Wait for it….!

Noisy kittens! waiting for dinner! Their incessant cries—a sea of need! Their pantaloon tackling—incessant! WILL-THEY-EVER-BE-FED!?

Get ready for the next meal now, Katia R.



  1. Heather C says:

    Ahhh the peaceful bliss that comes immediately after feeding hungry kittens…
    It’s so…. very….. quiet…….

  2. Just a bunch of little fur vultures. luf dem

  3. Daphne Moss says:

    I never tire of those sweet high little voices…want to feed them, then snorgle them (and then, the inevitable litter box detail … )



  6. Mom mom mom mommy mommy mom mom mom mom lois mom mom mommy mommy mom

    Scept waaayyyy cuter!!


  8. I am so lucky I was not there. I would not only give them tuna and little saucers of cream (because kittens love saucers of cream, dontcha know?), I would give them everything in my wallet and bank account and quit my job so that I could do their bidding full time.

  9. How did that roving mob turn into just four kitties at the end?

  10. at :57, all together now!

  11. PS I love the range of colors you can get in one litter. Here we have a brown tabby, a cafe-au-lait, a marmie, and a gray. Awesome. 😀

  12. skippymom says:

    That looks just like dinner time at my house, except that then we are talking about four LARGE adult cats milling about anxiously, and they just have one spokescat, Eddy, who yells enough for all of them.
    A while back there was a cats-desperate-to-be-fed post here, and I recall that somebody (Hon Glad?) translated one of their pleas as “I have never had any food!!!” Now when mine are begging excessively, I do this whole routine mocking them, whining in a pathetic voice things like “No one has ever in my whole life given me food! I do not know what food tastes like! Why do you not give me food?” This pi**es them off, as we all know cats do not like to be mocked.

  13. That is HILARIOUS. It’s like they’re egging each other on.

  14. OK one more. at 1:51, nomnomnomnomnomnom

  15. It seemed like there were way more than four of them!

  16. certified cutologist says:

    oh no… this video has owned me for ages on youtube, and now it’s here!!!! i’ll have to watch it 1,000 more times… can’t you just feel the black kitteh rubbing up against your nose at 0:51??? hear our plight!!!

  17. Hungry hungry hippos!!!

  18. I have to agree JC, I was pretty sure there were 5 or 6 but then it turned out to just be 4. Sounded like 10 that hadn’t been fed since before their birth. Cats can be so dramatic at meal time. Cute!

  19. Skippymom, I love to mock my doglets too! I do the same kind of “I’m going to fall over and die if you don’t feed me in the next 30 seconds” and “Why must you withhold food from your loved ones?” My guys don’t appreciate it much either. 😀

  20. metsakins says:

    My friend and I would say at a time like this –
    O what a sad story. It’s a tale about a cat who suffered… and then we would mock them, but we were younger then, we didn’t know that they would rule us one day.

  21. Hungry, hungry kittens! Daddy takes far to long to prepare the kitty chow, but dang, that was cute!

  22. skippymom says:

    Oh, and by the way, the begging routine is always said in an exaggerated “Southern Belle” accent. I guess it just sounds more dramatic that way.

  23. @skippymom and Rachael – I’m glad to hear that my dog isn’t the only pet that doesn’t get the sarcasm at dinnertime.

  24. My kitties went NUTS over this…
    “Feed the babies already damnit! MA!!! you aren’t feeding the babies!!!”

  25. binky-mama says:

    Poor kittehs are dying of starvay-shons!!!

  26. Skippymom, you qwack me up! “I have never had any food!!!” LOL LOL I’ll have to try that one!

  27. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    I love the one that keeps popping out of the washer door!

  28. kitty mews = Bitch, are you deaf?!

    Sounds like a horror movie.

  29. Like my lhasa apso, before dinner… wait… my lhasa is a cat?

  30. OMGOMGTHECUTE!!!!!!!!!!! They are ALLL soooo cute! 😀

  31. Paunchie says:

    And their mama is just sitting there filming them and giggling! Maaaaaam!!

    Poor poor kittehssss!!! Which one is the most pathetic? Because I think it’s a contest. The creamsicle kitty?

    Dang that one climbing up the dude’s pants! Wait till he’s bigger and he tries that!

  32. Paunchie says:

    And the dad is all here ya go! Whoop! just kidding! Oh well will ya get outta the way! I’ll put it over here. Nope! Fooled ya! All right chow, kids.

