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His music has touched millions the world over… and now Q-Tel Records brings you all the romantic moods of Zamfir, Master of the Pan Floof! Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime treasury of all-time classic love songs, including:

Careless Whisker • Un-fur-gettable • Ah, Sweet Mouse-tery of Life • and more!

Call now! Carmen D. is standing by!



  1. Haha, brilliant picture!

    It’s funny, I’ve had so many pets, and I’ve loved them all SO much but almost twenty years after my rat Norpan died, I can barely talk about her without getting teary-eyed. She was so clever, she’d use a litter box just like a cat and lived free of the cage in my room. Every morning she woke me up by nibbling on my toes. My mother, who was so hesitant at the time, loved that rat so much by the end that she was bawling when we were forced to put her to sleep.

    Anyway, this made me think of her. I loved that rat so much I couldn’t bear getting another one. This one’s paws made me think of her, like little hands.

  2. ♫♪ Now I just wanna play on my pan pipes ♫♪

  3. and the rest of the band!!

    (i miss my ratties, so sad they have such short lives :cries: )

  4. But does he perform Muscat Love?

  5. Whoops! Make that Muskrat Love!

  6. NTMTOM: You get 12 points out of 10 for that write-up! Awesome. Especially the Q-Tel, LOL!! *respectful applause*

  7. “Careless Whisker” killed me 😀 Brilliant…

  8. marthava says:

    A rat playing a pan flute. That wins the MMRA – Monday Morning Random Award. lolol

  9. Does he play Shake Rat-tle and Roll?

  10. Andi from NC says:

    love his little leeep on the flute… His expression is too much!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Ratsody in Blue

  12. Hey play “Rat’s in the Bagel”!

  13. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Best ever. Seriously, I think that’s the most brilliant write-up I’ve seen yet. LOVE EET!

  14. I could do nothing but burst out laughing at this!


  16. If there’s a DVD, I’ve got my credit card.

  17. Does he take requests? I wanna hear If You Don’t Gnaw Me By Now…

  18. Luv the widdle tongue!!!

    I hear his next project is a cover of Rat Stevens songs. (groans at self for bad pun)

  19. the hovertext killed me! lmao

  20. @Linda, I feel your pain. I’ve had 25 ratties over the years and they are, indeed, a very wonderful and special companion animal. I can’t imagine my life without them. I still tear up over several rats on the anniversary of their death. They live such short, but happy lives and I have learned so much from them. My current rat, Pinky, throws his food dish off the edge of the table when he’s finished to announce the completion of his meal. “I’m done; here’s my dish!”

  21. ilikequiche101 says:

    Does he do a rendition of “Rat’s in the Cradle”? Lol.

    Like many others here, I really miss my rattie. My parents thought I was crazy for getting her initially, but we all became incredibly attached to her. She was like a little dog. Rats make such great pets. RIP Luna. I still miss you.

  22. @Linda: You’re Swedish, right? Norpan ❤ (if not, well, that's a very Swedish-sounding name for a rat 😛 )
    I have 5 rats, it seems to me they're always sick in some way 😦 I just love them so much, and I really think there is a severe shortage of beautiful rattie-pictures on CO!

    I'd rather be a rattie than a girl! Yes I would!! If I could, I surely would!!

  23. Colonel Jenna says:

    The little tongue, the little tongue! How completely precious! I want a big poster for my bedroom wall of my new musical idol!

    (My current rattie Atooq likes to groom me, nibblenibblenibble lick lick. His tongue is every bit as cute as this photo.)

  24. NTMTOM, don’t you mean … Zamfur?
    (sorry, the proofreader in me never stops …)

  25. resriechan says:

    Love the “Rat Stevens” reference.

    Also love Nucleus for (relatively obscure) S & G reference….

  26. I can hear the rat-a-tat-tat of the accompanying drums. No more Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy, etc. but the Rack Pack lives on!

    I’m in love with Rattie McFlooferman! I’ve heard they make amazing pets… but their short lifespan would just break my heart.

  27. Love my ratties, though sometimes they can drive me up the wall! Like the time Maddie decided to steal most of the keys off my laptop and hide them around my kitchen and when she decided to chew through my bf’s iphone cable. You can’t stay mad at them for long though!

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    I didn’t know you could make a flute out of rigatoni. At once melodic and delicious.

  29. My guess is that’s not Smashing Pumpkins he’s playing.

    Seriously, could those little paws be cuter?

  30. Leetle hands!!

    Can he play “Lucy in the Sky With Cheese”?

  31. this is classic c.o!

  32. MymaJane says:

    Makes me think of that South Park episode with the guinea pigs….

  33. 260Oakley says:

    @Von Zep
    And you know what would go really well with the pasta pipes? Ratatouille!

  34. Ratty tongue!!! Ratty tongue!!! Eeeeeee!!! *thunk*

  35. RE: Crimson’s link reference on comment #3:
    Ellen van Deelin’s photography of Ratties rocks!!!! I’ve seen her Rat Band piks before; she has also photographed them with other teeney props, like baby carriages; eating various foods; and playing with their toys….I admire her work so much, and I’m so glad she’s on CO….. 😆

  36. My objection to rats is no bladder control, having used a bedroom where a pet rat was free to roam.
    Anyhoo I am sure Rattie sounds better than George Zamfir, it’s pleasant enough to
    begin with but quickly grates on the nerves.

