The Jig is Up!

In order to pull off his Great Cantaloupe Caper, Careless Whisker perfected the art of camouflage. And he would’ve gotten away with it too had he not settled down smack-in-the-middle of Mrs. Meowington’s kitty litter.

If it wasn’t for that meddling Meowington, Laura G.



  1. Careless Whisker *snort* bet he’s never gonna dance again, the way he danced with Prongs!

    [SAX SOLO! 😎 – Ed.]


  3. Julie in Seattle says:


  4. Wheeeeskers Mcwhiskerson.

  5. It’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of cuteness. They focus on the essence of teh qte (whiskers, ears, beady eyes, pawses), and edit out the boring torso parts.

  6. @Theo, you gotta put down the ducky if you want to play the saxophone! 😛

  7. Resriechan says:

    Has anyone seen George Michael, around here???

  8. @Theresa – okay aside from laughing from the mental image of Teho dancing w/ Ernie singing “Put down the Ducky”, for some reason Elmo & Ricky Gervais are creeping in singing “Set them Piggies Free!” The scary part? I don’t have small children so I really shouldn’t know of either song!

  9. Kid Charlemagne says:

    But what’s the rest of the story?!? Don’t leaving me hanging here like a yo-yo!

  10. @KC Whoa, a Steely Dan handle and a WHAM! reference. You go-go! 😉

  11. Thanks for the earworm, now all I can hear in my head is saxophones! 🙄 🙂

    [Shoulda known better than to cheat a friend. 😉 – Ed.]

  12. Funny, I’m sitting here singing Renegade…
    The jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me…

    [Nevermore to go astray! 😎 – Ed.]

  13. Um, anybody else notice a rather inappropriate ad from Craig’s List over there –>

    I love the little whiskery nose on this little guy.

  14. @Paunchie: I too see the Craig’s list ad. Just one of a million things I suggest nobody buy off Craig’s list.

  15. Resriechan says:

    yeah Paunchie — I’ve been squelching my preferences about advert’s….rather consistently the sub heads under the Zelda Lily heading have been pretty intrusive subject matter & wording….Eds????

    (“the Perfect V******”???? eeeeyuck.)

  16. Ladies, the Zelda Lily site is really a pretty great femblog, that does ad hoc media-watchdogging, if you like that sort of thing. They have a piece about the craigslist ad– on the order of “Can ya believe this?”

  17. Boy, this liddol guy rlly blends in with the litter background: if he closes that big black eye you will never spot him…….! 😆

  18. I still say that bedding looks like horked upon carpet!

  19. Resriechan says:

    @ cheshirekittehkat: Thus, Eds’ choice of Tag: “Camou-Ham” !!

  20. Blarg that, matey…

  21. Okay so I have been LOLing at the whle Idea of the canteloupe Caper all morning and remembering an incident at one of our family camping trips… years ago at a lakeside campground.

    Thre were tons of squirrels. and they were invading everything,tents etc… this prompted trapping of said squirrels by us using various boxes and sticks with string tied to sticks causing the box to drop down on to the unsuspecting squirrels. (Think Roadrunner and wiley Coyote)
    So while we were busy watching the squirrels and trying to catch one in a box, behind us a flank (yes they were using military maneuvers) of Squirrels had snuck onto our table and were attempting to run off with a half a watermellon… (not those little ice box ones, one of the big ones)

    they had managed to drag it off the table and about 20 feet away before we saw what was happening. Hilarity ensued with lots of laughing .. BTW we did catch one squirrel in a box who prompty grabbed the edge of the box lifted it with his two front paws and scampered to freedom.. scolding us the entire time… IT was very fun.

  22. Aw, did you at least give them a piece of melon??

  23. haha… hillarious

  24. BabyOpossum says:

    Wham! Bam! I am! A ham!

  25. And now for a different earworm…

    I just staaare and whisker, wherever I go,
    I just staaare and whisker, all over my nose…


  26. @Kittyadventures – I was laughing so hard soda came out my nose!

  27. @ Baby Opossum

    job or no job, you can’t tell him that he’s not!

    Thanks for the high school flash back! 🙂

  28. It’s SOOO CUTE!!!!!!:)

  29. Hon Glad says:

    In the UK George Michael was known as the bubble with the stubble.
    Bubble= Bubble and squeak = Greek..
    What ever the hairy thing is it seems to be on a back ground of loft insulation.

  30. @Hon Glad…LOVE IT. And I believe it’s a sham ham. 😉

  31. SoCalSis says:

    Think it’s Sam the Sham?

  32. Could be…could be he’s just a wooly bully

  33. Paunchie they ended up with the mellon because ewww we didn’t want to eat it after that.

  34. Or a Pharoah. 😛

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    So whiskery and cute! Kittyadventures: Great story! I like to picture these strong, daring squirrels with so much determination and chutzpah. 🙂

  36. BStrange says:

    Paunchie said: “I still say that bedding looks like horked upon carpet!”

    Looks like horked up carpet, here, or partly dismembered owl pellets. such a background of ew for such poofleycuteness!

    Wheeskerfoof. *ded*

  37. I had a kitty friend named MR. MEOWINGTON, I PRESUME
    but he left me for another woman, I presume.
    Dandy sort

  38. The bedding is Carefresh, it’s torn up cardboard-like stuff, which is better for small rodents than wooden shavings because they can inhale fibers from that.

    This is my picture and my ham, what a surprise to find one of my four hammies starring on CO again!