    I note that the creamsicle kitty was the first to plant his face. He was so HANGRY!!

    He never had food before!

  33. MissDemeanor says:

    Their plump bellies notwithstanding, the poor kittens are on the brink of starvation, obviously…

  34. Oh man I just got a side ache from laughing so hard… well when my two kitties were wee they used to do that too, but this is so over the top cuz there’s FOUR, and all four are SO DRAMATIC… love it!!!

  35. that poor marmalade kitten, he’s the quiet one of the bunch…and so adorable.

  36. lololol…
    not so dramatic, but the gooshy food routine every morning at my house is similar, but with 11 cats.
    and sometimes the guinea pigs will squeal.
    and it’s all before I’ve had any coffee.
    boy, do i luf dem!

  37. They look like little goblins when they get close to the camera and mew!

  38. I kida wish the video had gone just a leeeeetle bit longer so we could see the all-important third phase of the kitten feeding frenzy:
    Phase 1) Mewing like they’ve never had food before (love that, by the way).
    Phase 2) Silent, furious eating.
    Phase 3) Gingerly mincing away from the now-empty food dish with bellies so round they could pop.

  39. skippymom says:

    Hey ceejoe, didn’t you indicate yesterday that your home is too small to accommodate a coffee table…yet you have room for 11 cats??? I’m kinda thinking maybe you have achieved your own special level of crazy-cat-lady status….and I mean that as a compliment, of course.

  40. Thank God. I was so close to a coronary!!!

  41. tracylee says:

    Check this hilariousness out:
    I haz a sweet potato for a PERFECT greyhound/person conversation…
    Dog: I am starving.
    Me: Actually, no. You aren’t starving. You get two very good meals a day. And treats. And Best Beloved fed you extra food while I was gone.
    Dog: STARVING.

    Dog, sadly: I was badly brought up.
    Me: Yes. Yes, you were.
    Dog: By people who starved me.

    etc. and so forth.

  42. leave it to the orange kitty to be all, “i’ll just wait quietly over here”

  43. Mela – me too! I want a house full of leetle mewers like that, if only I could convince the husband it was a good idea:-)

  44. Haha, this is too cute, just… agh! I wish I had a thousand mewling kittens like these people do! Wait, what? Just four? Uhm…

    Anyway, my boy is the picture of patience. I’m not just saying that. He’s the only cat I’ve ever known that never meows for food. He does spin around my legs and give me suffering, pleading looks, but ne’er a single noise. It’s pretty neat.

    He’s got me well trained, I suppose.

  45. kibblenibble says:

    I want ALL of them!!!! The incessant, desperate mewing, complete with exposed teeny kitten teefs, pants-leg scaling, followed by a nomming frenzy, complete with gooshy food sounds…It’s amazing how happy this video made me… 🙂

  46. i think the best part of this video is the fact that they’re all different colors. MELT!

  47. janet2buns says:

    My bunnehs hop around my legs furiously at mealtimes, up on their hind legs trying to see what the holdup is, searching madly around the floor to make sure I haven’t dropped anything. HRH Queen Phoebe will even jump up on the table to expedite matters herself. Crazeh bunnehs!

  48. Sasha's mum says:

    I am done in! That was just … I’m speechless. (Unlike kittehs.)

    When my girl was that little, she discovered that she could climb me in about 0.002 seconds flat, so she’d be on my shoulder and that teeny tiny mewing would be happening right in my ear. Now that she’s old, she can’t climb any more … but still tries to convince me at every single meal that she’s starving, starving, starving, hasn’t been fed for weeks.

  49. skippymom says:

    And then of course with adult cats you also sometimes have the situation where they are starving, haven’t been fed in recent memory, are about to keel over from hunger, and you serve the food, the same food they usually eat with great gusto , and they look into their dishes, say “meh” and walk away.

  50. Mary (the first). says:

    Yes, it’s amazing how healthy they all look when they have NEVER HAD FOOD BEFORE. Their daddy is so gentle with them.. they are lucky babehs.. especially now that they FINALLY HAVE FOOD!

  51. Tiny teefs 😀
    I would post more right now, but I must run out AND GET MORE KITTENS!!!!!

  52. Mary (the first). says:

    by the way I used to have a large marmie kitteh.. he was not very loud but he would mew a bit and when he knew you were looking, suddenly fling himself to the floor in a “I’m weak from hunger.. can you see me.. I’m faint from starvation here.. ” .. peeking to make sure I was noticing him. What a ham!

