Boing, Boing, Splash, Boing

Boing, boing, boing, boing, woof, whuh?, boing, boing, boing, chase, chase, splash, splash, splash, whoops, paddle, paddle, paddle, boing, boing, boing…

Boing, boing, boing, Leanne, boing, boing.



  1. Wobbly wallaby!

  2. My goodness, but they are BOUNCY! 😀

  3. mervtheflamingo says:

    I can not believe how lucky this person is! She has 2 baby kangaroos lovingly following her around, and adorable dog, and a great figure!

  4. I just sat there with my mouth agape in delighted astonishment — that is too funny and cute.

  5. That is lethal cuteness!


  7. I particularly like the pink collar. A RESPONSIBLE kangaroo-caregiver!

  8. Boing boing boing boing boing!

    The other wallaby’s all like “Well duuuh it’s wet”

    So cute!

  9. Unbelievably cute, OMG! Finally something to take my mind off that horrendous plane crash in Russia. Thank you (once again), CO!

  10. “darn lady… you should’ve warn me… that thing is un-jump-abuhl!”

  11. And so, the kangaroo import and pet business becomes the backbone of the American economy.

  12. OMG!! Where can I go to play with baby kangaroos?! Those two are unbelievably adorable.

  13. Boing boing “Oh CRAP this is COLD!” splash “Deeper than I thought, too!” splash boing!

    That dog’s like, “Can I chase it? Pleeeeeease?”


  15. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:


    *”Ain’t no kangas at my beaches…” 😦 😦

    (lower lip hanging almost unattached, a la Mick Jagger…)

  16. Whaaa? *replays video*

    Guhhh? *replays video*

    Them there’s li’l kangaroos!!

    Faaah? *replays video*

  17. tuxedomom says:

    I didn’t even know you could HAVE pet kangas! Don’t they get BIGGER?! Would make a romp on the beach a bit scarier, I think. That being said, I think that video was the cutest thing ever!!!!

  18. Hahahaha, thats way toooo cute,

  19. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Here’s the back-story, from the YouTube video page: “Their Mums were killed i work at a vet clinic as a vet nurse and ive raised them, bella the one who jumps into the water she is my sisters and campbell (the one in the background) hes mine they were only about 500g when we got them now campbell is almost 7kg and bella is about 4.. I dont own them i just raise them, they will be released to a farm when they are ready which will be pretty soon for campbell.. and they dont run away because they think im their mum and they dont want to leave me :)”

  20. pushy mcshove says:

    eric, how do you know this isn’t australia? hmm? proof, please!

  21. Swimmy swimmy roogakang ❤

  22. OMG, I want to jog with a roo! I would actually jog if I could jog with a roo!

  23. Every time I think CO may have exhausted their cuteness resources, they provide something like this.

    CO and little baby kangaroos, I love you so moiche!

  24. Hahaha, doggie was like “…WTF was that?” * chase chase chase *

  25. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  26. CatViccer says:

    Never thought of lil roos in the water before – anerables!!!

  27. Old “Far Side” cartoon:
    “Just jump, you fool! You don’t have to say ‘Boing boing boing!'” 😀

  28. Where is this magical place, with beautiful beaches, house kangaroos, and well trained doggehs that don’t chase the house kangaroos even though it’s obvious that they want to?

    Oh, right. Australia…

  29. the bestest video of the day

  30. AWWWWW! she def biffed the little guy in the head at around :10 seconds

  31. Very cute. Thanks also to NTMTOM for the “back story” before anyone
    gets the idea to adopt a Kangaroo and raise them at their beach house…..

  32. Hon Glad says:

    The roo looks as good at swimming as I am 🙂

  33. The dog is all “Call the cat, we got giant mices on the loose!”

  34. OMG and Once again Australia proves it is full of Win and Awesome.

  35. I love how the baby hops out and then looks kind of confused as to what to do now that it was all wet

  36. First a woman snorgles a seal now another is jumping around with kangaroos. Not fair.

  37. That would be a, “boing, boing, *BLOOSH*! oh I DON’T THINK SO, paddle, paddle, boing, boing”. I’ll wait for you over heah.”

  38. Not cute.
    Not one bit.
    *plays on loop* *giggles*

  39. SntaCruz83 says:

    at 0:09 it gets kicked in the face.

  40. The poor thing got kicked in the face 10 seconds in – that’s probably the main reason why she turned around, being in deeper water just added insult to injury.

    Still INSANELY adorable! I want to frolic with baby kangaroos on a beach!

  41. Geaux Ghoti says:

    Are they baby roo’s or wallaby’s? Either way, I’ll take a dozen!

  42. Well, thanks a freakin lot. I thought I had the cutest pets.

  43. Oh, right. Not pets.

  44. I’m good.

  45. It’s official, we have proof: Some people have really cool lives. Sigh.

  46. superbunny says:

    I love them; so cute and bouncy.

  47. Must have more baby kangas on CO.

  48. Bounce, bounce, bouncy!

  49. Infoaddict says:

    Definitely kangas – probably Eastern Greys. Wallabies tend to be stockier and smaller.

    *tries to work out how to entice the house mob of roos into the dam for a swim*

    Somehow, I don’t think it’d be quite as cute … 🙂

    (“house mob” = “mob of roos in the front paddock that have lived there longer than I have”. Absolutely not pets, but they’re used to us and don’t tend to run away any more).

  50. hey everyone, these are my roo’s they are westen greys and they were from Collie Western Australia, and the beach is in Busselton WA. They are orphans and only follow me because they think im their mum lol They are amazing animals and Im very fortunate to have the opportunity to take care of them (I am a Veterinary Nurse) It is great to see all the lovely comments thankyou very much 🙂

  51. and also the dogs name is daisy shes a sheltie x and is almost completely blind she lives with bella 🙂

  52. Lisa – thanks for helping to take care of these guys! They are adorable! Gentle kisses to Miss Daisy too!

  53. I well .. heck, it’s kangaroos.

  54. BStrange says:

    Never ever wondered if a kangaroo could swim. Thought never crossed my mind. Which is now blown, thankyouverymuch. 🙂