Fro Bros

I have never seen such Honky-ness in all mah life. Check this out.

Almost as hilarious as The Classic 2006 Trapezoid Head.

THAT is some precision cutting. Cute animal by the obviously happy Happy CNM.



  1. This is just wrong..

  2. I can’t feel my ears!

  3. Q-Tips for the giant in your family.

  4. Just wanna run my fingers thru those heads!

  5. The one on the right is up to something. Look at that face! Full of evil plannings.

  6. biscuithead says:

    Whoa. Poodle head orbs. That’s mad. Love it!

  7. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  8. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re a little bit scary, to me. Maybe I can “feel” the plotting they’re doing against their human for submitting them to this indignity!

  9. Bichon floof.


  11. Bowling bowl haircuts? That’s just mean.

  12. very nice.

  13. I’m seeing soap bubbles, here. *pat pat poke*

  14. You’ve never seen this? This is your generic Bichon Frise show cut. No one that I’ve heard of that owns a Bichon purely as a pet cuts them like this.
    Hell, mine gets shaved for summer. Toby

  15. Honkiness?

  16. victoreia says:

    *snort* @ the hovertext, Meg!

  17. isabelle says:

    Don’t they have ears? 😀

  18. Chump don’ want no help, chump don’t GET da’ help!

  19. Ah, what heads of floof, or as I like to call ’em: Bitchin’ Frisbees…

  20. Does anyone else remember those styrofoam balls kids used to make arts and crafts snowmen out of? Its just so wrong to make your dog look like solething a kid brought home for him mom…Although they are beautiful little guys

  21. oh man. Sorry about the typos. Its six am and I have not slept yet. Looking at these sweeties.

  22. Dandelion heads!


  23. Andi from NC says:

    If they were multicolored they could be like Rainbow Head the John 3:16 guy from back in the day…

    “Honkey-ness” and an Airplane reference in the hovertext – Bravo!!!!

    These two have definitely got attitude – the facial expressions are priceless (the one on the right is all, “take a picture, it’ll last longer!!”)

  24. Berkana says:

    Those dogs look like Gary Spivey

  25. 260Oakley says:

    “Fro from the Maddening Crowd”
    by Thomas Hairdy

  26. DrewsMum says:

    Gee… makes me want to paint happy little trees…

  27. DewiCasgwent says:

    Digs a big wet muddy hole, and points dogs towards them

  28. All I can think about is the movie Spaceballs….

  29. My aunt used to have one, the first time I saw it he came running to the door and I jumped back because she had dyed it GREEN! Scared the beejeesus out of me!

  30. Spherical floof!

  31. brigduong says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, i feel so sorry for them !

  32. MandyMo says:

    SNORK @ Megan–Bitchin’ Frisbees.

    My first thought of this picture was also “Spaceballs!”, although I nearly shot coffee out my nose at first sight. This has literally made my day, and possibly my week.

  33. They are clearly doing their imitation of the Moon from “The Mighty Boosh”:

  34. They look like something that would be on the cover of Omni magazine.

  35. TrixandSam says:

    Anyone who has owned this breed (I’ve had three so far) KNOWS that if you have their hair cut in the show style, you will not survive the night. They will smother you with a pillow during the night and eat your remains. Anytime any of my Bichons have been given a cut even remotely in the vein of this powderpuff look, they are ashamed. They shoot me the dirtiest looks, I see them testing the sharpness of the kitchen knives, I come upon them furtively planning my demise… (shudder).

  36. Kid Charlemagne says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  37. Heather says:

    I want the name of the groomer. NOW. (They probably live a galaxy away from me.)
    It’s a beautiful show cut for Bichons. I wonder if this groomer has groomed a Boston for show? (Believe it or not, there’s scissoring involved and a lot of precision too!)
    Beautiful job, lovely looking dogs and kudos to the groomer.

  38. chanpon says:

    Airplane! reference FTW!

