Let’s check in on MeMe

MeMe the Kitteh sure is cute.

Let’s see how she’s doingks. [Cross-eyed head-tilt]

Oh, and this video will make happy tears in your eyeses:

[Head bows] to Elizabeth V. TONS more photos and Japanese (natch) commentary over at Sakurako Shimizu



  1. Gaah, so cuteeee!

  2. The japanese make EVERYTHING cute, even alien kittehs

  3. The precise 90 degree tock splayage makes me wonder if there aren’t some Maru genes floating around in that spectacular little kittayn.

  4. You warnded me about the happy tears. So many happinesses!

  5. What kind of cat is this?

  6. I was feeling terrible and anxious and then I saw these pictures and I laughed out loud. Thank you. I needed that.

  7. Extreme faced “Exotic”
    Basically a short haired Persian.

  8. soooo cute!

  9. Samantha says:

    A picture of MeMe made it onto ICHC some time ago. I think the caption said something like “I think my name is ‘Aww!’ Eberybody wants to pick me up!”

  10. I’ve had this cat’s picture as my phone’s wallpaper for a few months now — this is so awesome!!!

  11. Can I has kitteh?
    PWEESE? I snuggle it nice and keep it safe.

  12. Oh God! Too much! TOo Much! I can’t stand it. Cute Overdose


  13. SOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!

  14. Which Rule of Qteness is it that states “when an ordinary household item makes you look small, it’s cute” ? lol That gopher/kleenex box is adorable 🙂

  15. Oh my GOSH!!! check out the spectacular tock splayage!!!

  16. Tzarinac says:

    This kitty’s horizontal-to-vertical head measurement ratio reminded me of “Hello Kitty” for some reason. Thank goodness there wasn’t a little bow stuck to its head. Very cute in an unreal way. Almost anything whose face is wider than it is tall has a certain cuteness to it. ALMOST anything….

  17. I ♥ Japan.

  18. michellemybelle says:

    Memebon and her mommy and “uncle” cat are just too freaking cute. I get so sucked into the blog and I sure do wish I could read Japanese. Google Translator just makes everything weird.

  19. I haz the happy tears in my eyeses.

    The owner’s love shines through in all the pictures.

  20. …Uncle “Fuk u” Heeheeeheee!

  21. Oh for crying out loud!! That was ridiculously adorable. Such a pretty trio of kitties and MeMe’s strategically deployed tongue, leg splayage, baroo head tilts and well placed facial smudges have reduced me to a pile of goo. I can almost hear the purring. What an enchanting little cutie. Well played, Japan. Well played.

  22. whiskers says:

    Ack! Cuteness! *thud* *ded*

  23. is it just me or are her eyes a different color in pic #3?


  25. the mommy has GORGEOUS tangerine eyes. they look edible.

  26. What is it with the Japanese, do they have a secret lab on Mount Fuji to produce cute critters? Are they preparing to take over the world with an army of cute kitties and doggies?

    Well I for one will NOT put up a fight.
    I surrender just let me pet Meme a little OK?

  27. Looks like Maru has competish, she even has the tock splay down! ^_^

  28. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Smoosh-faced kitteh. So cute!

  29. Must get calico short-haired persian. Or at least that camera! What awesomely awesome photos.

  30. So glad to see the OG cuteologist posting regularly again. You rock Meg. If you weren’t so funny and inventive I never would have been able to embrace my inner love of cute lo those 2 or 3 or more? years ago. This is one of the only sites I ever tried to check out over the painfully slow 4kbps sec or so connection from Iraq in 2009 at the MWR trailer. If any of my reserve buddies had seen me looking I had a cover story ready of my wife sending me a link. Yes I am a dude and straight…no one must know I love this site…..LOL. Re-posted this as a sign of appreciation for M to the E to the G. Seriously thanks for all the cute.

  31. so freaking cute and this comes from someone who dont like cats lol

  32. Love the splayage.

  33. kibblenibble says:

    ♥ Awww! Sweetest pics. ♥

  34. Of COURSE that freaking cat is Japanese. Why did I even doubt it?

  35. Flutterby says:

    I started crying rainbow tears of happiness, then my haid ‘sploded in multicolored confetti! Awesomely sweet video. Nice end to a day full of angels and good things happening!

