Ode to a Muskox

This steadfast young fellow’s a muskox calf,
His mama’s nearby, so best not point and laugh.
He lives in Alaska, on a farm up in Palmer,
Where the winters are cold but the summers are calmer.

His farm needs donations, that’s what Esther cautions,
For the muskox is hungry and eats such big portions.
So visit the site, toss some bucks in their box,
Then drive up this summer and meet a muskox!



  1. The knobby kneeage, the feet a-splayage
    It’s OK, we get the message
    You’re new to this world, we understand
    And you’re the cutest little ox in all the land

  2. cellarmouse says:

    vewy good DKN – Nomtom-worthy

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Vote early and oxen.

  4. +1, DKN.

  5. With a head that’s half the size of your body
    Like the Bay of Fundy with Passamaquoddy
    But I think that’s one of the rule of qte
    With a little white tuft and floofiness to boot.

  6. Okay, that doesn’t quite scan….

    How ’bout
    “With a little white tuft and floofy to boot.”

  7. *curtsies*

  8. Michelle says:

    want to squeeze and hug the little guy….

  9. Ooh! Not only is he adorable, but he provides one of the softest, warmest, cuddliest fibers ever! I hope he and some lucky knitter have a wonderful relationship together!

  10. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:

    (waving across two or three of the United States)

    “HI Aquamarine!!! How’s you?”

    “One of these days”….

    (ie I CAN”T WAIT TO GET into my new apt but I GOTS ta wait)

    (anticipatory sigh)


  11. Andi from NC says:


  12. @ O NO: HI!!! yes, i know ure busy with ure move’n’stuff. i’m so glad it worked out you were able to get it!! i followed your link….looks like pretty nifty place…. i do understand. i will be here when you unpack your computer! (i mean, after you pack and *then* unpack your computer.)

  13. Wheee! You did agree about the Qte! And Laura, yes, wonderful fiber, and wonderful critters! They must continue!!! Thank you, CO!

  14. @ O No Waves accross many more states like most of dem … and Congrats you got’s a new Crib!
    HAve Fun Moving… And remember this one tip from me who has moved 37 times in my life.

    when you get to the other end put the boxes in the room they belong to . it will help you unpack faster!

    My last Move I listened to Hubby and put them in the garage to bring in one at a time

    I spent most of my time triying to find the boxes I wanted. looking over and over again.

    beside you don’t want to miss any hidden baby oxen you might have packed away!

  15. Yay, qiviut!

    Gosh but Musk Ox calves are so adorable. There was a new little one in the Anchorage Zoo last summer, and it was so amazing to see!

  16. marthava says:

    These Musk Ox’s are very cool. I just watched a really interesting short vid at http://www.qiviut.com/store/index.cfm?target=home. It’s on the right-hand side of the page. Who knew?? (Not me.)

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Small, stout, and sturdy!

  18. You guys at CO are amazing – the things I learn from you. Who knew you could knit with Musk Oxen? (Well, their undercoat, at least, I expect they themselves would have issues w/the knitting needles!)

    And peeps, please, please, please go take a look at the farm site and read about the project – talk about a win win situation all around!!!

  19. Lucyinsky says:

    Oh how cute! I’ve actually been to this Musk Ox Farm in Palmer and it was a great visit! They’re really beautiful animals and the knitting is the absolutely softest ever! Go Musk Ox!

  20. Them’s gotta be the cutest proportions I’ve ever seen. Side note: I LOVE how the farm in the link supports Alaskan natives.

  21. StormCat42 says:

    Oakley, you slay me!!!!!

    What a cutie!

  22. I love discovering cuteness in unexpected animals—a Musk Ox wouldn’t have been at the front of my mind when considering squeal-worthyness, but….i now stand corrected!

  23. Paunchie says:

    Musk Ox, musk ox, candle light
    doin’ the town and doin’ it right
    in the evenin’ it’s pretty pleasin’….

    Oh noes!

  24. Paunchie says:

    GOL DANG those things are huuuuge! Like a Clydesdale!

  25. @Aquamarine, AWESOME!!

    In the case of Musk Oxen, they are LITERALLY STINKIN’ cute!!!

  26. If I’d seen a baby before now, I wouldn’t have resisted the urge to spin some qiviut–it’s really expensive, but little guy here melted my heart.

  27. If splayed legs isn’t a rule of cuteness, it should be.

  28. prinbsn says:

    Sawhorse legs!

  29. Stieff is stalking this little one. Seriously, he looks like a stuffed toy with those splayed legs!

  30. Oh muskoxen look like a fluffy ol’bull
    Their horns are quite curved, their coat nicely full
    They seem quite the bovines, so listen up peeps
    Muskoxen are actually related to sheeps!
    They’re not tiny like bunnies or the wee bebe stoats
    they’re really the largest type evar of goats.
    To be fair the muskies are in their own group,
    The Ovibos they are the lone members too
    Who cares when looking at the cute fuzzy calfs
    This knobbly knees and floofy ‘tocks crew
    In all of the north, there’s no caprine better
    So hug your muskox (or muskoxen sweater)

  31. so cute!!!

  32. That is unbelievably cute! Wow. I am stunned. Bunnies and kitties are cute and all, yeah, but oh my! Baby Muskox wins.

  33. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:


    in re “stinking cute” — HOMERUN !!!!

