THIS JUST IN: Bunny makes the bed.

Not exactleh Hospital Corners, but you get the idea:

Nicole K. is to thank for this house-cleaning tip.



  1. That is TOTALLY cute!

  2. Awww, wiggly nosie!

  3. ahahahaha “Gimme the GD food, lady!”

  4. Copperbat says:

    Dear lord those cheex!

  5. bun is all You pull that open the jar crap one more time, you’re gonna find some “presents” beneath the sheets.

  6. Yeay!!! This is my little Pallina!! I’m so excited!!! I’m going to have to stop at Whole Foods and get her some raspberries to celebrate her making it to CO!!
    Hoppy Easter!! Nikki 🙂

  7. withya Gizmo


  9. Elisha B. says:

    WOOHOO!! Too cute!! My daughter’s little guy would “make the bed” but would leave a surprise or two. The end is the best…she REALLY wanted what was in the jar.

    Best laugh all week, thanks!! 🙂

  10. Zixinus says:

    I have seen my bunny do the same thing.

    Unless you are willing to replace those bedsheets, you will not like how she will do her bed.

  11. This is Pallina’s Auntie … Is she not the most amazing cutest thing ??? I love that little bunny and her Mom !!!!

  12. binky-mama says:

    “STOP putting the lid back on! Stop eet!!!” *flings treats into air*

  13. ant man bee says:

    This guy makes the bed about as well as I do. Except I don’t go throwing food all over the place. Well, unless I’m reading in bed and eating crackers.

    So, about the same, really.

  14. chanpon says:

    Pallina:!!!! *tosses the plastic container off the bed*

  15. Does she do windows? 🙂

  16. harlemgrrl says:

    pallina turned into the hulk at the end, but instead of getting bigger, she got sweeter!

  17. What a pretty bunny! I love the markings on her face and tum.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    She looks so alert and happy, what with her wiggly nosie and upright earses. Lucky, you Nikki! 🙂 Give her a raspberry from me, too!

  19. Hi Kibble! I am going to have to take a picture of her looking at herself on CO (if I can get her to sit still…) She is a very happy little lovebug. 🙂

  20. Aren’t there any bunny labor laws? Poor thing is working herself to the paws.

  21. This was the most adorable thing that I’ve seen….

  22. Bunnies are very finicky about placements of objects. That’s why they pick things up in their teef and move them around. They are thinking to themselves, “This doesn’t go here! This is wrong! You did it wrong! This goes HERE!” Sometimes you can even hear them softly grumphing to themselves as they go about fixing our mistakes.

  23. Nikki, you are one lucky bunny slave, Pallina is beautiful!

  24. emm ell says:


    fiksed dat fur yoo. :]

  25. Enjoy those delicious raspberries mummy is going to buy for you, you good girl, such a helpful girl to her mummy !!!!!!! Happy Easter precious little bunnykins xoxoxoxo

  26. Jimbeaux says:

    Emm Ell got it first; hopsital corners! 🙂
    And the bun’s an absolute sweetie!

  27. Cuteful!

  28. Hillary says:

    You better give that bunny her treats or she is gonna stop ‘making the bed’ and ‘opening the jar’ for ya. I love her little personality when she gets mad at the end! She like,” stop putting the damn lid on the jar! Give me those bunny shnacks!”

  29. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    LOVED ant man bee’s bit

    also: Is this film the beloved farmily sequel to “Debbie Does Dallas”???

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    I love when mommy tells Pallina, “such a helper!” Super cute, Nikki! 🙂

  31. Emerson says:

    Hilarious. When my cousin and I were small, “we” played a similarly fun game, until she bit me.

    @O No: I had the same thought.

  32. Flutterby says:

    Nikki, what a sweet little bunneh you have! She must be so much fun and smart as a whip too. She’ll give those jar-opening cats a run for the money. Give her a scritch behind the ears for me!

  33. Awwww! What a hoppy helper!
    You can tell that’s a happy home!

  34. Nikki, you have SUCH a radio voice!

  35. Eeeeee, so cute! I watch the feral buns around here do similar motions, only with dirt and grass. It’s way cuter with a bed and jar!

  36. @ nikki What an adorable bunny and she hadd me cracking up with the lid thing and that final fling!

  37. Nurrrrr! Not the liiiid! *fling*.. oh man, now I gots to make the bed again…

  38. I know some other people’s rabbits who bunch and un-bunch towels and rugs – even one who straightens out ‘his’ towel when it’s time for veggies (which go on the towel).

    Perhaps the Bun Shui was all wrong?

    And yes – stop putting the lid back on ann GIMMEE TREEEETS!!!!!

  39. I am envisioning all the poops they will find in the folds of that blanket. Unless, of course, Wabbit is house-trained, which is entirely possible.

  40. @Plousia–yes, Pallina is litter box trained. She has claimed the guest bathroom as “hers” and no matter where she is in the house, when she has to do her thing, she races upstairs and into her bathroom to use the litter box (which is discreetly placed behind the toilet–she prefers her privacy, thank you very much…)

  41. want bunny now!!

  42. victoreia says:

    @Nikki: don’t all discriminating fur-girls prefer privacy?

  43. Julie in Seattle says:

    @ Nikki. Love her, love you. Wish my cats were as… intuned.

  44. shanaelyse says:

    I love your Pallina! She’s so animated, and super-adorable. Happy Easter!

