Life Episode 4: Blorp

This second to last episode of Life, you will see some Blorp-tastic, sticky-eye-balled fish called “Mud Skippers”. They like to walk on land, breathe air, and shovel mud out of their houses with their moufs. They also make excellent mud wrestlers. Enjoy!

See more of Life here! [Say in Sir Oprah Attenborough voice]



  1. 😦 can’t see it in my country.

  2. Wow. They were going all Bruce Lee on each other. WAAAAAAAA! Thwack.

  3. Shouldn’t this have the Muddy Mudskipper theme song instead of Oprah??!!?!?

  4. Mudskippers, OMG, I haven’t seem these in AGES!!! Cute little eye-bulging aliens!

  5. Carina Guiname says:

    I can’t see it in my country either.

  6. I did a report on these in 2nd grade, but my teacher thought I had made it up so I got a C. I was traumatized.

  7. Sweeda88 says:

    The part where they had their mouths WIDE OPEN made me laugh hysterically! Am I the only one who reacted that way, or am I weird?

  8. Jennifer says:

    @Saffron: you beat me to it!

  9. Blorp is def a good word to describe them! 😀

  10. Aiee! Their eyes DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY when they blink! Just for a second, but >blink< they're gone! I tell you, if the creationists are right, God has a sense of humor.

  11. Sweeda88, when they had their moufs open wide, my internal soundtrack was playing the sound that the Mystics made when they sang in “The Dark Crystal.”

  12. Oh, Mother Nature, you have produced some truly weird animals. My hat is off to you, Mother Nature. May you entertain us with the wild, weird creatures that roam the Earth. I’m utterly fascinated and repulsed and agog at these mudskippers.

  13. But who won the mud wrestling contest??? I need to know these things!

  14. housecat says:

    Effin’ awesome! Hypnotic, hilarious, bizarre-o.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Typical males. LOL!

  16. @ Sweeda88: No, it got me laughing too. It’s like they’re trying to bite each other, only to realize they have no teeth.

  17. look at does moufs! they’re OMG Mudskippers!!!

  18. Oh crud, you beat me too it. Sorry!

  19. they are yip-yip martians!!

  20. @Lindsay: Teachers like that were my favourite when I was a young ‘un. Honestly. There’s nothing more a rebellious, uppity kid likes better than to go back to school with an encyclopedia tucked under my arm (though I’d have had at least one under each), just so I could say to the teacher, “YOU WERE WROOOOOOONG!”

    Our school principal pretty became a friend of the family, eventually. It was easier.

    Here’s David’s ‘skipper (dunno how much of the clip is the same, if any):

  21. That is most certainly the first time I went “Awwwww” over a fish. And it happened at least five times (per viewing). Plus giggles and a guffaw or two.

  22. Awright gurls, whose the big bad mudskipper! I is the big bad mudskipper!!!!

    (Its hard not to get really excited when they blow themselves up and open those big mouths. Now who shall I pick?)

  23. Actually it just hard not to laugh whenever guys do their thing in front of females.

  24. Damn all these videos that I can’t watch!! Bring the cute internationally!

  25. Love the *wink!* at 0:29. 😉

  26. Mudskip, I choose you!

  27. Flutterby says:

    @Sweeda & Melissa, I was LOL at the fierce toofless battle too! such blorpitude!

  28. Neopatra says:

    I’m looking at them mud wrestling, with big, round open mouths and thinking:

    “Didn’t I see these on Dr. Who?”

  29. georgina0912 says:

    Hmmm, i loved the little guys. Also, i found them, gooey. Now, as a vegetarian i have no interest in fish as a food source, but, they made me think of a chocolate with rice crispies in it….not sure why…

  30. @Brooke- I thought the same thing! When they opened their mouths I started yipping!

  31. Hon Glad says:

    This is about the third video, I can’t watch in the UK

    Signed the highly miffed,

    Hon Glad

    [Do a quick search. I bet within 60 seconds you’ll find the exact same segment, except narrated by Sir David, and it will ONLY play in the UK. – Ed.]

    […AAAAACtually, now that I scroll up, I see somebody has already gotten there. And this time it DOES play in the US. By the way, our word for this sort of thing is “crapshoot”. – Ed.]

  32. We had some of these as pets when I was a kid. They’re definitely really interesting little dudes, but they stink to high heaven.

  33. fatgrammafinn says:

    ……. not only blorpy, but disapproving, too.

  34. 8o haha, the O mouths look like they are saying “OH NO YOU DI-INT!”

  35. dangit. 😯

  36. Cholmondeley says:

    “It’s… the… muuud….!!!”

    Thank you Ms. O for that poetic thought.

  37. Although I’m sure the videos are great… I can’t watch them from Canada. 😦 Can we get regular pics please?

  38. Blorpulent, indeed. I have really enjoyed these clips and have not been able to watch the show on TV, so thanks for bringing them to me.

  39. The segment with the sea horsies was cuter.

  40. I herd you liek mudkips! (Sorry; I used to hang around in some bad places…. and sometimes it still haunts me 😉

    [I can has no idya wut u tawkin bowt. 🙄 – Ed.]

