Life Episode 1: The Cute Outwit The Hungry

Folks, if you haven’t seen Discovery Channel’s Life series, you are missing out. Narrated by Sir Oprah Attenborough, this jaw-dropping series will blow your ‘tocks apart (What?!). Seriously, the stellar photography will absolutely delight, entertain and educate you. For full effect, you absolutely must watch it in HD with a good beverage.

Today’s installment: Rufous Sengi Outwits Hungry Lizard.


Did you know Rufous Sengis are always famished? Learn mo’ about the Rufous Sengi here!



  1. OWWWW!! My tocks! Blown apart! OWWWWWWWWW!

  2. PS That’s some mobile schnozzle!

  3. Oh, good, it’s blocked from my view. 😦

  4. mammals can go the distance. reptiles run out of steam. lol!

  5. Can’t be viewed in my Country 😦 (Finland)

  6. Must warn those not familiar with nature. Some of the cute animals fail to outwit the hungry. It’s not all rainbows and skittles out there.

  7. I loved the crunchy sound when the little fellow had his insect snack!

    I am glad he escaped, but I do feel sorry for the hungry lizard.

  8. Makes me want to grab a tissue and blow my nose.

  9. Sneeeeefingks! SNEEF SNEEF SNEEF!!!

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “Sir Oprah Attenborough” — priceless! 😀

  11. Damn, I wanna run like that.

  12. Can’t be viewed in my country (Canada). 😦

  13. Last night’s episode about insects, in which the bear popped up his head and tried to eat some honey, had me laughing so hard. Good stuff!

  14. Can’t be viewed in the UK either 😦

  15. if it’s American (US), they just loooove to block anybody outside their country.
    it’s ridiculous
    people in Europe and Asia and all other parts of the world would like to take a glimpse

    it’s not even as if it were some mp3 or something of that sort…

  16. This video is blocked in my country on “copyright grounds”. Considering that Life was made by the BBC, just down the road from me, this makes a little dark cloud pop up above my head. I recall the schnozz from when it was on telly though.

    I think I’ll go and google ‘toebeans’, that always cheers me up. 😀

  17. Senior Cuteologist says:

    No cutez for Germany either.
    No fair 😦

  18. WHY are they blocking it elsewhere! That is ridiculous! This really pisses me off. If you can’t tell.

    Well, for those of you who can’t see it, the best thing is that the shrew’s schnozzle bends back and forth while she’s sniffing, for extra effect!

    Can you all see this one? From the Smithsonian:

  19. Jeez, how about a warning? I was eating breakfast while checking in to Cute Overload…and I get an eyeful (and earful–what a gross sound) of insect-munching. Ugh.

  20. AuntieMame says:

    Someone always has to snark about the Americans…

    Other countries block videos, too.

    The schnozz was amazing, but I admit the insect crunching was a little unappetizing. Bleh.

  21. Paunchie says:

    His name is Rufus! 😆

  22. leaves of cat grass says:

    must beep… tubular mini-schnozzle… BEEP!

  23. (spray-spitting out grasshopper parts) What’s wrong with insect-crunching?


  25. Meg, outstanding post.

  26. GAH NOOOO! These things have always freaked me out. Something about the way their nose moves. *shudders*

  27. Bah!! Blocked in Canada.

  28. aquasaline says:

    That was like watching Saturday afternoon Monster Movie Matinee!!! woohoo go long nosed mousie thing!

  29. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  30. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Thanks, kzgz! 🙂

    This user video seems to show the same Life clip as the one in the main post:

    (not going to try and embed it cos it will probably splode, but feel free to edit me, Ed.)

  31. The sound effects are awesome as she runs down the trail.

    and the Lizard runs after her.. the close ups of the sand spraying and OMG the schnozzle. Excellent.

  32. Clarebear says:

    😦 blocked for me too (New Zealand)

  33. I couldn’t find anyway around it but I coupld log in to my face book account and get ther through the Life discovery channel friend page.. of course that does not mean you can see it from any other country but maybve if you are in face book you can.

  34. astrogrrrl says:

    it’s times like these I wish I had cable so I could see the full episodes 😦 so amazing!

  35. tesstricks says:

    The mental image of tocks getting blown apart is now stored in my head for future private giggles.

  36. Run, Rufus, Run!!!

  37. MamaLana says:

    Shouldn’t we call her “Dame” Oprah? ;-D

  38. Can’t watch the video… Discovery Communications suuuuuuuuuuck! 😦

  39. Eye-to-nose ratio… my god…

  40. Mmmm crunchy bug noms.

  41. earlybird1 says:

    Eeeep! The nose reminds me of those crabs who have eyes on stalks on their heads. Or was that slugs? Either way, I bet that schnozz can round a corner before its owner does!

  42. What agility! I wish I could run like that.

  43. Susanelle says:

    Gawd, Meg, you are always throwing a thunderbolt schnozz-hance at us when I least expect it. ::pats hair back down::

  44. blek. blocked for canada…

  45. there’s a very cartoony “pschwing” noise as she corners in the chase scene.
    I do not think that sound occurs in nature.

    but it is a HOOT.

  46. And, the best Steve McQueen inspired mammal-reptile chase scene in a made-for-cable miniseries goes to…

  47. I live in the USA and I can’t watch it either. Boo! Hiss!

  48. Ca. 1:03– the little needle-nose can book!

  49. I wish that I had access to the Sir David Attenborough version of Life. I can’t shake the feeling that Oprah is about to give all the animals a car.

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow, she’s really fast! Theresa, I hope your ‘tocks will be okay.

