What Did She Expect from Crate & Barkwell?

“Dang it, Walter! Next time you buy a throw rug for the kitchen, can you find one that don’t snore?”

With a name like Tobias Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Douglas, can we assume his bestie is Fawkes, Lisa G.?



  1. Awww. Wittle stubbular feets!

  2. What’s the threadcount on the Corgi?

  3. thedistractor says:

    Ah, corgi rugs. My personal favorite.

    I’ve seen this many a time at my mother’s house, what with her having 2 of the little devils. Just wait until this one learns the joys of sleeping on his back. Oh, the corgi-tude.

  4. CorgiButt Alert

  5. Ohh those sweet, sweet Corgi nubs! Love theem.

  6. But the cool cool floor feels so good on the tum-tum!
    It does look like a cantaloup settled in the middle region.
    Love corgies – they are the cutest.

  7. Corgi-chops! nom nom

  8. And maybe one that isn’t so.. umm… lumpy?

  9. Splayed hocks, oh my!

  10. Yeah, don’t step on heem!

  11. Corgis are cute from any angle, but I really do think this particular angle is the best. Look at that hind end–tail nubbin, stubby legs, chubby thighs, and little pink paw pads!

  12. Thanks for the CORGI love!!

  13. Should be filed under “blorp”

    The shape! The shape of it 😀

  14. I saw those on sale at Re-snore-ation Hardware… you paid too much for him at C&B. Paw-Mart might be even cheaper.

    Side note, anyone remember that ep of Saved by the Bell where the dialogue (between Zack & Screech, maybe?) went something like “You can’t elope!” “Don’t call me a cantelope, you melonhead!” Can’t hear the word Cantelope without thinking of that.
    hehe, hello 1990s afterschool tv …

  15. um… I can’t believe I misspelled cantaloupe throughout that whole diatribe : /

  16. Has 260Oakley infected everyone???

  17. You can’t elope you melon head! 😆

  18. Resriechan says:

    bb/va: er, nope.

    I got (plenty uv’) nothin’….I had intended to estimate the degree of splayage (approx 45 degrees, in my own assessment) but somebody already got to that one, so …

    (pouting immaturely)

  19. Nice non-skid paw pads there, too. (P.S.: Fawkes?)

  20. BB/VA, a good pun is like a cheesecake… the more you have, the bigger your smile
    or something like that

  21. I agree with Calliope. Ed, did you mean Fawkes? Otherwise, I’m left trying to figure out the fake part of the equation. 🙂 With “Tobias” plopped on front of the Dumbledorean name, methinks this pupper is just called Toby. Or maybe Snape. Which seems like such a wonderfully incongruous name for such snuggly blorpitude.

  22. OH I like this tread, corgis and cheesecake, what could be better!

  23. skippymom says:

    Hey, where’s Katrina? “Katriiiiinaaaaa!!! Corgi alert!”

  24. specTOCKular 🙂

  25. kibblenibble says:

    The angle of the ears serves to warm the front paws rather efficiently. Gosh, between the stubby legs, exposed rear toe beans, tail nub, and round tum, I am officially keeled with Qteness. *sigh*

  26. Padfoot_Lives says:

    Huh someone is a Harry Potter fan, great name on this little guy…..that pup is clearly some kind of dementor—having sucked all the cute out of the world and into his own body…I need some chocolate!

  27. 260Oakley says:

    Oh, I love your new barkquet flooring.

    And BB/VA, it’s all for pun and pun for all around here.

  28. I’m glad I can’t see his face. I don’t think my heart could take it. *thud*

  29. I LOVE puns – it just seem that this little dude has attracted more than his share. Do corgi buns lead to corgi puns? Puppy rugs to puggy tubs?

  30. tracylee says:

    hehe I like the idea of a puggy tub!

  31. You sure don’t get a lot of coverage with one of them rugs. Probably would need a dozen or so to cover an average sized kitchen.

  32. Corgi butt!!! Looks a little like a loaf of bread with feet! Nom nom nom!

  33. Tock tock tocky tock

  34. The wee tockular tocklets!!!!!!!!

  35. CORGI TOCKS!!! *ded*

  36. I know corgis are from Wales… but surely they must have had some help from the Japanese when creating these anorable pupmeisters?

    I recommend turning your head and looking at corgi boy as if he were standing on his hind feetsies… Those little legs!! Awwn.

  37. @ Calliope

    You are correct – post updated! My error would simply horrify Professor Snope.

  38. Ah! I love corgis! Look at those plump little drumsticks and pink little toebeans.

  39. Tzarinac says:

    There is nothing better than seeing a corgi doing “drumsticks” as we refer to this pose at our house when our nub-meister performs it. Her sister (RIP) was also a master of the art form. It’s even funnier when they try to bark but are too lazy to get up onto their feet and kind of bounce off the floor as they woof!

  40. @tracylee: I heard a different version of that pun when I was a kid. It’s a knock-knock joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe who? Cantaloupe tonight, my father took the ladder!

  41. Ah yes, all four legs extended in a sign of complete happiness and comfort. Reminds me of myself in a way.

  42. enlightenmentgirl says:

    Very cute, but can corgi-fu beat pom-fu?

  43. Runs up to sleeping puppeh and


    runs away 🙂

  44. OMG, the stubby legs just KILLS me!!!! I want to snorf the heck out of that fat little belly too!

  45. No tail-but till reeeeeeaaaaly cute! We call KiIler “speed bump” when she does this!

  46. Francesca says:

    Eeeee cutie corgi bebbeh. Little ears to nom, little feets to nom, and a big old tummy to tickle. I didn’t know my corgi at this age, of course she now has great big ears to nom, cute feets to nom, and a big old tummy to tickle. Somethings don’t change. Can I borrow.. or keep.. or something…

  47. kibblenibble, you had me at “toe beans”. *swoon*

  48. I adore my corgi. This one needs a rump tweek. We love the fuzzy bottoms.

  49. DaytimeDeb says:

    This shows almost everything I love about corgis: Tiny tocks; reverse-hourglass-figure; ears at half-staff; nose made out of coal; and legs splayed (yes, they are. As far as they can go.) The corgi ‘tude is in full display, too. Just wish this were live-action to get a glimpse of the tock-twitch.

  50. In our household, we like to call this a “drumstick buffet”. DINNER’S ON!

  51. tracylee, I think the same about cantaloupe!

    I want to reach through my screen and snuggle this dog to bits. Corgis are so awesome. Do you guys know Tasha Tudor? She illustrates books staring corgis, and they are fantastic.

  52. So cuddleable! I want one in every room.

  53. As I announced on my Twitter, I’m diggin’ Dumblepup.