Lair of Lop

backwards shirt

Just darling, Metz. 😉

[OK, OK, I’ll unlock the comments! 😛 – Ed.]



  1. FIRST

  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!

    HI METZ!!! I remember when you showed up to my apartment all decked out in that gear – so awesome!

  3. Rachael says:

    What the….????


  5. and now that song is in my head for the rest of the day…

  6. nuff nuff nuff nuff! I’ll show you Nuff Overload! 😉

  7. ????
    Signed Confused

  8. Never gonna bleen you up, never gonna shave my thigh, never gonna run aground, and urp food…

  9. confused says:


  10. Thanks for all the Lulz, guys. 🙂 I was really relieved to not actually get the song when I clicked on the links, too! That dog’s face is hilarious as well.

  11. I don’t get it

  12. Yeah! Joe Bicen is not cute!

  13. But Joe Biden is dute.

  14. 260Oakley says:


  15. I will never understand why this idiot deserves all this attention. This song is crap, his voice is crap. The never-ending joke is unbelievably not funny. Can we please never see or hear from him again? Thank you. That is all.

  16. 😆

  17. i only want to bleen when someone tells me not to bleen.

    to bleen or not to bleen. that is the qtuesion.

  18. And I thouhgt bleen was gone forever. What does it Mean?

  19. Hilarious! Thanks for the April Fools laughs! I love Nuff Overload!!!

  20. haha. fark never disapponts

    [ *SNORK* 😛 – Ed.]

  21. are tortoise-shell bunnehs called tortoise-shell? or brindle like puppehs? or something else…

  22. LOLOL Rick Rolled and Bleened All in one fell swoop On april First

    ROFLMAO Teho you are AWESOME….. Thanks for a morning Laugh!

  23. Nothing like the smell of Rick Roll in the morning

  24. Camille says:


  25. Um, twenty-FIFTH
    like, for reals

  26. can someone tell me what the heck bleen is or at least send me to a website? i feel so alone….

    [ – Ed.]

  27. Just one of 14,206 reasons why I love Cute Overload.

    And BTW:

  28. Okay, Theo, thank you, and I’ve got my credit card ready, but I still don’t know WHAT IS BLEEN and WHY DON’T I WANT IT?

  29. Another confused person says:

    OK No Bleen. Who/What is a Bleen? Is this a joke for people who live in the US?
    No animal, therefore, not interesting.

  30. Tigress says:


    I too, was confused about the Bleen, for quite a while. I thought it was a Cute Overload expression of excitement, or something like that. But here’s the truth. There is something in the personality of the average internet user, that requires them to post the word “first!” whenever they see a fresh, clean comments board. No one knows why. Theo has always disagreed with this, replacing any “First” with the word “Bleen”. Except for today, because it’s APRIL 1 (April Fools).

    And now you are enlightened.

    [Close enough for gubmint work. 🙄 – Ed.]

  31. ShelleyTambo says:

    Is it part of the April Fool that all of the Rick Astley posts are dated March 1?

    [I’m sure I don’t know what you mean… – Ed.]

  32. Brittany F says:

    I see Bleen is in the CO Glossary, without a definition: has it always been this way, or just for April Fools sake?

    In other news, my April Fool was to ‘facebook breakup’ with my boyfriend of 5.5 years. Hilarious…until one of my friends called me crying because if I couldn’t keep my bf she surely couldn’t keep a bf of hers. Then I had to be the jerk and say it was an April Fool, and…I don’t know if she’s speaking to me anymore. Haha!
    …Not that anyone cares, really. But I did want to share it on a kind of relevant post.

  33. ShelleyTambo says:

    I see they’ve been “corrected.” Quite clever.

    [That was much trickier than I thought it would be. 😐 – Ed.]

  34. Hon Glad says:

    When ever I want you all I have to do is bleen.

  35. Dave Nelson says:

    If you can’t fix the “first post” problem in the comments section, then don’t bother having a comments section.

  36. But Dave THAT would RUIN and I do mean RUIN!!!!! half of the fun of Cute Overload

    which is the comments, jokes, puns, and general fun of most of the comments here!

    [Double LOL 😆 😆 – Ed.]

  37. @Tigress: thank you! now i feel like i, too, can be hip.

    surely there’s some way to number that first post “2” or some such. sort of like how they skip the number 13 in numbering high rise floors? i know that’s more of a “nanny, nanny, boo, boo” than a real fix…..but still there’d be some juvenile pleasure in it?

  38. Noelegy says:

    Does anyone else see a young David Caruso when they look at Rick Astley?

    When that song first came out, I thought he was saying “I’m gonna give you up, then I’m gonna let you down…” etc., and I thought, what a SAD song!!

  39. Hidden Cuteness for the WIN!!!!!!!

  40. metsakins says:

    Yay for bleen! I’ve been drinking with that shirt, just saying….

  41. metsakins says:

    Okay I just noticed I’m humming that song….grrrr….not happy

  42. Talked to the doctor and the bleen is fine. Not sure about the eyes though. Is that a backwards bunny bath in the background?

    [Why no! That’s the Lair of Lop itself! 😉 – Ed.]

  43. DaytimeDeb says:

    Hahahaha Peppi! You win the award for best “name that doesn’t match ‘tude.” Hahahahahaha (wipes eyes, goes about day…)

  44. Somebody doesn’t like me…whimper….

    [I said it wasn’t about you. 😛 You just happened to walk into a party already in progress, is all. 😕 – Ed.]

  45. cellarmouse says:

    is there a number between 6 and 7?

    is there wickipedia?

    is there an urban dictionary?

    i dunno – i live in a cellar – but i’m not confused.

  46. Cellarmouse — yes you are.

  47. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  48. Must get eyes checked. Could have sworn said Lair’s lable read **lavage du lapin, which I interpreted as “wash the wabbit”. Still, a jolly good Lair and an even better April Fools!

    [Well here’s the full-size version, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to help 😉 – Ed.]

  49. Jewelia says:

    Bleens are fictional animals, “sightless, land dwelling invertebrates, so named for their call, which sounds rather like “Bleen.” The color of bleen comes from their opalescent, shifting, multi-hued bodies. They are unusual among invertebrates in that they are large, warm-blooded, and do not need to be kept wet, possessing a soft, non-poisonous skin that is generally dry to the touch…”

  50. (looks)
    (rubs eyes)
    (looks again)
    Oh my gawd! Oh my Theo you sure do know how to go out wif a bleen, er I mean bang!
    LOL soo sorry I was on Vacation and missed this until LATE last night.

  51. All I have to say is I have no clue what’s going on…..’cept Noelegy had me in tears I was laughing so hard. 🙂 That made being confused all worth it..

  52. THANK YOU C.O. for an awesome April Fool’s. Best evah!

    And as one of the resident Frenchies here, I’ll contribute by clarifying that the book (or whatever it is) in the background says “L’élevage du lapin,” which means “rabbit breeding.” 😀

  53. Bleen is a word George Carlin made up. The number between 6 and 7.

    [That’s not the bleen I mean. – Ed.]

  54. cellarmouse says:

    if there’s no number tween six and seven –
    and there’s no color tween blue and green –
    there’s only here-
    no hell or heaven –
    there really is (bl/en) …

    [Panel will accept Contestant’s response. 😉 – Ed.]

  55. Carlisa says:

    LOL!!!! I have *NEELB* shirt, too!

  56. Weirdly, I was writing this about a quite different “Bleen” on April 1st…

    Was there Bleen in the air or something?

    [Let’s be honest — are they really so different? 😉 – Ed.]