A spectacular owl photo collection just flapped it’s way over to the Cute Overload mailbox. Give a hoot, check it oot! [Canadian accent]

Mo’ owls, mo’ problems over at Fishki.



  1. First owl looks like an old dude with a mustache.

  2. Lurv the owl disapproval in the bottom two pictures. *cowers back to corner*

  3. It’s a parliament of owls! Now if they could un-convene and come kill the gophers in my garden ….

  4. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    And for those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, there’s a barn owl in California who is live on web cam 24/7 (there’s a nightvision camera)..Molly is her name, and at this time she has 3 babies that are growing like weeds, and 2 more eggs to go. Her mate comes in with rabbits, rats, mice, etc.
    Please to be enjoying:

  5. SixFootJen says:

    I’m never the nitpicker, but there’s a first time for everything:
    1) Owls don’t make any noise as they fly; they are completely silent. So they wouldn’t “flap” their way over. But maybe when photo collections fly, they are noisier than the birds they portray?!
    2) “flapped its [not it’s] way over”

    Sorry, sorry, sorry. The owls made me do it. They glared at me until I hit “Submit.”

  6. W00t! to the H00t!

  7. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Oh-and don’t blame me if you get hooked on Molly…I can think of far worse things to be spending your time on…:)

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    The second owl looks like Owl in Winnie-the-Pooh. They’re all bootiful.

  9. H-owl-y disapproval on the second bird!

  10. Yes but… the owls are not what they seem.

  11. Oh Lucy’s… not another webcam to suck my lifeforce away! I’m already hooked on the pandas (http://www.sandiegozoo.org/pandacam/) and the peregrine falcons (http://www2.ucsc.edu/scpbrg/nestcameras.htm) Sheeesh! 😛

    PS- I’m totally stealing the top owl pic for some sort of avatar!

  12. Oh yea by the way: “Give a hoot! Don’t pollute!”

  13. Not owl. Shmoo.

  14. I didn’t realize Canadians had an accent… ?

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    10R: They do. As do many people in the very northern parts of the U.S. I noticed this when I was in Michigan. As well as with my own ex who is from Washington State. In Michigan, they pronounced words such as couch as cooach. Or out as oot. I loved it! They also often ended sentences with, “eh?” Many people had bumper stickers on their cars which read, “Say yah to de U.P., eh?” (U.P. being Upper Peninsula). I love that accent.

  16. Omg live Owl link! I just watched the newly bebeh owlette! aaggh bebeh weengs!

  17. Just to represent, i’ll put on the record that owl 2 looks like most Canadians do when we hear a the ‘Canadian accent’ comment… kinda an ‘ORLY’ but far less ‘lmao’ and far more ‘grrrr’! HAHAHA!! love it, love it, love it – owls are fantastic… and Canadians are kinda funny (we love to laugh at ourselves just about as much as everyone else loves to laugh at us).

  18. the first one is the cutest owl i have ever seen in my life!

  19. Sweeda88 says:


  20. Queen of Dork says:

    I wonder what that first owl is called? Perhaps the elusive speckle-headed giggle beak owl?

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    *Say in a hushed voice*
    (whispering) and here, only on PBS, (we appreciate your donations) we spot the elusive, speckle-headed giggle beak owl, rarely photographed in its natural habitat. which is why it’s so elusive. as it awakens for an evening on the hunt, it can be heard to utter a distinctive, yet quiet giggle so as to awaken it’s prey who come out to see what’s so funny. then, the giggle beak swoops and captures its dinner.

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    *whispering still* oops. I put an apostrophe where I needn’t have in the word, its. my bad.

  23. Canadians have regional accents much like various areas of the US do. Personally I’ve never heard an “oot” but I love me some ZeD.

    A joke I heard: The English language was born in England, grew up in America, got sick in Africa and died in India.

  24. oh yeah, and that first fluffy white owl is laughing at us.

  25. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ post. The extended collection is wonderful!

  26. MoonCatty says:

    On the far away planet of the beautiful, wise, noble feathered aliens… this is what they look like.


  27. They do not seem amused…. well… except for the first one. lol

  28. Top: Approves!!
    Middle: Disapproves.
    Bottom: Meh…

  29. I love owls. They are my favorite things in the animal kingdom. TYVM Meg!

  30. These are all great, but oh my that smiley owl; that is the best display of avian joy I have ever laid my grateful eyes upon.

  31. wow…..they look nice but also a little creepy….

