THIS JUST IN: A Dik-Dik schnozzle

Dik-Diks are African mini hoofers who run around the plains delighting everyone who sees them. I hadn’t noticed before, but they also have spectacular little Tapir-like schnozzles! Check it!

The cutest animal… by mistca and Eyelashes Antelope by mikel.hendriks



  1. certified cutologist says:


  2. Jess&Friends says:

    That nose looks perfect for Eskimo kisses! Here they come!

  3. The tear-drop like black marking is not a precious mascara-darkened tear, but in fact a musk gland. Dik dik’s rub their faces on trees to mark their territory. Any snuggle with this guy would be oily.

  4. I don’t like that musk gland…I bet it smells…musky

    I weep rainbow tears of JOY AND LUFF

  6. DIK-DIK!

  7. Not to mention the giant anime eyes!

  8. B. Modern says:

    … and the equally anime fauxhawk!

  9. ScoutsMom says:

    The long eyelashes on the 2nd one remind me of Rudolph’s girlfriend.

  10. Dik-Dik is short for Absolutely Freaking Adorable!

  11. Is it just me or does this little lovely remind anyone else of Jimmy Durante? Ah-ha-cha-cha-cha!

  12. Katiedid says:

    The nose is kinda creepy, but the rest of it is so freakin cute!!!! Plus the name, I mean come ON! Dik dik!!! How awesome is that!?

  13. What marvalous creatures they are. I wish my eyelashes were that long sometimes.

  14. I bet dik diks get over excited when you ring the doorbell and tinkle on the carpet. No pun on dik dik intended, I swear.

  15. @ katiedid, what I said and what you said, reminds me of the eisley song marvalous things.. they talk about bats with butterfly wings, and horses coming out the lawn and then they say “oh what marvalous things but they are, they are, giving me the creeps.” lol

  16. jumpingjack says:

    OMG, I saw these on safari in Kenya. You usually saw them in pairs (they are very loyal to mates) and sometimes with a baby too. I had a competition with the other woman on the trip to come up with the cutest thing ever – we decided it was a baby Dik Dik. With hiccups.

  17. BEE-(SWHOOOMP!) Um, Cute little Dik-Dik McSnorfy Pants? Can I um have my beeping finger back plskthx?

  18. MamaLana says:

    Oh those eyes. Those eyelashes!! Those wee horns? OMG how sweet.

  19. I’m seein’ Adrian Brody in the profile shot.

  20. his little snoot is shaped kind of like a bat, no?

    of course, if they lived in Hollywood, they’d have their lips plumped up with collagen to match their big eyes.

  21. Scoutsmom, truly it does remind me of Clarisse (“There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true”) of Rudolph fame.

  22. That little Dik Dik is so amazingly cute cute that I might swoon swoon.

  23. MissVicki says:

    His nose looks a little bit like Batman! LOL

  24. Paunchie says:

    Gawd those giant liquid brown eyes! Beeyootiful!

    Kinda freakin’ me out though….

  25. Paunchie says:

    If he blows his nose I bet he makes a honking sound….

  26. It looks like it could also inhale the Batman symbol!

  27. Winyan Staz says:

    About 20 years ago I was at the zoo…out on the back lots and came across a pen that was full of overgrown shrubs and weeds.
    As I stood there…a dik-dik came running out of the weeds and up to me like he was my long lost puppy!…complete with a lot of wiggling around and with such big soft eyes that I simply fell in love with him and I stayed there playing with him for quite some time… He was sooo intelligent…like a puppy in so many ways.
    I wanted to bring him home and he was so sad when I left it broke my heart.
    I didn’t know what he was but now..thanks to this post I know he was a little dik-dik.
    I want to raise some :)…

  28. Winyan Staz says:

    I just want to add…
    His fur was very soft, much softer than it looks…. his horns were a bit larger and looked more like a deers horns…..and he smelled just fine..not musky.
    He must have been older than this pictured one his nose was looking more like a little pigs snout and he had some speckles on his back..almost like a baby deer…
    I have never forgotten that encounter.

