The Extremely Rare Motopup Simulspot

New Yorkers were recently treated to a cute sight — and not one, but two cuteologists caught it on camera.

First, Doryn W.: “We took this today in NYC. I just pulled up next to this woman and dog. The dog was so incredibly happy, loves the wind on his face. So funny!”

And later, Bonna T. “had just hopped in a cab when I noticed that on the motorcycle right next to us, this poodle was catching a ride.”

Why, it’s enough to make one exclaim “what tremendous fortuitousness,” or if one were in a hurry, an abbreviated form of said exclamation using only three letters.



  1. Madame X says:


    “What tremendous fortuitousness.” NTMTOM FTW!

  2. mervtheflamingo says:

    Poodle harness FTW?

  3. Is the poodle wearing pants??

    Very nice cuteologist synchronicity, too.

  4. Katiedid says:

    That pup is bad to the bone! Bad to the milk bone, that is… 😀

  5. lol at “what tremendous fortuitousness”!! NOMTOM, you’re the bestest!
    and of course, the poooodle is the cutest!

  6. I think they have matching jeans!!

  7. Definitely matchingk jeans! How freaking awesome is that!!!

  8. and matchingk helmets! i think this calls for a matchingks tag.

  9. LOL @ What Tremendous Fortuitousness!!! Brilliant!
    Cute pic too

  10. That teeny helmet keeells me.

  11. Speaking of biker dogs, they have their own website here:

  12. And here is where to get a helmet for your Biker Dog:

  13. tracylee says:

    alright, CO, you are responsible for cleaning the coffee spray out of my keyboard. kthx!

  14. Cue Born to be Wild…

    Headin’ down the highway
    Lookin’ for adventure
    Or whatever comes our way

  15. The puppy jeans are definitely the best part of this whole situation. LOVE IT.

  16. Rosewolf says:

    How adorable! If I could drive, I’d never get my Susie or Nisha off my bike or outta my car once they saw this pic! 😀

  17. The little helmet is killing me!

  18. webmaster, I need an enhance on that doggie face!!!

  19. “What Tremendous Fortuitousness!”

    Nice jab, NTMTOM!

  20. O No he(she/it) DI-unt!!!!!! says:

    luuuuuuuuuuuuuving the fluffy
    poodle feetsies, pokin’ outta tha poodle blue jeans’ legs!!!!!!

    “It’s beginnin’ ta feel a lot, like Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday”…….

  21. What’s wrong with the banner?

  22. Uilleand says:

    Why, That’s Fantastic!!

  23. Tony James says:

    what tremendous fortuitousness indeed, when everyone who’s anyone knows that puppies prefer Ducatis over Yamahas any day of the week.

  24. oh my god!! their pants match!!

  25. GingerBean says:

    Omg this post is one of the funniest! Pup pants, goggles and tiny helmet?! What tremendous fortuitousness, indeed. LoL

  26. I missed the pup pants, I was so focused on the doggy smile in pic #1!

    And stuff like this is why I always love New York.

  27. Well you know what they call the person riding in the back of a motorcycle, but I shall not repeat it here 🙂

    [“Rider”? 😕 – Ed.]

  28. What total fantabulousness!

  29. Say it, NTMTOM, Say it!!!

  30. Chicks on bikes, represent! (I prefer BMWs myself, but the smallest one they got in still too high for me 😦 And she’s a brave one to ride in the city!

    @Mel–Maybe the doggie actually *is* female!

  31. I concur, a “matchingks” tag is in order. I love the photos and the fact that this pair was spotted by two alert CO readers with cameras at the ready.

  32. haiku friday?

    poodle on a bike
    with jeans and helmet matchingks
    curly fur flyin’!

  33. Flutterby says:

    Hang in there curly! Cute outfit, although I guess you don’t say that to a biker, male or female!

  34. georgina0912 says:

    Doggie is also wearing jeans. He is a stylin’ doggeh!

  35. That’s really not fair. Why can’t I ever see things like that? Although yesterday I did see a Chinese Crested named Lakota with a black tee shirt and studded collar. That was pretty darn cute.

