A Real Boston Duck Tour

Now, in the distance on your left, you’ll see the home of one of the most famous ducks in all of history: Pete Webere! When he learned the Canadian Geese were poised to attack, Pete Webere flew 20 miles to warn his fellow Mallards of impending war. What a patriot!

Lovely view of the Hanquack Tower, Victoria M.



  1. Today’s forecast: Clear and cold, with a 90% chance of Monorail Cat jokes.

  2. Lerrinus says:

    I’ll take a dozen to go!

  3. The Goosedown family is waiting for the ducking of the Queen Mallard cruise ship.

  4. Um, none of the duckies is wearing a Pats hoodie, so this picture is clearly not taken in the Boston area.

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    So Sweeeeeeet!! Me likes!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Looks more like the starting lineup for the Bills.

  7. janet2buns says:

    And, like children everywhere, the duckehs resist the tour guide’s attempts to educate them by ignoring what they are being shown.

  8. Hon Glad says:

    Ducklets – Borrring, where’s the weed burgers, yah promised and the worm fries.

  9. Hot Tams says:

    count the fluffs.

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Hon Glad. *duck, duck, GOOSE! *runs*

  11. paulajeanne says:

    I did try to resist. Resistance is futile, I guess. Ok, here goes. SQUEEEEEEEE!

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Thread grab. I was just watching this show on Food Network. Does anybody REALLY think that asperegus (sp?) or Brussel sprouts actually taste good?! (yuck).

  13. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    CUTE wittle ducky wucky’s…but I’m gonna be a party pooper and correct the dialogue.

    Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. My ornithology professor would be proud of me 🙂

  14. Hon Glad says:

    QoD – I do like Sparrow grass, but I’ll back you with my dieing breath, Sprouts YEEUK.

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: I know! Ick! I just watched this show where this lady made scrambled eggs over..asperegus. What?! Yuck!

  16. a dozen ducklings dilly-dallying on a…crap, my alliteration fell apart. how do finish this phrase??

  17. Looks like she’s got all her ducks in a row!

  18. I loooove asparagus. Asparagus and eggs sounds delicious! You just have to cook it the right way, I guess. Never had brussel sprouts.

  19. @ QoD : Asparagus is not only good it’s amazing in quiche or with
    “Aunt Penny’s” Hollandaise sauce spooned on top. YUM !!!!
    Brussel sprouts to me are a different story. UGGGGGGH! I have yet to find a way to make them so I can eat them & I’m almost 50.

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    kmae: GASP! 😯 *covers mouth and nose with hand and RUNS! hiding under bed choking*

    *and gagging*

  21. Hon Glad says:

    Now, now QoD, come from outta there, you must have had ….as our own dear Queen would say… it cooked to buggery…..Oh dear I am about to get moderated.

  22. Hon Glad says:

    whew escaped that time. I am growing asparagus and it takes three years for it to establish, so it must be worth it.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Okay. I’ll come out. But please don’t make me eat egg plant. Please. (yuck)

  24. Resriechan says:

    wow the vegetables discussion moved over from one comment stream, to a different comment stream??? Or am I mentally tangled again??? &
    Hon Glad: I added one further bit, to ours about M Python,
    under the other Birdie thing …

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie: How do we get into these strange discussions in the first place? 😉

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Mud Bug: Well, MAYBE I’ll try that quiche someday. Maybe.

  27. Hon Glad says:

    Resriechan – Yep iI saw it, was Ernie Kovacks the guy in taxi, that Jim Carey made a film about wich I haven’t seen. PS lets keep the discusion here. I am just off to do some digging on my allotment, speakcha laters. O.G.