  41. These guys are my favorite critters featured on Life so far–cute, bizarre, and seemingly out of their element.

  42. It was only a brief second, but I liked when the fish were showing off for the laaaaaydies and the three crabs were all standing there just watching. I wonder what they were thinking. 🙂

  43. victoreia says:

    Ya know, I personally enjoy learning more from an English accent…bring back Sir David!

    (Of course, I may be considered strange for a ‘Merikan….I start speaking w/ an accent about five minutes into Harry Potter.)

  44. Ironic- there is a site called ugly overload and they have a blurp on mudskippers too! I’m serious..

    [Here’s the link; I simplified it for you. 🙂 – Ed.]

  45. I love me some mudskippers. We had a cage of them at work, once. They were cute little guys. And yes, very, very blorpy.

  46. I forgot that these guys existed. Blorp-tastic indeed.

    Also, I love the musical score playing when they are mudwrestling.

  47. The Laughing Man says:

    At first, I was miffed because the videos wont show in the EU.

    But then Sir David started talking, and all was forgiven. I can listen to anything at all as long as David Attenborough is telling it to me.

  48. Thanks for posting the UK version for us non-US folk, Doggabone! Blorp indeed!

  49. Damn Discovery Communications. Can´t see the video here in the Canary Islands (Spain) 😦

  50. Great footage. But Oprah has no business doing narration. I know she’s famous and all, and perhaps bringing the public’s interest to these topics, but there are tons of real VO artists out there who could do a better job supplying the narrative.

  51. Matahari says:

    @Barbarella: look at entry 21 from Doggabone

  52. “I’m gonna BIPE you!” “Ha ha, you gop no TEEF!” “Ha HA, neiver do YOU!” (Bipe bipe – does nothing)

  53. dailymax says:

    Thank goodness Discovery Communications is preventing this from playing in other countries. I’ve invested a lot of money in mudskippers and I’d be outraged if those durned foreigners got to see them frolicking about for free!

  54. fifthsonata says:

    Oh! Memories! A few already brought up Ren & Stimpy, but I grew up the era of those awesome cartoons…Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead…I had stuffed animals of Ren, Stimpy, AND Muddy Mudskipper. If you squeezed the Ren & Stimpy dolls, they would fart, but if you squeezed Muddy, he would wheeze as his mouth opened.

  55. fifthsonata says:

    Ah crap, I’m hoping a mod will come by and replace my email address with my actual SN… that’s what I get for commenting before I drink coffee in the morning.


    [Got it. Wups, eh? 😉 – Ed.]

  56. The open mouf blorpitude is fantastic!!!!

    I wanna see guys leap and fight for my attenshuns. 😦

  57. Ah thanks for posting that. Not exactly cute, but oh so funny and very interesting to see these little creatures in their weird, slimey habitat. 😉

  58. I got a kick out the crabs watching their silly antics!!!

  59. marthava says:

    @Grannie…LOL. exACTly!!

  60. Meg, thank you – this was truly a fantastic series. Please continue to share!

  61. leeps and leaps!

  62. My first thought was that they’re quite beautiful with those little sky blue dots. They look like little dinosaurs with those big dorsal fins, no?

  63. GingerBean says:

    @Sweeda88-I lol’d when they opened their mouths too! They have no teeth! ooooh, scaaary! lol

  64. Pleasepleaseplease will someone dub in an opera duet when they’re all :O at each other.

    [Hmm yes, I’m thinking “La Boheme” here… 😯 – Ed.]

  65. All your crabs are confused.

  66. Arg! Why did they have Oprah do the voice over!? >.< No Likey!

  67. fifthsonata says:

    @Mod –
    Thank you!

    [np – Ed.]

  68. MC Squared says:

    The blue polka-dots are the perfect finishing touch.

  69. It’s the mud! And their vacuum cleaner moufs go slurp slurp slurp! (suck suck sloppy wet noises) and then pass the rest of the mud out the gills. yuck. But interesting!

    I’m surprised by the crabs. If I were a crab I’d get me one fer lunch. They don’t move fast. And they ain’t got no teef! Maybe they just taste bad. Somebody said they smelly.

  70. Oh, I am SO having nightmares tonight!

  71. Noelegy, now I have to go watch The Dark Crystal! Gelflings! Gelflings!

  72. Domanato says:

    Nice fish. According to this Guinness commercial we’re all evolved from this mud skippers and would go back to it on drinking beer:

  73. oh no he DI-ent!!!

  74. cellarmouse says:

    i think oprah does a great job … but it would help if you didn’t knoe who she is … and then what would be the point of asking her to do it … if you see what i mean …

  75. fatgrammafinn says:

    sigourney weaver on planet earth last year sounded really good… almost like she could barely keep herself from laughing out loud (all those goofy birds of paradise) as opposed to oprah’s “it’s only mildly amusing” tone of voice… but as long as they had hired courtney b. vance to VO the promo’s, why not let him do the VO to the show? I could listen to him all day (laurence fishburne, james earl jones, do I sense a pattern emerging?)

  76. Lulz-We watched Life in science while learning about the animals. One of my favorite parts? LIFE is brought to you by Target!