We’re very sorry, Tige…

… but in the current economic climate, we here at Buster Brown Shoes can no longer justify the services of a full-time sidekick. You’ll find some boxes at your desk, and we’ll need your ID badge and your key to the executive hydrant, please…

Jeffrey E. says: “I would like to introduce a very cute little pug; her name is Clover. We think that the look explains everything, one minute she looks like you just told her she was ugly and the next she is the proudest little dog in the world.”



  1. Oooooh nooooooo!! Poor pugkins. I demand a re-hire!

  2. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    I’ll take her. She’ll be my mascot.

  3. oh my lord! the eyebrow wreenkles! they keeeel meee!

  4. “Pweese, pweese, pweese don’t let me go! I have puppers to feed!”

  5. James C Sherman says:

    Dam Cute

  6. That look defines Monday’s….. TGIF!!!

  7. BStrange says:

    I am envisioning, offscreen to the left, the dog’s owner wearing a blindingly awful outfit worthy of Garfield’s Jon Arbuckle getting dressed up. That is totally a “you… you’re not going OUTSIDE in that… Are you?” look of dubious and horrified disbelief.

  8. Resriechan says:

    How ’bout a Tag of “Disa-POINT-ed”?????

    [Hmm, OK – Ed.]

  9. On second thought: That, or a mirror. “Dude, have you seen that dog over there? Her hat strap is showing, but I don’t want to say anything… Oh… Oh god… that’s me, isn’t it. I’m so mortifed.”

  10. Well I guess I can never own a pug.
    One of those looks would have me doing anything the lil’ guy/gal wanted even if it was bad for it. I don’t want to hurt a pup ’cause I can’t say “no” to it !

  11. Mud Bug – ditto! As much as I want a dog, it’s prolly better I don’t have one since I canno’ say nay to those sad facial expressions!

  12. Think this face could get away with anything! Or maybe he hates to dress up. My hubby looks that way when he has to wear a tie.

  13. pugletsrule says:

    Mud Bug – yes they have those looks that own your soul! I have 2 of these guys and they are quite the characters – with very expressive faces. OMG they look pitiful one minute, inquisitive the next, and follow it up with extreme worry. Yes, puglets do rule my world! The little dude above is asking “…a bowtie WITH a collar, is this REALLY necessary???”

  14. baww, such a guieeeeelty expression! She needs smoochies. o3o

  15. ohhh my goodness… I am in love! That Expression!!!

  16. I will hire you, sweet Clover, to fill my world with joy and luff.

  17. Pug, you think you’ve got it.
    Ohh, you think you’ve got it.
    But got it just don’t get it
    Till’ there’s nothing at

  18. Clover is just LOVELY!!! She needs elebenty-seven smooches, even moar huggies, Lotsa guushifuud, and…… A NEW WARDROBE!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. What’s cooler than cool? ICE COLD!

    But not the hat. Sorry pug. AWWWWW don’t look at meee like that!

  20. “guushifuud” ™ LOL!

  21. Clover, you look so worried! Why the furrowed brow? You’ll get a new gig soon, I just know it!

  22. A birdy told me
    Clover likes Friday Haikus
    So let’s hear your best!

  23. Christabel says:

    I need to see more pictures of Mr. Preppy Pug!

  24. Just watch the world over start coming up clover
    thats how it’s gonna be you see
    your gonna hear from me.

    Fron Inside Daisy clover. Lyrics Dory Previn. Music Andre Previn

    Staring the late lamented. Natalie Wood

  25. Clover and Wishbone would make a lovely couple.

    (I miss Wishbone…)

  26. Does your shoe have a boy inside?

  27. Are Friday Haikus back?

    I’m looking over
    A four-pawed Clover that I
    Didn’t pug before.

    Pug-pie hat, bow tie:
    Just need a pair of plus-4’s.
    23 skidoo.

    Financial crisis
    Reaches even spokescanines:
    Dog damn you, Greenspan!

    Where’s Buster Brown?
    In a shoe. Where’s his dog, Tige?
    He lives in there, too.

  28. A boy and a dog and a foot in a shoe!

  29. Andi from NC says:

    Much like the bunny of disapproval, this wee pug is the very epitome of disappointment!!!!

  30. Plaid pug perfection
    reflects economic woes
    dog eat dog world

  31. Copperbat says:

    That face is heartbreaking! I love her! ❤ <3!


    We have a campaign slogan. Start unionizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Clover looks ready for her starring role in the remake of Our gang, move over Pete the Pup.

  34. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed: 🙂 (Look, Boss!!! Tha TAG!!!! 🙂 )

    @ Suzanne: me LUVS espesh your first line. The whole haiku is loverly but me LOVES the phrase:

    Plaid pug perfection.

  35. Everyone’s haikus are terrific. Yep, I could not own a pug cause I too would be helpless under the spell of those eyes.

    Doggy’s adorable cap makes me think the movie Newsies should be remade in a all-Pug version.

    In 3-D

  36. i’d make that face, too, if someone called me ugly.

