Pup overboard!!!

Oh noes! The helpless little puppy is drowning! How can you people just stand there and laugh, when that poor pooch is in terrible peril! Somebody throw him a Life Saver, or at least some Skittles! Oh, this is terrible (…ly cute)!



  1. Paunchie says:

    *snort!* He soooo tired he can’t even move out of the wading pool!

    (I love his little snorts)

    tie tie!

  2. Sooooo tired.

  3. Paunchie says:

    JINX! You owe me a coke!

  4. Puppeh napping and soaking his feets at the same time….LOL

  5. Resriechan says:

    “oh, the pupmanity….”

  6. Birdcage says:

    Oh, they built this pup retriever to sail the ocean blue ….
    And they thought they had a pup that the water wouldn’t go through …..

  7. Poor bastard must be dog tired!

  8. It looks like he is getting a peticure! I can’t believe how cute that is!!!! OMG

    P.S. someone please mention my name or comment! Thanks
    and Resriechan good comment!

  9. They really need to make foot baths with a nose rest so that pups can nap and cool their feet at the same time. I think there’s a market there…

  10. “Get out of the water!!”

  11. BrianMPLS he is just a tired puppy he doesn’t know any better.

  12. 260Oakley says:

    You can lead a pup to water but you cannot make him think.

  13. Like me after many a loooong day at work: my dogs is KILLING me! but apparently not barking: splish splash zzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Nothing sleeps like a puppy. Growing so fast just tuckers ’em out!

  15. Nagatobimaru says:

    Hey! So that’s how those dipping birds work! It all makes sense now.

  16. I thought it was terribly decent of his brother to try to drink him out of peril…

  17. Catsquatch says:

    “My sinuses are SO unbelievable DRY!!!!”

  18. Am I the only one who realizes that dipping her paws in water is just a cruel sleepover prank? Poor McPuppersons will wake up and discover that she’s peed her pants, and all the other puppies will laugh.

  19. O.k. I guess I’m going to be the butt head….
    The 1 st. time very cute,
    the 2nd time cute,
    but after that why are they still taping ??? Why hasn’t anybody come to that puppeh’s
    rescue & pulled him out of the water ??? Poor baby ! Here, I’ll dry you off & snuggle you back to sleepy time!
    Harumph !!!

  20. Fluidstatic says:

    I thought the same thing, Lydia. ONOES I’LL SAVE YOU *slurpslurpslurp*

  21. If only I could fall asleep that easily.

  22. I’m with Mud Bug! Cute, but after it keeps going forever… pull the little sweetheart out so he can take a normal nap!!!

  23. Copperbat says:

    soooo cute!! XD

  24. I know how you feel, puppers. Sometimes I feel like falling asleep during a pedicure too.

  25. Am I the only one who felt guilty eavesdropping on the redonk conversation in the background?

  26. Hot Tams says:

    Awww, hahahah1!! How RUDE to fall asleep in the community watering hole! BAD.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Sooooo ti-ti! I remain firm in my belief that there is NOTHING cuter than a golden retriever puppy. Nothing. And I know because our golden was the cutest and fattest pup evah.

  28. So CUTE!

  29. @Shaz I think that you are onto something!!!

  30. Zzzzzz
    Noooo I is not a pooped puppy.
    Zzzzzz …Blorb… Gulp!
    I is not sleep..Zzzzz…Blubp…ing! Zzzzzzzzzz….

  31. Oh…..so……ti……ti…….

    Reminds me of my drinking days.


    *plops over*

  32. I is tired.

  33. So cute. Not the smartest cookie in the jar but so cute.

  34. this reminds me of teaching kids to swim–you know, having them blow bubbles to get them comfortable with the water…

    What? You’ve never taught baby goats to swim?

    I heart this puppeh. I could totally see Lulu doing this, if, you know, she wasn’t the type of dog who tries to keep all four feet out of the water when I give her a bath.

  35. I love how the other puppy is all “Get out of the water dude, I want a drink. Oh well, I’ll drink anyway”. Very cute!

