New Cute Overload iPad app!

Make Cute Overload SchnozzleTalk the FIRST THING you install on your new iPad this weekend!

1. Pick from dozens of animal faces including Maru, Winston, or Surprised Cat! (shown below)
2. Hold the iPad in front of your head and talk—a microphone picks up your voice and moves the mouth!
3. For smaller animal faces like chipmunks and stoats, try the smaller iPhone version! It’s insane!

Available from the App Store, THIS SATURDAY!



  1. You big tease! Now you’re going to HAVE to develop such a thing. Unless you’re not a big tease, in which case, hmmmm.

  2. I want this to be real… this and all the stuff think geek teases me with every avril poisson…

  3. DaytimeDeb says:

    Meg. do your bosses know about this app?

  4. I was skeptical until I topekad it.

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

  5. you guys are totally frying my brain today. i’m already having trouble concentrating since it’s friday for me – going to the Final Four…. woooohooooo!

  6. Patito HEhehehehe

  7. I kinda want one. iPad, I mean, pre-loaded with CO goodness. Naturally.

  8. Patito….ROFL! I was just gonna ask her if she could make one for android.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Dear Meg, Theo, NOMTOM and Prongs,
    Thanks for all the extra fun today. 🙂

  10. oh god we got rickrolled.

  11. Quiet Desperation says:

    I would buy an iPad just for this.

    You know… I know Objective C… Hmm…

  12. There is not enuff nuffing, people! It’s Nuff Overload today. Well if y’all aren’t gonna do then I will.

    How DARE you pimp such an overpriced, useless, over-sized crapple product here! If I wasn’t already planning on never coming back to this site, then this would have been the last straw!

    WHEW! Nuffing is hard. I glad it’s not like this everyday. The walls would be covered in pudding. X3;

  13. misscrisp says:

    This is totes hilares. Belly laugh!

  14. Enough of that poor kitten :< His jaw looks dislocated, I really hope to God that it's not.

    [Naw, it’s cool. It’s actually made of Lego. – Ed.]

  15. How DARE you have such a terrible picture on your web site! ICK! I come here for NUFFING, not CUTE! There are cute things all over the web. I come here to NUFF.

    You know what, I’m NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN!

    Take THAT to the bank, MEG!


  16. k. i actually looked this up in the app store. :p barooooo!

    i do hope this isn’t an april fool’s joke ’cause that app would be friggin SWEET!! 😀 (and if it is please put maru, winston and surprised cat on the iphone app too!

  17. i read somewhere that surprised cat might actually be ill or in pain, b/c cats rarely make that face. i hope it’s not true – it’s too cute to think otherwise!!

  18. Man, I wish this app was real. 😦
    I would use it at work and hold meetings as Maru. Awesome.

    THANKIES to CO for wonderful April 1 posts on NO. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. SlowAsMolasses says:

    Zomg! I actually read this on April 1st, thought “oh, that’s cool, but I still would never buy an iPad.”

    Today I came back and went “wait, what?” Then it hit me. April Fools!

    Great job, guys, this was brilliant!

  20. Amusing as a joke, but would be even better as reality. How hard would something like that be to program? And could I second the request for an Android version?

  21. Kate Good-Smith says:

    oh blast, I fell for it! Fired up the Itouch this morning and dang it!
    It should be true!

  22. Did this make anyone else think of Super Troopers? “All right meow. Hand over your license and registration. Hurry up meow.”

  23. Well, until the real thing comes along there’s always SmackTalk! for the iPhone.