1. what is this?? and where can I see them?

  2. I looked through my National Geo of North American birds and couldn’t find it.

  3. That bird has a mohawk! Best bird ever.

  4. It’s a hoopoe, but I don’t know which species. I live in the UK, where they are very rare, but I’ve heard one calling….

  5. Ooh, Henze wrote an opera about this bird!

  6. Liz – really? There’s a joke there, I reckon, but I can’t find it…

  7. What a great shot actually!

  8. It’s a hoopoe! It’s Israel’s national bird. You can see them in the parks and stuff there sometimes. This is an amazing shot!!

  9. What a wonderful photo. I love this, awesome. Thanks to whoever posted this.

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