  32. I saw that and I immediately thought of this: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2702/n1176787518303193628051.jpg

  33. Seems like this should be a meme-style comic
    “First I was like this”
    “But then he was like this”
    “And now I’m like this”

  34. CanadianGirl says:

    Love the pictures, but I have yet to meet a fellow Canadian that had an accent like that.

  35. Bunny Pharr says:

    Man…not to be all meansy to the owls…but they scare the tootsie rolls outta me!! There is just something demonic in those eyes to me. *shivers*

  36. Jim March says:

    The cutest owls I know of:

    Owls are smart enough to be extremely affectionate.

  37. Hellooo happy owl! xoxoxox

  38. I have a sudden urge to send a letter to someone. Not sure why.

  39. many owls, many moods
    happy, grumpy, sleepy… where are the other four?

  40. As has been mentioned afore, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute”
    to which I add the next line of the song:
    “Never be a dirty bird!”
    Great pix of statuesque animals. The website is great, too!
    Thanks Mega-r ooo-ooooo-oooo!

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve just been to Fishki. I’ve bookmarked it. I wants me a wol dancing on my kitchen hob, (but not for bad reasons), y’all understand.

  42. Yes, wols.

  43. As I have said before…more of Mother Nature’s fab creatures. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I am totally going to use the second owl picture in a Powerpoint presentation at work to express disapproval at the lack of progress in a project.

    Now I have the Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute music stuck in my head.

  45. Disapproving owl is frowning at the superfluous apostrophe in the lead (whereas owl #1 thinks it’s hilarious and owl #3 thinks it may all be a ploy to get us talking). :-b So Queen of Dork, you’re in great company, hanging with Our Meg today! 😀

    Love these little guys (the owls, not the apostrophes!), especially the laughing dude.

    Canadian Wolfie

  46. They are so beautiful. Owls are always an instant win in my book!

  47. The link at the bottom of the post is definitely worth a look–many more gorgeous and unusual owls!

  48. Everybody’s fond of owls.

    Except for mice and shrews… And Simon Cowells.

    [You caaaan’t foooool owwwwls – Ed.]

  49. Ruffian9 says:

    Jim March ..Thank you…the happy ‘ clicks’ from the second little guy getting his head scriched (…made up word? Use it regularly, no idea how it might be spelled…) made my day. My very first project that I can remember back in grade school was on the Snowy Owl…..sigh, I luvs them.

  50. The disapproval, it makes me nervous. What did I do?

    As for the accent wars, we all have one. Mine is from the center of the US. I flatten everything out (like I say “prah-cess” not “proh-cess”) and I talk far to slowly to be considered intelligent by the rest of the english-speaking world. My regionalisms are from rural Missouri, but at least I say the “ee” on the end of the state name and I don’t call the highway that runs through St. Louis “farty.”

  51. SoCalSis says:

    Bev, no one has an accent in their own home region. Everyone ELSE has an accent, don’t ya know… Accents are only for ‘those other folks’. And I’m curious– in what parts of Missouri do they pronounce it MissourAH, and where do they say MissourEE?

  52. ♫ In Kansas and in Misery ♫

  53. Yay! I love owls! They are so amazing! Did you know that (at least some species) have one ear-hole higher than the other on their skulls to help with precise 3D location of sounds?

  54. Hedwig!!!!!

  55. Second owl is all like: If one more person asks me how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop…

  56. O Hai, Ms. Owlietta; and welcome to “The Owl Dating Game”;
    And here are the contestants vying for your approval:
    Bachelor #1: Mr. O’Rlly, with a fabulous sense of humor; lottsa laffs
    Bachelor #2: Mr. Wise Tatochip Guy; strong, silent, stern; wunce inna wile crabby
    Bachelor #3: Mr. Arctic Tundra; xtreem snowy good-looks; kinda reserved
    Now; you haz the choice of enny one of these wunnerfull fellas;
    Or, you haz the option of having a scrumptious field dinner, freshly caught by one of our local Owl stage-hands.
    Wait, Wut??? You’ll take the dinner and the stage-hand?? Mmmmm; ‘K

  57. Mr. Suave Snowball man! He’s so white and soft looking, he does look like he’s made of snow! What a beauty. You think he’d let me pet his head? I bet he would.

    You guys from Canada do too have an accent, y’all just can’t hear it. It’s like me, I’m from Michigan and people have told me I have a mid-west accent. I’m all huh??