  53. “Feed me NNNOOOOWWWW! Feed me NNNNNOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!” That is what I always hear when our cats act like this…

    Great video–one viewing of it is definitely not enough. I’ll make myself some popcorn and settle in for an hour or so.

  54. I love the “I have never had any food” meme that is emerging here. Tracylee, your story gave me the giggles. I grew up with a dog who was the same way; at dinnertime, she’d ignore her own food and sit under the table, head on my lap, telling me she had never been fed (she knew I was the gullible one).

    I hereby request that “I have never had any food” gets elevated from “thing” to “tag” and gets applied to this post.

  55. Lovely mix of colors! Are they really all from the same litter?

    And yes, the Dance of the Starving Felines happens twice a day at my place, too. Has any human ever been fast enough to get that food in place?

  56. junkshop_coyote says:

    Oy, the dreaded climbing phase. Ouch ooch eech ouch….

  57. lol poor people i couldnt stand those sounds
    i have a dog and before her dinner time i always go to see her just to see how she
    asks me for food she stares at her dish then me her dish then me and this can go on and on lol

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    The mewing! The MEWING!!

  59. Can we haz food now, pleaze? Pleaze! PLEAZE!!!!

  60. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Molly is the mouthy one in our bunch. She’ll play my hubby & I against each other. We have to ask-did you feed the cats yet?
    I torment Molly with “oh no, I think I see your ribs!” or “Do you has a starve?”

  61. Sweeda88 says:

    So precious! WANT!

  62. @Skippymom, I usually find the old “Four Yorkshireman” routine very satisfactory in these cases. I mean, to myself. The cats don’t give a @##$*. 😀

    We were evicted from our hole in the ground!

  63. eerational says:

    So, so, so adorable. Kinda makes me wanna run out and get a nice little kitten of my own now. It’s really amusing how most pets really act like they’ve not eaten in ages when it’s feeding time. Never knew they’d make so much noise though, my only pet-feeding experiences are with bunnehs 😀

  64. Shortycake says:

    I have to say that the best part for me is the one kitten that sounds like it just huffed helium. SQQUUUEEEEAAAAKKKKK! PRESH!

  65. Oh god, the precious polite little marmie… WANT!

  66. does one crawl out of a laundry machine? its like a kitten infestation!

  67. Yeah, that little marmie is so sweet waiting politely.

  68. Extreme kitten hunger leads to synchronized mewling.

    Who knew?

  69. Those behbeh kittehs are being starv-ed right to death! To death I say! Never mind the round, plump, perfect kitteh bellies…

    Mr. Smokey Gray Kitteh who headbutts the camera must come home with me this instant!

  70. katiedid says:

    I LOF EET!!! Such sweet babies!

  71. When my meowbutts is waiting for food he likes to see just how long he can hold a meow. I can usually count to 7 or 8 when waiting for him to stop vocalizing just one meow. He’d be a great opera singer.

  72. Geeve eet to meeee, pleeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee….

    This video cracks me up and gives me an overdose everytime.

  73. the marmie is rather timid. the smokey, tabby and creamy are super aggressive, though.

  74. redbird57 says:

    It’s a tiny Greek Chorus of fur!

  75. tracylee, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read (#41). ROFLMAO!!!

  76. those little ones are hysterical. if only my cat showed some excitement about getting her food, she just walks by all nonchalantly with that, “i might check that out . . . later” type attitude.

  77. wuyizidi says:

    Sigh, nothing elicits unconditional love like unconditional need.

    I imagine the only sound that’s more blissful then their nomming is the sound of them all taking a nap together afterward.

  78. The meowing I get from my grown cats tends to centre more around wanting attention than wanting food: “Pay attention to meeeEEEEEEEEE!!!”. When guests come over, they have perfected the flop down on the floor with the pathetic pleading looks, which I mock them with by saying pathetically: “Nobody loves me; nobody ever pays ANY attention to me at all. I never EVER get my belly rubbed…..”

  79. the energy requirements for tiny kittens are incredible! this level of cute can only be sustained by large quantities of high-quality noms. i also recommend a snorgle supplement.

  80. It’s only cute until they grow up >__< then it's annoying.

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    Adorable! I love how he has to maneuver his way through the oodles of skoodle-boodles! Wow, are they LOUD. Love the wide open-mouthed faces.

