Ow! This Hurts Wicked Bad!

So I’m headin’ down to the packie for a bee-ah, and I take a little shahtcut through the fish mahket. And I’m mindin’ my own business, naht lookin’ fah trouble, when alla sudden, this wicked monstah crab grahbs at me from dis tubbah ice!

Now I’m draggin’ the suckah down the street, shakin’ him offah me, when the Gorton’s Fisherman shows up and tells me I gottah give it bahck, the raht bahstid.

You win the coveted “WTF of the Month,” Mischa M.

Spectacular photo by Corey Arnold. See more of his work at http://www.coreyfishes.com/.



  1. Katiedid says:

    Kitty looks a little crabby to me…

  2. Katiedid says:

    See what YOU have done to me 260Oakley!?!

  3. Not so much cute as WTF…

  4. The new season of The Most Dangerous Cat.

  5. bookworm says:

    Wow. Them’s good eatin’. (The King Crab, I mean, not the kitteh,)

    Although I bet that fisherman (is he from Gloucestah, I wonder?) can attest that the kitteh is truly the Deadliest Catch, not the crab.

  6. whiskers says:

    At least it wasn’t a lahbstah. Tehy’ah meen.

  7. Yitzysmommie says:

    Cat in the second round.

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Oh Katiedid, I’m not going to take the credit for your post. That would be terribly shellfish of me.

  9. “And here we have an example of the rare cat crab. This species is unique, one of contradiction. While it needs to live in the water to survive, it loathes getting wet. Portions of it are covered by a hard exoskeleton, parts have an internal skeleton and soft fur. It is one of the few species in the world that is known to be both warm and cold blooded.

    “The defensive mechanisms of the cat crab are also unique, it features pinchers, claws, and a smug look of self satisfaction.”

    This is what I get for checking the comments on the “Life” post first thing in the morning…

  10. I love the expression on the cat’s face.

  11. Emily S. says:

    I like a good WTF every now and then. This suffices. I’m pleased.

    Although I am very curious about the context in which this picture was taken! Feline appearance on Deadliest Catch??

  12. Flutterby says:

    The facial expressions on all involved (can only guess about Mr. Crabby) are a riot!

    Also, that thing looks more like an Alaskan King crab, but I’m no expert except at nomming on those legs, sans shell, of course!

  13. whiskers says:

    @Jenny, me too, very much confirming my understanding that 99% of cats’ internal conversation is profane.

  14. ScoutsMom says:

    Carbs remind me so much of creepy, crawly spiders. Whenever I see one, I wonder who first decided to steam it and soak it in butter. Who would have thought that something that ugly would taste so good???

    [Not the worst typo in the word, of course, but I think you mean “Crabs” 😉 – Ed.]

  15. Katiedid says:

    260Oakley tell me the truth.. are you like some sort of awesome pun robot from the future?!

  16. I tried to think of a good pun but I just kept thinking Why? WHY?

    And crabby cat is Crabby!

  17. ScoutsMom says:

    Sorry, I meant “crabs” not “carbs”. Neither are good for you, but both taste so yummy.

  18. Looks like the crab and the cat are picking at each other. X3

  19. Jameberlin says:

    WTF is right…. …

    “No, no no! None of this adds up at all!”

  20. Uilleand says:

    Cat’s all like, ‘Gimmee two pounds of melted butter and lemmee attem!!’

  21. eastiegirl says:

    You still have this Boston reader. I could never leave!

    Kitteh does not look happy!

  22. if the cat was from Southie, he’d say “Get offa mah lahwn. Yah mothah, rest heah soul, nevah woulda let yah leave tha hahbah. Now getotta heah befoah I teah yah ahm off!”

  23. Awww, that crab is pinching the kitty!

    LMAO at the title that pops up when you mouseover the pic!!!

  24. Freaking hilarious!! 😆

  25. “WTF of the Month”. LOL!

  26. Cholmondeley says:

    Kitteh: Yer a raht bastid! Bothaya!!!!
    Fisherman: My job here is done.