  39. Do they have ears?!?!?!

  40. Valerie says:


  41. Valerie says:

    Helmet heads to the MAX!

  42. Snowpea says:

    Good job, Serbun! LOL

  43. Dragonflye says:

    I’d recommend keeping them away from any live soccer games…

  44. Golly!
    Must . . . sprinkle them with green Jello . . . and put . . . Great Gazoo antennae on their puffball heads . . .

  45. Camille says:

    The one on the right has been taking disapproval lessons from a bunny.

  46. Bichon Frise?? More like Bichon FROse!

    [I was thinking “Cute-ip”. Say it out loud. 😉 – Ed.]

  47. Elizabethian says:

    @Drewsmum – YES they totally look like Bob Ross! “We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.”

  48. “Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful!”

  49. so cute, I wanna try this do on my pups 🙂

  50. Aaaah! Spaceballs!

  51. marthava says:

    I think their faces look EXACTLY like Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd as Mr. and Mrs. Conehead.

  52. Hon Glad says:

    Invasion of the bubble heads.

  53. marthava says:

    LOL @ Theresa. I LOVED that show!!!

  54. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:

    They shoulda gone with bottleBLUE helmets.

    It woulda been SO heavenly

    (*snerkity snerk snerk, snerk snerk*)

  55. Gives new meaning to the term, “cotton balls.” Or would that be “hairballs?”

    Lolly pups? I just wanna lick ’em, but then I can just imagine getting fur on my tongue!!!

  56. I will not make a fluffer joke.

    [‘Sokay, they’re assumed. 😉 – Ed.]

  57. misscrisp says:

    Oh snap, my favorite hovertext in recent memory. Giggle.

  58. Anything considered HIGH fashion doesnt make sense!

    There noses are so cute…hair cut I dont know…
    I cant imagine why they would do this but it is freakin funny lookin!

    They look like snow puppies or styrofoam heads.

  59. I see baby seals!

  60. Fluidstatic says:

    this is nothing short of disturbing.

  61. Boo-urns says:

    Surely you can’t be serious?!!!

    [I am serious. And don’t call me “Shirley”. – Ed.]

  62. Kid Charlemagne says:

    Yes I am, Boo-urns.

    And please stop calling me Shirley.

    [JINX!! 😆 – Ed.]

  63. @serbun: LOOOVED your Bichon Fri-grays

  64. I desperately want to stick pencils in their hair.

  65. SixFootJen says:

    So, Timmy, ever been inside a Turkish prison?

  66. Wow…my bichon’s don’t even look close to these pooches~! They are (my boys) still the cutest in my eyes…I couldn’t imagine having to comb these do’s out every day!

  67. Paunchie says:

    That original post with the trapezoid cut to give their beady eyes some room just still make me laugh n laugh. Especially the way Meg wrote it. !! yay. good times.

    Y’all think they are embarrassed ? I think they are proud, they are hip and cool, sportin’ their fancy new ‘doos.

    Shirley you’re not serious?

  68. Flutterby says:


  69. Paunchie says:

    Oh my, check out the next pic in the photostream of the two birdies cuddlin’. Awww that is totally anerable.

  70. I’m somewhere between love it and hate it, lol. I definitely think they should jump in some mud for fun!

  71. Ummmm; just wondring how they maintain this look?
    Probly lottsa back-combing, hair-spray, teasing, hair-spray and moar hair-spray; then hafta wrap their heads in satin-pillow cases, and sleep only on their backs……!
    (and that was just for the ladee-hyuoomins, back in the day……!) 😯

  72. “Take us to your leader!” (snort)


  73. Theadosia says:

    My initial reaction was ‘Georgiana!’ (Duchess of Devonshire, late 18th century, huge frizzed and powdered hairdos). But on closer inspection, that geometrical precision can only be an homage to the Courreges helmet-hat and white shift:

  74. They look like aliens…

  75. Paunchie says:

    that person has some awesome photos. Like this sealio

    cute animal

  76. Hahahaha poor doggies…

  77. Skarlette says:

    He-yoo nice balls of fluff!