  58. MC Squared says:


  59. Queen of Dork says:

    My favorite accent ever is the Russian accent. So very lovely! Just the sound of the language when someone speaks it sounds beautiful to me even though I don’t understand what’s being said. I would love to learn that language. I also would love to learn sign language.

  60. I’m from Brooklyn. I talk like Bugs Bunny.

  61. Resriechan says:

    Hi there Q — guess “Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”….

    took a bit’o’ the Rooooooooskie in-a da college??? 1 1/2 yrs….????

    Whooooooooooooooo do you think, hmmmmmmmmm???


    “Wink-wink, nudge, nudge!!”

    (OK I can’t stand the suspense. I;ll give you a hint. She lives in the
    same city where I live …..)

  62. I wanna learn sign language too! Could be useful when you can’t make a noise (casts wary eye overhead for silent flying owls).

    Russian? A little scary in my book. Like Putin, he’s not exactly mr. cuddly now is he?

    Queenie likes Putin! Queenie likes Putin (singsong)! hee hee!

  63. Here I am imagining that I have black paint and a paint brush, and I can reach through the monitor and paint the accents on owl 2 (great horned owl, right?). How amazing are these beautiful creatures?!

  64. SO Queenie, you’re like Wanda in “A Fish Called . . .” you know?

  65. I would have put the relevant clip up here, but since it shows John Cleese almost nekkid, I thought of the owlets.

  66. HAHAHA! I totally forgot about that bit with John Cleese.

  67. Resriechan says:

    um -Paunchie — Two things!!

    1) LOL @ the Q loves Putin assessment–TRULY!!!
    2) Part o’ the seeming skerriness over the Russkie…could be related to the fact that it doesn’t use an A-Z type alphabet. Once you get used to their alpha sys, then you can sound out some words & the training wheels are SO smoooooooooooooth

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: What’s up, Docski? (crunching carrot)

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Paunchie: I know. Sign language is very unique and fluid. Sadly, all I know of it is the alphabet.

  70. Resriechan says:

    Theresa: does that imply that owlets are susceptible to male British nerd-humorists?????

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Paunchie: I think I really developed my adoration for the Russian accent when I was a teenager and very seriously dancing ballet. Lots of girls had crushes on a movie star or rock star but me and my friends from the dance studio had HUGE crushes on…(who else?) Mikhail Baryshnikov!

  72. Could be. He was rather attractively middle-aged at that point.

  73. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. Who I actually had the heart stopping honor to meet when my company, DTH and his company, ABT were both on tour at the same time in Spoleto, Italy in the summer of 1982. *swoon* 🙂 Wow!

  74. For me, the BEST Russian accent of all was Ilya Kuriakin’s (sigh). It’s fun seeing David McCallum as Duckie in NCIS, but (big sigh) oh what a sexy Russian spy-guy he was in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back in the day…

  75. Queenie– wow!!!

  76. Resriechan says:

    Okay Queen/ Dorkski —

    WHY (Dad’s phrase here: “in the SAM HILL”)

    didn’t Mikhail the Magnificentl have enough brains to propose a Marriage to Mikhail, with you? Iz he kooky in the haid, not to have immediately moved heaven & earth to spend the rest of his newly
    American life, with the Amazing Q of D (as opposed to his proposing marriage, to, say, the other “Q” — Quincy Jones ……)

    Or — alternatively, were you perhaps already promised to Putin?????

  77. Where my dad lives in Florida, they have little beer-can-sized burrowing owls. Incredibly cute li’l guys.

  78. I have been told that I speak with an American accent (Mid-West/Southern) even though I am a Canadian 😀 I remember watching a documentary that said that anyone who lived in Ontario would develop an Americanized Canadian accent 😀 I guess I got my accent from my Dad 😀

  79. Remember also, peeps, that regional accents or dialects are not really the same as the accent with which someone speaks a language that isn’t their native tongue.