  27. Pepperidge Fahm remembahs….

  28. bosskitteh says:

    You haven’t lost this Boston reader, either! Granted, I’m not a native Bostonian….

  29. kitteh eats good tonite!

  30. The Deadliest Cat!

  31. BC in Toronto says:

    That is the largest tick I have ever seen.

  32. What the… this is….. who’s it……


  33. We don’t do the ‘da’ s as much as Brooklyn-ites do. Everything else sounds pretty famil-yah though.

  34. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like the cat is engaging in some bisquey business.

  35. That’s a wicked pissah of a crab 🙂

  36. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ chanpon: Thanks for telling me that. While I was writing this, I figured that I’d get a few details wrong, but that some helpful peep would correct me. 🙂

  37. Copperbat says:

    Draw’r some buttah, dude. Let’s hahve aht it.

  38. Cat thinks: well, at least we are all marmie-coloured….

  39. I think that is a coconut crab. They are the largest land crabs.

  40. This is the work of photographer Corey Arnold. http://www.coreyfishes.com

  41. Wicked cool post, gahs.

    Love the crabby tabby, though the guy’s totally neutral expression may be my favorite thing about that picture.


  43. Well, CO, you’ll have to try a lot harder than this to lose Boston readers.

    Love the fisherman’s expression. He’s like a tired, indifferent parent separating two fighting siblings: “I don’t care who started this. You guys better figure out amongst yourselves how to get along…”

  44. toborzgrrl says:

    fisherman muses: “I must clean out the bilge more often”

  45. I’m from Boston and I like it! Only thing is, the title should be “Ow! This Hurts Wicked Bad!” We wouldn’t say “wicked hurts”.

  46. WTF must stand for What the Feline? Amiright? lol

    [Wow, that’s FOOD! 😉 – Ed.]

  47. Angus's Mom says:

    I’m from the heart of boston…and you got 99% of the accent right, but one thing Bostonians don’t say is “mindin me own business”…that’s more of a leprechaun. A+ for effort though. Wicked Pissah!!!

  48. Hmm…Improper use of “wicked”. New England outrage, engaged!

  49. Cat? What cat? Wuh? Oh, there he is. Hard to spot, eh? But funny.

  50. Since no one has written it yet…

    Get ready to groan…

    Me-youch! 😉

  51. Gimme that monstah, I’mna eat eet!

  52. lol to the nth degree, NTMTOM! poor kitteh, why the long face?

  53. The chowdah that could’ve made would’ve been wicked pissah! Don’t find none of that good chowdah in Woosta, gotta head down to The Cape…

    You won’t lose anyone from Beantown or anywhere else in Taxachusetts… No worries! We make fun of ourselves just as bad as you make fun of us!

  54. OK from someone who’s first language is not english, some of those comments are hard to understand but what I can make out is hillarious.

    260Okley is you name Annie Okley because you sure always hit the mark.

  55. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Thanks for the additional corrections, Bostonians! 🙂

  56. Um, not entirely accurate since there is no mention of Dunkies, American Chop Suey, Pats, or Sox.
    I’m from NH, so it sounded wicked good to me anyway!!

  57. Ah, much better 😛

    That crab is terrifying, the cat is adorable, and the fisherman looks like nothing in this world could possibly phase him.

  58. What’s with the kitty?

    Those humongous crabs are scary! EW! They only look good sans shell and smothered in buttah! Get in my belleh!

  59. Nancy Anderson says:

    Hello Cute folks:
    The over-use of the letters “WTF” does not seem with keeping
    in my definition of “cute”. Unless it has a new terminology that I do not
    know of (please enlighten,) I will need to place a ban of this sight for
    my children. They have enjoyed your daily dose of cute, but, as a mother,
    I choose to keep them from this as much as I can, they get enough of
    it in the outside world – the least I can do is protect their innocence where I can.
    Thank you for listening.

