Your strange new pet amuses me, human. I can see why you keep it under glass, though — it looks like a big tapeworm. Well, that was fun; is it time for my piano lesson now? I like this toy; it’s a perfect fit for my short attention sp–OK, piano lesson over, time for random whapping! WHAPWHAPWHAP!

// THIS JUST IN; another kitteh learns to fish on the iPad… // By Greg K.



  1. i like when the kitty turns the device for easier whapping access.

  2. that made me laugh so hard (in the cubicle, surrounded by the humorless)! I sent to my friend, as an alt-toy for her kitteh, who just destroyed the aquarium.

  3. declawed kitty?

  4. 260Oakley says:

    I, Clawed-it-thus

  5. @derz – no, the kitty is not declawed. You can see them several times in the video, even. They have probably been trimmed, though, and anyway cat claws probably aren’t hard enough to damage glass 🙂

  6. @derz screen protector in addition to filed nails. I should have gouges in my iPhone screen, but I don’t thanks to my screen protector.

  7. Oh Iggy, you’re amazing! I love how he tried to look inside/ under it at the end, to see where the musical tapeworm’s gone.

  8. Alas, my cat is so behind the times. He would have his head stuck in the teacup. Kudos to Iggy for keeping up with these modern gadgets.

  9. Kitty! Kitties are so weird.

    But then, he’s not as angry about the iPad as this corgi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3xdcx2WUcU

  10. Anon Y. Mouse says:

    @ Mary

    The corgi has a much more awesome reaction!

  11. Omg the corgi video is SO cute 🙂

  12. i.Came i.Pawed i.Conquered ?

  13. Hail 260Oakley, Rides Te Salutant

  14. most expensive cat toy ever

    [Hmm, no, that’d be your WHOLE HOUSE. Cats… 🙄 – Ed.]

  15. I like this app better: http://retrolife.typepad.com/katamari/

  16. Not kidding – I think that Apple SHOULD develop a touch-screen cat toy. Look how much this cat loves it! He’s so curious about it. It would definitely require a thick screen.

  17. FinnMacCool says:

    Notice at the end, Iggy was looking at the side of the IPAD? I sure he was looking for the USB port. (snicker)

    [Give him some raspberry slushie! For BLUETOOTH! 😛 – Ed.]

  18. this is the only reason I would get an IPad….

  19. Iggy’s good — but he’s no Nora. Everybody, go to YouTube, listen to Nora’s concerto!

  20. We must ALL chip in and get one for Nora, the Piano playing cat!

  21. Kitty’s like – Oh, you bought something for me. As it should be.
    Corgi’s like – Great another gadget to take your attention away from me! HMPH!

  22. @Mary: OMG squeaky bark SQUEAKY BARK! I LOVES IT.

    I think this proves it, dogs prefer Windows and cats prefer Apple.

  23. Hot Tams says:

    SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! naughty paws!!!!!11!

  24. Whap! Whapwhap! Whappity!!!

  25. I ❤ people who ❤ their kitties enough to let them play with their iPad 🙂

  26. JFS in IL says:

    world’s most expensive cat toy

  27. Wait, I think I recognize the song he was playing….was it Cat Scratch Fever?

  28. Copperbat says:

    “you’re a smart cat” pretty much sums it up.


  29. Wonder what the animal psychologists/behaviourists/scientists would think of the behaviour of this cat and dog. To my unqualified eyes, it appears as if the cat has some understanding of the purpose and interaction required of the device. Perhaps it has learnt it by mimicking the human. On the other hand, the dog is intrigued that images and sound eminate from the device, but then appears to become frightened by it and perhaps even hostile towards it. Maybe it was trying to communicate with it to see if it was alive? Or maybe the cat is a technophile and the dog is a luddite 😉

    Now I want to see how non-human primates (ooh and octopi and dolphins) interact with it…

  30. This cat is smarter than your fifth grader!

  31. KatieKae says:

    I’m not a crazy fan of da kittehs, (more woozles and mousies) but I like this one alot!! Very funny.

  32. I predict that Iggy will become a ‘MAC genius’ within the year.

  33. @snowy2 : I think basically the dog is not used to interacting with something that makes noise and does not move, and the cat is. The dog was being exposed to a random noise app, the cat was being exposed to a twitchy thing. It knows about twitchy things.

