Life Episode 2: Ladies Love the Bling

Unforch, I understand these fine vids are only watchabuhls in the US of A. Nevertheless, please enjoy this episode of Life, this time it’s BIRDS and their SNEAKY, ROMANTIC WAYS!

Thank you, Oprah W.!



  1. WOW! Nature! Never ceases to amaze me!

  2. I couldn’t help but squee when I watched this on Discovery. I loved the one boy boid that picked the shiny bugs as decoration. So cute!!

  3. Bwaaah 😦 Not available in my country….

  4. Brittany F says:

    “Thank you, Oprah W.!”
    I can’t stop laughing right now.

    You know, she really is as nice as she seems, I met her a couple of years ago.
    She’s short.

  5. I saw these guys on David Attenborough’s Life of Birds. There was one species that was crazy about blue stuff. Wonderful little boids.

  6. And here they are– Sir David and the satin bowerbird!

  7. Man, Discovery is really pushing this through high-traffic Internet channels.

    Note to international viewers: You’re not missing anything. You’ve already seen this on “telly” with Sir Richard Attenborough (or, I suppose, for you non-Anglophone viewers, with your local equivalent; e.g., Graf Richard von Attenburg, or Don Ricardo Monte Aten).

    I [heart] Sir Richard Attenborough. Oprah, not so much.

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    It’s a Love Shack…A little ol’ place where we can get together.

  9. Dear Mister Bower Bird:

    I will be your girlfriend if you come and decorate my apartment.

    Love, Corianne

    Yeah…his place is better decorated than mine…

  10. Aww please don’t feature stuff that’s blocked for me, that makes me depressed ;____;

  11. Felicityanne says:

    How truly bizarre that this is blocked from view in the UK, where the programme was MADE by the BBC?!

  12. ratatoskr says:

    blocked in my country…

    fu youtube, fu!

  13. sir david is way better…but i have to say the photography of life is kinda nice….

  14. Sheesh…guys really will do anything to get laid.

  15. old news, this was in life of birds (1998) TWELVE YEARS AGO… i love you cute overload but sometimes you are wildly ignorant…

    and orpah had NOTHING to do with it. she is just the voice they used for the USA version, because, discovery feared americans would not related to the great Sir David Attenborough and because the USA version has more commercials and less content so the voice over had to be redone anyway.

  16. What, for reals? That’s sad, and a bit patronising if true – a lot of American people know Sir Dave, surely? I often see American shows that make references to the great man. Discovery, shame on you.

    Life of Birds was awesome, fo’ sho.

  17. i said “awwwwwwwwwh” out loud when i saw the little house

  18. actually, it was probably “annnnnnngh”

  19. Fuzzbutt says:

    I can’t stand the Oprah version. Not only is it shortened… it’s DUMBED DOWN!! Oprah sounds like she’s explaining things to slow toddlers. Attenborough sounds like he’s talking to friends.

    Mary S., the species is the same as LoB, but the footage is new. They were unable to get footage of the shy females and the courting behaviour last time, but this time they got it. Both pieces were excellent, but for different reasons. In LoB you got to see Attenborough damn near crawl into the bower and watch him charmingly marvel at the encounter. In Life you get to see the natural behaviors. The naration was a bit superficial, so they didn’t mention the similarities between the bower bird’s courtship dance and those of some of its fancier cousins…. but any serious nature fancier would notice it. It was really cool to see the bower “in action”.

  20. Fuzzbutt says:

    (and yes, I realize it’s amusing to be all hoity-toit and knowledgy with a name like Fuzzbutt)

  21. Any guy who would go to that much trouble to decorate for me… well, I’ve often settled for less. I’m yours, little boidy!

  22. Fuzzy Butt, thank you for your comment.

    i have not seen the oprah version, i saw about 5 minutes of it, and knowing that the David version was out there ruined it for me for the reasons you mentioned! I do have one question for you, I have LoB on DVD and i purchased it on itunes to watch on my iPad. for the New Earth release, do you think it is kind of thing that someone who has ALL of David Attenborough DVDs needs to have in DVD AND ITUNES or only one or the other?

    I also wish they would re-release Life of Birds on dvd and itunes because this version LOOKS like it was meant for VHS, and if they re-release it in wide screen and new high def encoding.

  23. PBS had a documentary on the bowerbirds a few years ago. They are very particular decorators. At one point, a bird watcher moved things around for a bit, and the bowerbird came back, and redid the decor, back to the way he wanted. Spectacular.