  60. Bettymouse says:

    Bonus points for proper use of the word “packie.”
    Hey, Saffron, they make American Chop Suey in Pennsylvania, too, but they call it “hamburger and macaroni” and use tomato soup instead of stewed tomatoes. Buncha heathens.

  61. GingerBean says:

    eh, Boston accent is easy. Try writing a Maine accent!
    As for the picture….my only question is why that fisherman felt it necessary to hold both the cat and the crab at the same time? Did he catch them both together? Did the cat help catch the crab? Or was there some terrible accident involving superglue? Inquiring minds want to know!

  62. bookmonstercats says:

    @ScoutsMom, they shall be forever”carbs” to me, now, neither good for my ah-se (have I got that right, Bostonians?)

  63. I wanna see the cage match.

  64. Really, Nancy? BAN CO because of “WTF”? Seems a leetle redonk. You can easily substitute any number of F-words. Buuut that’s just my opinion.

  65. It looks las if the fisherman is awaiting the signal from the referee of the arm/leg/claw wrestling grudge match to drop the combatants and step back.

    (PS. Biologically, crabs, shrimp, and lobsters are all bugs. Y’all can have my share, thanks.)

  66. LovesDogs says:


  67. My dear Mrs. Anderson,

    Please don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

    PS. If your kids are old enough and/or savvy enough to know what WTF stands for (besides Whoa That’s Farcical/Fun. We The Francophiles. What Tasty Food, etc.) they are way beyond being corrupted by the den of iniquity AKA Cute Overload…

    Good day, madame.

  68. @Nancy Anderson
    Bye, Lady Anderson! : D
    Oh and before you leave, please notice that this site is not necessarily geared towards innocent kids. The word “cute” does not always mean it’s for children.
    But it’s good to know you check what your kids look on the tubes. I guess it’s buhbye for CuteOverload though~

  69. Before this turns into an all-out family values flame war, let me please repeat that this is a photo with a known source, and should be properly attributed to the photographer, Corey Arnold.


  70. Trabb's Boy says:

    Guys, please don’t be rude to Nancy Anderson. She asked a reasonable question so you don’t have to respond that way.

    Nancy Anderson, the moderators can answer you better, but I’ve been viewing this site for many years now, and it is really not aimed at children. There are the occasional swear words and the whole “Cats ‘n’ racks” category and the innuendo that goes with that. It’s really unlikely to change, so you might have to screen each time to decide if they can see a particular picture. I went the route of “let ’em see it and tell them I’d better not hear it from them” myself.

  71. From the guys expression you would think this sort of thing happens every day. “Ho hum, nother cat-n-“carb” scuffle”. The cat’s all “let me at ’em – I’ll moiderlize ’em” (with apologies to Moe of The 3 Stooges). Can’t make out the the “carbs” expression.

  72. Ban away I guess, Nancy. Good luck keeping those kids “innocent” – I’m sure you already know that the more sheltered they are, the more likely they are to either gain misinformation from friends or rebel against you entirely.

    I know we have people banning this site for all sorts of reasons, but it’s the first I’ve heard of banning for an abbreviation that could be any number of word combinations. Silly – but that’s just my .02.

    That being said, I think the fisherman has the best expression. So indifferent – like another poster said, like an exasperated parent separating fighting siblings for the umpteenth time. 😛

  73. By the by, I wasn’t being sarcastic in my first paragraph…it’s just what happens and I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

  74. Paunchie says:

    Awesome pics, those huge swells! I think the kitty must be his first mate/ chief crab inspector.

    Crabs are related biologically to spiders? (shudders)

  75. According to Modern Family, WTF stands for “why the face?” 😛

  76. Paunchie says:

    You might tell kids WTF means “why, that’s fantastic” or something, but then if they repeat it at school and get in trouble they’d be confused. So I’d tell them it means what the fudge, except with a very bad swear, and I’d better not hear that from you!