    (“The crowd goes wild, in the Stadium!!” “ROAAAAAAAAR!!!”

    also “KA-CHING!!!”

    and stuff.

  34. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:

    @ kittya:

    VERY nice, indeedy & thx for the hoorahs!!

    Mi madre, qui no esta bueana para snuggles, esta buena para LOGISTICS,
    but I think you just added a GREAT one to “THE LIST”

    (bwa. Ha. and Ha.)


  35. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:

    @ Aqua:

    HIGH FIVE, “across the Universe”

    (here’s a link; however the LAST time I tried this the Computer Universe devils took the capability to play the song, away after a short while. Hope it’s more cooperative with this effort???)

  36. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:

    mel: VERY NICE and o your dedication to tha form!!!!

    (crowd AGAIN goes wild)

  37. @ mel: o font of rhimey wisdom! i wish you were my kindergarten teacher! 😀

  38. @ theresa: why, thank you, madam. and may i say that “stinking cute” caused general sprayage of iced tea all over my desk, clothing, etc…

  39. @ O NO: thank you for that–so beautiful!!! did you KNOW (did i tell you, i don’t remember) that the beatles are “IT” for me, the all-time greatest, i never tire of them, john looks at me even now from my cubicle wall–sigh!! i think it is because i was born the morning after my mother spent the evening jumping up and down in front of the TV watching them on ed sullivan (yes she was a VERY young mom… but that’s another story…..).

    so now your name, instead of “O NO,” shall be “ONO,” even though i guess one could argue that she broke them up….

  40. If you had two of ’em, you could hire them out as a pair of sturdy sawhorses.

    Soft, furry, sawhorses.

  41. That is one huggable guy! Very compact and fuzzy! I wonder though how much a baby musk ox weighs?? Minus the weight of the fur and of course you have to take off yer shoes ’cause they can add at least 5 pounds

  42. @ Aquamarine
    If you remember musk ox are not oxes but caprines, then my job here is done 😉 Even if it’s a leeeetle late for kindergarden

    Thank yew “:D

  43. binky-mama says:

    Love the ear floof and splayed feet act-shons!

  44. “What makes the musk ox guard his musk? Courage!”

  45. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Theresa:

    Is this the gentleman the source of your quote???

    Research Is Us.

  46. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Aquamarine: wow man, to-tally groovilicious !!!

    and,…in the category Truth is Stranger Than Fiction:

    While there might be some evidence concerning Mme. Lennon and the demise of Los Beatles…..

    she HAS outlived half of the band members….

  47. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ DKN:

    WOW you got some NICE curtsey-in mooooooooves theah!!!

    Tosses several bouquets of mixed flowers onto the stage.

  48. Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! (sorry)

  49. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    also @ Aqua:

    after you’ve rec’d indication that I’ve been at my new place (possibly about May 10 or so), remind me and I’ll see whether I will be able to locate a copy of my Main Music List (3 single-side pages, in a moderate sized typeface) and snail-mail it to your home address. Q rather squealed about numerous items there….Favorite of mine from Los Beatles? “Blackbird”

    Off I go into the Wild Move Yonder…..

  50. Dobermama says:

    That has got to be the cutest baby animal with hooves I’ve ever seen.

  51. emailforari says:

    FINALLY the faux-oxen gets it’s day

  52. Twinkle says:

    I want one!

  53. Re: the hovertext: Sounds like my brother.

  54. victoreia says:

    @Aquamarine (re some-when in the early comments) “Passama-wha?”

    (And do Pete and Elliot know about this?)

  55. emailforari: “FINALLY the faux-oxen gets its day”

    Or the “Fauxen,” if you will. Also apropos because this chunky little fellow is too cute to be real!

  56. January says:

    Wonderful boxy shape. Interesting how well he is designed for the cold. No long silly ears here. How come I never heard about musk ox woolens? They must be pretty limited! Thanks Mother Nature for another great creature. I do remember them from the animal lotto cards I had as a child.

  57. Daphne Moss says:

    So much talent on this board! And ooooh who da pitty widdle musk ox? Who da babbeee?
    Ahem… Sorry. It was the musk.

  58. http://www.rathergood.com/blode3

    “and they sang the song they always sing when they clean the musk ox”

    musk ox musk ox not very dirty!

  59. Noelegy says:

    My mom has an expression she uses to indicate that there is trouble of some sort: “The ox is in the ditch.” I’m unsure of the origin, but imagine that the ox referred to must be a beast of burden, and not this little cutie-pants.

  60. So squishy!

  61. BStrange says:

    There’s almost not enough room on its body for its head and legs! Awwww.

    *peers at the picture* Soooo…. Black bear cub + cow calf = baby musk ox?

  62. My family is blessed to be spending a few years in Alaska with the Army. My daughters Kindergarten class recently took a trip to this farm. The folks there were really great and the kids had such a great time.
    On another note this little guy is precious, Thanks CuteOverload for always making me smile!!

  63. MINEEEeee. Pweease?

  64. Heidi Hill says:

    I used to work at this farm- musk ox babies are the cutest things in the world! Please support the farm if you can- it’s a great place.

  65. @Heidi: wutta DREAM JOB to work with such Qte big babies:
    How I envy you……! 🙂

  66. Fleurdamour says:

    That muskox looks so ready to head-butt my knees.

  67. Hon Glad says:

    I musk ask, does a Musk Ox wear sox.

  68. I’ve never seen a musk ox calf before, very cute!