New Guy, Meet Wild-Eyed Crazy Ginny

Ginny moonlights as a stalker who challenges her victims to terrifyingly freaky staring contests.

In Ginny’s defense, nobody likes change – especially when the new model looks like Nermal, Dan R.



  1. o_0

  2. RoseyPosey says:

    “What do you have to say?”

    “But… I’m adorahbuls! Why she make with teh hissy at meh?”

  3. Aw poor little kitten. I remember my new kitten had to deal with that for a few days until my poor sick older cat had to be put to sleep. I hope there’s peace between these two cuties.

  4. Wackadoodle eyes par excellence (kissing fingers)!

  5. What a voice 😀 “hoooooo” *replay*

    And of course, freaky eyes ^o_o^. *replay*

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Antics in Bedlam lead to mass hissssteria

  7. Paunchie says:

    HAHAHA!! belleh laugh at the dagger eyes of def!

    Poor widdle kitteh I’ll save you! (stuffs in shirt)

  8. SoccerSue says:

    Garfield reference FTW!!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Okay, I must say it: The narrator’s voice is sexy IMHO.

  10. RoseyPosey says:

    Also, I love how he congratulates Ginny on her sense of the dramatic. “That was great timing, Ginny. Good job.” What supportive narration! David Attenborough better look out!

  11. thought the same kibblenibble! 😀 But then I’ve just seen the guy has put the word “sex” as a tag for the video on youtube. :-s Suddenly the voice is less nice.

  12. doforanimals says:

    Yup. A familiar scenario at my house. Why can’t they all just get along *sigh* Baby kitteh just doesn’t unnerstan.

  13. Aw, poor little kitty! That other cat is NOT a fan!

  14. Looks familiar, although it’s reversed in that we had a 7-month old kitten and just brought in a 1 1/2 year old rescue cat.

  15. hehehehehe

  16. (O_O) *hsssssssss*

  17. Aww this video could have been shot at my house! I have a slightly daft tail-chasing but adorable-beyond-belief cat and a very clever, older cat who frankly, isn’t all that impressed with the tail chasing 🙂

    Love it!

  18. Queen of Dork says:


  19. I didn’t have any problem when I introduce the two rescue babies to my older cats they just looked a little puzzled, as in:
    What is it? … Why does it what to cuddle with me?

  20. Kitten say: “What I do?”

  21. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Nermal reference FTW!

  22. that was safin with rafter, when rafter was the new cute kitty. safin still has not gotten over it.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Mika: I haven’t had a problem either with this kitty Loretta who has been visiting my cat Sam. He’s only hissed at her once that I know of and that was because she was swatting his tail while he was trying to eat. He was all, “hssssssss. Leave me alone, beyatch!” But it was just a tiny little hiss. Sam is kind of a meek dork.

  24. Yep, another comment on the narrator’s voice being sexy. And I get those eyes stalking me a lot. Usually my cat just jumps a little on my neck then runs off though, there’s no hissing.

  25. I agree with Indy about the de-sexiness effect of unfortunate tag selection. I am unaffected in this case, as I am generally not enticed by male voices. 🙂

    Love the eyes-over-the-horizon view at the beginning!

    Kitten seems remarkably disinterested in the hissing giant half-a-pounce away!

    Been watching C-Span all afternoon, and this cat (the bigger one) very succinctly summed up many of the speeches I’ve heard.

  26. I hope Ginny accepts the new kitten asap

  27. Resriechan says:

    @ Q: “Jazz eyes!” ……….. (*snerk!”)

  28. Ginny should be ginger and Nermal, well he is too laid back to really care.

    “Buts I’ms adohoranles! Gotta lub me!”


  29. Hon Glad says:

    Big cat – sssssssurely you don’t like ssssproutssss.

  30. O Don Piano!

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    This is sort of a strange thought and sorry about this but you peeps are fun to talk to. But have you ever been doing something and then that exact same thing you are doing is on a commercial on TV telling you that you should be doing that thing? It’s rather a weird thing but it just happened to me. I think maybe I watch TV too much.

    ralfast: I really like your avatar!

    I hope the kitties will learn to get along. They’re both adorable!

  32. I gotta recommend that Feliway Comfort Zone stuff. It’s like social lube for cats.

  33. Michelle says:

    This was one of those “Oh yeah, gotta see this one!” posts from the get-go. The title, the teaser frame at the beginning, the vid itself, and of course dramatic narration. Obviously this scene has happened before and Owner was able to capture it. Poor Ginny … what’s a girl to do with a brand new adorable sibling? Great post!

  34. @Pheas, yes! Yes!

  35. Hon Glad says:

    QoD – Having worked for what was once considered, one of the best agencies in the world “The University of Advertising” now defunct, I always zap the soun off on ads, or else i am thinking “What’s the target market where’s the USP (unique selling point) anyway anything that has the conceit to tell me what I should be doing, gets the bums rush or the on glad bollocks sealof approval. 🙂

  36. Hon Glad says:

    Or should that be disaproval.