  78. Mouse D'Anon says:

    “Bitchin’ Frisbees”!?!

    I cannot stop laughing! Not just a chuckle or a snerk, but full out BELLY laughing!!

    Meg’s posts just KEEL me DED! SO funneh!!!

  79. Mouse D'Anon says:

    @ Megan:

    Sorry. Props to you for “Bitchin’ Frisbees”! Hilarious!
    And, so forever shall they be known in my world.

    Still belly laughin..

  80. Melissa H. says:

    How come no one has photoshopped Bob Ross’ face onto these guys yet?

  81. Melissa says:


    Dog show people have such a cruel, cruel sense of humor, hahahahaha.

  82. hahahahahaha the ridiculousness of the Bichon Frise show dog haircut!

    I have a bichon frise myself, they are great dogs. My bichon would definitely never be able to be a show dog–too feisty! We get my dog groomed and while the groomer does fluff out his hair a little to make him look neat, it is nothing along the lines of this kind of afro! I seriously think my dog would kill my family if we ever made him go through something like this.

    And the 2006 post makes me laugh every time.

  83. Shadowtiger says:

    I cast my vote for Spaceballs…

  84. Lula Mae says:

    The old matcheroo… Fantastic.

    One’s hilarious, two’s a Newton’s cradle.

  85. I agree with whoever said that the one on the right is plotting something, probably someone’s demise. xD

  86. Yuck.

    [Well aren’t you a ray of springtime sunshine. – Ed.]

  87. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    er….”Newton’s cradle”??????

    I’m not even SURE that I WANNA know, what THAT means. Probably some ultraMath or ultraPhysics concept….

    I’m still working on figuring out the subtrahend of the …..

  88. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    and here is a transcript, from the ORIGINAL funny “honky cat” late-night television sketch, from no less than Richard Pryor, Dan A., and from the VERY FIRST SEASON of SNL (you younger peeps should keep in mind that THERE WAS A TIME WHEN SNL did NOT exist!!!!!)

  89. Clearly, they’re Princess Mononoke fans.

  90. My bichon wouldn’t be caught dead in a haircut like that — he’d rather roll in duck poop!

  91. I wish I had a fro like that!

  92. The Fro Bros looks like Bob Ross, the gentleman who for many years hosted “The Joy of Painting” on PBS. Google him and see!

  93. enlightenmentgirl says:

    I have an urge to stick an afro pick in one.

  94. Lula Mae says:

    @ O NO…
    Just very basic physics, conservation of energy and fromentum.

  95. “we come in peace.”

  96. Katherine =D says:

    OMG! I feel so sorry for the dogs!!! What the heck are they anyway??? Poodles? yea, i think there poodles. but… AWWWWW!!!

  97. They look like snow balls.

  98. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

    I’m an art student and there’s no way I could cut a dogs head so perfectly.

  99. Oh .. they’re a Bichon Frise

  100. Katherine says:

    I feel DO sorry for those 2 dogs! what the heck happened to them? are they boys or girls???

  101. Ok just to clarify one thing: these dogs are not poodles! You can clearly tell by the tails (that you can’t really see in this picture). Bichon frises’s tails curl up like a piggy. Poodles’ tails don’t.

  102. Hey its Hendrix’s bassist and drummer!

  103. bitchon floof

  104. Spaceballs the dogs?

  105. wannadance says:

    nooooooo, the HEDGE ANIMALS. did it move? no? arrrrrrrrgh…


    (that part of the book scared me so bad i was afraid to turn off the light: hedge animals…gulp)

  106. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi wannadance!! Yay, you’re back! 😉

  107. I believe you are right, Zocor. This planet has no intelligent life. They are capable only of making that annoying HAHAHA sound. But they have honored us by naming a medicine after you.