  24. Birdcage says:

    *sigh* Blacked out here. I really wish in this age of the internet that we could find a way to get beyond the silly laws that prevent cross-border sharing of some information.

  25. marthava says:

    @nycat…Man, I totally need a guy who will be that picky about pleasing me. 🙂

  26. Katiedid says:

    Pahlez! Interior decorator my toosh! Those flowers were soo the wrong color! lol
    Very interesting to know that humans are not the only animal that woos with flowers! 😀

  27. mary s, what makes you think either cute or appreciation of nature has to be “new news”? And being new has nothing to do with being on CO. Judging CO to be “wildly ignorant” is more a comment on you than on CO, methinks…

    The Life series has gorgeous photography and is worth watching just for that. I appreciate seeing the snippets again on CO. If you don’t like the voiceover or script, hey, you can always NOT WATCH or NOT LISTEN, yes? 😉

  28. Maybe the rearranging is for better feng shui?

  29. That’s one of those videos that you watch and think,

    Oh yeah, we’ve evolved from that. NOT.

  30. I’ve been watching this series religiously and this bird episode is so far my favorite! 2 minutes of this part doesn’t even do it justice! So tweetschweeeet!!!

  31. the bug man says:

    For Valentine’s Day one year while I was in college, I collected every blue object I could find and arranged them in my girlfriend’s room. Then, when she showed up, I did a little “seductive bird dance”.

    She broke up with me a week or so after that. I’m pretty sure that the two events were unrelated.

  32. Nice bassoon.

  33. aww! I saw this episode: the best part was when his animal dung started growing hair-like fungus and he started trying to clip it off with his beak. So cute!

  34. Fuzzbutt says:

    Mary S., I’d recomend it even to non-completionists. The Life series has a “way too fast” issue (like Planet Earth did)… and I think it uses a few pieces of footage from Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth (which SUCKED)… but it still has surprises, even if you’ve been watching nature shows since your early ’80s infancy. It is going to be one of Attenborough’s last few projects, so you should consider that too. He has two more planned, The First Animals and The Frozen Planet…. which seem like *remakes* of Lost Worlds: Vanished Lives and Life In The Freezer if the titles are any indication, but oh well…. and he’s 83, so how much more can we really expect from him?

    At least Life of Birds is available on DVD…. The Private Life of Plants has never been on DVD, which is a huge shame. I’d also love to see Life On Earth. I may have seen it as a very young child (it came out three years before I was born, but PBS was bigger on reruns in the ’80s), but I have no memory of it beyond the companion book that my mother and grandmother both owned.

    It sounds a bit morbid, but…. I hope when he does eventually die that they re-release a big box set of all of his recorded programs. The old stuff is a riot to see because he looked so young, skinny, and uncomfortable on camera. (check this out)

  35. @The bug man: Next time, try wildly imitating different bird songs, and ambient sounds like car alarms and camera clicks.

  36. BonzoGal says:

    There’s a mockingbird in our backyard who has been driving everyone in the neighborhood nuts for three weeks now with his 24-hour singing. My husband interpreted his song thus: “Hey ladies! Hey hey hey pretty ladies! I will treat you right, you know it baby, I will rock your world! Come on ladies! I will make beautiful eggs with you! You know you want it… HEY LADIES!”

  37. I saw this on Discovery, and it was amazing. Still more amazing to me is that this bower is NOT the final nest for the loving couple! Seems like a lot of work to leave it vacant, but I guess Nature knows best.

  38. It’s a seduction parlor! Eeeep! Too cute!

  39. ant man bee says:

    I was thinking, vogelkopf bower bird, that’s German for bird-headed bower bird, which seems kinda silly, but then drawing on my remarkable ability to look things up in wikipedia, I discover that it’s ‘vogelkop,’ which is Dutch for birdhead, and comes from vogelkop island in SE Asia, so named because it’s (you guessed) shaped like a bird’s head.

    You can thank me when this comes up on Jeopardy.

  40. right at the end when he does his little head tilt and chirpo I just melted isn’t he amazing!

  41. AuntieMame says:

    I think it’s lovely, and I enjoyed Sir Oprah’s narration. I love Sir David, too. Who says we can’t be open-minded and love all kinds of things?

  42. LittleDende says:

    Blocked in my country. =/ Not cool.