  37. I think she’s saying, “you’re not going to post a picture of me wearing this silly hat on the internet, are you???”

  38. That’s not a dog. It is a human.

  39. Paunchie says:

    that’s not a dog, it’s a baby E.T.

  40. That’s not a dog. It is a French pipe.

  41. @Resriechan – thanks … I’m a big fan of alliteration thanks to an awesome HS creative writing teacher

  42. Resriechan says:

    @ Suzanne 🙂

    @ hyura: read thru the text again….it says “as IF someone had called her ugly..”

    🙂 no harm or sarcasm intended…

    .peace & pugs to all!!!

  43. Oh, I think we need the whole thing, which I have been singing (to the annoyance of my friends) since I was a tyke:

    Does your shoe have a boy inside?
    What a funny place for a boy to hide!
    Does your shoe have a dog there, too,
    A boy and a dog and a foot in a shoe!
    Well, the boy is Buster Brown,
    And the dog is Tige his friend,
    And it’s really just a picture,
    But it’s fun to play pretend.
    So look, look, look
    In the telephone book
    For the store that sells the shoe,
    With the picture of the boy
    And the dog inside,
    That you can put your foot into!
    Buster Brown Shoes!
    (Arf! Arf!)

  44. Ceci n’est pas une pugge.

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

  45. kibblenibble says:

    BB/VA: I ♥ Wishbone, too! I have a little toy Wishbone, and when you give him a little squeeze, he says, “Your imagination can take you anywhere!”

    PS I ♥ the name Clover for this pug.

  46. Paunchie says:

    How you say Tige? Tig? Teeg? Teeje? I keep hearing Tieje. Tie-je. Huh?

  47. @Paunchie:
    Tige is like ‘Tiger’ without the ‘er’

  48. Um, why couldn’t we also have the picture of him looking proud? Now I’m just left feeling sad…

  49. hahahahahaha so cute~~funny face

  50. she just wants to know if you heard that.


    oh, nothing…

  51. Pugs are so emo! Clover’s eyes speak volumes.

  52. I cannot believe that the employer is kicking her to the curb after years of loyalty and faithfulness,, haha. This is so very adorable. Thank you for posting this very loveable pug. I love it.

  53. baileysgrandmom says:

    Halp! I just can’t remember…the little part that went “My name is _____; I live in a shoe! And this is my dog Tige; he lives there, too!” What is the speaker’s name? Don’t tell me Buster Brown–it has to be just one syllable. Please understand, I am trying to dig this up from the rubble of memories that are WAAAAY over 60 years old! Thanks.
    Oh, and adorable pug!

  54. Goes for it, dodging pudding:

    Various versions, but yeppers, it’s Buster Brown:
    “I’m Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. That’s my dog, Tige, he lives (in) there too!”

  55. Ah, the couture of the pug.

  56. There are NO ugly Pugs! They are all beautiful/handsome. And my 3 Pugs have me wrapped around their little paws. And I’m proud of it!

  57. Clover is my pug (and Jeff’s… who submitted this post!) and here is her ‘proud’ picture that wasn’t posted, that goes along with this one:

    She is the cutest!

    [Very nice. 🙂 – Ed.]

  58. skippymom says:

    So, Jessica…does Clover wear that outfit every day, or just on special occasions?

  59. Someone get that pug a therapist!!!!

    Dang cute. That’s all. Ded.

  60. @ Skippymom- It actually was for a photoshoot for a friend of ours. He was shooting for a Quicksew catalog. We don’t usually make her dress like that, but she does have a christmas sweater 🙂

  61. What clan tartan is that? Anybody?

  62. Resriechan says:

    Jessica — don’t you mean “a Christmas sweateauw”???? 😉

  63. Re: the “proud” pic linked above… Very cute but it did give me a boggle moment, as follows:

    I’ve… never seen a pug “vogue” before. o.O

    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vogue_(dance) )

  64. Many thanks to Jessica and Jeff for the pic and link of the awesome Clover. ❤ ❤ ❤

  65. Thanks for the Up in the Air reference!

  66. The dog looks so sad 😦

  67. This dog is uggs. needs a facelift.

    [Right, we’ll just bill you, then? – Ed.]

  68. asdfghjkl says:

    awww thank god its getting fired i couldnt stand to work with that dog i would just want to play with it all day those eyes are so sadd DONT FIRE HIM! haha

  69. Like anyone would ever call this little puppers ugly. I’ll hire you, Clover! I’m not sure what for, but I’ll think of something!

  70. That is the most disappointed, sorry, dejected, SAAAAD photo I think I’ve EVER seen. Oh CLOVER. Come HERE and let me love you!!!

    Jessica – thanks for the “proud” photo – at least she looks a trifle less sad!! Or as less sad as a pug can look!

  71. Pugs melt my heart every single time, and Clover is no exception. I love her!

  72. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned those leeps yet?

  73. Resriechan says:

    …..all these days later: I only just noticed THE SPLAYAGE, pholks!!!
    Nearly 90 degrees!!! What score did the Russian judges give Clover????