  36. Cholmondeley says:

    Surely the pup is wearing a teeniny black leather vest for ultimate matchingks. This is a killer pic – PLOP I iz ded.

  37. Very cute but one thing comes to my mind: What if the motercycle crashes? :c

  38. OMG!!!!! LOL!!!!!
    Poodles Rock!!!!!

    @ Aquamarine…. EXCELLENT!!!!

  39. GingerBean says:

    @halle- we-ll, it would be unpleasant. “What if’s” are a kill-joy. Just let Pup-in-Pants make you smile and here… have a cupcake. They always make me more optimistic 🙂

  40. @Tony James in da HOUSE!!

  41. Seriously…they have on matching light colored jeans. Too funny..and horrible all at the same time.

  42. I love the helmet but the jeans are just too much! It is a good thing they aren’t skinny jeans – those would be a trick to put on a pooch. Do not mess with Hell’s Animals.

  43. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    As one of the rides behind her hubby on the Harley bunch, I was told by the kick*ss sales lady that it was the QUEEN seat, thank you veddy much. And I would wanna have the pooch in a pouch in front of me, so they could see where they were going.

  44. the helmet. yes, fine. but the matching jeans????

  45. I think the worst part about this picture is the CARGO JEANS. Where do you even find such a thing?!?! yikes.

  46. My Chihuahua (Pixel) prefers his daddy’s BMW cruiser over his daddy’s Ducati. (Then again, his mama won’t let him ride on his daddy’s Ducati.) Pixel is placed in a soft-sided, completely enclosed carrier and that carrier is strapped, and I mean strapped down hard, to the tank. He loves to go out motoing with his people!

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I thought the rider on the back of the bike was “pillion”? Is there some unknown, crude definition of that word that my naive existence has not encountered yet?

    And from now on, I’m saying “what tremendous fortuitousness”! LOL

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    This is wonderful. I didn’t notice the jeans, too focused on the helmet and goggles. Wonderful thing #2 about this is that there are apparently many cuteologists in NYC because otherwise how could two of them have seen this on the same day? The odds would be against it unless the whole city is saturated. Wonderful thing #3 is, of course, “what tremendous fortuitousnous”. NTMTOM once again I pledge my undying troth to you and your crazy wit.

  49. It would be nice to think about a city out there being saturated with cuteologists. I would like to move there.

  50. Actually, he needs a sidecar. Just saying.

    (Yes, we have a Ural.)

  51. ceejoe: “It would be nice to think about a city out there being saturated with cuteologists. I would like to move there.”

    Even better would be a city saturated with tremendous fortuitousness. Of the cute kind, of course.

  52. I’m sure the gal in the picture is thrilled to know that we all think her jeans are gross.

    Maybe it’s OK for putting short distances in the city, but no way would I take an animal on a bike on the open road.

    You guys are serious, you don’t know what the behind passenger is called on a bike? And the seat is called the _ seat.

    […the back seat? Seriously, I’ve been a cyclist, not a biker. 😕 – Ed.]

  53. OMG, what tremendous fortuitousness!

  54. Pauchie – seriously, I don’t know any bikers. Give us some hints? Sounds like…

  55. uh… oops, I mean “Paunchie”

  56. omg i can’t take it anymore!!! what’s the behind passenger on a bike called??? somebody tell me!!!

    @kitty adventures: why thank you ma’am….and how have you been??? i haven’t been here in awhile.

  57. sounds like bichon, please.

  58. Having both a motorcycle and a poodle, this made me incredibly happy.

    And Paunchie- it does give a new meaning to the term for the passenger seat- especially if that’s a lady dog!

  59. GingerBean says:

    It’s a witch…no wait, it’s a mitch…pitch? Oh, I know! It’s a female dog seat, of course!

  60. lol @ GingerBean. I guess I was thinking it’d be something much more crass… I’m rather disappointed…
    But I still think the pup and motorcyclist are awesome!
    and… and… What tremendous fortuitouness!

