I have a Big Problem

Now I’ve never been one to fear much of anything, but if I’m a 500-pound, 33-foot anaconda, then HOW FREAKING BIG IS THIS LADY????

Does your home come with a bean stalk, Alana M.? Photo by Trish H.



  1. Snake-let! How cute! They usually have adorable little smiles (or smirks) on their faces.

  2. WANT!!! Lil snakeys are so kewl!!!

  3. That’s not a snake. That’s a worm dressed up for Halloween. Gotta be.

  4. Anne Boleyn says:

    I love me a snake, especially a snake-let.
    And that person’s feet look as expensive as mine!

  5. Ohhh a gummy worm! THANKS! (pops in mouf)
    Er ish ush ee oh ey akg em or weewiskik ese ays?*

    *Er, is it just me or are they making them more realistic these days?
    (translation on account of full wiggly mouf)

  6. Resriechan says:

    At risk of causing suspension of disbelief….

    Might I point out, that in this case, the leettle word “if” is….
    actually a mighty big consideration, in this interesting fable.

    (But then again, I myself CHOSE a career in literature, so who’m I to quibble?)


  7. EEeeeee! Eety beety snakerson!

    I think that’s a baby grass snake! Grass snakes are kyoot.

  8. Um…. sorry but yuck!

  9. OMG that’s so cute! What kind of snake is it?

  10. Mwah! Beeg keeses for teh snakey!

  11. Once A Fish says:

    You’re right– those stripeys are VERY intimidating (wink wink). If they were to open up like that dinosaur in Jurassic Park then he would look like a tiny cocktail umbrella.

  12. Awwww!!!!! Widdle biddy snakey poo!!!!!! *grabby hands*

  13. Christabel says:

    Awww. I’m normally scared of snakes but I like the wittle guy.

  14. Jess&Friends says:

    Aw so tiny! So cute! Too bad we didn’t get any mini-tongue action. Maybe next time. Sssssss : P

  15. Looks like a little ringneck snake.


    Now put it back where you found it. (Could be somebody’s mom is doing pretty well there. Mine would be on Pluto if I handed her a snake, even that size.)

  16. eastiegirl says:

    If only snakes stayed this size. Cute!

  17. It’s a ring-necked snake (Diadophus punctatus), and he’s fully grown!

  18. Itteh bitteh snakeh >_<

  19. That is one small snake


  20. Aww, little Northern Ringneck! That’s an adult. 😀 They’re in my yard all the time, and once one was in the coffee…. o_O; They are super-cute, and they spray musk when they’re scared. :3

  21. Copperbat says:

    Tee hee. It’s a lil’ worm-snake. 😀

  22. Thanks for the link Rhea these are interesting little snakes they only get about 12 to 15 inches long.. pretty small really for a snake. And very cute!

  23. Ringnecks are beautiful little snakes. My husband caught a couple – they were solid black except for the gold ring around the neck. He let them go after a suitable examination (and using them to torment his mother, who is near-phobic about snakes of any size).

  24. Did Celia finally get her tresses chopped?

  25. Teeny-tiny-toony!

  26. LOL…some of the responses…@Metz…looks like a gummy worm..tastes like dirt,…hmm

  27. What an adorable little snake! I likes!

  28. teeny lil’ ssssssuper guy!

    oh, yeah

  29. Verily I say unto you, beware the beast that crawls on its belly, even if it is kinda cute.
    I am not liking the snakes, I think its an inbuilt self preservation, folk memmory type thing.

  30. I could do without snakes in the world just fine, thank you, but I have to make an exception in this case! This little guy is CUTE!

  31. I may be small, but I am a great big helper!


  32. They are cute! I have seen many of these.

    BUT I shall have to warn you, if they could get their bitty tiny mouths around a human finger at all, they are actually rear-fanged snakes.

    [You mean their teeth are oriented so they point inwards, the better to guide their dinner down their elastic throats? I think most/all snakes are like that. It doesn’t mean they can’t simply let go, though. – Ed.]

  33. Jakie the Snakie: he is so Qte;
    He scares me to death, it’s such a hoot!
    I disappear, whenever he comes near
    Though he’s ‘dorable, I have to scoot!!!!

  34. Ooh! Cute little Snakey McSnakersons!

  35. To clarify, it is a baby ring neck and probably the smallest I have ever encountered! And I did put it back safely out of harms way 🙂

    And yes, I do have biiiiig feets 😛

  36. pushy mcshove says:

    trufax about lady anacondas: they mate with several males at a time. saw this once on Nature, and it looked like a Madonna video. maybe it was and i’m nearsighted…

    they also kick their kids out the nest (home? burrow?) at a very very young age. no mom/kid bondin’ there.

  37. darkshines says:

    Loving the orange wing collar, thats one fashion forward snake! So cute!

  38. Looovvvveee little snakes!

  39. I’m disappointed. All day, and not one Frank Zappa reference.


    [Why? Snakey’s too small to be hungry for hot rats… – Ed.]

  40. Snakelet!!! He’s so sweet. I love snakes.

  41. Snakelet McSnakersons! So prosh!

    CO has had me reliving my childhood lately–this reminds me of tromping through the (unused) feedlot, looking for snakes.

    I have a very understanding mother.

    The busdriver, after our finds “escaped” on the bus after taking a trip to school for show-and-tell on the other hand…

  42. I love Ringnecks! They are quite possibly my favorite snakies. When we were kids we used to catch as many as we could and then wind them all around our fingers – usually 5 or 6 at a time. Fun! But, then we would let them go, of course. They are the cutiest!

  43. Oh how I love to play with the snakes in my yard! Their all ‘quit it lady!’ tryin to be a snake here!

  44. dr. berthaservant says:

    evil, even small

  45. darkshines says:

    You know what else is evil? Stealing someones well known screen name to post a trolly comment.

    [I’m sorry, are you the one who sees folks’ email & IP addresses? I really thought that was me. 😦 – Ed.]

  46. I hate this. ew! i don’t like to see that animal. So, scary. Even how small that is, that can still make me freak!

  47. Aww, cute little Ring-necked Snake.

    I caught one of these once. In my part of Florida, they’ve got a bright orange collar, & red underbelly, I believe.

    Thanks for the breath of fresh, non-fuzzy air, C.O.! We need more cute reptiles on this site, don’t listen to all the nuffers.

  48. Sporkles says:

    what a cutie! I just want to snorgles heem, but he’s so small, that might hurt him. I will have to be happy just looking at the picture.

  49. Cute McSnakersons!

  50. darkshines says:

    Ed, no, but I have been posting on cuteoverload for many years and I am familiar with regular fellow posters such as berthaservant (who used to be berthaslave, but changed). If indeed, I have misunderstood the situation and that IS our long time poster, then I apologise to the forum and to you, but still hold my view on the comment itself. However, if it IS someone using a similar screename, its pretty low…..

  51. Wah! I can just hear the Ehn! Ehn!

  52. “Maybe my intimidating stipeys will scare her away” – that made me laugh. Tough little mini-snake!

  53. ahhh enough with the snakes i don’t care how “cute” they are!! my tummy flips everytime there’s one on here

  54. Yay! Unusual cute! Think of how small its food must be. What does it eat? bugs?

  55. I found one of these guys in my bedroom last summer! I wanted to catch him and put him outside, but he darted down a hole in the baseboard.

  56. hey i like that thing of your but add some more flaver to it cuz thats just the way i roll haha im so rock bottom

  57. yhea thats nasthy them snakes uin stuff im so rock bottom yhea im on myhe a hh

    and that’s full size??? oh wow. LOL.