  82. Not even a thank you after they are served AND properly arranged for maximum nommage. Harumph. Rude kitties.

  83. I love how they each mew on a different note! It’s very musical.

    Now I have to watch it 1,000 more times and die of cute every time.

  84. One kitten was determined to climb that leg! Somewhere up there was food.

  85. meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp

  86. Dobermama says:

    Those kittens have some lungs on ’em. They could be opera singers.

  87. That looks more dangerous than feeding a tank of pirahnas. Maybe Goldfinger or Blofeld should get a pit of these. Especially the vampire ones like that little champagne one!

  88. whiskers says:

    Maawwwwm…I’m HOOOONGRY!!! You HAVE to feed meeeeee!! Or I’ll CUTE you to deth!!

    Oh, and fangs! Tiny fangs! *ded*

  89. I just melted in a puddlefsasdfaseriqaioweafjasoidjkfkajbshdkafs……………

  90. @Tracylee, my brother and sister-in-law have a greyhound name Prospero and this sounds exactly like something the beautiful “P” would do. I was in tears laughing, thank you.

  91. MoonCatty says:

    Why is it that incessant, pleading, high pitched baby kitty meows bring out my maternal instinct … but human baby crying? Not so much…

    Yep, those leetle non-stop meows just make me immediately want to feed, cuddle and soothe these adorabuhl bebehs… aaaaaaawwwww…

  92. This. Is. HILARIOUS! XD
    I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD!
    Thank you for sharing this vid.
    Made my night.

  93. Jimbeaux says:

    Sadly, I have no kitties, so I have to go to a friends’ house to see theirs. If it’s around meal-time, they will run over and give me a chorus of, “No one EVER feeds us here! Not EVER! You’re the only one who can SAVE us with TREATS!”
    It’s almost heartbreaking, they’re such hams!

  94. Katie, that’s so funny that’s exactly what I say about Polly the Cat, it’s like she’s saying “Pay attention to MEEEEEEE MAMA!!!!” and she also acts like its been weeks since she’s had contact with another living thing or seen food every time she’s fed. And I always say to her “Oh no, I know you’re so weak from not eating for the last 5 minutes you can barely stand” or something similar.

  95. OMG why must they be so cruelly STARVED!! 😀

  96. He wasn’t teasing them – he was trying to figure out how to put down the bowl without losing a finger!

  97. Squid Girl says:

    It’s imperative that his clip be followed up with a video of these kittehs with bellies full and napping.

  98. You know, I have to say that before I started reading CO a couple of years ago I really did not like cats. I acknowledged (grudgingly) that kittens were cute but really could take them or leave them. Now, I find myself getting exceedingly melty every time I see a cat post (especially one like this). I’m still always going to have undying loyalty to goggies at heart (loves of my life), but I have to admit that if my province ever passes the law banning landlords from implementing no-pet policies in apartments, I may have trouble turning down the opportunity to adopt a rescue kitteh.

  99. and keeeesing and keeeeeesing and keeeeeeesing those bebeh bellies and necks!

  100. I know that LOL is thrown around a lot over the internet. But I have to say that I really did Laugh Out Loud when stealth-kitty launched himself out of the clothes-dryer and directly on to Feeds-Me’s pants.


  101. SO adorable! lol Love the high little mews coming from the one that keeps climbing on the guy’s legs heh
    They’re all adorable though and yay for finally being fed! 😀

  102. I was watching this half way through saying “JUST FEED THEM!!!, FEEED THEEEEM!!!!”

  103. It is a hord ,, a swarming hoard of Kittens

    LOL Like a scary movie there in the middle except I was laughing so hard now my tummy hurts!

  104. kittensnotkids says:

    I love how the guy rearranges them at the end so they are in alternating colors – a dark, an orangey one, a dark one, an orangey one. got to have order and symmetry at the food bowl.

    and we are fond of saying, of those crying crying peeping starveling little babies, “we’ve never seen food before! we’re so hollow!”

    if you’ve ever had tiny baby kittens (i foster little ones with no moms), you know how cruel and hideous you feel, taking the whole 30 seconds to open a tin of food and spoon it out, while they’re dying of starvation at your feet. poor little things.

  105. Sooo funny. When the kittens are hungry you would think they are DYING for all the fuss they make!

  106. kokobutterbuns says:

    How long were these critters starved for? My favorite moment was when the one kitty figured out that that washing machine hole was a perfect jumping-off point to land on their feeders leg….hilarious!!

