Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya!

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, poor Maggedy O’Brien had a few too many the night before. Obviously it’s time for a little hair of the dog to make it ’til the Guinness lunch at noon.

You know she’s in a leprechaun suit under there, right, Tracie G.?



  1. Erin go braugh! Or in this case, erin go barf 🙂

  2. How my kitty celebrates….

    [I suspect kitty may have had a little help. 😉 – Ed.]

  3. Awwwwww

  4. May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And, until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.
    Happy St-Patrick’s day to all creatures great and small!

  5. Ah, who doesn’t enjoy a nice virgin mary/bloody shame? I wouldn’t mind being served in bed either.

    Move over honey bun.

  6. AWESOME picture, nads!!!

    Doggeh is definitely calling in sick today.

  7. aW five more minutes please!

  8. Hair of the dog? How ’bout the whole pelt?

  9. hehe Ed. Notice the beer bottle is empty! 😉

  10. *raises hand*
    Can I please crawl in there and snuggle wif her?
    Please? (puppeh eyes) PLEASE?
    I am sooo tired 2day, and this is exactly what I want 2 be doing.

  11. If/when the doggie manages to crawl out of bed, the bedhead/bedbody look would be hilarious and needs to be photoed.

  12. StormCat42 says:

    From an Irish Lady, to the whole CO Crew: Happy Leprechaun Day!! (as I sit here wif my red hair and green brew…well ok, green colored water…)

    Oh, and Ed? I agree… I think Nad’s kitty had help wif her celebration… I’m just sayin’…..

  13. Awww, Metz, I will climb in with you both! TOO too cute!

  14. They always have a “Finnegan’s Wake” at one of the local bars around here at this time of year;
    (I suspect this puppeh is representative of what the participants look like today….)

  15. Hon Glad says:

    Doggle has plenty of hair of the dog, but his eye looks kinda “Jeez that’s bright”.
    I don’t understand why many of you get all didley didley, when you have
    no Irish ancestory. I don’t mind some cheap Guiness, but nothing is going to
    make me eat cabbage and fat bacon!

  16. I want a Shamrock Shake (with a dash of creme de menthe) and colcannon! Gimme it!!!! And this pup! (even though it’s not an Irish terrier … or setter for that matter)

  17. @Hon Glad, I have Irish ancestry, and I do not get “didley didley” as you so eloquently put it. 😉 Or drunk, either. 😉

    Doggie looks like Uncle Willie in “Philadelphia Story” and “High Society.” (He says t singing bird, “Shut. Up. You. Fool.” 😉 )

  18. “Tooooo much light….” Groans and rolls over.

  19. Wheatens are true Irish terriers – we are having our annual fundraiser Wheatens On Parade right now and voting for Grand Marshall. if you want to see LOTS of Irish dogs!

  20. Hon Glad – it’s just a silly American excuse to par-tee, Irish or not!
    (just for the record, I have no Irish ancestry, and I do not par-tee on this day. I am however wearing green, so as to avoid any fool trying to pinch me.) 🙂

  21. Yorkie_gal says:

    oh one st patrick’s day I foolishly wore orange to work. My Catholic friend said she wouldn’t beat me up. this time 😉 I want to nom those yorkie toes and yorkie ears.

  22. This is hilarious i think though this dog is pampered a little to much!

  23. That´s exactly the way I look/feel every morning…Do I need a new job? LOL