You’re a baby kitten, I’m a baby otter! Let’s be friends

While you were busy eating your Peeps sushi, this new item came in. See if you can follow this nice lady’s accent as she describes a saved otter who snorgles with her kitten.

Evil otter thanks to Ms. Fiv3r 😉



  1. awwww…ter!

  2. Cholmondeley says:

    Wee noisies! And a wee harness! One day at a time…

  3. The best part: her cat’s named _Kevin_.

  4. “wee noisies”! this accent is keelingk me! not to mention the otter. and Kevin is a capital name for a kitten.

  5. Leilani says:

    Och! I luv that Scottish accent!

  6. Fluidstatic says:

    O.O SO ADORABLE. Must… cuddle the fuzz… off the otter. MUST. *flopdead*

  7. My cat is named Kevin. I approve wholeheartedly of this wee story.

  8. Carolyn says:

    *plock*plock*plock* – dripping sounds o’ my wee heart melting. I had a kitteh named Kevin, who must have thought he was an otter ‘cuz he and his brother Jeff liked to take showers.
    And how do you like that Kevin and the wee otter eat “fesh”? Oh, yes, much better than fish, it is.

  9. William Furr says:

    Holy cow, I thought that was Finnish at the beginning. It took about twenty seconds for my brain to start parsing what she was saying as English words.

    Anyway, cute!

  10. i want a wee harness!

  11. Lol… I want a wee little harness as well!! ehehehe love the accent, and love that lil baby otter and kitten!

  12. Baby kitten and baby otter??? Am I in heaven????

  13. What accent?!

  14. kibblenibble says:

    How prosh are these wee bebehs? I hope the otter was/will be able to return to the wild successfully. Perhaps a resqte tag is in order? 🙂

  15. ok ok, the kitten by itself would be cute. the otter by itself would also be cute. but together??!!??!?!? it’s too much!

  16. Awww. x3 That accent is almost as awesome as that chubsy otter!

  17. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Pardon, Fegli, but ..’round these parts, that would best be described as follows, please:
    “too MOISCHE”!!! mmmmkay???? 😉

  18. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Theresa: in answer to your question:

    Are we out, together, dancing cheek to cheek?????

  19. What a lovely Scots voice and what a lovely heart she has!

  20. THey have a wild life pond….. the wee one can hang around when he grows up and see his pal Kevin.

    This evil otter has stolen my heart!

  21. chanpon says:

    Yes, I’ll take both, please. Thank you.

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie and Theresa: Check this out:

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    *sigh* Wow. Those two were magic dancing together. gosh. gulp. wow. magic.

  24. omg. what I would give to cuddle an otter!!

  25. och aye! tiny cuddles to scottish kitty and otter. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!*

  26. It won’t last. Cats and otters are natural enemies. Like Englishmen and Scots. Or Welshmen and Scots. Or Japanese and Scots. Or Scots and other Scots.

    Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!!!

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    (he/she/it/Diuuunt) Gosh. That’s kind of a hard screen name to type. And that wasn’t even the whole thing. I miss Resriechan. 😦

  28. That’s such a darling little baby otter! 🙂

  29. Fluidstatic says:

    @QoD: thank you so much for that dose of Irving Berlin and Fred and Ginger. *sighs* I think I needed that. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Magic!

  30. @Bill, that’s as mad as Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year’s “Mr. Madman” competition. 😛

    @QoD: MWAH!!!

  31. @Bill: “it’s sh*te being Scottish!”

    i wish Americans used the word ‘wee’ more often. ‘wee’ is perfect to describe these two. wee and adorable.

  32. @Sneezy

    yes! Trainspotting is a most excellent movie. Unfortch I always have to watch the DVD with “captioning” turned ON because I canna understand a wee word they say! And it would be a shame to miss the screaming humour so captioning it is. Johnny Lee Miller does a spot-on Sean Connery in that flick.

    ahem: back to the post: Kevin and wee baby otter are delectables. Way too prosh.