  37. Can I ask people’s advice on a cat conflict of my own? My 4-year-old neutered female cat (big fat) W was recently introduced to my sister’s 8-month old young, new kitten (tiny, slender) J under W’s roof. W went berserk upon seeing J and wailed all over her, chasing around the house with loud hissing and shouting. It was only with difficulty (and human bloodshed) that we extracted J from the fray, but W’s rage was basically unstoppable, and it was pretty scary to all of us. W has encountered other cats before (on their turf), and they’ve sometimes been in scuffles, but mostly it’s been hissing standoffs followed by grudging acceptance. Is there any hope that my cat will ever be able to live with the introduction of a new pet, or is the new pet doomed to be the victim of her territoriality?

  38. mobiustrip says:

    my two started out just like that. now it’s communal naps and shared bath time all around.

  39. Paunchie says:

    I’ve heard that you should shut the doors and keep them separate for a few days. They get the gist, by sniffing, that there’s a new kit around.

    Dunno. (scritch haid)

  40. Biscuit Tin says:

    Your tail. Go chase it somewhere else.

  41. Woops, I meant “spayed” … durf. I just don’t want anybody to get hurt! Are catfights ever fatal when one party significantly outweighs the other?

  42. “oh… ohhhhhhhhh…”

    hahahaha those eyes WERE kinda freaky..

  43. theotherMolly says:

    The freaky eyes phenomenon is well known to many cat owners, but am I deaf? I’m hearing freaky eyes kitty being called “Jeannie/Genie,” not “Ginny.”

  44. Fluidstatic says:

    @theotherMolly me too. Jeannie it is, methinks.


  45. Brittany F says:

    HOVERTEXT FTW ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  46. PEEEEEEkaboo!

  47. suzushii says:

    Oh great, those eyes burned two holes through my monitor,

    GEE THANKS A LOT hot-voice-guy

  48. Poor Ginny! New cute Nermal cavorting on her bed and he doesn’t look the least bit intimidated by her scariest face.

  49. lil’ punk

  50. Kat, I would keep them apart by a door that has enough of a crack at the bottom that they can sniff each other. Also, try getting them used to each other’s scents…you can put a blanket of W’s in with J and put things such as toys or a used food dish from J into W’s territory.

    Kitteh is hissing with ears up, so is just saying, “respect my authoritah!”
    You can never win a staring contest with a kitteh! Not even Stains would win!

  51. Kat sometimes no matter what you do One kitty will just hate the other kittie… it is like people, sometimes we just don’t get along…

    but it will not be that way with every kitty you bring in, just be sure to do the door trick for several days so they can sort out their feelings before they are face to face.

  52. Avatar Kitteh no like adorabeuh friend of humans. 😦

  53. Why I eyes ya!

  54. d’oh! crazy eyes!

  55. 😆 In Ginny’s defense, she was saying “What the heck? You brought another cat into my house! 😆 and the new kitty’s reply to the human filming them was “What is her problem?” 😆

    @Kat 😀 It was the same when we got Dooley 😀 😆 Smokey smacked him when he pestered her 😆 and now only when Dooley pesters her does he get smacked 😆 Badger, on the other hand, yowled at him for three weeks straight whenever they met up 😆 and Badger will yowl only if Dooley is chasing her 😆

  56. Well, Ginny did give the little ‘un *blinks*, so she was just feeling things out. Probably realized, “Hm, you’re just a snack-pack.”

  57. As a resident crazy cat lady, I always tell people contemplating getting a new pet “they’ll work it out, they always do”. I have never had much of a problem. However, in the situation of extreme rage, I would definitely try the separate room trick and only allow short, supervised interactions.
    Maybe you could also clicker-train your kitty to play nice *snerk* Seriously though, I would reward her for being calm and see if she gets it.

  58. I’ll bet, somewhere along the line, Ginny employed the ‘Butt Wiggle of Doom’ as well;
    (Too bad we couldn’t see it……!) 😉

  59. Lil stalker!! but oh so cute!! hehe

  60. frogprof says:

    Got the same problem, Kat — except both of mine are [theoretically] “grown-ups”. [Evan, is that you? :)] The Stink absolutely HATES the idea of Harley Quinn and hisses at ME when I come out of the bedroom where Harley has been ensconced since early January. Poor HQ can’t come out of there for fear of getting smashed to smithereens — she was declawed by her previous family — although she CAN defend herself pretty well with back claws and teefs. And YOWLS! But The Stink has 5 lbs. on her as well as all four feets of claws — and since I’m gone for [usually] ten or so hours a day, they’ve just had to live apart. I’ve tried something similar to Feliway but it made them both barf — although that may have just been coincidence, but the timing was AMAZING — and I personally found the odor a bit overpowering. I’ve tried the “let them see each other at the door with me supervising” thing, but The Stink moves faster than I do … and they end up under the bed with fur flying. I hate for HQ to be stuck in one room forever … and for The Stink never to be allowed to sleep with me again … but I really hate the sight of kitteh blud.