  107. 😆 FEED US! FEED US! 😆 Those kitties cried 😆 Then once the bowl was down, it was a feeding frenzy 😆 Those kittens looked starved 😆 Yeah, right 😆 Four well fed babies 😆

    @crackjob 😆 I agree with you 😆 It would of been fun to see the bulging bellies on those little kitties after their feeding frenzy 😆


  109. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this, but every time that lil’ guy pops out of the washer door, I lose it.

  110. Kristina Noir says:

    Crotch/dryercat wants food Now! I mean Stat! I mean right way! Why are you dillydallying?

  111. dr. berthaservant says:

    Oh. My. God. I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and I clapped and made four year old girl sounds and then I started crying because kittens are so g.d. amazing and beautiful.


    (Yes, I went to way too many Grateful Dead shows).

  112. Doesn’t that sound more like naaoooowww…naooooowwww…..NAAOOOWWWW….naoww? Naow? Naaaoooow! NAOW. naow.

    Kittehs. So damn cute.

  113. sanctuary says:

    FEED US! FEED US! 😆 Those kitties cried 😆 Then once the bowl was down, it was a feeding frenzy 😆

  114. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:


    with all due affection & respect…..


    (issues, p’raps?) Maybe, kinda?

    Only Meant in Bemusement no ickiness (promise)

  115. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    And @ CJ:

    You gots’ some MAD SKILLZ @ putting a few maybe kinda like almost like quali-like-fications in, like, your, like, affirmation of



  116. Meeeeeew! so cute! that little orange one is the most well behaved xD

  117. The cute has slayed me.

  118. Hon Glad says:

    My grown up boys act like this, when they know they are getting prawns. They jump
    in the sink, to lick up the brine water and usually get some prawns on their heads as they nom while I am trying to put them on the plate.

  119. omg, i *need* the little creamsicle kitteh. *ded*

  120. Hey, that was good tactics when Mom distracted them with the camera so Dad could have a minute’s peace to work the can opener!

  121. TrixandSam says:

    My sweet Angel-kitty (her name was Angel, but Angel-kitty was a natural progression) would start drooling the moment she heard me preparing dinner. By the time she’d be at my feet, she was gurgling instead of meowing. I loved that about her….

  122. They were STARVING TO DEATH!!!!!11!!!!!1

    It’s good thing they were saved from that terrible fate. 😀

  123. (Translation)
    Gimme my food, mommy! Gimme it NOW! NOW! I’m hungry!
    Can’t you see I’m HUNGRY daddy?
    Gimme food! I want it!
    Give it to me, Mommy! I’m hungry in my little tummy! Gimme food!
    Daddy, give me this food you got there! I’m climbing you now!
    Gimme food! NOW! NOW!

  124. shanaelyse says:

    OMGoodness! Love how they have the kitten variety pack!!! The rebounding off the dryer kills me! My boys do something similar, but they’re 12 and it happens every time I walk in the kitchen, no matter how full their dish is–because obvy, I only go in the kitchen to feed them. 🙂

  125. love the colour range…. 🙂

  126. Noelegy says:

    Guys, I am in a pickle. My parents have a couple of semi-feral, un-fixed cats that roam around their house. One has gotten herself in the family way, which happens all too often. I have already given my parents the spay lecture. My dad showed me yesterday two kittens, maybe a week and a half old, with their stressed-out, hissing mom. She was clearly scared to death but wouldn’t move because of the kits. Daddy was trying to get me to take the kits and foster them because he knew I had experience with same. He’s afraid that by the time they get old enough to adopt out, they will be too wild, and this is true, as it’s happened before.

    I wanted to tell him I would but only on the condition that he traps the mom and gets her fixed. Of course this would put me in the position of 1) not only taking away two kits from their mom before they’re ready, and 2) probably having to find homes for the kits once they’re socialized and big enough. On the other hand, I hate for two more kitties to join the semi-wild cats that orbit my parents’ house.

    What would CO do? Seriously, guys. I need help. If you don’t want to reply here, you can email me at g n o e l l e @ c h a r t e r . n e t. I’m not currently working and am thus in the perfect position to be able to foster kits right now.

  127. Can there really be only four of them? It looks like a swarm.

    [Well, if three’s a crowd… – Ed.]