  36. ***udderly enchanting***

    This is the same kitten that someone did a comparison of Russell Crowe’s face…I lost diet coke thru my nose at that one. MeMe ROCKS!

  37. They’ve bred Persians and Scottish Folds to make Maneki Nekos!

  38. frogboots says:

    Meme is almost four years old already! but will always be tiny and adorable. my god.

    Goma (mama cat) and Meme have identical splodges down their noses/faces. it’s impressively identical.

    love the hovertexts on this one 🙂

  39. Okay, paws up: who else found themselves tilting their heads to match the angle of Meme’s cute little visage during the video?

  40. Splayage, tongue-sticking out, and teeny kitty head being eaten by fleece lips – what more can you ask for in a post?

  41. this is so freaking adorable, especially the parts where she sticks out her tongue. 😛 so cute 😀

  42. Kitteh is ‘theriously cute. One question: if Meme lives with her cat mommy, why does she feed from a bottle?

  43. If I had ten years to watch this video, it would be awesome.

  44. The foist one is a tocksplosion!

  45. My eyeses can’t handle the cute.

    This is off the chart-code-red-cuteness. Danger, Will Rogers!

  46. Smooshed face callie cat! And mini smooshed face callie cat! I am in love! I must move to Japan immediately!

  47. So young, and already she needs boxhab. Kittehs these days!

  48. Oh my gosh! How adorable and cute!!!

  49. SQueeeee!!! (double-glassed windows shatter) Teh Qte! Teh Qte! ::head explodes::

  50. What a pretty fur color. I like how Meme’s eyes look sad all the time too.

  51. whiskers says:

    *waves paw* Oh, yes, I did the head tiltage! *hides face in shame* But teh cyuooot!

  52. @micsix: Thank you for your service and please know that your secret is safe with us.

  53. whiskers says:

    Also, teh tung, eeet keels meh!!

  54. Matahari says:

    I´ve oficially died and gone to heaven …

  55. I have to type quickly becasue I am melllllting from the q…jf[0qw78435…………..


  56. Help! It’s an emercency! Cute overload! Call doctor Tinycat!

    I died from cute.

  57. More cuteness than 1 person can stand. OMG, me want Meme!

  58. wannadance says:

    now THAT is some autosomel dominant gene!

  59. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    (I’m not QUITE ded yet….)


    (Comme c’est adorable!!!!)

  60. i like fuku. my first cat is like him but cuter. I always miss him

  61. CatLady2 says:

    Too much cuteness in the world…I can’t take it!

  62. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Uncle Fuku looks irritated, even with Scottish Fold ears. Or maybe because of them.

  63. wannadance says:

    is it Meme, as in french ‘same’ or MeMe, as in Me Me, indulged 2 yo human?

  64. whiskers says:

    Just visited the website: these are some well loved kittehs!

  65. @wannadance, since it’s japanese, it’s probably pronounced “meh meh”

    That r not kitn, that r alien. I sures of it!

  66. caffeinequeen says:

    My friend Susan painted a portrait of this kitten for my Christmas gift. It’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received, because every time I see it, I go “aaahhhhn”!

  67. Or is it “meme” as in “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture” ?

    I love how her nose splotch matches her mum’s exactly!

  68. Maybe the bottle pic was just posed for cuteness?

  69. What’s Japanese for SQUEE?

  70. I wonder if this lady knows Maru’s owner.

  71. OMG, this is so sweet, I just want to take it home and cuddle it all day ♥

  72. What a great name, “Uncle Fuku”. FukU, you get it? *sigh*

  73. 😀 AWW 😀 I would just love to cuddle MeMe 😀

  74. My favorite is pic #5. Adorable! Then they learn to freak out on the curtain like my kitty does.

  75. fatgrammafinn says:

    re the scotties box:koikolordkittiekatchoo

  76. This is one of the nicest, cutest things I’ve ever seen. I would really love to visit meme’s page in English *sigh*

  77. The video is the coup de grace. The one that killed me was MeMe in the basket with the plush hound on either side. Too precious.

  78. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    @wannadance You win at biology geekiness. also AAAWWWWW the leetle leeps and big ol eyes!!! And lol I also love the identical face smudgkins…

  79. so photogenic!!! hehe

  80. My favorite one is: Kitty in the Orange bag!!!