  37. Yay for rats on C.O.! They are such special little creatures. And that little tongue….:::::THUD::::

  38. @ Crimson: so sorry about your ratties; how sad that they have such short lives;
    A pet, whatever it happens to be, is dearly loved and sadly missed…♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  39. Colonel Jenna says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing right, but my last three rats have almost never piddled when we are playing “Climb all over the bed”. They also only poop on the bed if I scare them pretty bad. Once I started putting ratties in big enough cages they will pick a corner to be the toilet and mostly go there but it is true they aren’t quite like dogs and cats for housebreaking.

    I wish I were home with my rat right now.

  40. What a perfect moment for a picture, I’m surprised he’s not nomming on it with this little teeth.

    Does he do Lady Gaga covers?

  41. I’ve never had a rattie, but I sure do love them. They’re beautiful, smart, funny critters. A fellow humane society volunteer has two rats (plus two gerbils and a hamster), and she adores them.

  42. You are all awesome, and NTMTOM and Mr. Zamfir are Rat-tastic!

  43. PS Is it me, or does Zamfir’s repertoire overlap with Buckwheat’s? 😛
    “Unce, tice fee times a mady . . .”

  44. Do I see Furry McCritterson’s nose, paws, whiskers and TONGUE in close-up all in the same picture?

    *dissolves into helpless puddle of goo*

  45. Somebody has the cover Lady Gaga, and quickly and completely. Yikes.

    Wonderful, wonderful writing everypeep!

    I’m pretty sure that is bamboo and look at the back feeteses!
    Pure CO gold.

  46. Is he Peruvian? Does he keep the giant guinea pigs away?

  47. This is super kitty would never give him a moments piece..
    and I Hate Lady GAGA! Gag ok feel better.

  48. I loved “Careless Whisker” too. ROTFL!

    Skipping around I see the jokes just keep on coming. Me? I got nuthin.

  49. Man rats are bad for weeing everywhere, because they mark their territory. Lady rats are slightly less … damp.

    I love how he’s tonguing the pan-flute – obviously a skilled little rattigan!


  51. Shadowtiger says:

    Dawwww…my rats almost never pose for photos, they’re too busy skittering around sniffing everything in sight and giving what they find a thoughtful nibble to see is it good?

    Like several other posters, I’ve had many rats over the years and some still make me tear up years after they are gone. It always makes me smile to see one on CO.

  52. Shadowtiger says:

    (Sorry for the double post, but I saw something else I wanted to respond to)

    @pounce: bucks usually stop leaving a little trail of urine dribbles if you get them neutered–which also reduces aggressive behavior and makes them something like 75% less likely to die from cancer. Does, on the other hand, will sometimes start scent marking their favorite humans and won’t stop for anything…although getting them spayed similarly reduces their cancer incidence, it’s far more expensive and dangerous, and probably won’t stop them from claiming you as their very own.

    My wife and I currently have 10 rats, only one of whom is male, and he never widdles on us…but two of the girls are super-territorial and will “claim” us almost as soon as we pick them up.

  53. Sandy C. says:

    Brilliant! Just the chuckle I needed on the 8th day of the Killer Cold from Hell. 🙂 Great commentary on the cutest photo I’ve ever seen of a rat.

  54. Resriechan says:

    um…..Stairway to Heaven?

  55. Catherine says:

    It’s official. CO owns my soul.

  56. Sunflare2k5 says:

    Looks like Hartley’s found an apprentice in his band of followers? 🙂

    (FYI, Hartley Rathaway is better known as the Pied Piper, one of the Flash’s villains. In later years of his criminal career, he started using a pack of trained rats to help him in his work.)

  57. I love this photographer’s work! I think one of her other rattie pictures was featured on CO last year; here’s the link for more:

  58. @Shadowtiger – I appreciate the tip re spaying/neutering, as I’m sure most serious ratters here do as well … but I personally would not be able to justify spending money to ‘fix’ a rat. 🙂

  59. victoreia says:

    But does he play “Three Blind Mice”? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…..)

  60. victoria- don’t ever resist, we live for those!

  61. Excellent, classic C.O. I love this so much I may have adopt me a rattie!

  62. this post is awesome!

  63. Oh!, lo amo XD

  64. There’s a whole book of these photos… make sure you click on the preview and then view fullscreen for a full dose of musical ratty goodness!

  65. Piddle while you work, tralala la la la la
    and all day long, you’ll leave a pong
    yes piddle while you work.

    From the alternative Disney song book 🙂

  66. (snif snif) Ewwww!

  67. The photographer is Ellen van Deelen, and she has many other wonderful photos.

  68. For those of you who liked rat tounges and lil rat hands check my Dylan and Rufus out 🙂 I have sent them in a few times but had no luck, I hope it’s ok to share them here.

  69. “Un-fur-gettable”! Hahahaha!

  70. Death by caption & comments yet again. (S’pose he’d play “Violets For Your Cheese”?)

  71. Shouldn’t that be Hamfir?

  72. Carnivorous M. says:

    I love how there’s just the teeniest… leetle… glimpse… of… tongue. 😀 Can we get a COXCU?

  73. absolutely fur -ntasic

  74. that mouse really likes 2 toot his own horn

  75. the little mouse is cute and funny!

  76. And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be
    And I’ll lead you all in the Dance, said he!

  77. Elizabeth says:

    Wait a minute. MOUSE-tery? RAAAAAAAT!