  51. Schnozzle, schnozzle, BEEP that schnozzle!!!! seriously, so awesome.


  53. Thanks for the repost Clare! It was blocked for me at first, but I got to see amazing cuteness!!!! The lil baby! OMG!!!

  54. Megan C. says:

    @harmlesslittleflea (Clare)

    Thank you for the clip! I could actually see the first one, but I much much prefer Attenborough over Oprah any day.

  55. I kept hearing Roadrunner music in my head. Or was it on the clip?

    LOVE little ms. rufous sengi. Rufous means “red,” by the way (Latin nerd here).

  56. Thanks, Meg, Clare and Sir David!
    Hamazing! from the insect kronsche to zoom sound FX outrunning the leezard, to the little one having to ehnehn its schnozzle out of the way to get breakfast.
    How do they get shots like that? Would the editor’s eyes ‘splode from too much of Teh Cute Overload?

  57. Gretchen says:

    For those who would prefer David Attenborough (as would I, as an owner of the excellent Blue Planet and Planet Earth series narrated by him), here you go!. It comes out June 1st, but you can pre-order. And yes, it’s region 1 (U.S. and Canada).

  58. ratatoskr says:

    ._. blocked for Norway…

  59. Gadzooks!!! Like a dik-dik, a tapir and a mouse all rolled into one!!! Love the teensy-weensy nostrils at the end of the schnoz.

  60. omg what a stellar caption. Sir Oprah Attenburough made me laugh so loud!

  61. Oh sorry and I forgot to mention “blow your tocks apart”, that pretty much made me laugh my vital organs out. Especially how it said “what?!?” after it, acknowledging the sheer absurditude

  62. Oprah’s doing a good job narrating, but it always sounds more Official when David Attenborough does it, don’t ask me why. I agree with corianne that it’s hard shaking the feeling that she’s about to give something away… but I get the sensation that it’s the animals. xD

  63. i didn’t see the caption but saw the vid. BEST. CHASE. EVER! my tocks are definitely separated. i must go look for them now.

  64. This is absolutely the most awesome nature series I’ve ever seen. I am not kidding when I say that during 90% of each hour-long show my lower jaw has dropped somewhere between my knees and the floor and tears are running down my face from the sheer beauty of what this planet has to offer. The photography is amazing. To the comment-leaver in Finland who can’t get the series on TV, please get the DVD set which will probably be available through the Discovery Channel’s website or through Amazon.

  65. Blocked in India too. Boo on you, Discovery Communications! 😦

  66. What the fudge? It’s blocked in the UK? But it was made by the fricking BBC – I PAID for this to be created in the first place! Gaaaaaah!

  67. Matahari says:

    Blocked in Spain too, not nice, Discovery!

  68. snorglepup says:

    Most awesome series! And boo for them blocking it. I wonder how much Operah will be making off this? Maybe she’ll save the rainforest with some of the income… Run Rufus, run!!

  69. David Attenborough’s narration is soooooo much better. And I love how he always shows up next to the animals in other series.

  70. I can’t watch it in my county either! (Canada) boooo

  71. I LOVE elephant shrews. One of my favorite animals!

    Tblue: I always feel the same way. One side of me says Yay! cute little shrew got away,
    but then I feel sad for the lizard that may be starving. lol

  72. “This video contains content from Discovery Communications, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” – oh, I’m so disappointed (here in Hungary)…

  73. Thanks, Clare! So I could have my daily amount of cute.

  74. No cutes for Japan either (that´s where I am at the moment). Must check when I´m back home (Canary Islands/Spain). :(((

  75. JussyLee says:


  76. I love this schnozzle. But as I learned last night via my DVR, sometimes sometimes the cute hungry outwit the simply cute. I will never be able to look at that voting stoat the same way EVER again.

  77. lurkingsmirk says:

    Amazing! I wonder how they manage to capture all this footage, and all the camera angles too – especially the soaring underbelly of the sengi.

  78. Give that Sengi a fedora, and you’ve got a new Indiana Jones film!!

  79. Dat lil critter was bookin’!

  80. happypiano says:

    Yes, very unstable running going on~ so cute and fast though! ^.^

  81. Boo-urns Discovery! Cannot watch in Canada 😦

  82. i can’t watch! 😦 it’s blocked here in canada.

  83. I just begged my husband to make sure we get the Discovery channel back once we move and switch to Verizon. Must. Have. Animules.

  84. Slo-mo + sound FX = FTW!!!!

    (Sorry for those of you for whom the vid is blocked. I am in favor of cuteness without borders!!!)

  85. ingemary says:

    Thanks a lot ‘harmlesslittleflea’ , as it was blocked for Holland !

  86. Sweet cartwheeling Jesus! Is that a prehensile shnozzle?!!

  87. lurkingsmirk 04.13.10 at 7:09 am
    Amazing! I wonder how they manage to capture all this footage, and all the camera angles too – especially the soaring underbelly of the sengi.

    In order to get all this footage, they’d have to know the chase route these animals were going to take, in advance, and set up their cameras, in advance.
    Their only other option would be to set up several thousands of cameras over a few acres plot.

    Which is why I call BS and think most of this is CG.

  88. LittleDende says:

    This one is blocked, too! >=( I am *mad* at the internet.

  89. Neopatra says:

    This documentary won the Best Nosicle Award.

  90. Is that thing for real???

  91. Mary (the first) says:

    Thanks to whoever told us it would come out with the real Sir David narration! Even though i am in US I would rather have him that Dame Oprah. Nothing against her. I’ve just heard her enough to last me awhile. As for the videos. they are, of course, wonderful.

  92. No cuteness for Australia?! D;