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie: I was a teenage American girl who was too dumbfounded at the moment to barely even be able to speak. One of my friends in the company introduced me to Baryshnikov. Both companies were on tour in Spoleto that year and we went to the theatre were they were performing to watch their rehearsal. Anyway, this friend of mine had already met him before. I was new to the company and she was…well, worldly and cool. And we came across him backstage sitting there on a chair and she was all casual and was like, “c’mon, I’ll introduce you.” I of course was dying and she just bravely walked up to him and said hi and introduced me. He spoke and welcomed us and said that he hoped we would enjoy watching their rehearsal and I sputtered stupidly. This same girl did the exact same thing to me when we encountered Jerome Robbins in a shoe store in Spoleto a few days later. I was all, “hammmmina, haammmmina, hammmmmina…gulp”

  81. @QoD, about fifteen years ago, I was wandering around Glyndebourne, hours before the opera, and I saw a singer whom I’ve had a crush on for (now) about thirty years. He was talking with another singer I like very much, and they were wearing shorts and premature little-old-man glasses, and they were laughing like hyenas (or fifteen-year-olds). It was a really overwhelming experience for me– if it had been just one of them, maybe I could have approached him. But BOTH of them was too much. I froze to the spot, and I think I hyperventilated. 😯

  82. @Leslie, where exactly is “the Sam Hill”? I’ve always wondered!

  83. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I know. It’s overwhelming to meet people who you so look up to because of their exquisite gifts and talent and want to emulate. Those times in in my life in Italy will never be forgetten. Ever. 🙂 Who were the opera singers you saw that day?

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Ooops! of course I meant forgotten, not forgetten. Ha-ha!

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa and Res: Goodness! I’ll tell you. Sam Hill is just around the corner from that really big, weird hill upon which our grandparents walked to school in the snow 7 miles up hill both ways. It’s to the left of the turn past that little house on the prairie over by the corral. You know, where the love of Mike went to meet Murphy after his law went into effect. I was just over there on Sam Hill yesterday where I was herding as the cows came home.

  86. Oh yes, I know it well! It’s in Tarnation! 😆

  87. PS: It’s where you go gallivanting!

  88. SoCalSis – The pronunciation of the state is not necessarily limited to geography. The pronunciation of the word “Missouri” is more seasonal, if you will. Apparently, ALL the parts of Missouri say “Missour-ah” during an election year. It’s “Missour-ee” everywhere in the state at all other times. I hope this made sense to you since it doesn’t to me.

  89. SoCalSis says:

    Bev, is that because during an election year all the politicians want to sound more ‘down home’ just like ‘reg’lar folks’, and the rest of the time they’re just plain old ordinary politicians?

    I do notice how you can tell non-westerners by the way they prounounce “Nev-ahhh-da”. Those of us on this side of the country call it “Nev-aaaa-da”.

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps. um. Awhile back Theresa and I had a music of the 70s competition and one of my entries was the theme song to that old show, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. (ahem). So anyhoo, hearing that caused me to remember how my mom and I used to watch that and crack up at the weirdness of it. So I decided I wanted to see it again and ordered it on my Netflix account. Well, it came in the other day and I just started watching it. HOLY CRAP AND WOW IS THIS STRANGE!!! Not only that, but there’s a character who I had forgotten about who is a country western singer by the name of Loretta. Loretta! That’s the name I have been calling the little kitty who visits my house. *shivers. I’m a-skeered. I’m so a-skeered.*

  91. @Queenie, it was Thomas Allen (now Sir Thomas) and Robert Lloyd, a baritone and a bass, respectively, so I can’t really say I wanted to emulate them. No, “emulate” is not what I wanted to do at all . . . 🙄

  92. Loretta! Mary Kay Place
    This was how country singers used to look!

  93. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: 😯 Holy. Crapski. (Where can I get a dress like that?)

  94. Is is my birthday or something?

    Must be! Couldn’t ask for anything better than a triple owl post.

  95. Hon Glad says:

    Jeez… What to say, should I talk about wols, ak -cents or ballet or Opera singers.
    Lets take them in order, I was in my garden at night, when an owl swooped over my head, although it happened ye

  96. Hon Glad says:

    Gawd knows why that extract posted itself, it wasny me

  97. Queen of Dork says:

    Watching Mary Hartman became so incredibly strange to me that I had to turn it off. Really. I had to turn that off and watch the cats playing outside.

  98. This is about a boot and a boat. And an owl, who made me howl but not hoot, because we’re not fools who call them ools!

    Combine Canadian Raising (http://www.yorku.ca/twainweb/troberts/raising.html – it’s an accent, not an upbringing!) plus our tendency to round vowels to the unrounded vowels of many American, and it’s no wonder an “oot” is heard. It’s funny what sounds simply get missed by each other – as if the phonemes don’t exist if you’re not used to them. You’ll likely notice the difference between “about” and “around”, it’s quite apparent. If said “That man is shouting!” you wouldn’t duck and cover. 🙂

    And especially:
    He kicked me with a boot, and so we had a bout, and we went a couple rounds until I knocked him down.“.