  128. MandyMo says:

    As hard as it may be, you would be doing a greater service to take the kittens and have the mom spayed. Otherwise, it will happen again in a very short amount of time and you’ll be in the same dilemma. It ain’t easy being a Responsible Animal Lover, is it?

    Whatever you decide, good luck to you!

  129. Paunchie says:

    I noticed the orange marmalade kitty stays mostly by mom. Mama’s boy! Aw.

  130. My favourite’s the ginger kitty who sits quietly by the dinner-mat the whole time, not making a peep… then literally stuffs his head between his two siblings to get at the food.

  131. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    I just recalled a really (I HOPE) fun story by a friend of mine. Trying to simplify/shorten it as a CO comment entry…..so I might not get some bit correct.

    He and his wife have been raising their five children with Home-Schooling; and the children really have done well; emotionally balanced, kind, respectful to others; and smart as can BE!!

    Anyhow, there was a day when several of them were indoors in various rooms, each person doing something different. N’s daughter Vivian, went into the room where her brother I. was working on a project. Then she came running like she was a ROCKET, screaming, sobbing, anguished & horrified.

    Once N. got her setttled down, he asked her, what had happened about which she was so upset. N says, that, with a

    she said, “But Daddy, I want to go (pause) ou-ou-out!!!! Because I need my
    AIR-ER-ER…..” (etc).

    He said that it took him some time to convince little Vivvy to calm down again.

    The end.

  132. My dogs do this, but with more spinning, and jumping, I mock them too, “oh tails of woe, someone call the humane society, you can almost see ribs under the pudgy! No one loves me!”

  133. beautifulkittenfish says:

    @Katie: which I mock them with by saying pathetically: “NObody loves me; nobody EVER pays ANY attention to me at all… we say that EXACT same thing. OMG, I thought we were so original… sob.

  134. beautifulkittenfish says:

    Noelegy. DOOO EEEEEET! take that momma kitty in and get her fixed. bottle feed those babies. you must. imperitive.

  135. They must have done the soundtrack for the mandrake scenes in Harry Potter!

    The “I’ve never had any food ever” sounds very familiar, except in my case it’s my husband actually speaking those words, and referring to himself. He has also never had any kisses ever. Never had any chocolate ever. I’ve never called him back ever. Etc. I love him and he’s cute, but it is somehow so much cuter with animals.

    My old cat and dog used to play off everyone in the family.. They’d come to you and inform you that they would die of starvation in approximately 45 seconds if you didn’t feed them, so you’d feed them.. and then find out you were the third person to do so that morning. Ended up using a white board to check off whether they’d been fed or not.

  136. This is the best thing I’ve seen in my life.

  137. Barbara Nelson says:

    I worked in a no kill cat shelter for 4 years. Can you imagine over 200 cats????? I now have 2 cats and thats enough. Got to say I love em tho.

  138. Oh jeez. XD I remember when my bottle-baby kitty was that age. I had to lock him up in a room (complete with all kitty amenities, mind you) at night because if I let him run around, he’d gore my face and eat my hair. And he would wail and wail and wail….

    I’m so glad he wasn’t this noisy. XD But this is mighty, mighty cute too.

  139. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Barbara Nelson: um….yes, I kin imagine the 200 indeed…..

    um….where do I sign up???? Are there physical application sheets or do I have to do an internet application? Will you be a reference for me? Is there a McDonalds’ next to the shelter? Are there any available houses or apartments on that street? Is there….

    (Hi. My name is O NO and I am a feline-aholic.)


  140. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Is there ennybody else out there in COland, whose family are so loving & snuggly (NOT!!!) that yer mother was so unkind…

    (How unkind, is she???)

    (THIS IS TRUE STORY PEEPS)My mom is so uncharitable, that one year at the holidays, Mom had found some fabric (this is back when there WERE lots of variety of fabrics and multiple fabric stores in a medium size town).
    that she thought would make a clever joke about “how emotional Leslie is”….
    and she also located a pattern to make a short, lined nightgown for me…I’m opening this gift (“Wow! How considerate!! Look at what Mom sewed for me!!!) and
    as I’m showing it to the gathered family (the Thomases adhered to the “everyone must watch in Rapt Attention while One. Gift. At. a Time. is . unwrapped. Theory; wasn’t no crowd of 5 kids, tearing everything open all at once or hollering across the room. Think Joan Crawford & the adopted daughter “in performance” mode…)realize that the lovely-appearing fabric, with a ToulouseLautrec, Art-nouveau style print of a female face & upper torso…

    was selected because the image; and also identified in script — that the lady there was Sarah Bernhardt. My mom used to mock me whenever I showed lots of emotion; I should already have learned to suppress & hide all that; be a little soldier, etc.