  34. Near the end it seems as though the kitty is connecting his actions with the sounds. He also seems to want to figure out what’s underneath to make the sound. I would so totally get an iPawed for my felines!

  35. wuyizidi says:

    Hmm, cat-like swiping detected. Is there an app for that?

    [They are ALL for that. 😉 – Ed.]

  36. AWESOME!

    So in human terms, Iggy is an unshaven man in his twenties or late teens, wearing a t-shirt and skinny jeans. Chloe is an older woman wearing a pantsuit and glasses on a chain, thinking the perverts are going to jump out of the Internets at her. 😉

  37. 260Oakleyus, Ave!

  38. marthava says:

    That is just plain precious. What a cute and smart Iggy! Yes, yes you are!

  39. This kistty was testing the iPad for a review on the “Technological Kitteh” Magazine… 😛

  40. oops
    *kistty= kitty

  41. 😆 Kitty testing of the iPad 😆

  42. misscrisp says:

    I love this so much. It’s the first thing that has seriously invoked Teh Want for an iPad of my own. Another lovely thing: the comment thread it generated for me is mostly about the video making people want ~cats~ not iPads. I’m sure a million peeps submitted it, but I was quick on the draw and will go ahead and take this as an informal submishe success ;).

  43. DrAnonymouse says:

    Ah, this is the only thing that the iPad will actually be useful for. I’m sure that cat would get bored once he noticed that he can’t listen to music AND browse the web at once.
    [That update is on its way, though… – Ed.]

    Can we get an article posted on how to hold a camera. What is up with that sideways stuff still? It is 2010, dude.

  44. Oops, someone already posted it.

    [Corgyn do tend to have that effect on people. 😉 – Ed.]

  45. That is a very nice man, letting Cloe play with his ipad.
    That is one cute doggette!
    If Apple does make an app for cats I would like it, too!

  46. Kinda makes you wonder about the functionality of that thing. Is it really just a $600 cat toy?

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Jo, as [Ed.] pointed out above, that’s considerably less expensive than the $300,000 cat toy you live in. 😀

    Theresa, spot on with your characterizations. Imagining a corgi in a polyester pantsuit and glasses on a chain is doing funny things to my brain. Heh

  48. So I was never too worried …until now….that my cats would completely take over, since they have no thumbs and therefore could not do many of the most important things in life such as operate a TV remote or text their friends. They can only operate the 8-track cassette deck and that is pretty much it (Hey Niblet, go and push that Cat Stevens 8-track in!!). Now comes this device with access to the interwebs and all they have to do is tap it to order $9 million worth of kibble.

    Give a cat a fish and he enjoys noms for the day. Teach a cat to order fish using an iPad, and you are in debt for life.

  49. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Send this cat (& the iPad) to Juilliard, STAT!!!

  50. OMG I just got a chance to watch the Corgi..

    I have lost all brain function after giggling the whole time.

    Cat approved
    Dog rejected

  51. iggy v. chloe! awesome. i love chloe’s tilted head, which eventually leads to angry barking. iggy, on the other hand, is totally in control!!

  52. @Saffron, I had the same worry. Apple has just moved up the day when feline world domination becomes a reality. I for one welcome our new feline overlords.

  53. Someone else can have the iPads. I just wanna cuddle both Iggy and Chloe! (And tell Chloe that everything will be all right; the ebil iPad has gone away).

  54. @Saffron: You rock, baby!! ROFL

  55. ❤ ❤ to debg and Rachael 🙂

    I know my cats are smarter than me, and now they have the technology to implement their fluffy evil plans. Clearly Steve Jobs has a very clever cat that instructed him to build this new device.

  56. @Saffon, but WHY would he do such a thing? What is in it for him???

  57. Oh, great, now cats don’t *need* opposable thumbs to take over the world.

    Ah well. I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords.

  58. Whoa, and I get upset when my cat bites my laptop screen and lays on top of the keyboard..I wouldn’t let him scratch on the surface of it like this at all. I would much rather give him plastic easter eggs some campus group left all over the quad with candybits in them.

  59. wuyizidi says:

    Oh , DrAnonymouse, next thing you’re going to tell us we cannot print with an iPad 🙂

    p.s. cat-like typing detected

  60. the true test of any technology: let a cat interact with it.