    The only English speakers I’ve ever met who’ve heard “aboot” are Americans. It’s more commonly closer to how they pronounce “a boat” than how I pronounce “a boot”. There is a slight lean towards “oot” on the East coast, especially in Novia Scotia, but still (to my ears) nearer to “oat”. A longish but decent “third party” view of accents on both sides of the 49th:

    . But I hear joked about a lot; Bob & Doug were spoofing, eh?

    Also, “what in the sam hill” is my favourite minced oath. But I love them all!

  99. Hon Glad says:

    although it happened years ago I still remember the sensation. It does not supprise me that Canadians would say oot, many familys originate from Scotland, “Get oot the road”= get out of the way.
    QoD your Ballet days sound wonderful “everything was beautiful at the ballet ,raise your arms and someone’s always there” the unaturall contortions you have to put your body through, do they have any lasting effect.
    Theresa – did you see the MGM musicals Prom with Sir Tom?

  100. @Queen of Dork: I only know how to say one thing in sign language, but it’s astonishingly useful and I use it often! *cough*

  101. Hon Glad, no I missed that– last time I saw Sir Tom was at the Met in “Rosenkavalier” in January. Unrecognizable in the costume and makeup until he opened his mouth and sang. I am actually making a trip to Cincinnati to see him in “Meistersinger” this summer. These long-distance relationships are so hard to maintain. 😛

  102. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa , I was supposed to see La Rondine at the Met last January. It would have been my first trip to America, I bought the tickets and my sister was going to book the Hotel and flights, as she has been to New York several times. However she delayed for so long trying to get the cheapest flights, that we didn’t go in the end nor could I get any refund on the tickets.

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    doggabone: Perhaps it’s more a northern U.S. thing ’cause they truly say, “aboot” or more like abooat. Instead of about. (It’s hard to type the sound of it, but it’s there and I like it!)
    Hon Glad: My ballet training gave me a huge amount of self-discipline. Huge. And the experience of dancing on many stages in front of many people was magical and something that will be forever in my memory. The whole thing. Living, training and working/dancing in New York City was itself special and it’s all hard to put into words. It was an experience I cherish and will never forget. Also, it has caused me pain in my body that will never go away! 🙂 For instance, you know how some people can sit on their butts on the floor with their knees all bent in “indian” style? Should be an easy way to sit, right? For me…Never! My knees are completely shot. And I won’t even mention my poor toes. My back hurts on a daily basis when I wake up in the morning, but is treatable (thank God) with plain aspirin. But I wouldn’t trade the whole experience at all. It was fab!

  104. Hon Glad, your sister sounds like my brother. 😛 I didn’t see the Proms but I did manage to see “Gianni Schicchi” and Hansel und Gretel last year, and was pleased to see Tom is still taking his clothes off and groping women onstage. I think he has it written into his contracts. 😛

  105. Cute owls. I am canadian. I do not say oot. No one does.

  106. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE Canada! Some of the best memories of my entire 45 year old life are from experiences I had in Canada. Such a remarkably beautiful country! Such good smells (of the woods) and sights!

  107. Resriechan says:

    (the ONLY dancing memories that are part of my experience are rather old-fashioned & Norman Rockwellish. or Rockwellian or something.

    Even until I was about 15 yrs old or so, my dad would have our lovely Asian carved stereo cabinet, tuned to a radio station or playing some music on a disc or a tape. Maybe on Christmas Eve night (waiting all night to get dressed up to go to Midnight Mass, don’tcha know)…they might play some particular swingy waltz melody. Me mudder isn’t very cuddly or affectionate or anything…so Dad would have me put my right foot on top of his left foot and my left on top of his right and Dad would start waltzing “us” around the Living Room.

    Usually it was because the radio had chosen to play some song along the style/l era of the “Orange Blossom Special” ….

    Hon Glad — did you see the other 2 peeps in a different comment stream NOT the Rhino pic / column where it would be easiest to find…) who said they also want to attend the Rhonda Rhino Charm School???? Thing you really have something, there!!!

    That’s all I got for tonight folks. To quote our gal from “Blazing Saddles:

    “Let’s face it, I’m TIRED!!!!”

    Peace & fuzzy lambipoos to ALL!!!!

  108. Resrie, how sweet!

  109. Resriechan says:

    ok Alex hooked me back for a sec: Ya might consider, not claiming, “no one does thus & so”.

    NONE of us… knows EVERYONE on the planet.