  28. The geese you mentioned are Canda geese, not Canadian geese.

  29. Oops. Canada geese. Stupid fingers.

  30. DewiCasgwent says:

    Asperagus is lovely, I only eat when its local, as it doesn’t like me it’s the 1 veg that brings on gout, and it also doesn’t make you popular when gone to the loo

    Urine effects

    The effect of eating asparagus on the eater’s urine has long been observed:

    “asparagus… affects the urine with a foetid smell (especially if cut when they are white) and therefore have been suspected by some physicians as not friendly to the kidneys; when they are older, and begin to ramify, they lose this quality; but then they are not so agreeable” (“An Essay Concerning the Nature of Aliments,” John Arbuthnot, 1735)[22]

    Asparagus “…transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume.” Marcel Proust (1871-1922) [23]

    There is debate about whether all (or only some) people produce the smell, and whether all (or only some) people identify the smell. It was originally thought this was because some of the population digested asparagus differently than others, so that some people excreted odorous urine after eating asparagus, and others did not. However, in the 1980s three studies from France,[24] China and Israel published results showing that producing odorous urine from asparagus was a universal human characteristic. The Israeli study found that from their 307 subjects all of those who could smell ‘asparagus urine’ could detect it in the urine of anyone who had eaten asparagus, even if the person who produced it could not detect it himself.[25] Thus, it is now believed that most people produce the odorous compounds after eating asparagus, but only about 22% of the population have the autosomal genes required to smell them.[26][27][28]
    [edit] Chemistry
    Asparagus foliage turns bright yellow in autumn

    Certain compounds in asparagus are metabolized giving urine a distinctive smell due to various sulfur-containing degradation products, including various thiols, thioesters, and ammonia.[29]

    The volatile organic compounds responsible for the smell are identified as:[30][31]

    * methanethiol,
    * dimethyl sulfide,
    * dimethyl disulfide,
    * bis(methylthio)methane,
    * dimethyl sulfoxide, and
    * dimethyl sulfone.

    Subjectively, the first two are the most pungent, while the last two (sulfur-oxidized) give a sweet aroma. A mixture of these compounds form a “reconstituted asparagus urine” odor. This was first investigated in 1891 by Marceli Nencki, who attributed the smell to methanethiol.[32] These compounds originate in the asparagus as asparagusic acid and its derivatives, as these are the only sulfur-containing compounds unique to asparagus. As these are more present in young asparagus, this accords with the observation that the smell is more pronounced after eating young asparagus. The biological mechanism for the production of these compounds is less clear.[citation needed]

    The onset of the asparagus urine smell is remarkably rapid. It has been estimated to start within 15–30 minutes of ingestion.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Dewi: I forgot about how asapargus makes the pee-pee smell weird. That’s another reason not to eat it. Spinach makes your poop black. It’s the iron.

  32. Resriechan says:


  33. I like to put the asparagus in omelettes! Plus, the way I cook it is to put it in water and simmer it for awhile (5-7 minutes?) then drain it, and put some olive oil, pepper, and parm. cheese on it. Anything is better with cheese, right?

    Eggplant can be good too! Cut it up, cover them in olive oil, maybe some salt or other spices, then put them on foil on a grill and make eggplant chips. Yum. =)

  34. Good Lord, it’s the CO Day Care center! Ducks in a row, pee, poop, and buggery jokes!

    I feel right at home. 😉

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: And you don’t like Brussel Sprouts! Yay! But I bet you like sun dried tomato cream cheese with sprouts in a pita pocket. (Yum) 🙂

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    kmae: Why are you doing this to me? *runs away from the egg plant recipe thing*

  37. Asparagus are lovely wrapped in prosciutto and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and a balsamic vinegar vinagrette. YUM! Also in quiche. Eggplants are tricky, but a well prepared eggplant parmegian is a thing of beauty and a joy to eat.

    Brussel sprouts, on the other hand, are vile and not fit for human consumption.

    Just my two cents’ worth…

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    MadameX: Agreed on the Brussel sprouts. (barf) They seem to be tiny little rotted sour deformed cabbage heads or something. Okay. You actually made aspragus sound kind of good the way you described it wrapped in prosciutto… hmmmmmmmmmm….Might have to try that.

  39. @Queenie, that sounds yummy!

    I like the name Queenie– it makes me think of this:

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    But everypeep! Here’s my favorite food to eat: (This is so yum). Popcorn popped the old fashioned way in a pot with oil. Then sprinkled with a bit of sugar, a bit of salt and lots, and lots of powdered brewer’s yeast. OMG. (drool). Yum.

  41. Resriechan says:

    To quote Firesign Theater: “Where AM us, ennyway???”


  42. Resriechan says:

    Here, Q, here’s a hankie; you’ve got something dripping from your mouth, there!!!

