Live Fast, Dye Young

Want the awesomest Easter of all time!? Forget hiding chocolate eggs, it’s ALL ABOUT multi-colored dyed chicks!

You will need:

1. Chicks in eggs
2. Syringes of non-toxic dye in Skittle-esque colors
3. A Sense of Humor as their feathers grow out

Psychedelic, Brenna M.!



  1. I’m torn whether this is an April Fools joke with photoshopped birds, or someone actually figured out how to (hopefully safely) dye a zillion chicks. o_O

  2. Queen Zola says:

    Sorry, I have to say that dying chicks isn’t cool.

  3. My pink chick grew into the world’s spunkiest bantam rooster. Can’t be anything be good for their character!

  4. INCOMING!! **ducks and covers, awaiting nuffs**

  5. *can’t be anything BUT good. Sorry!

  6. PS. My husband had several pet (undyed) chicks when he was a kid. He said they all grew up to be nasty little beasts.

    Of course, it might not have been the chicks’ fault…

  7. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Dying chicks I can live without. Dead chicks, on a stick with a little honey mustard? Delicious!

  8. Mmmm, no, I don’t care for this. So many of those sweet little things will be abandoned or will die because of ignorance in their care.

  9. metsakins says:

    to keep up with today’s theme, I can tell that these chicks were horribly abused while being dyed and….I have a neighbor who has a cousin who used to keep chickens and their neighbor …..oh I’ll just cut to the punch….it was HORRIBLE!!!!

  10. Note to self: Don’t ever comment ANYWHERE in a serious manner when it’s April Fools. 😛

  11. How chic!

    … sorry.

  12. that’s some crazy photoshopping skillz

  13. I had one as a kid, it almost drove our dog crazy running after it (the chick running after the dog) That poor 50 pound dog was terrified of that little fluff ball, we has to give it back to the farmer (again the chick not the dog).

  14. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Me too. I feel dirty.

  15. Say what?!!!! Aleutie

  16. This just makes me sad. The statistics aren’t in favor of these little guys having long lives or humane existences. =( IMO

  17. It truly is nuffoverload here today.

  18. kittensnotkids says:

    I like how everyone who makes CO (Meg, Prongs, NOMTOM, Theo, any other Ed.s i may have neglected) apparently have April Fools’ Day off of normal work, so they can spend all day posting insanity here.

    it’s pretty great.
    and you can really? REALLY? dye chicks by injecting dye into the eggs?
    what can’t science do these days?

  19. face-palm says:

    you do realize what day it is right?

  20. Madame X says:

    Meg, y’er in fine form today! FIne form indeed!!!

    BTW, I received quite a few dyed chicks (and ducks) for Easter as a kid. Most of them survived to a ripe old age, well loved and cared for. There was one duckie, though… let’s just say 4 year olds with an active imagination and access to (1) Looney Tunes cartoons, and (2) the kitchen sink, should not be allowed unsupervised play with living creatures…

  21. Aleutie – It’s true. Why in my 2nd year of life, I was dyed green with yellow polkadots (as was the style at the time.)

  22. Those are some pretty chicks!


    Unlike kitten holding taxi cab.

  24. Snowpea says:

    OMG we’ve been rickrolled TOO!

  25. CO has been rickrolled. LOL! I found the cuteness.

  26. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    is this the sequel to the post about finding CHICKS in the (mini)Amusement Park from …I think it was last week or so??????



  27. tracylee says:

    it’s completely harmless

    and completely adorable.

    I’ve seen these little dudes and dudettes all dyed up and it’s the cutest EVER

  28. Paunchie says:

    what does “rickrolled” mean?

    peep. peep peep. real live peeps.

  29. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    and a “HEY”!!! shout-out to metsakins!! Groovy, baby, grroovy!!

    What be happenin’????? I been –what they call — moderated,
    from heah to the Heavenly Kingdom, heah lately.

    Let’s start an “I’ve Been Moderated” Club; whaddaya think?????”

  30. emm ell says:

    mmmm…april fool’s nuff


  31. Not Amused says:

    Yeah, what could be more cute and funny than “Dye Young” — especially since it’s truth in advertising: all of these dyed chicks will indeed die young! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Oh, Cute Overload. You crack me up with the puns you can make about chicks having lives that are short and miserable, for our entertainment.

    Hey! -do you think you could do one about yourselves next year? Maybe pics of you sitting in a cancer ward with your chemo-induced hairless scalps painted in Easter-egg colors?

  32. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    two words:

    “Non” “Toxic”

    See Line # 7, BEFORE the chicks’ pics even appear.