    I happen to know a few people who — without intending anything humorous or ironic — DO use that pronounciation “oooooooot”; practically daily.

  110. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    for all his Catholic Navy Fighter Pilot/ Officer cred,
    he really had a lovely, quiet personality; very understated about his success rates, his position in the Navy, his political opinions, etc.

    Thanks for allowing me to sketch out a picture,
    of our living room in N. Florida in the 1980s or so.

    (RIP, Daddy-o!!)

  111. Hon Glad says:

    Resriechan – I can see the Norman Rockwell painting of your dance.

    Re Rhonda Rhino Charm school, I have been in contact with Ronnie (as her friends call her) and I am afraid that as part of the graduation exam is “How to turn over a tourist landrover using your horn with grace and charm” you dont stand much chance. No fork lifts allowed. Soree

  112. Theadosia says:

    Oh QoD I feel your back pain, literally. Although in my case it was English Country dancing (of which you may see examples in the BBC Pride and Prejudice). Quick turns, lack of traction…it wasn’t (and still isn’t) pretty. I still miss dancing dreadfully, but the body just isn’t up to it anymore.

  113. Actually, a Canadian accent turn out to sound more like

    oat–for out

    I’m going oat, eh?



  114. @Queen of Dork: I was a bike courier for about 16 years. We share knees. Now, I never met a famous dancer while working, and certainly none that made my still healthy knees go wobbly, but I met a few famous politicians (who had become lawyers) and the King of Kensington while on the job.

    I remember, in a High School French class, the teacher was trying to teach us on those peculiar vowel sounds (“Say ‘eee’ but think ‘uuu'”, is what I remember he said but it may have been the other way). oot/oooat reminds me of that. “oooat” looks closer to how I hear the “oot”. Now, I’m no expert, but an armchair fan of languages and sound and I’m not disputing any reports of “aboot” heard. Some folks do get a little bent out of shape because when repeated to us, the accent sounds comical and unlike our speech. As to the veracity, I just quote the linguists!

    What I find most interesting is that often the things we hear in an accent have more to do with our hearing than the speaking. Some of my comments stem from a long night with some film folks – we had folks from Australia, England, the U.S. and England at the table, and at least one of the Canucks had Irish parents and most of the accent. We had unique perceptions of the accent we heard from each other. And if we’d had a Newfoundlander at the table, we all would have agreed that we couldn’t understand a word he or she was saying. 😉 Between the accent and the vocabulary, they nearly have their own magical language.

    I like this, from Wikipedia:

    Individuals who speak with Canadian raising will frequently be baffled by reports that they are being perceived as saying “aboot” or more precisely “a boat.” However, such people can note the difference in pronunciation between words with and without Canadian raising: “house” (verb) and “house” (noun), “lies” and “lice,” etc.

    Mostly, though, I like to chatter about the Canadian accent because it lets me use “rising dipthong” in a sentence. Heh.

  115. Queen of Dork says:

    Theadosia: I know. Check this out. Prettiest music ever. Prokofiev outdid himself with this one. And I’d bet money that at the moment, Gelsey’s knees and back hurt while she was performing this and her feet where bleeding inside her toe shoes.

  116. @Resriechan: I actually have spectacularly long vowel sounds in my speech, and am the only one in my family. I’ve just picked up the habit, probably because it’s easier to get the last word in if you really stretch it out. *cough* It’s occasionally humorous, now, as it’s been commented and joked about by friends – they get the double deluxe whammy and it’s an in joke. Especially at nooooooooon on a Tuuuuuuuuuesday.

  117. The last owl is like
    Hiiiii there! Wanna touch my feather’s? They’re very soft…

  118. The Shazinator says:

    AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! Canadians do not say oot! Gah! We definitely say it differently than Americans, but it’s not oot. Out sounds more like “e-ut” while Americans sound more like they’re saying “a-ut”. Any time I’ve heard actors trying to mimic a Canadian accent, they sound more like they’re using a Minnesota accent – we do not sound like that!!

    Okay, rant over. The owls are cute.

  119. @The Shaz, which Americans sound like that? There are several American accents. New England, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwestern, Upper Midwestern, Western, etc.

    I don’t think we’re going to settle this in writing. I had a long relationship with an Aussie, and we used to imitate each other to each other all the time, and neither of us sounded one bit to the other like we thought we did. 🙄

  120. @Queen of Dork: You’ve reminded me of one of the great Canadian stories. It’s got hockey in it, always a good start up here. Bob Baun scored the goal that forced the seventh game of a Stanley Cup series to game seven, and then played game seven on a badly broken ankle.