  43. Should they be lined up in twos, all in a row?

  44. @QoD Orville Redinbacker (sp ?) puts out a microwave bag that’s just as you described except without the brewers yeast ( Kettle corn) but I see no reason you couldn’t sprinkle a little yeast on that once it comes out of the microwave for a quick & dirty treat without the time & effort of making the popcorn from scratch.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Mud Bug: But I like to make the popcorn from scratch. I just think it’s much more delish that way. 🙂

  46. fish eye no miko says:

    @QoD: I’m a bit late, but I asparagus ok. I’d never buy it for myself, but if I was out somewhere, or visiting someone, and it was put on my plate, I’d certainly eat it.

    Awww… cute little duckies!

  47. What about peas? Once on a YouTube video, of all places, I found myself drawn into a vehement discussion about peas!

  48. Visualize whirled peas…

  49. Resriechan says:

    @Theresa: in my parents’ (Catholic & military) household, my brother Bruce
    ( who hated P’s with a Purple Passion)….would construct an orderly straight line of them, single-file, under the blade of the table knife (which we were required to line up in a certain posishe on the dinner plate when we were finished eating).

    @ Mme X: ya beat me, to my own favOrite bumper sticker!!!

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I think peas are delish!

  51. I count… 12 mini-ducks- wow! Isn’t that a lot for one mama duck? Does anyone know how many they usually have? The most I’ve ever seen is 6 or 7. (Although maybe she is babysitting.) Love the blue wing-stripe with the orange legs though- very fashionable.

  52. It all depends on how you cook the brussels sprouts, people! I love them tossed with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted in the oven, mmm mmm. If you are getting the nasty old cabbage flavor and smell, you have overcooked them.

    But I am a weirdo who likes almost every vegetable, so there ya go.

  53. blue stripe…what rank is that?

  54. @SilentK, I’ve seen as many as 18!

  55. I noticed the blue stripe, quite fetching!

    Asparagus isn’t my favorite either, but with a veloute sauce, can be good. Brussel sprouts I can’t tolerate, cos they are gas makers! But they are cabbage, no? Q of D likes cabbage! *scratches head*

    I like to make eggplant like this~ cut it up into slices and salt it first for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly, bread it, fry it in toasted sesame oil. It’s totally good, I swear.

  56. PS “Asparagus “…transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume.”

    LOLOL!! Good one, Marcel.

  57. MarmieLover says:

    duckehs…. awwwwww

  58. Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. I don’t know how anyone doesn’t love them :/ Brussel sprouts? Don’t eat them often, but I’ve enjoyed them the few times I’ve had them. Cooked with bacon…*drool*….

    And now, back to fluffeh duckeh buttocks.

  59. ahem…uh, the ducks are cute. Yeah. Very springy.

    Speaking of spring…

    One of my happy childhood memories is going out to the family farm and hunting for asparagus–many of the local farmers have planted it in their irrigation ditches for personal use. That was the first time I got to use a ‘real’ knife.

    Mom taught my sister and I how to recognize the calls of red-winged blackbirds and western meadowlarks, and told us that meadowlarks sing “Leam-ing-ton’s a pretty little town” (Leamington is the name of the town where I lived until I was eight)

    We’d then go home and cook the asparagus, boiled then covered in butter and salt. To this day it’s my favorite vegetable, and my favorite way to eat it, though I don’t think it would be if I didn’t have the memories attached to it.

    And it doesn’t make my pee smell funny. But beets totally make it turn red.

  60. ANYTHING is good, if it’s cooked with bacon.

  61. SoCalSis says:

    Susan– that’s the BEST way to enjoy brussels sprouts. Sprinkle a few bacon bits for a totally delightful taste treat.

    Asparagus is great stir fried with garlic and onions. YUM. ‘Course, anything is great stir fried with garlic and onions…

    And DewiCasgwent — thanks for the treatise on Effects Of Asparagus On Urinary conditions. My sis and I were having a discussion on JUST THIS TOPIC the other day (and no I’m NOT kidding) so thanks for clearing up that whole odor identification element.

    Such a smorgasbord of subject matter. I love this site!!