  61. MamaLana says:

    The difference between cats and dogs is overwhelmingly obvious now.

  62. kittensnotkids says:

    so i’m a total cat dork and I *know* that my sasha is the smartest catperson in the world, but when the guy says “you’re so smart” to Iggy, I immediately thought: “maybe the cat isn’t so smart, but instead, any idiot can operate an iPad.”

    [note: i hate technology and have neither iPad nor iPhone experience. possibly they require advanced degrees and genius IQs to operate and thus Iggy is, indeed, “so smart”]

  63. Thanks a lot, Apple! My cat’s birthday is coming up (the big 0-5). I thought I could get away with taking him out for sushi, but this year his little heart is set on an iPad! Not to mention he barely even uses the iPod I bought him last year!

  64. @ Emily: holy crap! 2 of my little dudes are turning 14 tomorrow and I just realized I too will have to buy them an iPad. Shoot, do I have to buy them each their own??

  65. Great. Now I’m not just more technologically deprived than my 5th grader’s friends; I’m more deprived a cat! Fortunately, my 20-year old cat is as much a luddite as I, and was willing to settle for a catnip mouse for her birthday last month!!!

  66. Whoops. Try again…
    More evidence suggesting that canines may dislike technology:

  67. During vet visits, Dervish is always climbing behind the screen of the laptop on the counter, while we wait. He does the same with the flat-screens at home, and I’m convinced he’s trying to figure out where the other side of the window is.

    The other cat is a mouser, in the geekiest sense of the word. One night, working*** late in troglodyte mode, I heard a snickering from behind me. Unnoticed by me, in the dark and with headphones on, Rupert had hopped up onto the desk and was to my right, waving a paw to follow the cursor as it moved. My girlfriend had awoken in the middle of the night to find us both in the dark, transfixed by the glowing box. Rupert would love an iPad, I’m sure. (He despises paper, must be a techie.)

    ***(After 3 A.M. “working” is almost certain to mean “playing video games”, which is good cat bait.)

  68. A. Non Ymous says:

    Video of cat playing iPad. This is the internet 2010.

  69. Hon Glad says:

    Was that Cat-chaturian Iggy was playing.

  70. The corgi isn’t really upset–he’s just doing an ad for the iPad in “Corgish” —

    Corgi: “Bark, bark, bark”
    Translation: “There’s a yap for that.”

  71. this kitty is very well spoken for a lolcat. then again, he’s probably from higher society, since his education includes piano lessons and all.

  72. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Ah, Confuse-a-Cat Ltd., the 2010 version.

  73. kokobutterbuns says:

    love this!

  74. argh..those claws on the screen… 🙂

  75. That Kitty with the i-pad – oh I want one – excuse me let me make it plain
    the i-pad – I can do without – but that kitty is a MUST_HAVE.
    Can somone help with some info – I am unused to the html attributes
    I would like to use an avatar – image thing – how is this done

  76. djphil9999 says:

    I don’t have an iPad, so I was wondering what are the apps that the cat and dog are playing with? The one that looks like a big green worm and the piano one?

  77. It´s Nora´s twin sister! 😀

    And I love the way cats always try to look *behind* the screen, as if to see where the mousey/piano/worm etc. comes from… 🙂

  78. @Mooney thanks for not declawing. 🙂

    My cats also sometimes claw my screen and various other smooth surfaces, but not one has been damaged so far, and the ones I don´t want damaged (like the shiny top of one of my laptops) I simply cover up when I´m not using it.

  79. superbunny says:

    I need a $500 cat toy!

  80. All advanced technology is eventually used as a cat toy.

  81. I’ll bet this octopus would love to have a go at the ipad.

  82. I might have to get an Ipad for Louis to break him out of his retirement.

  83. Such a great vehicle for using the word “luddite”. My compliments!

  84. Guy stops laughing when he mysteriously finds all kitty porn apps installed on his iPad

  85. kibblenibble says:

    LOL The newly added “fishing” video is very entertaining!

  86. Kittens will soon surpass Baby Boomers in computer skillz. Do you want friez with dat? Meow.

  87. Octo-objectophilia!

  88. Spectacular, everyone! I’m proud to be a Peep!

  89. Seriously.. these cats are not helping my craving for a kitten! (not to eat.. but to have!) I have 3 dogs and just can’t see it going too well.. but they are so stinking cute!