    That and the story of Bill Barilko are my two favourite sports stories. Barilko scored the series winning goal for the Stanley Cup in 1951, and died in a plane crash that summer, although no-one knew where and his body wasn’t found. The Leafs didn’t win another cup for eleven years, the same year his body was discovered.

  121. ORLY? YARLY!!!!!

  122. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh Snapskidoodleheadyaska: Here we have the lovely Russian accent combined with the impeccable balletic technic of Herself, Ms Natalia Makarova. (I must try to breathe).

  123. Resriechan says:

    @ doggabone: in re. yours,. #’s 98, 114, etc., above:

    Have yoooooooooooooooo evair enjoyed a partikulair bit …
    (okay, “digital only” peeps, mooooooooooove along for now, for I fear
    yoooooou MIGHT not get this reference as easily as you would get
    more recent titles………..)

    from the charming motion pickcha called “Chitty Chitty BANG! BANG!!……

    where the characters spontaneously erupt into joyful song
    (in lovely harmony, ‘ course) over the wonders of a yummy new
    candy to be called “Toot Sweets”???


    They oughta hire you to play the Dick Van Dyke character, onstage at your local dinner theater production……… how’s your broom-dancing routine????? 😉

  124. Owls are my favorites! The first one is ^.^ . The second one is worth at least five Rabbits on the Disapproval Scale. The third one looks so smooth and soft I want to just pat my screen. And the Fishski link is great!

    And thank you SO MUCH to Lucy’s Mommeh for the link to the GORGEOUS barn owl cam, and to Jim March for the adorable owl vids on YouTube!

  125. Hey jenjen thanks for the owl-info. Didn’t know that about the ears. They’re just amazing creatures!

  126. Mary (the first) says:

    Those owls are bee-yooo-teee-full !!

  127. @resreiechan: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of my favourite movies when I was a youngling. I’m not sure how I’d do with a broomstick, but I did a couple high school musicals back in the day and managed to fool the audience that I knew what I was doing. I’d never bring the grace and aplomb that Van Dyke could bring to his klutzy crackpots, but if the stick can keep up then so can I.

    The original book, which I also loved, was written by Ian Fleming. No wonder I grew up to be a James Bond fan!

  128. Paunchie says:

    Ms. Makarova looks great, and she’s 45 there? Gol dang, doesn’t that make your legs feel good and stretchy? Where’s my pink tights??

  129. Resriechan says:

    Hi Paunchie!! I just waved to you, over at the kitty cookie comment stream, where you commented about the BIG DOG and the (tiny kitten) and the woman who won’t allow the doggie to keep the kitten …..

    I’m glad to know, that the DVD & CCBB ideas, were on-target; I THOUGHT that there probably would turn out to be a reason in your past, why you would seem like someone who would appreciate the “Toot Suite” candy scene….

    What are you doing, these days, w/ your history onstage? Do you attend community college drama where you live to support those peeps?

    BTW, near what area of the nation do you live? Big city; rurual?

    I think I understand enough about you based on our previous exchanges, that I can feel comfortable that I’m not offending you by asking these aquestions.

    OF COURSE don’t reveal on the I’net any particulars like the actual town or zip code where you live…

  130. Resriechan says:

    OOPS I MEANT DOGGABONE NOT Paunchie (Paunchie HAS written to me there on another pic & comment stream so I’m not entirely out of Left Field; just am mixing up two different people & our exchanges…)

    OOPS (again)

  131. if it is terribly important to you resrichan, as a canadian, I know not one single person who says oot. But as I only live here, what do I know?

  132. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie and doggabone: I LOVE Dick Van Dyke in the rooftop chimney sweep scene in Mary Poppins. Lots of really great dancing and choreography in that.

  133. Resriechan says:

    Hi Alex I hope you’re having a FABULOUS month.

    I’m ENTIRELY willing to believe that Canadians do not tend to say “oot”. And I”m entirely certain that you know about 100 more Canadians, than I ever will know and that you’re MUCH the better qualified about Canadian pronounciation.