    But the comments and captions at this site can get a bit off-color or raunchy, and say things that are not appropriate for children. It’s not likely to happen though, that the commenters are going to watch their language, because someone’s children might be reading. It makes more sense to me to monitor the childrens’ time on the internet, rather than attempt to make everybody else watch their mouths.

  77. Hot Tams says:


  78. Buddy's Mom says:

    Loved the caption. OMG.

  79. Buddy's Mom says:

    (btw, omg doesn’t mean, “ow, my genitals”, for those careful readers out there)

  80. I saw this as a weird kind of family portrait, with the fisherman doing his best to keep two squabbling “kids” apart. 🙂 His expression looks patient and long-suffering, like he has to deal with this kind of aggro all the time.

  81. P.S. Everyone knows that “WTF” means “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!”

  82. Nancy Anderson says:

    Well – I guess I asked for it – my apologies.
    Thank you Paunachie and others for your suggestions.
    My use of the word “ban” was harsh and could have been worded differently.

    My intent was caution for my children – I love them and I do guard their intake.
    They are clean slates and I just want them to absorb sweetness
    as long as possible. At 4 & 5 they love the pictures and their
    inquisitive minds are full of questions. I did not mean to offend you.
    I did see CO in a different more kid-friendly light and I thank you for
    educating me. I was in the wrong.
    So sorry. My initial post of concern should not have gone on an open forum.
    With much heartfelt apologies to the CO staff who bring joy into so many lives.

  83. Hon Glad says:

    “The cats $2 the crabs $40”

  84. Marchand, J says:

    Like, the cat’s all, ‘wheres the fish?’

  85. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh pointz at crab adn sez, “I killt it. Iz mine. Lemmee at it.”

  86. Nancy, if you don’t want to see the commentary, you can install the Stylish Firefox extension and subscribe to the shutup.css service (just google it). With Stylish running shutup.css, you can turn comments on and off via their cascading style sheets.

    So when you are aggravated by some site’s commentators (which happens often to me on newspaper sites), you can Just Make Them Go Away. This works for Cuteoverload too.

  87. Flutterby says:

    Hey, Nancy…you’re a good, attentive and concerned mom. My first reaction was to bristle-up too, but you’ll never find a better bunch of folks than you do here. Your children are pretty young to be trying to explain vulgarities to. Seems the general population lets those slip out all too often as it is.

  88. What is a “packie?” Please enlighten.

  89. ❤ to Jessica for the Mahden Family reference.

    I'm off to surf the sport sites and find out what he Pats are up to

  90. Paunchie says:

    “ow, my genitals” ! snort! 😆

  91. Why is it that the nuffers only come out when it’s a “cute/fluffy” animal whose eating is imminent? I guess there is a difference between animals and animals…

    Love this pic!

    /Z – who enjoys looking at, and eating, animals both fluffy and hard-shelled, but dislikes hypocrisy

  92. @Chanpon, there’s nobody left in Brooklyn who says “da.” They moved out to Lawn Guyland and Joisey years ago. 😛

  93. tesstricks says:

    Hahaha, the accent! Hahaha, kitty’s face!! HAHAHA, Gorton’s Fisherman!!!

  94. earlybird1 says:

    Kitty has claw envy.

  95. @ding-Packie is short for package store-the only place to buy alcohol in this puritanical state.

  96. @ Nancy and Sending hugs your way. We rented apartment and had to deal with the lovely F word early on in my daughters lives. after much thought about it I told them it was a swear word and I told them I prefered they did not use it as it was rude and offensive. as to WTF you can always tell them it means what the fudge. or something like that or as was suggested not read the commentary which seems the safer alternative. Also good on you for being a concerned and informed parent.

    It will stand you in good stead with your kids later onintheir lives..


  97. Ms. Panties Ina Bunchnuff says:

    The correct pronunciation (from here, just outsahda Bahstun) is *melted budhaa* 🙂

  98. Ladybird says:

    Um… does the ‘carb’ still have hold of the kitteh? Owsche!