  33. She sounds like my dad! Not surprising, since my dad is Scottish …

    Did anyone else see the SNL hosted by Patrick Stewart where the only sizes of stuffed Scotty dogs available are “Wee, not so wee, and FRIGGIN’ HUGE!”

    Also (on the subject of Scotland and otters) everyone should read “Ring Of Bright Water”. 🙂

  34. my head just exploded. too…much…cute….

  35. Who was it that said, “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crrrrrrraaaaap!” (Properly said, “Eff iss no’ Scaw-ish, iss crrrraaaaap!”) I hope the wee bairn finds its own wee loch filled with fesh and mare beasties o’ its own kine.

  36. Fluidstatic says:

    @jakepets my Scottish father-in-law says it all the time. (as for the original coiner of the saying I have no idea.)

  37. TOO. MUCH. QTE!!!

    I’ve GOT to get me a baby otter….

  38. Wugh. So fackin’ cute.

  39. No one has commented on the wonderful postman, who found said wee otter, put her in his truck, and drove around with her until she got warm. The image of a Scottish postman going into Tesco, getting milk, and feeding it to the baby otter through the tube of a plastic pen when she started making her “wee noises” is just too, too wonderful.

  40. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    (waving FRANTICALLY and immaturely so that QoD couldn’t POSSIBLY miss me, even if I look like…..a DORK?????no not THAT (gasp)

    HERE I AM Q– over HEERE

    and a bunch of folks have used O NO as the abbrev. !!!

    SEE????? THAT”S ez!!!

    (but I like being able to talk about non CO thinggies too in our email the BEST)

    SORRY MEG & NTM & Prongs & Theo & VZ & ffleur & all, CO is still
    WONDERLAND!!!! MWAH & peace to all

  41. AWW 😀 I am so glad that postman was able to get that little (wee) otter to drink some warm kitten milk which probably helped to save its little (wee) life 😀 I am also glad that little (wee) otter was able to go to a wildlife rescue organization and hopefully be able to be released back into the wild once grown.

  42. The only thing I didn’t understand was at first I thought she was saying that the otter got fed “fresh veg” and that the kitten wanted some. I couldn’t figure out why an otter or a cat would be so crazy over fresh veg, particularly canteloupe (though some cats do like melon, no?) It took the closeup and two repeats before I figured out she was saying “fresh fish”.

  43. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:


    the Irish (at least, the ones I heard in Dublin a few yrs back and those in the AMAZING & LOWKEY BUT underappreciated film The Committments)…also use the term Sh*te as a negative adjective…

    and also….I think QoD musta gone to sleep (sigh)
    O well, I hope she’s having a wonderful night of restful sleep with bunnies and rainbow glitter & moonlight & sunsets over the waters, etc.

    (I miss her, too 😦 )

    but I know she”ll be back, when she’s rested or she feels better.

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    Teresa–Scotland is HEAVEN (yes, with capital letters!). Where else on earth can you find wee otters, wee kittens named Kevin, postmen who rescue said wee otters and fresh fesh shared by otters and kittens all together? The answer is Nowhere!

    PS I was in Scotland this last summer and didn’t see any otters. I am sad about that.

  45. BStrange says:

    Otters and kittens, nomming together… Mass fish-steria!

  46. tiny otter and kitty cuddles to all involved. och aye!

  47. Felicityanne says:


  48. Like – excuse me – what accent – I know many lovely peeps from the states – aww shucks guys – YOU have the accents – and we from this side of the blooming POND (aka Atlantic Ocean) just love those ways of speaking.
    Personally I speak old fashioned BBC English mostly – but being in Amateur Dramatics I find it is a gift to be able to imitate (kindly)!!
    My latest effort is saying – like a “Georgia Peach” I know, “Why Sakes !! honneh – it’s only weather” when my friend – a quiet lady is afraid of the thunder – well it’s like I say “Iffen ya hear dat thun’er child the lightning ain’t got ya”
    I love you all –

  49. Not only is that adorable, but that is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen! Interspecies snorgeling melts my heart…

  50. The Fifth and Only says:

    Baby otter, baby kitteh, and beautiful Scottish accent? Are you trying to keel us? 😉

    The light was watery, dim and incomparably sad. Vast, grey, gloomy hills rose up all around them and in between the hills there was a wide expanse of black bog. Stephen had never seen a landscape so calculated to reduce the onlooker to utter despair in an instant.
    “This is one of your kingdoms, I suppose, sir?” he said.
    “My kingdoms?” exclaimed the gentleman in surprize. “Oh, no! This is Scotland!”