  45. Well done Nikki. I mean Paulina. Nikki, you have such a sweet voice too, and what a CUTE bunny! 🙂

  46. Yay Nikki! Pallina is such a beautiful bunneh. She clearly disapproves of the way the bed was made and needed to fix it. 😀

  47. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Any idea how I can teach my kitties to make the bed, or my dogs to run the vacuum? (As opposed to running FROM the vacuum.) The only housework help I get from any of them is pre-cleaning dishes before the dishwasher. They’re more than happy to help there.

  48. janet2buns says:

    Ahhh…..leetle Silver Marten bunneh….stubbular earsies…love her….

  49. Heather says:

    I am normally not a bunneh person, but Pallina takes the cake! I am wondering what breed of bun she is?
    Also, what was in the jar that she wanted so desperately?? Are raspberries fed strictly as a treat? (Bunneh clueless, here.)
    I mean feed her, for pete’s sake! 🙂
    Thanks Co, this is really CUTE.

  50. Luvfurbabyz says:

    What a cutie! Pallina is such a good little hopper…I mean helper!

  51. BStrange says:

    “You wan’ open? I’ll show ya OPEN!! Miss-Piggy-Style hiiiYAH!”

    That was awesome. 😀

  52. Way to hold & aim a camera. Dork.

  53. I was also wondering about presents in the sheets, but now that I know she’s litter trained all I can think is AWE to the SOME! She has a very sweet face and a great personality, too. You must be a very good and loving owner mommy.

  54. Yitzysmommie says:

    Nikki – what a sweet bun! How fun…
    Yitzy likes to help make the bed too, but alas, he doesn’t have Pallina’s jar opening skills.

  55. Andi from NC says:

    Nikki – first off – you have the most soothing voice ever… could you maybe do a nightly story reading with Pallina and send us off to a bun-filled wonderland of sleep?

    Pallina is too precious – watching to leeetle paws smooth out the covers is awesome!

  56. Heather, she is a Netherland Dwarf, and she is a sable marten color, various gorgeous shades of brown with white around her eyes, nose and mouth and a white tummy. The treats are dehydrated mangoes and she is only allowed a teeny bit because of the sugar, but she looooves them, so she is highly motivated to open the container! She’s a riot. Hey, Corona, yes, in fact I AM a dork! I was playing with my new iPhone and trying out the video–the fact that I managed to capture this was purely accidental but a happy surprise indeed! 🙂

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    Nikki: I’m a dork, too!!!! Hooray for Dorkiness!!

  58. I hope Pallina is getting ready for her BIG BUNNY DAY !!!

  59. Katrina says:

    Wonderful and cute and ahhhhhhhhhh, I want her! Love the name, too! She is dainty even as she is pulling he treats jar away from you-I guess she taught you!
    Best wishes to both of you! Hoppy Easter in a hoppy house!

  60. This is a great ‘feel good’ short clip for Easter and always. How can you not smile?

  61. I call it ‘making the bed too’ when my little girl bunny, Alice, decides she doesn’t like the way I tucked my sheets in!!

  62. MamaLana says:

    So so so cute!!

  63. Crazy adorabuhls. That bun should be a controlled substance.

  64. Everett says:

    I wish I had a little adorable bunny to make my bed in the morning, but alas I’m left to do the job myself….:-(

  65. Wiztuck says:

    I’m just lovin’ this little bunny and the hysterical antics. Mommy has a sweet voice too. I wish I were related to them… wait, maybe I am! : )

  66. Violmando says:

    I LOVE Pallina!!! She is darling doing her chores. I have never had a bun, but I want one NOW! She deserves LOTS of treats for working so hard….

  67. Bat-Snake says:


  68. My dog would do the same thing, rearranging my blanket. I thought it was a hoot the way Pallina would fling off the top, and then in the end, toss the food around. It made my evening.

  69. What round little bunny-cheeks!

  70. This bunny sure brought pure Joy into this house this Easter weekend !! Thank You Pallina and Her Mom !! : )

  71. Sassygirlygirl says:

    That is so adorable!!! Her manner reminds me of my mom making a bed, very business-like…but once she goes for the treats… I have to nudge my cat like that sometimes to keep her out of *my* food. I am not showing her this video, she might get ideas about “if the food is on the ground/bed surface, it is MINE!!”

  72. I have a bun bun – one cannot get mad at them no matter how rascally they are, it is just not possible! Nope, can’t be done

  73. Hey aunt Kiki! Pallina is sooo cute!! i cn’t wait to come down to see you and her this week! just hope she doesn’t bite me like she did before!!! hahaha, this is my fave video now! congrats Pallina! make ur Auntie Abby PROUD!!! see you guys on wednesday!

  74. Hi Abby! You’re such a sweetpea. Pallina and I can’t wait to see you this week. We can take her for a walk by the Cherry Blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial when you get here. Have a Happy Easter!! Smooch! Kiki 🙂

  75. This ab-so-lutely made my day! And it was a great day to begin with! I laughed so hard….especially at Pallina’s great annoyance with the human who keeps putting the lid back on the “jar”….PRICELESS!

  76. O NO (he/she/it) DI-unt!!!!!!??? says:


    (Washington DC & cherry blossoms)


    I’ve seen cherry blossoms IN JAPAN and ALSO in DC


    (pouting furiously)

  77. laurasaur says:

    Omg my boy bunny does this ALL the time. I can’t tell if its because he’s frustrated or its just fun o.O He also likes to come up to my face and take my glasses off…

  78. That is so precious. My little dog does things like this, too. Maybe I should take some video of her doing her “stuff”.

  79. “open the jar”

    Just let me eat ma damn pellets woman.

  80. Jim Dangle says:

    I almost fainted this was so cute!