Now we’ll have to disapprove of ourselves

A moment of disdainful silence, please: Derby, the official face of disapproval and founding member of the Legion of Evil, has committed his final and most sweeping act of condemnation by passing on to Completely Unacceptable Bunny Heaven.

In his dishonor, Derby’s owners Carly & Art have disassembled this loving tribute image (click to view at Flickr). We’re sure Derby would have disapproved.

[Just a gentle reminder, tho — Derby and Cinnamon are not the same rabbit! – Ed.]



  1. RIP Derby, there will never be another as disapproving as you *sniff*

  2. LovesDogs says:

    I extend my most heartfelt condolences on the loss of this disapprovingly cute little guy. **sniff sniff**

  3. Poor Derby!! BAROOOOOOO!!!!

  4. I do not approve! 😦

  5. RIP, little guy. I’m sure he will continue his disapproving in all our hearts.

  6. Oh no! I am so sad!!

  7. I disapprove.
    Send him back immediately, heaven!


  8. Disapprove in peace, dear Derby!

  9. very sad. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  10. 260Oakley says:

    Derby, you are the bun and only. You will be much (dis)missed!

  11. Thank you.
    Derby was also my shop bunny. Here he is at work as my model, quality control inspector, and Chief Furniture Chewer
    Shop Bunny

    I guess I should probably stop posting as “Derby” now. (Lest some think that my bunny is commenting from beyond the grave)


  12. 😦 Barooooooo…

  13. most adorable disapproval ever, his legacy will live on

  14. Adieu, Derby. May you have many opportunities to disapprove in heaven.

  15. He went to the great disapproval in the sky. RIP bunny!

  16. Awww… RIP, face of disaproval!

  17. He’s my all time favorite, he represents how I feel sometimes.

  18. Very sorry! : (

  19. @Art and Carly, please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your dear bunny. Most of us here know what it’s like to lose a beloved animal, and I know we all greatly sympathize and send you very best wishes and thoughts.

  20. marthava says:

    Derby, you were a really beautiful disapprover. I’ll miss your disapproving face greatly.

  21. Rest in peace, Derby. ❤

  22. Poor family, to lose such a ready source of constant disapproval

  23. Flutterby says:

    Art & Carly,so sorry for your loss of the big boy. Thank you for sharing him with us!

  24. Sad to see Derby go… but don’t forget, we’ve still got Cinnamon.

    (see Derby and Cinnamon both featured in this handy PSA)

  25. Mikeyfur says:

    Derby was my first experience with bunny disapproval. I’m so sorry he’s gone, but thank you for having shared him with us. He was gorgeous!

  26. @ Art and Carly, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Derby. I have recently lost one of my bunnies as well and I understand exactly how you are feeling. Derby was clearly a special little guy, chock full of personality, and your photo essay is a lovely tribute to such an amusing little member of your family. It’s terrific that you have so many photos and I’m sure even more memories of him. Sending you my warmest thoughts and condolences.

  27. Nooooo. 😦 Condolences. How sad.

  28. mommy25bunnies says:

    I think Derby would disapprove of my tears right now, but I can’t help it. Sorry Derby!

  29. Derby was the Wilfred Brimly of disapproval. Rest well, Derby. I’m sure there is plenty to disapprove of in bunny heaven. Hmmph!

  30. 😦 barooooo!!

  31. @Art & Carly – May Derby have carrots and apples and all things good to eat, expensive designer furniture to chew, and have everything to disapprove of that his heart may desire for always.
    My deepest sympathies.

  32. Good by Derby, I hope you can find plenty disapproval reasons in heaven, so you’ll be happy.

  33. Sympathy to Derby’s “parents”. May the sweetness of the memories temper the bitterness of the loss for you.

  34. I thought that I would have more time to try and please him…

  35. RIP Derby, your disapproval will be sorely missed 😦

  36. I would disapprove of this news, but that’s not *my* job. It will always be Derby’s.


  37. Theadosia says:

    RIP Derby. With a personality that strong, perhaps you’ll come back as a book reviewer or restaurant critic.

  38. My heart goes out to Art & Carly. It’s always so terribly sad when our beloved buns bink off to Rabbit Nirvana. Despite the front of disapproval, it is obvious how happy and well-loved Derby was, and that he lived a full and blissful little life.

  39. My deepest condolences to Derby’s hoomans. I lost my Smokey quite suddenly on March 1st and I still miss him so incredibly much. I know he would disapprove of that. May Derby and Smokey disapprove of us from Bunny Heaven.

  40. Bunnyluver says:

    so very saddened by the news, perhaps Derby will meet up with Latte and they can have some disapproving fun together

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Hurrumph! I do not approve of these wings and you can cut the harp music.

  42. Copperbat says:

    Aww Derb.

  43. Awww, RIP bunny. I’m sure he’s disapproving my message in bunny heaven as we speak.

  44. Manekineko says:

    God Bless You! I’m so sorry you lost your beloved bun. He made a world of us smile! Hope he finds life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge to his liking–I don’t think the Big Guy likes disapproval 🙂 Sorry for your loss, Shari.