  36. BessyMouse says:

    Haha yes Lars me too.
    Must have been boring for the puppy though. I remember feeling the same way when adults were yap yap yapping when I was little.

  37. Waterbed.
    Ur doin it rong.

  38. Mani, pedi, nappy.

  39. Hot Tams says:

    Every time his snout hits the water, he wakes up AHHAHAHAHAH!!! BAD. RUDE.

  40. BStrange says:

    There’s a few times when it looks like he is sleepdrinking.

    Puppy says, “There is wet on the end of my nose. I shall lick it off. Lick, lick, lick…SNERK… okay, I think I got it, no need to open my eyes. *doze, doze…droop* …There is wet on the end of my nose…”


  42. 1. newfie. nuff sed.

    2. one of his sibpups shoulda pounced him to keep him from drownding


  43. Adorable! Poor little guy just doesn’t quite get it…

    Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “waterbed”…

  44. Peeps, someone said online that they want to have my babies! Should I be concerned? 😯

  45. Tagged as “sleppy.” Baroo? I will assume that sleppy=sleepy+sloppy. I will also assume that it’s his name, since I watched the video without sound.

    Sleppy: “Aaand anozher shing… ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…….”
    Someone else: The drinking game is over, folks; we have a clear winner/loser. Someone help get Sleppy here to bed, and maybe give him a bucket, just in case.

  46. Oh, Urban Dictionary, how I do love thee.

  47. This dog is a Darwin Award contender.

  48. @ Kitty, .. I’m totally with you on this.

  49. I would sooo save my puppy from possible drowning….wrap him in a blankey and cuddle him to sleep….

  50. Sleepy puppy!!!!!!

  51. No worries–retrievers love water / semi-aquatic

  52. dogfish

  53. Not the brightest bulb on the tree but perhaps the cutest. I just love fat, dopey puppehs. ❤

  54. I’m drowning in cuteness.

  55. This poor pup is so going to suffer from raisin paws.

  56. Oldie but Goodie 🙂

  57. Katiedid says:

    “But… is … so… comfubloooooooooop..”

  58. This pup’s so cute. That’s the worst feeling in the world though, when all you want to do is sleep and yet can’t.

  59. Puppeh is named Madge cause she is actually soaking her nails in Palmolive!

  60. Waiter, there’s a pup in my dish…

  61. Saffron, ROTFLMAO at “Madge” the puppy!!!!!

  62. Canine version of falling asleep with your face in your bowl?

  63. I think someone slipped the poor puppy the mickey!! I bet it was NOMTOM!! 😉

  64. BStrange says:

    Theresa said: “Peeps, someone said online that they want to have my babies! Should I be concerned? :shock:”

    Oh yes, definitely. Clearly they want you to give them all the self-propelled floofy cuteness in your home. NEVAH, I say!

    …Well, what other kind of babies are there? That spit-uppy, cryin’, yellin’, diapers-smell-worse-than-a-baboon-cage-after-lunch, takes-a couple-of-decades-to-git-the-Sam-Hill-outa-mah-house kind, y’all can KEEP. *nod!*

  65. Hon Glad says:

    I am in this state, sans the water. At the moment I am only getting two to four hours sleep.
    So I find myself at the pooter key board with,
    Dear Sir,
    With reference to your xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ aaaaaaaa

  66. Resriechan says:

    @ Hon Glad (with affection):

    “Say g’night, Gracie!!!”

    (“G’night, Gracie!!”) 😉

  67. zekenzoey says:

    not the sharpest little tool in the shed . . .he’s the one for me!

  68. lurkingsmirk says:

    haha! he looks a bit like he’s waiting for his manicure to start and it’s taking too long.

    [Pawdicure, natch – Ed.]

  69. THAT IS WHAT I CALL CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  70. SO cute!! Love how no matter what animal it is, human, puppy, cat, whatever, they all seem to have a problem with staying awake lol. Too precious.