  51. @ The Fifth and Only – Pray tell a sincere inquirer – whence cometh that quotation, I know of a Stephen – he is in fantasy Fiction – and I think I know it – precious memory – I just loved a book and I know I gave it away – now I cannot remember the Title
    Bless !!

  52. This should totally be labelled “kitten and an otter become friends”

  53. little_brush says:

    We Otter be fweinds………

  54. Kelley O says:

    @Patti, that’s from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Google told me, so it MUST be true.

  55. Ach So !! Vielen Danke Kelly – du sagste

    “Google had gesagt und es muss so sein wahr”

    Kelly said “Google says it and it must therefore be true”

    I am working in German today – then an essay on Sophocles Antigone,
    Eeep that’s university for you – I know a lot of people in UNI that would
    fit in here – they are cute – but it’s what they say – so I am unable to record
    Thanks again

  56. That just made me go “awwwwwwwww!”. Nuff said. 🙂

  57. A postman named Kenny, an otter named Kevin, a cat named Orlen, a wee harness, the term “cupboard love” (they like the same food) and a youtube clip of Fred and Ginger. That’s pretty much perfect.

  58. morjana says:

    Awww… otters are just so darn cute. And a kitten! Double cuteness. And lovely people, taking care of nature’s creatures. Many blessings to them.

  59. Ah! That otter is going to cause me death by cuteness!

  60. MoonCatty says:

    Cap’n! The engines canna handle the cute!!

    The wee otter an kitteh hav starded a chain reaction… she’s gonna…


  61. We come but to serve – Beam me up Mr Scott – to Captain Kirk if he is on the Bridge, I have my Engineer with me and he will be sent to speak to you and help fix the Engines – We are Vulcan – Kive long and Prosper
    Ambassador T’PenRa

  62. Happy Easter Peep’s
    I hope all your wee ones have a grand time today!

  63. omg! otter tickles!

  64. Mplsmom says:

    Very sweet…pit that humans can’t be as accepting of differences as animals can.

    Love that scottish accent!!
    There is something so charming about an Irish or Scottish accent.

  65. awwwww

  66. I can barely understand a word the lady is saying. But the animals are too cute!

  67. I cannot believe I just watched that.

  68. Noelegy says:

    Re: “Trainspotting” and the impenetrable accents. Robert Carlyle, from that movie, does a commentary on the special features of “Ravenous.” His own accent is just about incomprehensible. I don’t know what he’s saying, but I love hearing him say it!

    Otters. Kittens. Fesh. Scots accents. Love it all!

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wee kittehs an wee otteres – what could be better than this story narrated in a lovely Scottish burr.

  70. As my usual habit I click the play button before I read the deescripshonnn and when I did I was all ‘what accent????!? Whut?11121212345’ till I remembered;

    I’m Scottish.

    Kevin is a great name in general. I wonder if she has seen Up?

  71. Liverpudlian accents make me a bit weak in the knees, too. They have that lilt reminiscent of Scottish accents.

  72. Paunchie says:

    Mike Myers did these skits on SNL where he’d do his Scottish accent with the “if iss na Swa’ish its CRRRAP” (rolling the R). Remember?

    clip from So I married an Axe Murderer. Tho I canna hear now cos hubby is runnin tha paper shredder! Och. The Scottish accent was the funniest part of that movie.

  73. beautiful!