  45. I was so worried about cinnamon….but its sad.

    I lost my bunny Haru a few days ago and I still dont know how to deal with it, I hope everything is going to be ok.

    a big hug*

  46. HanksMom says:

    I’m so sorry Art and Carly. Derby’s disapproving visage had so many adoring fans. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  47. i’m sorry for your loss 😦 I have lost a few disapproving rabbits to the bridge and am sure they are enjoying disapproving of us from the other side with Derby now. My heart is with you.

  48. DogEared says:

    i will disapprove of something today, in honor of Derby. my sympathy to Derby’s parents….may you find comfort in your memories.

  49. Condolences to you, Art! I’m sure he’s looking down on you disapprovingly from Heaven. 🙂

  50. Oh, sorry for your loss. I’m sure Derby’s disapproving heartily of us from fluffy white clouds right now!

  51. FinnMacCool says:

    I disapprove of having a sad!!!!

  52. BrianinCanada says:

    I disapprove of the loss of disapproval. Nothing cheered me up like seeing the disapproval ratings.

    I’m sure Derby is harrumphing and disapproving of the arrangement of clouds and halos in heaven.

    You call this a cloud nine? It’s a cloud six at best. And could those halos BE any shinier?

  53. janet2buns says:

    Alas, bunnies’ lives are too short. May Derby continue to disapprove of us in the company of all the sweet bunnies that have gone before him.

  54. Sending lots of hugs — too soon, but I know much loved.

  55. tesstricks says:

    My condolences to Derby’s parents. 😦

  56. Ah Derby, we hardly knew ye…

  57. Awww so sad. RIP Derby and hop on in bunny heaven!

  58. RIP, sweet Derby and condolences to your mom and dad who are left without your constant disapproval.

  59. Arachnophile says:

    I’ll admit it, when I saw this post I thought ti was cinnamon. My condolences go out to Derby’s people. I”m sure that Derb is disproving on a cosmic scale!

  60. Aw… ;( I’m on the verge of tears from his disapproving stare!!

  61. RIP Derby. I know you’re up there glaring disapprovingly at the Rainbow Bridge. 😦

  62. Dawnieangel76 says:

    Goodbye Derby; thanks for setting the standard of Bun Disapproval everywhere. Your stern look will live on forever in our hearts.

  63. Derby was also my first experience with the disapproving bun and I LOVED him – I want my own disapproving bun and I hope looks just like Derby:)

  64. Jennifer says:

    My condolences to Derby’s family. I will always remember him. He was a wonderful bunny!

  65. barooooo :[

  66. inapprovable. simply inapprovable.

    (nibble nibble nibble)

  67. I have Derby’s unforgettable face to thank for finding the wonderful world of disapproving rabbits. warm wishes to his poor bereaved humans ❤

  68. derby is (was) tort, cinnamon is castor

  69. Rest in disapproving peace, Derby. You were a great bun and the world is a lesser place without you. Condolences to his disapproved of peeps left with only fond memories of his too short life. 😦

  70. **sniff** So sorry to hear the news…

  71. Rest in peace, sweet Derby. He is in heaven, looking down at us in disapproval.

    My sincere condolences to his humans Art and Carly. I wish our animals’ time with us was longer. 😦 I am sending many warm thoughts and prayers your way.

  72. good old whatshername says:

    I am Good Old Whatshername, and I disapprove of this post. Derby is completely unimpressed by my condolences, yet I offer them anyway. 😦

  73. Just realized that Derby passing before Cinnamon (who is five years older) is sort of like Prince Charles dying before the Queen does.
    He always assumed that he would gain the crown of Disapprover-in-chief

  74. Oh, Derby. Your bunniferousness shan’t be forgotten.

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    I also disapprove.
    Warm hugs to everyone.

  76. Elisha B. says:

    No matter what happens… bunnies still rule. I’m sure Derby is letting everyone in Heaven know this fact very well right now. So sorry for you loss and every grateful you shared him with us on the web!

  77. Binky free Derby

  78. Derby will be missed. He was a beautiful bun!

  79. We shall miss you!

  80. Art,

    My heart is with you right now. My precious Cadbury, also a rex (mini) just passed last month and seeing this post broke my heart all over again.

  81. Somewhere in heaven, a mighty “HARRUUMMPH!!” echoes forth.

  82. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a fur baby is the worst pain ever.

    Lots of love from England xxx

  83. Awww Derby! I’m so sorry for your loss. His disapproving little face will live on in our hearts though.

  84. This was a Easter Greeting Card for my Myspace Profile 2 Years ago…and people loved him!

  85. Sorry here is the animated pic 🙂

  86. Oh.. I am so sorry. What a sweet bunneh.

  87. Amy Underwood says:

    Bye, bye, Derby.

  88. Danya529 says:

    What a fantastic bunny. All of us here at SEAVS will miss him

  89. Rest in Peace, Derby. I hope you have a wonderful rabbit hutch in heaven with all the carrots you can eat (And hopefully you will disapprove none of them :P) ❤

  90. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments…..

    I want my bunny back!

  91. Art D. 04.18.10 at 7:05 pm

    Thank you all for your thoughts and comments…..

    I want my bunny back!

    ((HUG)) I know how that feels from when I lost my beloved dog. Life has a funny way of filling that bunny/dog/cat-shaped hole in your heart when you least expect it. ;-).

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