Time to pet your screen!

Take a moment from writing TPS reports to check out this kitten morsel—so soft and delectabuhls! You may now pet your screen. GENTLEH!

Hitomi Y. took time out from making luxury pet beds to send this in.



  1. I’m petting my screen.

  2. Adalheidis says:

    I think one of his eyeballs is disapproving me.

  3. Hey, where’s the pic? I no see kitteh! First I accidentally delete some rad phots, now this! Not a good day 😦

  4. That baby’s got some intense static electricity capabilities!

  5. Aha! Now I see kitteh. Day getting better 🙂

  6. This kitty reminds me of Kate Moss. I can’t pinpoint why though…

  7. This babee looks exactly like my rag doll Bella…so smooshy

  8. Awwww, Theo! She reminds me of Rikki!!

  9. *OOF*
    It’s a mini-Rikki!

  10. Jinx, DKN.

  11. *tries to pet kitteh*
    BONK! Ow my hand!
    *tries to kiss kitteh*
    BONK! Ow my leeps!
    *tries to snorf kitteh*
    BONK! Ow danggit!!!
    *gives up and looks longingly @ kitteh, while rubbing various boo-boos.*
    BONK! OW my heart broketed! 😦

  12. charliewabba says:

    :::tucks kitteh in rack:::

  13. The reason you couldn’t see the pik: I said “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!!!”
    And he jumped through my ‘pyuooter and sat on my lap, leaving the screen blank;
    (just for a few seconds, though; I just got to pet him once, and then he jumped back, for everybody else to enjoy, leaving me disconsolate……. 😥 )
    (I dunno where this story came from: I think I’ve been on CO too much lately: it’s gotten my Cute-O-Meter out of whack: better go lie down foar awhile…… 😯 )

  14. Oh the floof…

  15. rorschach says:

    It’s glaring at us….*shudders*

  16. DewiCasgwent says:

    If this is the reaction to this I dread what will happen if you go to IBKC, especailly this post

    Butterbean Birthday from laurie cinotto on Vimeo.

  17. Must pet before feline disapproval reaches critical levels! *skritch*

  18. skippymom says:

    Here, kitten, take my soul. No, really, I don’t need it any more, you can have it.

  19. eastiegirl says:

    Kitteh looks a bit angry, but still adorabuhls!

  20. Katiedid says:

    LOL @ hovertext.. but it tastes soo goooooooooooddd…
    That kitten is freakin adorabuls!!!

  21. What a big head!!!

  22. Paunchie says:

    Do not ever question me about the family business, Kay.


  23. He disapproves of such silly actions as trying to pet through your monitor or of your making googley sounds.

  24. zeldapie says:


  25. grannymoon says:

    oh so purrrrrdy! just what I needed to get me through that last half-hour chained to the cube. widdoe kiddoe make da badness go ‘way….c’mere and lemme nom ya, sugar!

  26. DogEared says:

    i took time out from accounting-by-numbers to pet/admire/sigh….made my day, thankyouverymuch. but then CO makes my day EVERYDAY !

  27. Fluidstatic says:

    Nice hovertext. *lick* tastes like monitor cleaner. *reverts to petting the kitty again*


  29. just got done snorting his own cat hair, apparently.

  30. doforanimals says:

    Pettings beeg kitteh hed now… uh-oh… my kittehs disapproov. Must cease. *sigh*

  31. Beep!

  32. How ’bout snorgling? Can I snorgle?


    (sound of hedd crashing through computer screen)

    Must go home now to snorgle and nom on real fur kitteh, not hard, poky, computer kitteh.

  33. static discharge in 3…2…1… *bzzzzt!*

  34. Selphie le Boffin says:

    That’s one angreh, angreh kitteh.
    Why no dissaproving tag?

  35. bip…bip…bip

    (soft-beeps gently on the nosie)

  36. This is possibly the most luscious cat I’ve ever seen!!

  37. victoreia says:

    WANT! (Especially to help with my report….stupid formula writing!)

  38. MC Squared says:

    I have a feeling that if I try to pet him, I might wind up missing a few fingers.

  39. *cursor pettingks*

  40. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know if I want to pet the screen. It might scratch back…

  41. Puuurrrrrrrrfect! thank you Meg!

  42. I totally petted my screen.

  43. MamaLana says:

    I am sorry, but I leeked my screen!!!! ::::sigh:::::

  44. Resriechan says:

    er…I’m never confident about these things. Howevah: it seems to me, that the abbreviation TPS about Corporate Cubicle-World (or even Gub’ment Cublicle-World)….and the clever phrase “T(ime to) P(et Your) S(creen)”…….

    does ennyone see where I’m goin’, heah???

    Or did everybody except moi, SEE that, on first-glance….??????????



  45. Aww it was all warm! A bit firm and glass-like, but warm! ^^

  46. 😈 If I could get my hands on that kitty 😈 he/she would be ALL MINE 😈 EVIL 😆

  47. Aww, that looks like my Niko as a baby. So soft!

  48. Hello little one, may I sniff your floof. Oh you’ve left me plenty on my black suit.
    Well that’s most kind of you, I greatly appreciate it. (said through gritted teefs)

  49. Just for confirmation, is that disapprovingly dubious looking kitten a Himalayan?

  50. That’s one cute kitteh.

  51. I think Nismo has the right idea with the *cursor pettingks*. I wouldn’t wanna poke my fingers into the Disapproving Floofage for fear of pulling back a few bloody stumps.

  52. I think the kitten is purring and wants to be hugged, no more pics.

    Little fuzz ball

  53. -tries to pet kitteh in screen- EHN. Oh well! I shall pet my kitteh in real life! -snorgles Raven (picture is my avatar)- ykwim

  54. Cute indeed! Doesn´t look like he wants to be petted, though…

  55. I think the kitten looks like it is saying “Come to the dark side.” !!CUTE:)!!

  56. yo….that kitteh needs a hug…

  57. Awww, so adorable. If it only stayed that way forever.