  74. Redbone says:

    Her accent was fine. I mean, unless you guys were waiting for her to start screaming and spitting everywhere like Groundskeeper Willy from The Simpsons. Cute little otter, too. I hope it doesn’t beat the hell out of Kevin later; otters tend to grow into something like water-loving raccoons.

  75. I wanna hear some wee otter noisies!

  76. Anyone else think that the woman in the video looks just like the aging, and post plastic surgery Paul McCartney?

  77. I love Scots accents. My family is Scottish and I think the accent is lovely.

    And what an adorable story! I hope the otter baby ends up okay, whether in the wild or no.

  78. You can say anything in a Scots accent (even the entirely indecipherable ones) and I just melt–the sexiest accent on the face of the Earth.

  79. Hon Glad says:

    Och, how Otterly divine.

  80. Elge Premeau says:

    This is sooo f’ing cute it made me cry!

  81. baileysgrandmom says:

    My favorite quote about Astaire and Rogers: [About Fred Astaire] “Sure he was great, but don’t forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards…and in high heels!” –Bob Thaves 1982 @NEA Inc.
    Oh yeah, cute otter! Almost impenetrable accent. Patient kitty.

  82. Twinkle says:

    Baby otter may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! squee!!

  83. I wanna rub a baby otter’s belly, too!

  84. Scarleybelle says:

    Ach, otters are me favor-ite! I collect toy otters!! And, finally, I sees otters on Cute Overload!!! Li’l otter …with a kitty!!!! Gasp, arghhhh, clonk (falls to floor).

  85. Noelegy says:

    That’s an awfully cute ginger-point kitteh, too!

  86. The Orla story is a year old and this is probably the final sighting of her heading into a West Highland loch.

  87. So Damn Cute!

  88. Isn’t that just the cutest little bugger – I want an otter! (Not really. At least, not in a NYC apartment. But I do.)

  89. Paunchie says:

    Of course the kitty puts up with the wee otter ( did you see her wee earsies, btw?) cos they give fresh fesh!!! to her. Grr! (grab!)

  90. Ok. So Kevin & the Otter “cuddle up and fight over fish and just have fun” – are you kidding??? SQUEEEE!!! Dying. Dying!


  91. @ Patty/Ambassador T’PenRa (040410 at 8.00 am):

    Search ” Scottish Star Trek” on Youtube…..

    Ciao, Silvia (Italy)

  92. moeycat says:

    aww! adorable

  93. storytyme says:

    Awwh! How cute! That’s absolutely adorable.

  94. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh. Not fair. Overload, indeed!!!

  95. Sanveann says:

    Great story, and great accent!

    We went to Scotland for our honeymoon, and it was AMAZING! My husband is lucky we were already married, because Scottish accents drive me insane! (He’s just plain old American, though he’s half Liverpudlian, so he gets some extra cred for that, I guess.)

  96. Andi from NC says:

    Love the name Kevin for a cat!!!

    In the words of Mike Myers – “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crrrrap!” (be sure to roll the “r”)

  97. mztique says:

    omg that is too cute!

  98. i ❤ the kitty and otter! very sweet (and cute) 😀

  99. adorable i ❤ the kitty and otter

  100. I have a cat named behbeh now I want Harry Otter!!!

  101. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh, hail that adorable Scottish mail carrier for rescuing the adorable baby in the first place. I love the part where he says she kept climbing up on him to snuggled up to his neck for warmth. Sweet little innocent baby, happy to find any kind of warm “mommy.”
    Great people there in Scotland!

  102. My husband refuses to let me have an otter for a pet, and you show this. I want an otter for my very own. They both look so soft and pettable, and I HAVE a kitty.

    *would be ded from qte except is too busy protesting her need for an otter*

  103. This clip was used on a recent episode of Jon Stewart.

    Check it out at The Comedy Network.

    Skip through to about 2:25 or so, and then again at 3:04

  104. Daphne Moss says:

    Sez it’s “not avaliable in my region.’ My region is Oregon. Why wouldn’t it be available?

  105. Too CUTE 🙂

    Inflatable Baby Pool