  29. marthava says:

    Hovertext keeled me.

  30. chanpon says:

    First pic = Squidward.


    I’m trying to convince our local butterfly conservatory to acquire one of these. They said they have to wait until the youth 2-toed sloth assimilates and then they’ll consider it. SSSQQUUUEEEEE

  32. Lerrinus says:

    OMG! the nose, the eyes, the ears, the mini horns, the whole thing is adorable!!!

  33. Those eyelashes DIK DIK do not DIK DIK look real!


  34. superbunny says:

    Quite the overbite and everything is miniature except for the eyes. So cute. And I love the zoo story of a dik dik acting as a puppy.

  35. misscrisp says:

    I wonder if that nose-design strategy is desert related? It’s vaguely camel reminiscent too, no? I could see the foldy/droopy/tubular thing helping keep dust storms out and the like. Of course I want one too…painfully Qte™!

  36. superbunny says:

    Oh, and the ears. they’re pretty big, too.

  37. Lula Mae says:

    Too cute! That’s what you get if you cross Bambi with a squirrel and an anteater with a bunny and let their kids have kids. No, that sounds disturbing.

    Dik-Dik make brain melt.

  38. OH NO, not a Dik Dik!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ded)

  39. I took my Dik-dik schnozzle out once in public. No one seemed to be pleased by it.

  40. Alex….haters gonna hate. 😦

  41. The hovertext on this made laugh so hard. . . my dog just came running to see what was wrong. Good one! 🙂

  42. OMG, the eyelashes!

  43. Paunchie says:

    misscrisp, I read about Dik Diks at the last Dik Dik posting, the long schnozzle has something to do with panting to keep itself cool.

  44. I would like at least a dozen dik-diks to scamper ahead of me at all times. I feel this is both necessary and awesome.

  45. Shelley says:

    The schnozzle is cute, but the eyelashes are to die for!!!!!

  46. Dik dik eyes brought to you by Disney.

  47. Schnozzlet is so Dr. Seussy!!

  48. Freya, that’s just what I was thinking! It TOTALLY looks like something drawn by Dr. Seuss!

  49. Dik Dik is adorable, no doubt, but where are more posts? Slow day at C.O. Headquarters? 😦

  50. Those eyelashes! Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s Maybelline!

  51. I’m sorry dik dik, please dont hate me, but I just HAAAVVVEEE to boop your nose.


    YAAAAY! :D:D:D

  52. fox~fire says:


  53. earlybird1 says:

    My, what interesting ear floofs you has! They’re all feathery and inward-pointing! (1st photo)

  54. Missy P says:

    That is NOT a real animal! It can’t possibly be! Nothing can be that goofy and adorable!

    I want a pet baby tapir, but now i think I should get him a dik-dik friend!

  55. Minyah, WHY did you tell me this?! I was content thinking DikDiks were shy and retreating so that my lack of ever snorgling their cute little hoof-butts was a reasonable failing in life, but knowing there are friendly puppeh dikdikdiks I now feel it is my life’s mission to play with them..

    And they have soft furs? Nuuuu!

  56. Ach I meant Winyah.. o,o!

    […or maybe even Winyan Staz? 😐 – Ed.]

  57. 1 way 2 go says:

    you know. i’m not saying this as a bad thing because the Dark Crystal is on the top 5 of my all time favorite made movies, but.. doesn’t this little guy look like one of the skeksis? innocently of course.. but still…… hmmmm

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    Winyan: It wriggled around like a puppy?! I really want to meet one! This animal has some sort of magical quality about it, like a unicorn.

  59. You all just wanted another excuse to say “Dik-Dik”, didn’t you? 😉

  60. Fluidstatic says:


    Soooo precious. The eyelashes! The nose! the… *thunkdead*

  61. January says:

    I knew people who looked like both of these when I was in college. The one with the eyelashes was a bit of a snob.

