    to aloec… i know right, so cute ^__^

  52. O No he(she/it) DI-unt!!!!!! says:

    @ Josh N:

    Maru + comb/brush = “Happy, happy joy joy”!!!