  61. frogprof says:

    Oh, and when I saw the eyes on the horizon, I thought,” KILROY!!” Just to date myself [even though that was WAY before my time].

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    @Kat, other than the “keep apart a few days” and “put some of the other’s stuff in the room so the smell him/her”, the other one I found when my two kittehs were introduced after few days, was to “force” them to play together. Throw a toy-on-string past the both and pull toward you so they are distracted by the toy, start to play, realize the other is in the way, can’t choose whether to play or fight, etc. Any other toys your kitteh likes.. try to get them to forget they’re enemies. My two started out just like this (existing cat: “HSSS GO AWAY RIGHT NOW!HSSSSS” and cute kitten “what’s the matter? I’m not doing anything?” Within a week they were spooning.

  63. BStrange says:

    QoD said, “But have you ever been doing something and then that exact same thing you are doing is on a commercial on TV telling you that you should be doing that thing?”

    I’m with Hon Glad as far as trying to make commercials shoosh as much as possible, but I can’t always. Anyway, another “yup” for me today. Thing is, when that happens I tend to grumpf and stop doing whatever it was! I must be part cat or something. They too have a way of stopping doing something the moment they realize you want them to do it…

    As for le kittehs, wackastarey, whee! I like the “milk-sneeze stain” marking on the flooffy one’s nose, too.

    Kitty violence… Things that worked for me:

    The smell thing. Provide exactly ONE cat-friendly place to sleep in the room the aggro one is shut in, and make sure his bedding is thoroughly rubbed all over the kitty he assaulted.

    The sniff-test-via-crack-under-door gradual intro, too.

    If possible, try again on the turf of the kitty who got aggro’d on instead.

    There was a battle royale when introducing an ex-stray to an ex-brawling-tom in our house. Neither had his googlies anymore (not for a long time) but there still seemed to be an awful lot of testosterone in that room! What we finally had to do to stop the junior household member from ending up in the kitty ER was:

    Introduce them with the hostile one in a cat carrier and on a harness and leash (make sure the end of the leash stays where you can grab it for the next step). The newbie was placed near the front of the carrier – not TOO close – and gently discouraged from fleeing (stressing them out by simply pinning them in place tends to make it worse because the other cat can see and smell their fear). And then it was wait, and wait, and wait until “hostile” got tired of radiating aggro and settled down (this took almost 2 hours the first time).

    If he stayed chilled out for several minutes, both got a treat. End of session.

    After this part worked, stage two meant calming down = we’d let him out but keep him leashed. If he resumed hostilities, back inside he went, no pat, no kind word, back to kitty jail (because you don’t want ’em deciding that their ability to resist and keep you there while you do this is a GOOD thing). If he stayed chilled out, he and his new buddy got treats and petting (two people are optimal for this so there is no jealousy from turn-based pettins or risk of dropping the leash. if it’s just you, you may need to stick to food rewards at first.) And the session ended.

    Each time, you keep them together longer. In theory, eventually he associates the new kitty with good stuff (treats and pettins) and not with OMGstrangerDIEDIEDIE. It worked for those two, anyway; took almost three weeks, but it worked.

  64. BStrange says:

    Or, you know, at least “ignoring it makes it go away (and I get food). Fine then.” Whateverworks. 😉

  65. gatita bonita says:

    Is that Mr. Wright narrating the video? I am looking for Mr. Wright 🙂

  66. Okay, weirdly enough, I’m a bit hypnotised by the narrator’s voice, and I usually don’t even like male voices D: Very, very schmexy.

    On the note of how to get cats to get along, I do believe some cats just don’t want company. I’ve had many cats since I was little and most were reluctant at first but then gradually got along. My current boy though, whoah. He likes my parents cats well enough because he got to know them when he was little, but he is an absolute terror among other cats, including little ones. I used to be able to take him for walks but he foregoes normal kitty behaviour and launches himself senselessly at every cat he sees, so after complaints from the neighbours I now keep him on a leash… and he’ll strain on his leash, on his hind legs with paws flailing and spit flying, howling like a banshee, loud enough for people to stop and gape. Both my brother and I tried to step in and save a cat he’s attacked on different occasions and ended up being mauled and taken to the emergency. It’s THAT bad. I love him to death though and it works out fine if I just keep him separate from other cats. I do believe there’s something seriously wrong with his pretty brains though, haha.

    So Ginny looking a bit peeved there seems only amusing to me 😀 I’ve seen what a really evil cat can do and that’s nothing. If I got a kitten, I think my boy would eat it.

  67. the eyes!! (^_^)

  68. That was funny!!!8-)


  69. Is it just me or does Dan R. sound really cute – as in good looking – in this here video?