Tights, Cape, Cod Piece…Check, Check, Check.

Excuse me, do you mind?  This nice lady is volunteering her brassiere as a place for me to transform into my alter ego, Captain Meddler.  We can’t all have fancy-pants telephone booths, you know.

Where’s his Clark Kent curl, Pauline S.?



  1. Mustelids and Mammaries much?

  2. No rackage tag? This doesn’t count? Must flesh be visible?

  3. It’s just not a cat, Nads. No way, no how.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Looks cozy! Boop! 🙂

  5. metsakins says:

    Beep, beep. (Moving along now.)

  6. certified cutologist says:


  7. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like the ferret was trying to rack up some points but came up with zip.

  8. tracylee says:

    teeny wheeskers and perfect earses!

    I like the jacket, too, btw.

  9. Beep!

  10. @Teho–that’s a PoleCat, it is!

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  11. marthava says:

    I’m not a fan o’ ferrets, but this is cute.

  12. Lerrinus says:

    Zip?!?! you slay me, oakley! 😆

    Eeek!Peenk nosicle! 😀

  13. Captain Meddler, faster than a speeding bullet.
    Captain Medlar, is fruity.

  14. This used to be my woozle-bum’s favorite method of transportation. And OMG Teeeny bebeh ferret!

  15. Ferretts creep me out, but they are cuties

  16. Oh I wish I could see Captain Meddler in full costume especially the tiny little cod-piece. LOL

    OK getting my mind out of the gutter now, walking away snickering to myself…

  17. Goes well with outfit! A fashion must for fall.

  18. Nothing to do with this oic, except that ferrets and stoats are related: At work the other day I needed to get a quote from one of our regular outside suppliers. He was a little slow getting back to me, as he sometimes is.

    So I sent a reminder which said “Quote! Quote! Quote! like a baby stoat!” He didn’t know what a stoat was, so in his response he said “I’m not sure if you’re insulting me … ” 🙂

  19. @pounce…lololol

  20. @ pounce – LOL. Did you try to explain teh whole CO thing?

  21. Yes! Combining two of my greatest loves – ferrets… and boobs! WOOT!

  22. Cholmondeley says:

    Handy built-in superhero mask a la Captain America, or Zorro. I kees hees leetle haid.

  23. Is it me, or does Captain Meddler there blend right in with that lucky lady’s houndstooth jacket? It’s the mask, I say!

  24. Little round earsies!!

  25. Resriechan says:

    @ Fishy:

    It ISN’T just you — it ISN’T a fishy thing. The Matchingks btw jacket & furry person was the first thing that hit me ‘tween the eyes…

  26. Resriechan says:

    (ps) (er)


    Shouldn’t that be restricted to (WAIT for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    CODS only???????L

    (i know. it’s a very ………….unique…………”talent” (coughcoughhopelesscough)

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Codpiece, lol! And Captain Meddler is highly appropriate, from what I hear of ferrets. 😀

  28. Theadosia says:

    I have never owned ferrets, but I owe them a lot. I’m schizo-affective (not that you, or anyone else, would actually realise that if you met me in real life), and one of the symptoms is that I have hallucinations. They can be fairly awful, a common one being bugs and arachnids swarming over various surfaces. The worst often come at night and contribute to my insomnia issues. One of my coping mechanisms is to conjure up images of ferrets, because they’re funny and tough and I think that they can DEAL with creepy crawlies, where a softer, cuddlier animal might not. Quite often, I can only turn out the light at night because I’m thinking hard about ferrets.

    Yes, I know, I’m a raving loony. I’m also a raving loony who holds down a well-paid job, has a good circle of friends and who most people describe as ‘calm’ and ‘competent’, partly because of ferrets.

  29. ‘Rets and.. chest..s…?

  30. Is that a ferret in your rack, or are you just glad to see me?

    [Dwah dwah dwah dwaaaaahhhh… 🙄 – Ed.]

  31. I hear ferrets will the must-have accessories this fall.

    I lurve the jacket and the necklace. Er, the shirt underneath looks nice too–very white and bright. I especially love how she very thoughtfully color-coordinated the ferret to match perfectly.

  32. @Theadosia, chill, we’re (obviously) raving-loony friendly here. 😀

  33. @ceejoe – Yes, I explained and sent him a pic of a baby stoat. He was satisfied he was not being insulted.

    But he did give me the whole ” … there’s actually a site called Cute Overload … ?” disbelief routine. Especially since I told him it’s the first website I check every day. 🙂

  34. fifthsonata says:

    Be careful – that ferret might try to make off with that bra or any other surrounding object.

  35. That’s a very sweet picture, but I can’t help but wonder how musky her sweater must have been afterward.

  36. Jim March says:


    Years ago in San Francisco I was walking down the street with little Felix the ferret poking his nose out of my jacket a lot like this.

    Felix was a fairly small albino. And since Ferts aren’t legal in Cali a lot of people have no clue what they are.

    At a corner waiting for the light, a guy standing next to me says “hey man, nice rat” with a bit of a smirk.

    “Yeah, he’s a cute little rat, but I got him from some kids who abused him.”


    “Yeah, it was horrible, they built this little “rack” in the basement and stretched him.”

    “Oh come on, nobody stretched your rat!”

    (You KNOW where this is going, right?)

