Pretty Itty-Bitty Not-So-Biggie Piggies!

Check out the latest pet craze in England. Some little piggies go to market, but these micro-piggies stay wee, wee, wee — and go all the way to loving homes.



  1. So that’s where riblets come from!

    *ducking for cover*

  2. gretchen fucio says:

    I’m probably crazy, but I really reall want one of these.

  3. Melissa says:

    I want one NOW

  4. momofthree says:

    can you housebreak them or are they strictly outdoor pets?

  5. Mischka says:

    I want one. I want one!

  6. OMG ! CUTENESS! OMG ! *runs around the room waving arms overhead and faints*

  7. aaaaw! awwwwwwww!

    but how long till paris is seen with one? naw, bet she does already.

  8. Rosewolf says:

    OMG that is just too cute!!!! Trying to diet and get going to do my morning workout – what a great sugar rush from these lil’ piggies!

    While I’d love to have one of these lil’ fellas, I better not let my hubby see this vid! He’ll melt! He adores piggies. Thanks for the great start to the day! 😀

    *goes and faints*

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Bacon bits?
    Pocket Piglet?
    iPig Nano?

  10. Am I the only one who would actually *want* to be “knee-deep in piglets?”

    I’d love to have even just a normal sized pot-belly peeg, but most of the places I’ve ever lived require some sort of livestock license for any animule that could also be found on a farm. :/

  11. It’s bogus. They get big like every other oinker.

  12. iPig Nano indeed.

  13. rheather says:

    What overwhelmingly cute piggies!

    I’m sorry but ‘feeding twice a day, water, and love’ is not all they need. Hoof care, tusk care(and those suckers are sharp-not blunt like dog teeth), and a place to root/dig(instinctual not optional). Pigs of all sizes are fascinating but not easy. Just like everything else…..

  14. marthava says:

    @Nanna – LOL

  15. Wow. They scurry around pretty well for only four days old, don’t they?

  16. I WANT ONE.

    i wonder if they can be litter box trained?

  17. @MariaC–it’s not an April Fool’s. They really do stay that small!

    They’ve been all over the news for the last year or so here in England. I want one so much, so anerable 😀

  18. WANT.

  19. OMG those eyelashes!!!!

  20. rubber duck says:

    A FAQ page about micro pigs

    They say the pigs grow to knee-height, btw.

  21. Andi from NC says:

    I always wanted a pot-belly but they got so big I never got one – this looks like a wonderful option!!! Such cuties. I’d clearly need some instruction in how to deal with them – but I’m willing – sign me up!!!!!

  22. spongebrooke says:

    I’m sure people will come running back to return them when they hear those suckers scream!

  23. TrixandSam says:

    @rubber duck – My gawd, such cuteness must be a controlled substance! I almost imploded from the photo gallery at the little pig farm site. Holy smokes!

    Ladies, there’s an exceptional Hams ‘n’ Hunks shot in that gallery.

  24. I’ve often wondered if breeding micro pigs like this will give them genetic problems, kind of like how over-bred dogs can have real health issues.

    I’d love to have one, but I live in a city apartment. I figure even as small as they are, one would want an acre or two of land, or at least a big suburban style lot.

  25. @katie hov You’re right! I’m almost 100% sure Paris does have one. They are cute little guys.

  26. ButtaRumCake says:



  27. want, want ,want.

  28. janet2buns says:

    @rheather: If pigs are not low maintenance pets, I wish the breeder would say so. We don’t need more abandoned animals in the world.

  29. janet2buns says:
  30. I’m in love!!!

  31. @katie, angela: yes, Paris DOES already have one. Or at least she did a month ago.

    Which probably means that a bazillion other people will get one too and then they’ll be discarded once people realize that they are more work than they thought.

    They certainly are adorable, and I’ve worked with pigs so I know how sweet and affectionate they are, but I wish this was not on this website because it is helping to fuel the craze.

  32. I am sorry but I have to nuff here. I was so distracted by that radiator in the background surrounded by hay, that all I could think was “fire hazard”!!!!

    Insert barbeque joke here. **runs for cover**

  33. Flutterby says:

    Teeeeeneee Pigeeeeeeeees! WANT! OMG, they are awesome. Bacon Bits indeed. LOL!

  34. victoreia says:

    @260Oakley: “iPig Nano” *snerk*

  35. Flavia A. says:

    I want one 😦

  36. I believe piglets beat kittens and pups as pets any day.. they have no claws, they won’t bite and only a lil *oink* comes out of them!

    That’s a bummer they don’t sell them in pets stores.
    I’m going to have to demand for piglets to the Petco manager…..

  37. Tadpole's mom says:

    Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Gimmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. Give me the piggie now and no one will get hurt.

    (Seriously, I don’t think I could handle it, but I’m tired of just collecting ceramic, wood, rubber, stuffed, and other pigs. *Sigh*)

    @TrixandSam : I second the recommendation to @rubber duck’s gallery. Awww!

  38. chanpon says:

    Ooh, I love the spotted, chocolate-chip ones!

  39. Peanut's Mama says:


  40. I want to grab them butties.

  41. tooo kewt!!! but I literally LOL’d at

    “for the person who has everything – except – a very small pig”

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    *Gaaassssp!* (collapse)

  43. Cute, but I hope they go to people that know what they’re doing and not getting them just for the cuteness.

  44. DO WANT.

  45. Must.Have.One….or Two!!

  46. So cute but like someone said piggies screams like crazy lol so that could be a problem but they are too cute now ill die from cuteness

  47. Qte enuff to make you move to a farm…

  48. rheather says:

    They scream like they’re being murdered at the thought of supper arriving-or not arriving fast enough!

    So *not* a quiet pet.

  49. Dannyyy says:

    Awwww! I want one!!

  50. Dannyyy says:

    And, if they have babies… the babys will be even smaller wont they? AWWW!!!

  51. Spotted one! Spotted one! Spotted one!

  52. so cute how much 4 one

    [We aren’t selling them. Come on. – Ed.]

  53. @260Oakley: bacon bits??? i almost died reading that!

    how i would love a bacon bit of my own…but i am not sure that my kitty meows would agree that it would make sure a great addition to the family…

  54. cutest pig in the whole darn world!

  55. darkshines says:

    I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay with Mr Green either 😉

  56. Debra G says:

    Hello, I am a pig mom and let me tell you. Pigs, regardless of their size are emotional and needy. Even mini pigs or micro pigs need lots of attention. Also, they have to grow or they die early, potbellies live to be about 15, so, feed the babies and let them grow. Best house pets and members of the family you will ever have.

  57. Theresa says:

    So many of these little piggies are going to end up abandoned because even a knee-high pig can be over 100lbs. Pigs are high maintenance animals, they are amazing pets but having one is a 20 year commitment.