What You Don’t Hear on Those Discovery Channel Mini-Series

Had I sat on the edge of your plate and stared while you devoured your bourgeois cheeseburger, I suspect my prying eyes would’ve been met with copious amounts of table salt! Yet here you perch, narrating my every bite. You sir, are the despicable slime!

Do Banana Slugs wear banana hammocks, Brinke? See more slugtastic action here.



  1. Stunbunny says:

    He/She/It looks like Dr. Zoidberg. It’s Showtime At The Apollo all over again.

  2. *nom*

    I am bemused by the slugrus tag as well

  3. That has to be one of the neatest creatures I’ve ever seen!

  4. LOL! Slugrus!

    (ps – great photo! I saw tons of banana slugs in a Washington rain forests… they’re hilarious!)

  5. Katiedid says:

    “despicable slime”?! There is no reason to rub salt in the wound Mr. Slug!

  6. Ringringringringringringring
    Banana slug!!!

    (Go UC Santa Cruz!)

  7. I like the Keith Olbermann reference (I theenk)!

  8. That has to be the cutest slug I’ve ever seen! I’d even let it munch on the tomato plants if it came into my garden.

  9. Killer Klown says:

    Well, it looks cute now – but there’s nothing in the picture for scale…
    nothing to tell you that these things can get to be _nearly ten frakkin’ inches long!_
    Not that cute when you see one of those things crashing through the underbrush, let me tell you 🙂

  10. Mini-Cthulhu eats your soul, one tiny nibble at a time.

  11. Eeeesh. Just keep it away from me. I’ve salted my share in my time.

  12. these are just so pretty, ive never realized it before. 🙂

  13. Flutterby says:

    Slugrus… does it qualify as *blorp* ? At 10 inches, I should think so! Crashing through the underbrush – LOL! What a vision in my mind; one I never want to see for reals, though!

  14. I have a cousin who broke her leg when she slipped on one of these things while jogging. I’m kinda glad I’ve never seen one in real life.

    I have to admit, I have a soft place in my heart for extreme close ups of small animals and things.

    I love Mr. Banana Slug’s teensy Cthulhu beard!

  15. What a neat photo-I’d stay for the sound, too!
    OK, hold up your hand (either or both), make a fist. Pull up your first and last fingers. Wave them around. SLUG!!!!!

  16. AuntieMame says:

    Is it normal for banana slugs to wear a layer of cheese on their backs? I mean, doesn’t it melt in the sunshine?

  17. ra ra UC Santa Cruz!
    go banana slugs!

  18. Hmmmmmmm delishas leaves… nom nom nom

  19. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Mr. Sluggo sez: “Please don’t a-salt me… I mean you no harm”

  20. My son, who is now 8, hates slugs. He might like this one…probably not. When he was just walking he saw one on the ground near door. He had a sharp eye it wasnt very big I can remember his little finger pointing it out for me to move. Was very funny but not to him.
    Ive never seen one of these.

  21. Looks more like a Cheez Whiz slug to me….

  22. Saffron- I vote peach baby food… blech… 😀

  23. ZOIDBERG!!

  24. @ Killer Klown “crashing thru the underbrush”…I snorted loudly at my desk, making all my co-workers give me the stinkeye (our office is very quiet). I saw it happen in my head, and for unknown reasons, the slug reared back its mustachio-d head and roared like a lion.

  25. @ Killer Klown “crashing thru the underbrush” so it wasn’t a pissed-off girafe on the island in LOST it was a slug!!!

  26. Yay, Banana Slugs!!! I’m a UC Santa Cruz grad, & proud to be a slug. We’re environmentally friendly, non-competitive, and decorative too! 🙂

  27. UCSC! Banana slugs are Teh QT!

  28. 10 inches long!! BELLLLECH!

  29. ewwwwwwwwwww. : (

  30. LOL as I live in the bay Area and have met many banana slugs I have yet tot hear them crashing through the underbrush. But now when I see them I will certainly hear that in my head LOLOL.

  31. Elisha B. says:

    “crashing through the underbrush”………makes me laugh out loud…..co-worker wanted to know what was wrong with me……couldn’t answer ’cause I was laughing so hard……but thoughts of “giant” ones kinda flips me out….oh well…..picture is amazing, look at the tiny plant infront of the slug!

  32. Deb–I’d definitely buy a t-shirt with your comment on it!

  33. blech their lung openings really blech me out…*shudders*

  34. Who knew that this would become a UCSC reunion site! Hello fellow slugs! Here’s a video of my husband licking one of these creatures at our last visit

  35. I have to ask – are you two still married?

  36. Oh. My. God. That is SO much worse than the kid licking the pig’s snout.

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Eww! And you let him kiss you with that mouth? 😀

  38. He’s a doctor, but he wants to be a stand-up comedian!

  39. Neopatra says:

    It’s a Zoidberg!

  40. Flutterby says:

    *ULP* that vid was beyond gross! You guys are VERY serious fans!

  41. Heh. He does kinda look urbane and disapproving in that pic. I like funny-looking creatures.

  42. Hon Glad says:

    Thank gawd we don’t have them in the UK, they look like a yellow turd. As a flower and vegetable grower, I hate to think of the damage they cause.

  43. What a cute little creature! I always wondered if I was weird because I thought slugs were cute, until I saw this.

  44. My god, it’s a baby Ood.

  45. Martha in Washington says:

    My son went to a camp here in WA when he was in elementary school. They were gone for 3 days. The highlight of the whole experience was getting to lick a banana slug. Apparently (and I’ll have to take his word for it) it makes your tongue go numb. Now, funny part is- the teacher would only let a couple of kids lick the slug before letting it go because IT MIGHT INJURE THE SLUG!!

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    AuntieMame–haven’t you heard? The sun doesn’t shine in the Great Pacific Northwest EVER! (Except for tomorrow when it is “supposed” to be sunny and 69 degrees! :))

  47. Yes it does make your tongue go numb!

  48. earlybird1 says:

    HE looks like a bourgeois cheeseburger himself. All he needs is a bun.

  49. earlybird1 says:

    @Mal (#44): Nice one! I was thinking the same thing myself! 🙂

  50. Bookmonstercats says:

    Very pretty indeed in the picture, a bit faint-making in the video. I thought the huge, albino slug that had obviously hatched in my compost bin was big, but this one takes the biscuuit (and a t that size, he could if he wanted to).

    I salted a slug many years ago, and will never do so again. It was horrible. My karma is now tainted for eternity! I put them into my compost bin, along with the snails – Hon Glad, do you think this is a good idea?

  51. Hon Glad says:

    Bookmonstercats, Yes and no. Yes they will help turn your veg and plant waste into compost. No they probably won’t be content to stay inside the bin, and will go out on raiding parties. However, if you have got a smart purpose made bin with a lid, and not a rickety thing made of old pallets,with a bit of old carpet over it like me, you should be OK.

    PS On our TV garden programme, they say there is no point throwing them over next doors fence, as they will probably make their way back, especially if you have got Hostas (Slug/Snails favourite).

  52. Woah, did someone melt cheeze over that snail? “Escargot au Gratin”?