  99. What? No caption contest? Missed op! Missed op!

  100. Buddy's Mom says:

    What The Fudge, is just like my mom telling me that I was “full of it” as a kid. I’d say “full of what?” And she’d say “full of soup.” I took it as a tasty compliment.

  101. That is one horking big crab! Good lord. That is terrifying. But the cat is hilarious. I can’t figure out if he’s attacking the grab or devising a secret handshake.

  102. Fleurdamour says:

    That cat can’t believe his eyes.

  103. @Buddy’s Mom, “full of soup” was a standard of my mom’s along with Baloney. 😉 These, BTW, did not substitute for naughty words, just supplemented them. 😛

  104. PS, Kitteh definitely has one of those “why I oughta . . .” looks on his face. Can’t say I blame him. 😛

  105. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    wicked sweet!

  106. @Snowpea: Best .css file … EVER! Thanks for that

  107. Angry kitteh has crabs! *ducks*

  108. @260 Oakley you are full of awsomeness.

  109. 😆 The look on that fisherman’s face is like he had to keep that cat from trying to devour that large crab for the third or fourth time 😆

  110. That is an incredibly strange configuration of beings right there.

  111. Thanks for the taxonomic commentary, all you zoologists out there. In Cairns, Australia, there’s a seafood restaurant that features “bugs” on the menu. Knowing that the aboriginal people really do eat bugs, I (timidly) asked. The “bugs” turned out to be lobster tails of the local species, and they were delish.

  112. @KathyP what about deep-fried wichetty grubs?

  113. Tony James says:

    Now you see, I *was* going to say that you needn’t worry about losing every reader in Boston, given that to lose them you’d need to teach them to read first, but as we apparently have one or two of them on here who don’t come just to look at the pictures I won’t.
    [sorry – just come back from 3 days in our Boston office and to be honest I wouldn’t trust any of them to sit the right way on a toilet seat. But I’m sure *our* Bostonians are lovely. No really.]

  114. Tony James says:

    And for the record, “WTF” stands for “Whiskers, Tabby, Fur”. Every month CO presents an award to the person who sends in the picture that best illustrates these attributes.
    Ya rly.

  115. BTW this photo really is Corey Arnolds finally found it on his blog

    here is the link

    can we give him credit?

  116. Ok, seriously. Is there a back story to this?? I’m intrigued!

  117. “Whiskers, Tabby, Fur.” I like it!

  118. Honey's Mommie says:

    kitty met his match! I would think that crab would hurt that kitty with
    all its pinchers. however the kitty looks like a tuff lil one who could
    take it on. new
    WTF was my first thought too funny, priceless!!!!!!!!

  119. Ship’s cat! Hard as fu… uh… fudge!

  120. …and did I mention that cat is obviously not from Boston since he is not wearing a “Yankees s*ck” t-shirt 😀 He needs to get on the T right now and go shopping….

    Anywhooo, normally I would say cat wrangling is the most dangerous job evah, but fisherman are brave men and women. That is a TOUGH job. God bless them.

  121. BostonPeng says:

    Not a native Bahstonian (I’m actually a N’awlenean altho I’ve lived in Bahston ovah 20 yeahs) and you didn’t lose me either. Although what I think the kitteh deserves is to see da crab tossed into a pot a berlin’ watah with just da right amount of Crab Berl and have da crab for dinnah.

    Revenge would be sweet in deed.

  122. mebbe it’s a snow crab and the pic was taken off Portland – mebbe they’ah mainahs?

    Funny funny funny tho!

  123. Critterluvvr says:

    Beautiful Boston accent, Mike- This crab is Alaskan, though. See if you can do an Alaskan accent a’la Sarah Palin. Make Tina Fey proud!!

    [Palin does NOT use an “Alaskan accent”. She tries for “down-homey Midwesterner”, and gets it wrong half the time. Don’t even go there. – Ed.]

