My Pig-Fu Is Invincible!

“Your skills are weak, young pup. You are no match for my advanced spinning-laying-down-surprise-attack technique!  Hah!”

Found on Your Morning Adorable at the L.A. Times.



  1. the sad side is that they are going to eat that funny piggie

  2. Ginger’s thinking…. I smell BACON!!
    (ok, probably not, more like WTH??!)

  3. Ada, I doubt it, looks like one of them piggies people keep as pets (not that I think it’s ok to eat the other piggies, mind)

  4. Daphne Moss says:

    OMG! That is soooo adorable…how happy the little piggy is, twirling around.
    He might be pet, not food. Owner appreciates enough to photograph, put in with pup…

  5. Aw, no WAY! 😆

  6. PS Goaties in the BG. Loooo-oove!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    I believe this is a demonstration of the mixed martial art known as Sty Kwan D’oh! The pig is showing us the move known as the Egg Roll.

  8. That’s the inter-species signal for “let’s play-fight!” 🙂

  9. wuyizidi says:

    “If done right, no can defense.”

  10. that pig is really nimble!!!

  11. This little piggy . . .

  12. mcbadkitty says:

    I always feel so bad for the participants of inter-species play-fights when the code/rule book gets lost. My 14-yr old cat & young dog loved each other but had not idea how to read the others signals…but believe you me when we got a new kitten – the dog made damn sure that new kitty got the rule book ASAP – mind you the cat now has no clue how to play with other kitties – but he sure has the doggie play bow down pat.
    That piggie is hilarious BTW.

  13. Looks like a pot-bellied pig, which are pets not food! 🙂

  14. Lerrinus says:

    OMG Oakley! 😆 Fantastic as always!

  15. That dog was giving the eye-avoidance tactic to the pig, such as I know you are there, but I’m not looking at you. I love the way the dog looked at the cameraperson and his eyes were telegraphing – GET ME OUTTA HERE! Why are you doing this to me? The pig was very comical – never saw a pig acted like that.

  16. Piggy Love…

    Lost in translation…

  17. @ADA Baaaaaaaaaaaaconnnnnnnnnnns

  18. I want to be in this happy place that has a little pig frolicking with a playful dog and goats just hanging out nearby…

  19. huh. This video solves a mystery for me. I always knew that my Lulu wasn’t fully canine–I thought she was part feline, but now I know that she’s part porcine. If the fuzzy one was chasing the pot bellied one, that’d be exactly how my dogs play.

  20. It’s like a goat and a dog and a peeg had a threesome and made a baby!
    That is one of the best things here EVAH!!!

  21. First learn stand, then learn fly. Finally, learn drop, roll, attack. Nature rule, Daniel-san, not mine.

    I’ll remember, Mr. Pigyagi. Wax-on, Wax-off…

  22. Yum yum! Time for some Pork Roll!

  23. And this little piggie went weee weee weee all the way over the doggie….over and over and over again.

  24. Flutterby says:

    Whirly-peeg! Wheeeeeee! Too cute!

  25. Pup doesn’t look like s/he’s interested in playing. Never moves toward peeg, backs away, looks for help… and then the hooman tells the DOG to be nice? SOMEone’s gonna get their slippers chewed up tonight for revenge.

  26. I think it’s so cute that the piggy’s tail is wagging 🙂

  27. Hilarious.

  28. Masterpig Theater presents: “The Paws de deux from Swine Lake” a ballet in one act.

  29. What we have here is a failure to communicate!

    mcbadkitty – when rabbits put their heads down like that it’s a dominant demand for grooming. So doggies think that bunny wants to play and buns think the dog is being snotty.

  30. Pig reminds me of fainting goats.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    There’s just such an overwhelming level of cuteness to this interspecies frolicking!

  32. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    I may never eat pork again.

  33. MiaMiaPantsonFia says:

    Pigs run into other pigs and try to knock them over to assert dominance. It’s their way of trying to establish alpha. That’s why if you get a pet pig, you have to correct them if they start trying to knock into you. Pigs are awesome, though!

  34. Ginger at the end of the video: “Whadayamean “play nice”??? The pig’s the one started it!!!”

  35. marthava says:

    @mary…Taylor’s Pork Roll!!! o..m…G!!!!!!!!!!!1 Taylor’s Pork Roll and eggs and toast was my MOST favorite breakfast in all the world when I was a little kid!!!! (It still is actually.) 😀 That is a MAJOR “home” food for me!!!!

  36. marthava says:

    And i don’t think it’s quite fair that poor Ginger is getting all the discipline when the piggeh is doing all the instigating, neither. That is SO not fair!!

  37. BabyOpossum says:

    That pig’s new fighting technique is unstoppable.

  38. Some days my beagle acts the exact same way and while it’s unbelievably adorable… I can’t help but think, “What DID they put in your kibble??” lol

  39. This may be the most adorable think I’ve seen in all my days.

  40. er, meant “thing.” obviously the cuteness has muddled the brain.

