It’s Go Time.

‘Ow you doin’. I’m glad you could join me for what will surely be a momentous occasion! I’m about to publicly flaunt my humongous size in hopes of becoming Guinness World Records Largest Guinea Pig!

I don’t understand. Were my steroids not working?

On the plus side, the mullet adds two inches, Avigayil H.



  1. Poor cavy.. stuck with eternal Bowlcut..

  2. Da mouf, da mouf! If there’s a cuter face anywhere, I want to see it. *swoon*

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Peeg has been earmarked for greatness.

  4. Peeeeeeeeegg!!! I love peegs! Never seen one with a mullet before. That’s high-larious. This one’s got the BEF down cold.

  5. @Mel: It’s in the breed! They’re called “Crested” for a reason!

    He is so leetle! Makes me miss my two boulders… My girls are quite, er, LARGE. ;]

  6. Ok, which one(s) of you have been cronsching on the poor ham’s ears??

    [Dat ain’t no ham. 😛 – Ed.]

  7. Oh look at the little bald spot on top of his head.
    Looks like someone is in need of the Hair Club for Peeg.

  8. Ow! Those ears! Poor guy.

  9. Some pig.

  10. tracylee says:

    bizzness in the front, party in the back, baby!

  11. Ferris Bueller, Peeg style. Awesomeosity.

  12. Adorable! I love guineas. That is all.

  13. Trez4400 says:

    soooo cute. If I didn’t have a kitteh I’d have a peeg. Love the lettle mouf and nosey

  14. Eeee! One of my girls has a cowlick just like that on her head. I did not know they were called “crested”! My girls are also quite, er, LARGE… 😉
    Cupcake Suzi-Q 2

  15. HE has Schnozable softness!

  16. @ceejoe: I’m in love with your two girls! What adorabuhlnesses. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Love your crested piglet. I have a soft spot for the red heads too. Only one of our six pigs is red, and she loves the fact that she’s special. Your pig has “ruffly” ears like one of mine. Gives them lots of character, like they don’t have enough as it is!

  18. wuyizidi says:

    Ferris Bueller is cool, but his real role model should be Saint Sooty.

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Keep away from the steroids, they can cause shrinkage in the wedding tackle

  20. Ceejoe the peeggies are adorable and the Kitties too ZOMG! how did you get them to all just get along!

  21. Hey ceejoe I guess your place is heaven because I just looked at you photos and my dear departed Patch is there sleeping on your couch.

    My baby’s real name was Frankenpussy (Patch for short) because he looked like he was made up of different parts of other cats like your Spot.

  22. Oh gosh, peeg schnozzle! there is nothing more deadly. I want to give heem keeses! peegs! wheek wheek wheek eep. <3<3<3<3


    My childhood guinea pig, Dindie (short for Cochon D'inde, which is french for G.P.), had a funky haircut like this. All red with a white crest, totally punked out. So cyoote.

  23. rachael, kittyadventures, and mika – thank you for your sweet comments! I am very proud of all my babehs. I used to do foster care for kittehs, so I think they’re just used to having alot of other kittehs around. And they’re all either former fosters who didn’t get adopted or stray cats from my backyard, so I guess they just know how lucky they are to have a good warm safe home. Plus they know how much they are loved, and that is the most important thing!

  24. Love the cowlick! Er… piglick?

  25. skippymom says:

    Hey ceejoe, did you tell him that his ancestors were the size of buffalo? (and if so, did it make him feel better or worse?)

  26. skippymom – lol.., yes, I read the book to them. 😉 Their reaction was, “Yeah, whatever, where’s our lettuce?” (I don’t think guinea pigs have very deep thoughts…)

  27. Aww, baby peeg!

  28. This is Rufus…He’s 8 weeks old and cutielicious!

  29. dickie twinkles says:

    Gorgeous piggy!

    Is he really considered a giant? I had a peruvian called Ziggy who grew 14 inches and weighed nearly 7lbs at his highest (yes, he had a weight problem and we quickly got that weight down)

  30. Avigayil says:

    His mommy weighs in at 4 pounds and is daddy is a 6 pounder and the size of a rabbit. He’s gonna be a beeg peeg.

  31. Just curious are their ears notched like that naturally or do the other pigs i.e. peegs bite them. Gives him a bit of a boxer cauliflower ear look.

  32. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I had guinea pigs-they were kept in a wire dog crate. I didn’t have any trouble with Molly or Lucy bothering them. Methinks perhpas paws got nipped by piggy teefs & the cats had the smarts to not attempt any harm after that.

  33. micsix–
    Usually the ear notches are from, er, love-bites from siblings (“Hey! I’m the one using this box, stop trying to sit on me!”). But they do occur naturally sometimes.
    The lettuce-like ear crinkles, however, are totally natural. Piggles are born with ears that look like they ought to be growing out of tree trunks instead of rodent heads.

  34. hahah, he’s the reigning champion in MMA peeg fighting. He has the ears to prove it. LOL