  61. I’d like you to meet my biker bichon. . .

  62. This is hilarious … but seriously, this person is a biker? Where are the full-on leathers? How cute would the poodle be in that ensemble?!

  63. 1 way 2 go says:

    i’m a cooooooool rider! a cool, cool, cool, cool rider. imma c-o-o-l r-i-d-e-r

    aahh.. once more around the block james if you please.

    love the sniff of spring time

  64. Calliope says:

    Thank you for using the mostly-lost original meaning of fortuitous… 🙂

    Happening by chance! (rather than lucky)

  65. Tony James says:

    Lucy’s Mommeh – so I take it that hubby isn’t wearing *that* t-shirt anymore?

    You know the one I mean – oh yes you do. A dear friend of mine had one, and as a bachelor it was perfectly acceptable. What was odd was that, shortly after his marriage to a perfectly delightful lady, the t-shirt in question *magically turned into dust rags*. Whiskery Tabby-Floofs?!

  66. *waves to fellow NYC cute-spotters*

    What an adorable little poodle. The look on its face so clearly asks what the heck we’re all looking at, huh?!

  67. Hon Glad says:

    One could also say, how serendipitous.
    This picture proves to me, how dogs are too trusting , try this with a cat at your peril.

  68. That poodle is so badass!

  69. first thought: ack puppy on a bike!
    second thought: oh, nevermind, he has an aderble matching helmet and jeans for rash guard! totally fantastic!

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: I hate to even imagine all of the bandages, penicillin and antibiotic ointments I would need if I tried this with my cat. When I got home today, he was mad because I wasn’t getting around to feeding him fast enough. He got an itch on his chin and actually tried to RUN to his food dish while attempting to scratch himself under the chin with his back foot at the same time. This was hilarious looking so I laughed and he shot daggers at me with his glare.

  71. I see what you did there

  72. Wonder how this woman’s gonna feel knowing her backside is on CO! Har! I wouldn’t like it. Not without being able to pose at least. 🙂

  73. the cutest thing i have ever seen *_*

  74. camivette says:

    Where in the world did they get that tiny motorist helmet!?!?

  75. OMG! The little helmet!!! So cute! 😀

  76. The Other Bryn says:

    Why are people criticizing this lady’s jeans? Any article of clothing can work with the right accessory. A motopoodle is the PERFECT accessory for cargo jeans! It makes the whole outfit work!

  77. my dog would love to be inside that backpack

  78. Its the combo of the old lady cargo jeans and the sneakers that are killing me. It sooo takes away from the coolness of riding a motorcycle with a “female dog” on your back. Don’t get me wrong, she is still pretty cool, but if I were her, I would be rocking some ripped faded jeans and motorcycle boots. But thats just me.

    I am wondering why the dog needs jeans? Is it a comfort thing for the dog? So the backpack doesn’t chafe his or her little legs? Cause otherwise it is truly, truly bizzare. The helmet is so cute, I wonder does it actually provide protection? Or is it just for show?

  79. omg,
    thats soooo adorable!!!

  80. Too cute. Love the helmet & goggles.

  81. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Tony, my hubby has never been quite that, um, crass. *I* want the shirt-bright orange-that says “Can you see me now”…and then there’s the word that has to do with excetory functions…

  82. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Anyone who gets a helmet and goggles so their goggie can ride shotgun gets a pass no matter what she chooses to wear. I mean, how cool is that? A poodle-sized helmet and goggles so the puppers can have the time of his life? And blue jeans? What tremendous fortuitousness indeed!! And anyway, what’s wrong with cargo pants? More pockets for doggie treats!

  83. Alright, I don’t like to be a buzzkill, but as a rider myself(only good ole ‘Merican iron), I don’t like to see riders with their pets onboard. While it’s dang-ed cute when seen stopped, but this guy’s riding a crotch-rocket. Emergency medical professionals call these riders “organ donors”. Granted, he’s in NYC, but… Ok, I’ll stop. Just caring, okay?

  84. Cool lol a dog in leather riding a bike. When it comes to fashion leather has no boundaries.