    However (and truly there’s NO ickiness hostility or anything unkind intended here & I hope I didn’t say anything hurtful in the way my earlier was worded, I wrote & posted it rather on a day when things were moving in Fast Forward)…but also I took 4 years of French in High School, got A’s throughout, then comp-tested out of 18 semester hours of French grammar classes before I began college; then majored in French for 3 years (we had both a –southern region-American professor of French and ALSO a man who was, by birth, from a French-speaking region of France)….got straight A’s in those French classes….STILL speak French effectively these days (some 20 yrs later)– have met many many peeps here in Fla who moved here from Haiti; and others who spend the cold winter months, down FROM Canada, visiting in Florida (we call ’em Snowbirds here)…and also met & spoken in discussions just fine with people who have moved here to Florida from French-speaking areas of African….

    (not to be too outrageous but actually just about every time I start gently speaking in French, the other people compliment my French as unusually fluent for an “Mericun….)

    took linguistic/ analytical language origins, minored in Russian…

    so I s’pose you would be PERFECTLY fair to assume that I’m a
    ridiculously enthusiastic LANGUAGE & FOREIGN language-learning & vocabulary

    Proud to say I’m a Geek.

    Entirely sorry if I misstepped & sounded like I wanted to insult you.
    I did worry that night, in case my wording was ungenerous or mean-spirited??

    Hope we can be mutually interested acquaintances & learn more about the world together.

    PEACE be with you.– I mean it TRULY!!!

    God’s love to everyone including His wonderful furry & scaly & otherwise critters.

  134. Resriechan says:

    oops one correction — The other French professor at my University was from a French-speaking area of CANADA, NOT from FRANCE

    (tryin’ to think & type at the same time GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

    Mea Culpa OOPS

  135. 😀 During the 2010 Winter Olympics, when the men’s hockey team won GOLD, all the American fans were treated to hugs 😀

  136. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    The laughing mustachioed owl in the first pic is now my desktop background. Cutest. Owl. EVVVVAAAAARRRRR!!!!!

  137. @Resriechan: I left amateur theatre for music, and spent a couple decades in various bands. Rock and pop, mostly, although I stayed in enough bands that I got to try just about every style a few times, at least. My longest run was with a band that sounded something like a collision between Queen and Kate Bush. I do make it out to the local clubs from time to time and I always pay the cover to get in. That’s my “community theatre”.

    I moved on to sound design, and did a couple of small films that actually got shown in public, as well as helping a few bands record material, a couple of voice actors record demos, and so on. Enormous fun. Now I’m just workin’ for a livin’ – trying my hand at a new business in facilities services – but I still play guitar and muck about on the computer mixing things together or inventing new noises in software, stuff like that. I may be re-recording some of the old songs with the old band, but that’s been consistently postponed for months. And I think I’ve forgotten most of the chords!

    I’m a Toronto boy, been living here my whole life. I’ve travelled North often – I love it up there, and get to Ottawa and Montreal when I can to visit family. (My French, however, is horrible.) I’ve been to both coasts once or twice, but never to the Prairies. It’s a beautiful country. I’ve been down to New York, Kentucky, Buffalo, Florida, Cape Cod – all lovely, but mysteriously foreign.

    @Alex: We don’t say “oot”, but they hear it. I find that fascinating. I say, raise your dipthong with pride!

    @Teresa: You might enjoy this anecdote about the game the Americans won: http://www.pubclub.com/Olympics/hockey.htm. Also, I’ve read that before the final game, a couple of our guys got to feeling a little edgy and so what did they do? Start a pickup game outside the arena. The story goes that the police told them they’d have to quit it, unless they were allowed to play too!

  138. Owl #1: LOLOWL

  139. First and foremost: OWLIES!

    Secondly, I’m a native Texan. I recently went to Indiana to visit my sister, who grew up in TX but who has lived in IN since 1994. And got told several times that I didn’t have a Texas accent. Interesting. I guess I don’t have much of one compared to my dad (who says “aigs” for “eggs”) but it also makes me wonder what they were expecting to hear. Y’all come back, now!

  140. I would love to see more of the owls from the link captioned as only Meg can do!

  141. @doggabone 😆 I saw that on the news here on the West Coast of Canada 😆 Several people along with those two guys and several police officers had that pickup game 😆 No one cared who won 😆 It was all in good fun 😆

  142. The Shazinator says:

    @Theresa: Perhaps I should have said, many Americans say a variation of a-ut. I know many Americans and speak to Americans everyday with my job – from every state – so I’ve heard out, house, etc. said with many accents.

    I still can’t figure out why Americans think we Canadians say “oot”.

    Joe says it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRI-A3vakVg

  143. Resriechan says:

    @ doggabone: Yew R SEW KOOL, man. Like, TOW-tally