I’m never staying in this hospital again

You pay extra for a room with a private nurse, and then she just goes to sleep on the job, while I’m stuck sneezing my head off!



  1. Just let me sleep!

  2. Gesundheit!! Salud! Bless you! À tes souhaits!

  3. Madame X says:

    Take a Zyrtec already, willya?

  4. the pictures of the last two posts (this one and the one before) don’t show…. (T__T) all other entries are fine…. I’ll come back later

  5. My orange tabbeh does that when he is awake….I must try that when he is asleep.

    Poor kitteh, just trying to get some beauty sleep and dream of noms….

  6. awww, let the puddtat sleep! lol

  7. cow cat on a cow bed–who would have thought?

  8. Awww… He’s so polite, he even says “God bless you” in his sleep!

  9. beeeep! on the peenk nose!

  10. The final “Leave me Alone you goofy Human” Meow just slayed me!

  11. Oh my gosh, my cat does the same thing! Why do they do that??

  12. Aww my little furry disgruntled bundle of joy does this too. Gets me every darn time.

  13. Soooo funny! My Stinky used to make really tiny honk-shus when he slept. Adorable.

  14. I’m with ceejoe – beeeep!

  15. Hon Glad says:

    The pitch of the phoney atchoos seems to stimulate the miaows.

  16. kibblenibble says:

    What a cute tuxie kitty! I agree with those who feel kitty is just muttering “Let me sleeeeep!”

  17. Catsquatch says:

    Poor cat. I know exactly how he feels. When my inconsiderate moron neighbor has a party at 4am on a Tuesday. My eyes are still closed because Im exhausted, but Im awake and grumbling just like this poor kitty.
    Achoo my butt. Faker. Be quiet so he can sleep.

  18. Actually, this cat is just asking her to shut up so that he can get some shut-eye.

  19. this reminds me of my dearly departed Katie kittie. She would meow in her sleep like that, *snif* I still miss her.

    Great now I’m sad!

  20. (Kitty translation): Quiet down! I’m trying to sleep!

  21. shut it, human! grumble grumble

    I also have an inconsiderate neighbor who likes to go to sleep with the music POUNDING. Hate that!

  22. Wonder how ya find that out the first time…
    “oh the cat is sleeping, lets sneeze, see what they do..”

  23. My cat does that too, when he is awake or sleeping, but only to real sneezes, fakes doesn’t work. 😛

  24. mypetfisheric says:

    My kitty Mimi does a similar thing whenever we cough! She kind of bleets like a little goat (hence her aka “Goat Girl”) either while she is awake or sleeping. When my BF does it and she is awake, she comes running from wherever she is and gets right up into his face like “Daddy??? Is you okay??” So cute.

  25. Brittany F says:

    I like this one better


  26. My Baby Kitty used to do that! I always thought she was saying “bless you”.

  27. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ Brittany F: Hee hee hee! I remember that video! We used it last year! 😀


  28. I really thought my cat was the only one ever. More of a “knock it off!” than a “geshundheit!” though. Once, while scolding the brains of the operation (she was taking a bath, silly thing all immersed in water tho Dervish KNOWS she knows better), he heard me sneezing in the living room. He came kathumping down the stairs, gave me three or four angry “Mrrerr!”-s, and went back up the steps to scold the gal pruning in the tub.

    He’s the Hardy to the other fellas Laurel. What a pair!

  29. @Wander: In my case, I found out by sneezing in front of the cat while he was awake. Lovely old house, but something in the air there had me sneezing like the dickens. Like Chan’s cat, he doesn’t fall for fakes. Only an honest sneeze will do!

  30. really cute! very sweet.

  31. MamaLana says:

    That is definitely a “shut up, I’m trying to sleep here” type of meowr.

  32. whiskers says:

    I am convinced that 99% of cats’ inner conversations are profane.

  33. My cat Emma does the exact same thing!!!!

  34. I have a dog that barks and comes running when we sneeze. Knows the difference between real and fake. Very funny.

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    Aw. Some people have pets that seem really concerned when they sneeze. When my daughter or I sneeze, our cat just looks insulted and gets up and leaves the room. He really does. Even if we fake sneeze.

  36. 😆 AWW 😆 Quit bothering those kitties with those fake sneezes 😆 They are trying to sleep 😆

  37. Bless mew!

  38. Such a sweet little cat.

  39. Fluidstatic says:

    @Christine: Emma’s like “Mom, seriously. Achoo. whatever.”

  40. Resriechan says:

    @ the Amazing QoD:

    and so….your point in attempting the fake sneezes, would be………………………….?

    Anybody? Ferris? Ferrris Bueller???? Anybody????

    (affectionate snerk w/ abso NO actual unkindness; ya jist momentarily left yerself kinda WIIIIIde open, on that one!!! I still think “YOU’RE THE QUEEN OF THA WORRRRRRLD”!!!!!!)

    (wha’? Britain has a– no, no, that hat-wearin’ lady ain’t got nothin’ on
    THA REAL QUEEN heah. Represent)

    (Is that the way that I should use the Ebonics term “represent”?? Or did I just embarrass my own self after tryin’ to half-heartedly embarrass THA QUEEN OF THA WORRRRLD”????)

    (no; don’t answer. Really)


  41. LOL. So funny. 😉

  42. My cat makes this same noise when I sneeze. Very bizarro!

  43. could it possibly be the cat saying “shush I am trying to sleep GAWD!” ????

  44. Mouse D'Anon says:

    My Arthur (RIP) used to do this when I was talking too loudly when he was trying to sleep. Usually, I was on the phone – excited, or something – and, he was (as always) trying to nap. It was the exact same: “SERIOUSLY! Can’t a cat get a nap in peace and quiet around here!?!?”

  45. Cute! It seems like a lot of people have cats that do this, but out of all the cats I’ve had, I’ve never witnessed this before. My cat does that chattering meow when he is watching the birds out the window. I just fake sneezed to see what his reaction would be, and he woke up and looked at me funny then went back to sleep. Lol:)

  46. EEEPPP!!
    My very own kitteh was talking in his sleep just the other day!!
    Very cute!!!

  47. One of my beasties does this also, though it wakes her up. I sneeze (for real) and her little fuzzy head pops up with that little chirrup-y chattery mew like she’s asking me what just happened….and then back down and asleep again within two seconds.

  48. My cat does that as well and he looks just like the tuxedo cat in the video. I thought he was just quirky but now it seems this is a common thing among the cats.

  49. Hot Tams says:

    cute cat, annoying owner. let the fuzz sleep!!!! the fuzz doesn’t wake YOU up with sneezing noises, does it??!? -_- and even if it did, yeah. leave fuzz alone.

  50. OMG, we should have a Facebook page called “My Cat Makes Funny Noises at Me When I Sneeze.”

    I thought our Linus was the only one. He grumbles even louder when you fake it. Silly humans.