  62. I have never met a brussels sprout that I didn’t like. There. I said it. I love brussels sprouts. But then again, I also love okra. (And asparagus for that matter. In fact my mother makes a lovely asparagus pie with a flaky crust, cream sauce and Gruyere cheese. Most deelish.)

    What I don’t like to eat, though is duck. I’ve never cared for it. And now that I’ve seen photos of these adorable ducklings, I am quite certain that I won’t be eating it any time soon. They are just too cute.

  63. To finsh Arielle’s alliteration.
    A dozen ducklings lilly-dallying on a dingy drain-pipe. Not cute but it works.

    Very adorable little fluffies.

  64. Well, wut rlly happened was: Mommee took them for a walk past the Farmers’ Market; a lotta of the vendors displayed their fresh vegetamables in bins, close within the duckies’ reach……sooooooo, the bebbehs all sampled some brussel sprouts and asparaguses, etc. (some more than others)….. 🙄
    Consequently, most of them have a stomach-ache; (Note the puffed-up tummees)

  65. Asparagus is awesome and Corianne, you didn’t by chance grow up in Montana or Idaho did you?.

    I know there is tons of asparagus growing wild in both places due to people planting it in the ditches.

    THE best way to cook either asparagus or Broccoli or brussel sprouts is to pull them out while they are still bright green.. Yumm

    and Brussel sprouts are really delicious especially after the first frost.

  66. Hon Glad says:

    Corrianne – Lovely remenisance, are’nt we lucky to have these memories, if your born in a tower block or a trailer park it can’t be the same. I’ve just been on my allotment (a veg patch a quarter of the size of a soccer pitch or 4 rods as we cal it, I don’t know the origin of the rod measure but I know chains come from ploughing chains. Anyhoo I was pruning an Apple tree and competing with a Blackbird on whistling his song, then adapting it and adding some flourishes, I have been going on the allotments since I could walk and probably before that. I was out there until I couldn’t see, cos it was dark, I came in doors and thought how did I see what I was doing. I cut daffodills and dug leeks, hoed the weeds and cut back the brambles, Yes spring has sprung at Last!

  67. Hon Glad says:

    Kittyadventures – The frost sweetens sprouts. There is a German wine which is called Eisvine (Sp) where the grapes aren’t picked untill there has been a frost, it is a sweet desert wine.
    Perhaps the very erudite Dewicasgwent could explain the science behind this.

  68. lexipuppymommy says:

    Confession: I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS AND ASPARAGUS! I eat them at least once a week. Roast those bad boys with some olive oil and bacon in the oven; that’s “Good Eats”.

    I could never eat a duckie after seeing such cutie babies with their mommy.

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Now I’m really craving cabbage. Every time I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I crave cabbage.

  70. Resriechan says:

    @ Q: I LOVE YOU

    (but — your mind is a STRANGE place!!!! 😉 )

  71. Paunchie says:

    Chocolate cabbage? That’s a new one. Q of D, maybe you could market that, you know for Easter Baskets, instead of fake grass. Maybe some kids would eat their veggies then.

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    Res: I love you, too! 🙂

  73. Resriechan says:

    (you know I only mean to describe affectionate puzzlement & bemusement, nothing actually BAD or unkind, right?????)

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    Yes. I knew what you meant, Res! 🙂

  75. Dawnieangel76 says:

    Brussel Sprouts> If you have to find a way to cover the food’s original taste, it ain’t worth eating. *L*

    Asparagus> Not for me, but I’ve never noticed the funny pee-smell thing after anyone else in the family.

    Now BROCCOLI….*floats away on puddle of own drool*

  76. Resriechan says:


  77. Hon Glad, your posting reminded me of this poem. A.E. Housman:
    When smoke stood up from Ludlow,
    And mist blew off from Teme,
    And blithe afield to ploughing
    Against the morning beam
    I strode beside my team,

    The blackbird in the coppice
    Looked out to see me stride,
    And hearkened as I whistled
    The trampling team beside,
    And fluted and replied:

    “Lie down, lie down, young yeoman;
    What use to rise and rise?
    Rise man a thousand mornings
    Yet down at last he lies,
    And then the man is wise.”