    “Yeah, see!” (as I pull out about a foot-plus worth of skinnykitty)

    “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” as the guy jumps back about five feet or so :D.

    I then pull him all the way out, explain that it’s a ferret, basically a tame weasel, it’s supposed to look like that…

    “Oh man, you got me GOOD!”

  37. SoCalSis says:

    Theadosia, it’s ALL about the coping mechanisms. We all need ’em, and those of us who are crazy smart have lots of ’em. Ferrets have never been my favorites but I can really see that having a ferret on one’s side would be a definite bonus when faced with critters of the creepy-crawly variety. Sort of the smart alecky annoying sidekick who ends up saving your butt.

  38. Flutterby says:

    @Jim March, great ferret story! LOL.

  39. Theadosia, whatever works for you, go for it! I know the pain of having a mental illness and sometimes coping mechanisms can sound so silly but they help so much. You`ll get nothing but respect from me. 🙂

  40. Hehe, my ferret is famous!
    And he is actually a SHE, her name is Corona and shes our baby! love her so much! never judge a ferret, she the best pet weve ever had!
    sent this months ago, thanks for finally posting!

  41. @ Theo- ah yes. I overlooked that crucial detail in the ferret excitement 🙂

  42. Pauline Corona is such a cutie pie! I bet she is a total cuddler.

  43. Pauline – Corona is a doll! We once had 5 ferrets, but are down to just 1 now (they just don’t live long enough), but Ivy is still a little ball of trouble. I just had to comment on this post because “Captain Meddler” is totally the perfect name for a ferret! So inquisitive, determined, persistent and doggone adorable!

  44. Theadosia says:

    Theresa, SoCalSis, Andrea – thank you. Just feeling a wee bit vulnerable about it at the moment, since I had to ‘come out’ to someone at work. Turns out she didn’t bat an eyelash and sent me some fantastic material on employment and employment rights for the mentally ill.

  45. Daphne Moss says:

    Yes, if they ever get on the march, we are all in trouble, but this is adorable and tasteful. 😉

  46. Jim March says:

    All you really need to know about ferrets:

    No fear.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Jim March (#36): What a great story! “Little rack in the basement,” indeed. 😉

  48. @Theodosia… I LIKE raving loonies… they’re way more interesting than “normal” people ( oh whcih there is no such creature, btw.)

  49. I should tell you I consider myself a raving loonie as well, being one of those who are considered to have a mental illness.

  50. I like this. CO needs more ferrets!

  51. Jim March says:

    How about another story?

    When you live in San Francisco and need to do your duds at a laundrymat, you had better sit there and watch it or one of the “urban outdoorsmen” will have themselves a new wardrobe.

    So I’m sitting there, Felix half-asleep on my lap, curled up in a little white fluffy ball.

    A five-year-old kid comes up to me and asks if that’s a “weasel!”. Well yeah, basically. Kid pets Felix for a bit, Felix licks back, kid squeals in excitement and runs around the middle bank of machines. I hear him run up to his dad.

    “Daddy, there’s a WEASEL over there!”

    “Sigh, no son, there’s no weasel in the laundrymat.”

    “But Daddy, I saw it, there’s a WEASEL!”

    “NO son, there’s no weasel…no lemme fold these socks.”

    Kid kinda slinks back to me, looking dejected. “He didn’t beweeve me…”

    OK, what would YOU have done?

    “Here ya go kid, go show daddy the weasel.” I knew Felix was just about the most gentle critter on earth.

    I follow along behind.

    “Daddy LOOK! IT’S A WEASEL!”


    Me: “Well…it’s…basically, it’s a weasel.”

    Guy looked like he was gonna faint.

  52. Jim March says:

    OK. One more.

    Charlie the cat had been raised by my brother’s two female ferrets. When they went away the cat was bored as hell. I took one of those “gambler special” tour buses to Reno and gambled all right…gambled the driver wouldn’t spot little Felix in a duffel bag on the way back :).

    Felix was about six ounces or so, about eight weeks old.

    I get him home, put him on the bed, Charlie comes rushing up to him and raises his claws to kill this “mouse”. He’d never seen an albino ferret or a baby and Felix was both. But that cat knew that smell! He stopped dead still, retracted his claws, sniffed, got down beside Felix who by this time was jumping around all excited, the cat gently batted him a bit, those two were buddies. Period.

    When you have a baby ferret in the house you don’t want it up in the front rooms. It could get deep into the couch, stove, etc. So I penned him up in the back bedrooms with a 3ft tall section of plywood propped up in the hall.

    Despite that, I kept finding him up front. Couldn’t figure it out.

    Finally I watch. He went up to the barrier, bounced a couple of times, got maybe 6in of air tops. That’s what I thought: no way.

    Then he went and ran up to Charlie. He bounced a couple more times. Went back to the barrier. Bounced. Went back to Charlie. Stared at him.

    That cat got up, yawned and stretched, picked Felix up by the scruff and carried him over the barrier. Let him go, watched him happily bound away.

    The little booger was begging rides off the damn cat.


    [True story? That’s awesome! – Ed.]

  53. Jim March says:

    True story.

  54. Pauline says:

    WOW, those are all great ferret stories. I will now send them to friends. =)

  55. Oh my word, that is one fine and happy weaseling! Excellent, long may his adventures continue!

  56. beep!

  57. Wedgie head, half-moon ears.