    (eye rolling)

  33. bklynchic says:

    what does this have to do with toxicity of the paint?! would you feel the same way if human babies were dyed in the womb with non-toxic paint to be turned into circus freaks?! seriously?!

  34. Even if they’re dyed with non toxic paint, it impairs their social development (do non-dyed chicks accept them as chicks, generally no) and most of them will be bought by someone who has no idea how to raise a healthy chicken. Most will die of inadequate care or their purchaser will lose interest when they discover that they are loud, smelly, and aren’t always tiny and adorable.

  35. Yeah, not cool. I like the rickrolled hidden cuteness much better. Boo for today, I’ll try again tomorrow.

  36. dislike…. animals aren’t just for our amusement.

    My uncle bought two of these chicks and they are still alive living with him 12 years later, but I have a feeling most people who buy these cute little chicks don’t consider the long run. Chickens can live for like 25 years. Be responsible.

  37. fnordstrom – i hope you are kidding

  38. fnordstrom says:

    @Jenny . . . yeah.

  39. bklynchic says:

    i love how there isn’t even a HINT of an apology from Meg.

    [You were maybe expecting one?? – Ed.]

  40. @bklynchic: Maybe she’s not sorry. Because it’s her website and not yours. And because it’s April Fools and today the entire site is redesigned to, ah, separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. Because it’s Nuff Overload today, as it says in the masthead.

  41. fnordstrom says:

    bklynchic, I would’t suggest holding yer breath, waiting for one.

    anyway, I’m through here. 3 years of following CO, and gritting my teeth through the stupid and callous posts about animals getting hurt/about to get hurt/”cycle of life” BS, and I’m finally done.

    CO, you’ve jumped the shark. and no, that shark isn’t cute.

  42. Cute!!
    My husband’s sister bought 4 dyed chicks a couple of years ago (they have other chickens, ducks, goats etc etc so they know how to take care of them). They weren’t as vibrant in color, but they were healthy.

  43. Really hoping this is ‘shopped. Not cool. And “non-toxic” doesn’t always mean “safe.”

  44. You guys can’t just make assumptions that every one of those chickies will be abused. And animal abuse happens. Whether they post it here or anywhere else or not. Complaining about it online is not going to fix it. Go donate or volunteer if you’re that worried about it, don’t just sit here and b****.

    I think they’re cute. ^_^

  45. For Paunchie, and others who don’t know what rickrolled is:

  46. Adding to the nuffers: NUFF. Not cool.

  47. Willoweey says:

    I’m sorry CO – usually I’m on team “It’s cute and/or funny, get the frig over yourself”…but today I’m on team “Hey, that’s not funny or cute, it’s just sad and makes me want to cry.” I’m still a big fan generally, just not of this particular post.

  48. LindsayDear says:

    Umm… I have to join of chorus of, “This is not cool.” There are too many idiots in the world who see these sweet chickies and think, “What fun!” and then abandon the animal when it’s full grown and not Hello Kitty pink. Toxic or non-toxic has nothing to do with it. It’s idiotic people who don’t think past their own noses.
    I’m suprised at CO for showing support in something that groups like the HSUS and ASCPA are so soundly against. :o(

  49. wow, people.

    the dumb people who buy chicks and bunnies for their kids at easter are going to do so despite any coloration. a pet is not a ‘gift idea’ but the ridiculous adults that don’t get that bear the weight of that particular issue.

    chickens can live 25 years? news to me. oh, and i have chickens.

    if i had a larger scale chicken operation, and eggs ready to hatch, i might dye a few, cause they look awesome. i also check out the quail chicks in the feed store and talk about how they just need to be battered and fried for ‘instant quail poppers’, so maybe i’m just a monster.

  50. not cute, or funny. bad modeling for children. sad overload.

  51. JohnnyJohnny says:

    @O NO (he/she/or it) DI’UNT!!!!!
    Are members of the moderated club supposed to wander around bewildered wondering why they’re there? I mean, I’ve got a fist full of beers and a bag of chips so I’m cool. I’m just wondrin’.

  52. Snowpea says:

    Egads, folks… the joke really worked all too well. Nuffers overload indeed!

  53. **is sad thinking of dyed baby chicks as “easter presents”**
    They are living things, not toys.

    Yes, I know – I’m being soap-boxy, but I have a much beloved pet rabbit that managed to survive being dumped in ‘the wild’ after some little kid got tired of their ‘easter bunny’ so I’m a little preachy about this.

  54. If they came from that farm in Alaska that was covered by the BBC story you linked to, it seems a pretty reputable operation that cares about its animals.