  62. Hyper Active Design says:

    Just gorgeous!

  63. Kittytoes says:

    That dik-dik is a buck-buck, not a doe-doe. (doh)

  64. Valerie says:

    Guess the next time someone calls me Doe eyes I will take it as a compliment! cute cute

  65. Valerie says:

    Dont think the nose is creepy…just has an adorable “overbite” he might grow out of.

  66. BStrange says:

    The dik-dik in the second pic-pic now owns me-me. The faux-hawk, the eyes, the lashes, the Seussian features…, the itsybitsy hornses… *thud* Haaaaaaalp! I’m cuted and I can’t get up!

  67. OMG – second picture is totally Cindy-Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

  68. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Katz: as a bornded resident of la Floride…..I will attempt to stifle the harsher version of this….but ….

    CUTENESS created by The Universe or an Almighty Being (depending on various readers’ personal beliefs)…..DID happen before Disney.

    The corporation bought out the town so they wouldn’t have to adhere to the (then) not stringent environmental/ roads requirements….and drained a bunch of a unique ecosystem (yeah, I’m aware that on first look, swampland just seems to be pretty icky….but in re animals & other critters’ ecosystems, it’s more than just a landscaping situation..)……so they could construct a second Disneypark…

    I like how God does things, better than how Disney does them. I know that I might be wrong about anything, including this so — please — no vitriol back at me.
    The whole “freedom/ expression” thing, y’know???

    That having been placed on the negotiating table—

    dik dik dik
    dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik dik and dik.

    (Leslie) has left the building.

  69. Such ‘dorable sweeties runnin around the African plain: Who Knew??? 🙂

  70. OH, criminy…

  71. talevizos says:

    More Dik-Diks!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!

  72. talevizos says:

    We need a daily dose of dik-dik!

  73. Winyan Staz says:

    Not only did he wiggle around like a puppy while he made soft snoofing noises….his little butt was wagging as hard as he could.:P heheh…
    The feeling that he just loved the heck out of me was overwhelming…he seems so intelligent it blew me away. I broke my heart to finally have to walk away and leave him there.
    What also amazed me was there were other people there before I was..and he stayed hidden. The minute I got close to the fence he shot out of the bushes like a rocket.
    I think he knew I love animals a lot. 🙂 and I think he wanted to come home with me. 😦
    I actually thought about trying to buy him from the zoo but my finances wouldnt let me at the time…and I was also sure the zoo wouldnt give him up easily.
    I think he was a very lonesome. little guy.

  74. Jessica: Why would I ring the doorbell and tinkle on the carpet?

    Someone should start a site:

  75. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ TL: AND to see a dik-dik as well.

    (See? I said it AGAIN!!!! 🙂 🙂 )

  76. Dik Dik GOOSE!

  77. wannadance says:

    aside from lovely nose, there’s the prosh little haircut and those electron micrograph pics which are either endoplasplasmic reticulum or mitachondria…or ears…

    beaitofi; crotters

  78. conradvisionquest says:

    omg, those. eye. lashes. to die for! she almost looks fake she is so adorable!

  79. @what is that?-a deer?-or a camel? freaky!


  80. gracie…. they are not freaky…
    they are adorable…especially those big cute eyes & their colors..

  81. O NO, aka Leslie: I’m with you like Cute on a Dikdik! Never been to Fla but I’ve read everything by Carl Hiassen. :^D

  82. *Imagines top one chewing a violet*
    *Passes out*

  83. @Esri, owwww, I just got TOLD 😦

    alternate answer:
    to excite your dikdik, like I said

    however the alternate answer will not pass muster as far as believability re:not trying to be punny

  84. Oh, how very precious ♥

  85. claudia! says:

    awwwwww cute littl deer. xxx

  86. claudia!- horse lover! says:


  87. very cute but what do they taste like

  88. Claudia! from habbo :O Golly gosh.

  89. FasterCat says:

    I wonder if they taste good.