  41. That pig had me loling. He is delightfully irritating in the best way possible. Best pet evah!

  42. My legs akimbo roll is designed to confuse, then I go to attack mode.

  43. Narcoleptic piggy? Lol

  44. Cameleopard says:

    Surely the doggie bowing down is a classic dog invitation to play? I think he’s happy enough, just a bit confused that the piggie doesn’t understand the rules…

  45. The pig got the dog figured out. As soon as the dog gets pissed off, piggie drops and roll. Doggie thinks this is surrendering, and as soon as he turns his back piggie attacks again. Sneaky bastard!

  46. awwww!! chuck norris piggie doing a roundhouse kick to the face fail 😀

  47. LOVE Pig-Fu! And I love the LA Times morning adorable. Their twitter page @LATunleased is a menschy. Lots of serious, informative & cute animals thingsy.

  48. GREAT!! I HAD A COCKAPOO JUST LIKE THAT. The piggie is is doing the pigs in blanket move very tricky ha ha.

  49. How exceedingly entertaining!!

  50. white blaze on piggy forehead–so cute!

  51. Wow weird, I didn’t know piggies could be such huge nerds! What a cutie though. The dog is just kinda like “Yo man, wtf. Srsly.”

  52. Pig-flail! Wheeee!

  53. Hey, look at THIS piggie! Adorable!

  54. TrixandSam says:

    260Oakley – wha… how…. wha… How the heck do you come up with this stuff? I’m stunned.

    I love the look on the dog’s face toward the end of the video. It’s all “FTW?”.

  55. Oh, Ginger is just minding her own doggeh business and she is attacked by this crazy whirlypig! Poor Ginger. 😀

  56. BACON! Where is the bacon? I smell bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Got to be bacon. Only one place that smells like bacon and it’s BACON! Bacon. Bacon. Bacon THERE! That bag, what’s it say? I can’t read! Please, please give me what’s in the bag! Chewy, yummy, smokey bacon! Oh boy! Om nom nom nom nom. IT’S BACON! IT’S BACON!

  57. LOL@wuyizidi

    The whole video, I kept hearing in my head the dog from Over the Hedge. “PLAY? PLAY? PLAY!!!!”

    I think my fave part is at the end when she tells Ginger to be nice, and Ginger just gives her a look, like, “Huh? He’s head butting me, and I’m supposed to be nice??!?”

  58. What a wonderfully silly peeg!

  59. Catsquatch says:

    Be nice? Your telling the DOG to be nice?
    When the PIG is the one doing all the pushing around?
    How about telling the PIG to be nice or he will be BACON snacks for the DOG!

  60. CATLOVER101 says:


  61. hrhsqueak says:

    Lindsay – Now I want a peeg the size of my slipper and it’s All Your Fault!

  62. SOOOO cute!!! Love all of the piggy flops!

  63. Maybe Ginger is the pig….

  64. Lindsay – Thank you!

    Melissa – Let’s have more of your imagination, please. :/ :\

  65. Lindsay, that video is cute, until it gets to the point when the camera-person decides to do an extreme close up on the contents of the litter box. I can’t help but be completely distracted, thinking “What the…? Too much information, dude!”

    In the original video, I agree with the others. Why is the dog the one getting disciplined? I’d nip the nose of someone who keeps trying to head-butt me too!

  66. Jenn in IL says:

    Lindsay – I will forever blame you for forcing me to want such an adorable creature of adorableness and never getting it. How dare you. 😉

  67. Piggy uses Headbutt! It’s Super Effective!

    Sorry, I’ve been playing too much Pokemon HeartGold recently. X3;

  68. “I shall confound you into submission!”

  69. @Lindsay: WOW! I especially love the part where Kingsford gets picked up to the top of the steps only to drop back down, poor little thing. “I was coming up the steps to see you! Come back here!! Hey! Heeeey!!”

    @edmundh, marthava, and others: I was thinking the same thing. Funny how often we scold the pet who finally snaps after having been so patient. Innit?

    @Hon Glad: Oh my! What’s the emoticon for blushing? Or round-eyed? I think that comment deserved one of each. 😉

  70. @Lindsay: I just made the connection … hamlet-let’s name is Kingsford. Y’know, just like the charcoal briquets! Heh.

  71. rubber duck says:

    Was the pig actually WAGGING ITS TAIL? Am I seeing things? Maybe it thinks it’s a dog.

    (And in case anyone’s still wondering…that’s a pot-bellied pig, they’re kept as pets, not raised for meat.)

  72. Nicole Ivy says:

    That was the happiest two minutes of my life.

  73. Leigh-Anne says:

    This is just too cute!! :):)

  74. soo cute 🙂

  75. That pig is too cute. I love the flopping over and rolling.
    Frisky little goomer. Ginger has the look of who the snot
    let him in here anyway?
    As for the other video of the little piggy and the ocean scene. Love the music!

  76. the woman in the backround is laughing like CRAZY!

  77. This made a crappy day much less crappy!

  78. rubber duck says:



  79. Yes, pig rolling on floor sign is of submission to dog to indicate just playing. Lovely!

  80. Yes, you’re right. That pig is playing too rough for Ginger.

  81. Interspecies gamboling!

  82. Peanut's Mama says:

    The friggin pig thinks its a fainting goat.

  83. Peanut's Mama says:

    Lindsay was that necessary?!?!?!? Now I need a teensie weensie shoe-sized meenie peegie. I LOVe how his little legs move SO FAST!