  43. The “Life” series is gorgeous. And Oprah does a great job narrating. Period.

  44. If you have a good screen to watch it on at home, this series is just GORGEOUS.

  45. That apricot fungus really tied the room together, man.

  46. Colonel Jenna says:

    Bug Man — Your Valentine’s Day surprize is the most romantic thing I have ever heard. I hope you have a new mate in the love nest.

    Mary S — Life of Birds with Sir David Attenborough is available on DVD, as is his wonderful Life on Earth series from the 80’s. Got mine from Amazon a couple of years ago.

    BonzoGal — Your husband’s translation from Mockingbird into English is priceless.


    BUT…but…but…. CANADA IS SO CLOSE TO U.S. OF A. why……?

  48. Nice to see romance isn’t dead, at least not in the bird world.

  49. Arachnophile says:

    @ Bug Man… o.O She let a catch like YOU go!?!?

    Some women are crazy. You sound like a keeper to me. With that name and bird inspired romantic soul… /sigh. ;-p

  50. @BonzoGal, the male mockies are out in my part of the world, too– one on every TV antenna, yelling their tiny little heads off. But mockers are territorial singers– they don’t sing to draw the lay-dees, so much as to warn the other boys off. So the translation would be more like “YO YO YO! Suckaz! Step OFF my crib, youknowwhatimsayin’? Just STEP. The EFF. OFF!!”

  51. Oh, no! I can’t watch the video! It’s blocked on my country……

  52. @HP Yep…I feel like I have been educated when I have watched a program with Sir D.A. Oprah? I have to say the sound of her voice makes me feel like we are about to hear the bower bird confess he wasn’t really trying to attract female birds, he was just being fabulous. Also you notice Sir D.A. is there doing location shots. Oprah might have eaten the delicious animals alive if that close…can’t have that with endagered species. It is not my fault that it is true

  53. Brittany F says:

    What’s with all the hatin’ on Oprah? This is the same deal as Sigourney Weaver narrating Planet Earth, and I don’t remember everyone being all pissed off that Riley wasn’t hanging out with snow leopards and shiz. C’mon.
    I can assure you Oprah didn’t write the narration for Life, so it’s not her fault if the Discovery channel writers thought they had to ‘dumb down’ the information for us real smart Americans.
    Also, while Sir D.A.’s work is great, it is really nice to see the animal in the habitat and not scared off, rather than a man poking around inside the bird’s home. I prefer the narration of Life and Planet Earth without human interaction when I am in a mood to watch animals. When I’m in a mood to learn about their habitats, then I’ll watch The Life of Birds.

    @the bug man
    “For Valentine’s Day one year while I was in college, I collected every blue object I could find and arranged them in my girlfriend’s room. Then, when she showed up, I did a little “seductive bird dance”.”

    ….Will you marry me?

  54. The Vogelkop, with Atta-boy.

  55. Tks Theresa & Doggabone 😉

  56. A moment’s research finds versions of this same video available to everyone. I wish people would just look. Take care of your non-US viewerships, CO!

  57. Doggabone & Susan — we CAN’T use those versions. They WILL NOT PLAY. “Embedding disabled by request” means No Posting These On Your Own Blog, Sucker.

  58. Theo – well then, plainly, the thing to do is to embed the one that will embed and to add, in the same post, the URL of one that will play for the rest of the world. End of story.

  59. The bird that likes blue things is the satin bowerbird.

    There is more info about bowerbirds at

  60. Paunchie says:

    How wonderful! I love the red berries and the pink flowers! And the amber fungus as well, very nice Mr. Bowerbird! I’m sure you’ll get lots of chick action! (hur hur)

    I’d love a bird with an eye for decor! Don’t need no bling! Just some shiny bugs.

  61. @Theo Actually, I only copied and pasted from the address bar, and wasn’t expecting it to embed. I thought it might make a link. It’s the automagicks of WordPress that took it up to an embeddlement. I didn’t know it wouldn’t embed, I was just too lazy to figure out how last night. Is there an end-run around the auto-embedding, or is obfuscation the only way to block the embeddling?

    I guess at worst it’s a big dark square of a link.

  62. The sprouting fungus in the one birds dungpile cracks me up. His expression reads to me like “What is this soup in my soup?”***

    ***Not actually soup.

  63. Not available in Australia?! *Dies* x_X

  64. “when his animal dung started growing hair-like fungus and he started trying to clip it off with his beak. So cute!”


  65. oprah sounds like a man.