    I heard the tune he sang me,
    And spied his yellow bill;
    I picked a stone and aimed it
    And threw it with a will:
    Then the bird was still.

    Then my soul within me
    Took up the blackbird’s strain,
    And still beside the horses
    Along the dewy lane
    It sang the song again:

    “Lie down, lie down, young yeoman;
    The sun moves always west;
    The road one treads to labour
    Will lead one home to rest,
    And that will be the best.”

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: That was awesome. I feel like I’ve just been wrapped in a warm blanket. 🙂 Thanks!

  79. Oh Theresa, that was great. Love that poem.

  80. Wow how cute!!!!!!!!!!

  81. paulajeanne says:

    Not to interrupt the food blog, but I’m curious: how did the duckies get up onto the pipe in the first place? I’ve been trying to picture them leaping and sliding off. Would have loved to see a vid trying to capture that! Maybe mum lifted them up by the scruff of their necks?

  82. Theresa – That was beautiful, I should read more Houseman. Part of a Shropshire Lad and to an Athlete dieing young are the only poems I am familiar with.

    Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What farms what spires are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways were I went
    And cannot come again.

    Poignant and wistful, melancholic like me

  83. The Shazinator says:

    Even though it’s already been said, I must emphasise that they are indeed Canada geese and not Canadian geese. Unless, of course, Prongs was talking about generic geese that just happen to be Canadian. But if those Canadian geese were Canada geese, then they’d be Canadian Canada geese. Unless they were immigrants, then they might be American Canada geese.

  84. OMG i think we need a cute-hance of the little baby duckies!!!!

  85. Awww, the fuzziness! And Mama is beautiful- proud with pretty blue on her wings!

  86. @crazy weinerdog lady 😆 I remember seeing on the news here on the West Coast of Canada where someon in the Washington state put “Victoria Island” on T-shirts when it should of been “Vancouver Island” in order to attract Canadian tourists to the Washington state 😆 Those 100 T-shirts were soon snatched up by collectors 😆 I believe the correction was made as soon as possible 😆

  87. skippymom says:

    It’s Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack, with four friends.

    I lovelovelove asparagus and brussels sprouts. If you think sprouts are nasty, you’ve probably only been exposed to them when they’ve been boiled until they are odiferous and mushy. Roasted with olive oil and garlic, or lightly steamed and then sauteed with walnuts, they are wonderful. Asparagus is truly a divine food, in my opinion. I just had a big pile of it, roasted, last night. Peas and broccoli, yes! And okra. Eggplant I have a little trouble with. I grow it in the summer just because it looks so cool, but have a hard time finding ways to cook it that I actually like. Mostly I like all vegetables, and wish the cats shared my taste for them haha.

  88. Resriechan says:

    um: Shazinator…..here, have some warm milk & settle in, for the night!!! 🙂

    @ skippymom:

    “Hello. I’m Larry. This is my brother Darryl & this is my other brother Darryl.”

  89. Count on Skippymom to bring in all 8 ducklings. MY FAVORITE! I remember wandering all over some park in Boston trying to find the Make Way for Ducklings statues rumored to be there. Found ducklings, but no statues. (I was more successful in Portland’s Grant Park where I found the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden, complete with Ramona and Henry Huggins). Ramona and Ducklings 4+ever!

  90. skippymom says:

    SoCalSis, the bronze ducklings are on Boston Common near the State House. Next time you come here, I’ll meet you and show them to you. From time to time someone steals one, but they always come back.

  91. @skippymom, if she should happen by.

    I used to have this funny cat he was loooong and leggy and looked most distinctive, like an Egyptian statue. Anyway, he had unusual taste. He loved green peppers. If you left them out he’d jump on the counter and chaw on them. Crunch crunch. He also liked bread. Do we have mice? Who’s eaten a hole in the bread?

  92. I think it is adorable! How did you catch them at that moment? I love it!!!

  93. This photo is lovely, but only because of the adorable Goose and her babies! It saddens me that these beautiful animals are perched on a disgusting, dirty industrial pipe that should not be in their natural habitat.

  94. Anglachel says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s a Blue-Winged Teal, not a mallard or a goose.

  95. wow!! how many ducks r there????
    who cares ,,,,, they look wonderful!! 😀