    Hopefully most mothers are just a bit more snuggly than this.

  141. That’s the most incredible kittyvideo I’ve ever seen!!!!

  142. Hot Tams says:

    AWW!!! how could u make them wait so long! and they couldn’t even place the bowl down first time cause all the killies crowded onto the food mat HAHAAHA!!!

  143. Jenn in IL says:

    I am so in love with that sweet little blue eyed marmie that I could just cry.

    Kitten mews are the best.

  144. They look so colorful!!!

  145. Oh, pathetic starving kittens!

  146. The marmi reminds me of Butters.

    …. aww this makes me want another kitten. Kitten mews are the best!

  147. Calliope says:

    Looks to me like the Itty Bitty Kitty PITY Committee!

    Noelegy, I adopted two kittens a few months ago from a similar situation. Their mama was semi-feral and super-protective of her two kittens. Feralcat.com has trapping instructions and recommends not removing kits from their mom before 4-6 weeks, so they get the benefits of nursing.

    In my case, my coworker brought the kittens inside at (I think) about 6 weeks old, then trapped mama and had her spayed. I brought the kittens home at 8 weeks to socialize them, since I had more free time to spend with them (and of course ended up adopting them rather than just “socializing” them). Now, our cats are 6 months old and very sweet. The girl is shy and hides under the covers when people come over to our house, but both cats are playful and often quite affectionate.


  148. It’s a Kitten Choir! LoL

  149. Peanut's Mama says:


  150. Peanut's Mama says:


  151. Peanut's Mama says:

    Um, why for the repeat post???!!!

    [Um, why for you asking me?? 😕 – Ed.]

  152. OMG, soooo adorable! What little piglets. 🙂

  153. Daphne Moss says:

    I have watched this thing like four times now, and I love it every time!
    I love the nom nom nom at the end the best, but the urgent, demanding little fuzz balls.. ahh, thank you, CO!

  154. BStrange says:

    I miss this SO MUCH!!! Kittenhooks ow ow ow up the legs, and tiny snapping pirahnateefs when food is lowered, and all.

    ARG. *sigh!*

    Ok, kitten-envy subsiding to tolerable levels. Excuse me while I go finish giggling myself dizzy, though. 😀

  155. Noelegy says:

    I just played this for my hubby, and our Rocky dog (Great Pyrenees, very protective) was sooooo concerned about the baby kitten meeps! Thank you for the feral cat information, Calliope! Dad is also concerned that now that she’s been discovered, the mama cat will move the kittens to an undisclosed location. He’d just found them the day before I visited.

  156. Looks a lot like feeding time at my house, except my three Boyz are 9 months (Jake) and 6 1/2 years (Romulus & Remus) and weigh 9, 18 and 21 pounds respectively. The constant complainin’ – I’m taking too long!!!! is basso profundo by comparison, but the traffic winding around my feet makes the ‘prison shuffle’ vital to keeping my feet and avoiding stepping on theirs 😉

  157. Lol it’s like my FATTY cat, she’s like “I’m STARVING!! Im Gonnaz pas out from hunger! ive Never been fed IN MY LIFE!!!”

  158. My Miss Ashy(Ash-kabibbles) was lounging on the couch & she heard the bebes crying & jumped up on the table as if to say “Help them! Mom, help them! What’s going on?”. She does the same thing when my 2 year old cries, too. She’s such a sweet kitty! I must give her extra smooshy-kisses tonight.

  159. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    …um…Peanut’s Mom: is everything better now????

    (ya sounded a bit panicky there for awhile….)

  160. smshdchrb says:

    This is my video! Honoured to have it on such a great website. Thanks for the comments. x

  161. So I was thinking, in like 2 years those people will be SO pissed they didn’t teach those little kitties not to scream every time they want food 😛

  162. “u guys wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?!?!” – Dumb and dumber

  163. hahaha one out of the dryer

  164. Does it really take THAT long to fill a tiny bowl of food when kittens are starving!?!? I fostered many kittens as an animal rescuer and none of them had to cry for food specially this long…

  165. hahahah
    SO cute! 😀