  124. Doncha hate when you try to catch crabs and there’s nothing but spitting tabbies in the pot? Yeah, me too.

  125. Bettymouse says:

    A packie (a.k.a. package store) is the same as a liquor store. Nothing weird about it like New Hampshire’s state run stores or Pennsylvania’s beer distributors. And they’re even open on Sundays now! Massachusetts joins the twentieth century only a little late…

    [And as for Minnesota… ah well – Ed.]

  126. Mike, I’m Boston, and you still have me. Only just barely, though.

  127. whiskers says:

    And Indiana is still back in the effing dark ages. Blasted blue laws…

  128. The write up is funny! Plus the expression on cat and crab like they are in the middle of a brawl. The kitty is being pinched so I understand the face.

  129. Sparkster says:

    Thanks for the pointer, peeps. I wrote Corey and got his permission to have the photo up and gave him proper attribution.

  130. Uh, not to get into politics or anything, but isn’t Sarah Palin from the Midwest? I didn’t think she was a native Alaskan.

  131. Mel: Spitting tabbies: Catfishing!

  132. if you’re going to mock an accent, at least do it well! no need to overdo it and make us sound like moronic leprechauns. most of us bostonians manage to utter a proper word here and there and we don’t put “-ah-” in place of every vowel (“bahck”? really?)! geesh.

    in other news…. awesome.

  133. I actually just said “what the f***” before I read the caption.

  134. Ooh, ooch, ouch, ow, ouch, ouch, owwweee! Yer endin’ up in my Meow Mix, crabboy.

  135. Wickid pissah!

  136. Ging, all ya need ista only hahv 1 tooth fah a Maine accent!
    Actually, I think the fisherman is saying to kitteh, “You want crab, so don’t I”!

  137. The kitty looks pissed… and the crab looks as if he’s tryng to get the kitty to smile by tickling it =P

  138. The Little Myrmidon says:

    For those not from New England, the origin of “Package Store” comes from the days when there were “open container” laws and other prohibitions on openly displaying “adult beverages” in public. Liquor stores HAD TO put your booze into a paper bag (package) for you to leave the store. Many liquor stores actually had the term “Package Store” in their name, as it was considered indelicate to actually refer to liquor.

  139. The Little Myrmidon says:

    BTW, most people from N.E. would just as likely say they were goin’ to the Connah Store to get their “bee-ah” as they would say “packie” since a lot of corner stores also sell beer. (A corner store is a convenience store.)

  140. This guy looks like Mike White, who is greatness. He’s a comedy writer (School of Rock), small-time actor and was on the Amazing Race with his dad last year (2009). I thought it was him for a second, especially when I went to the website and saw his photo where he is laying down with his cheek pressed against a very large, dead fish, and embracing it. Eww… but anyway. I say that this is officially Mike White’s doppelganger, and vice-versa.


  141. LOL, i don’t think we have “carbs” that big here on the East Coast. Lobstahs, maybe.

    And i know i’m late to the pahty but yay for packies and conna stoh’s. And for beeah and tawnic in the cella.

  142. Lerrinus says:

    Nonplussed fisherman,
    Separating two siblings,
    I ask, What the Shell?

  143. Lerrinus says:

    Claws versus pinchers,
    You’d bettah all stan’ back now,
    Keep your raincoat on!

  144. Lerrinus says:

    Cat will feel the pinch
    Speed and fur against shell
    Money’s on the “carb”

  145. Lerrinus says:

    I guess they’re not biting today…!

  146. If yeh rally wan ta know wtf, ah suggest yeh get Jessicaah Fletchaah aan the case.

  147. WTF as in what the fish?

  148. Queen of Dork says:

    WTF is a common and well known thing to utter. It happens when you’re getting ready to cook something and you’re all, “where’s the flour?”

  149. Horrible photo….nice example of moral schizophrenia.
    If this were a photo of a man cuddling a crab and holding a dying cat, everyone would be disgusted and horrified.
    Both the crab and cat are sentient beings, but apparently only the cat matters to most because he/she is “cute”.