    Let us depart.

  108. This is absolutely hilarious! I love CO!!!

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    (he-he. had to do it) 🙂

  110. wannadance says:

    hello to queen, too…why are we not dancing like that any more? it’s probably our flippers…

    big hugs and mwah!!!

  111. Rich Fader says:

    “I’m a dawg, playin’ a dawg, disguised as anotha dawg.”

  112. @ they look like snowballs! im surprised they don’t bite the owners! (so funny if did!) (x.p

  113. HAHAHAHA! Wow, that’s on way to use your left over Afro Sheen.

  114. That is just wrong !!!!!

  115. Officer (Original) Mel says:

    They are so not honky. They got SOUL, and they’re superbad!

    *James Brown scream*

  116. As a Black woman, (who wears her hair in an Afro occasionally) I hope you don’t make the same comments when you see an actual Black person wearing one.

  117. Karen! YES! Booshin’ Frise: “We’re da MOON.”

  118. He’s not EVIL….just PO’d that his human made him get that haircut!

  119. do they even have ears. they look like a balloon

  120. PEOPLE it’s a haircut! There is nothing cruel about it. You wash the hair, dry it comb it and scissor it in a circle. I’m a groomer and I’d give my right arm to be able to get the Bichons I groom to look like that. There is some SERIOUS skill involved. The dog’s don’t care!!!

  121. your right jim!

  122. Chill out, all you dog groomers. People are just goofing off having fun at the expense of a picture of silly looking dogs. And come on, we know the bichon show cut probably takes lots of skill, hard work to do, the dogs don’t care, yadda yadda.. WE GET IT. It doesn’t change the fact that the dogs look utterly REDONKULOUS when they are all done! Who wouldn’t see a dog with their hair cut to look like a giant fuzzy balloon and not laugh their butts off? Most show dog cuts make the dog look gorgeous… the bichon cut, however… whoever was the one who decided on it has a cruel sense of humor 😉

  123. That is what I love about personally owning a Bichon and being able to do with them as you will. They are wonderfully tolerable to just about anything a human can do to them or think up when it comes to dressing them, doing up various hair style changes or simply invading their lifestyles. Bichons are great pets and I treasure mine, in long hair, short hair or no hair mode.

    I love mine (Murphy) very scruffy, as I am too lazy to want to spend hours in grooming and too cheap to want to part with my money in order to pay to have it done. However, that said, to leave Murph ungroomed and shaggy too overly long means he is prone to matting and that isn’t fair to him. Murph and I balance things out and I generally have him shaved prior to summer. He loves riding in our sidecar and loves to pose in all the silly hats and such that I constantly annoy him with as we ride together. Murph is one great “hack pooch” and friend to have!

    I’d enjoy seeing Murphy with the beautiful bushy cut that these dogs have, but it would require a certain amount of effort on my part to get him trimmed that way. I’m just too lazy and cheap for that, so Murph will simply have to endure my bad habits of grooming and make do with my annoyance of dressing him the way I do. What can I say? He loves me and I dearly love him, no matter if he is spiffed up or not. These dogs shown probably do the same for their owners. Man, Bichons are crazy, but wonderfully so.

    Nice picture of some great Bichons.

  124. Tzarinac says:

    The first time I ever saw a bichon with this type of show cut, I was watching the Westminster beauty contest on TV. I cracked up because it made his face look like a doggy version of Buddy Hackett! My husband walked in to see what was so funny and said, “That dog looks like Buddy Hackett,” without me ever saying a word. They are cute dogs, but I prefer them slightly shaggy and looking like dogs rather than 4 legged dandelions-gone-to-seed. I’d love to see these guys rolling in some mud and chasing through a field of tall grass, getting to be dogs rather than dolls.

  125. UUUUUUMMMMM…… What happened to thier heads??? they look like little fluffy cottonballs! cottonball heads=cute puppy pic!!!