And now, Garden Gab with Gertie Glotz

Greetings, green-thumbers! Last week, we learned how to dislodge a cactus from your backside, but this week it’s time to welcome the first blooms of spring!

When transplanting, be careful to (Psst! We’re taping a show here)… Soil should contain generous amounts of (If you’re hungry, there’s a buffet at the crafts table)… Water thoroughly, taking care to (Look, I’m not telling you again!)… Finally, using a trowel… (Call security!)

Brooke B. says: “So here I was, snapping some pics of the first flowers of spring, and what do I see? Trouble! That’s our cat, Honey, trying to nom on my flowers!”



  1. Resriechan says:

    Spring dun’ Sprung??

  2. Perfect nom shot! Look at the posish of the open mouf, the hint of bottom fang, the incipient drool… Om, nom nom nom nom…

  3. Neopatra says:

    It is a cute picture, but I’m worried. Are daffodils toxic?

  4. Don’t worry Neopatra, looks like they caught the fella in the act anyway before he could eat anything. 😀 I’m sure all is well!

  5. Always remember to stop and nom the flowers. 😉

  6. Cats will nom anything, mine is partial to the aluminum window frame which he actually noms with his teeth. And plastic bags which he “mime noms”, doesn’t actually touch them.

  7. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    I can’t have any house plants…my cats would think I put in a salad bar for them. 🙂

  8. Finally – a topic I can address with author-i-ty!
    Several members of the Amaryllidaceae family (including Narcissus, aka Daffodils) contain calcium oxalate crystals. These needle-like crystals are found throughout the plant (bulb, sap, flowers) and can cause irritation (to skin, mouth, whatever).
    Not poisonous, just painful.
    This is why deer don’t mess with your daffodils.
    Bet he didn’t nom for long 😉

  9. I had a deaf kitty named Alexandra. She left many toothy dents in the metal mini-blinds hanging in the living room window…which are still there 25 years after I sold the house!

  10. victoreia says:

    And that’s why I said “no flowers, please” when I got out of the hospital last year!

  11. My favourite flowers AND my favourite animal. Top marks!

  12. My Murphy noms the covers of paperback books. I couldn’t tell you how many of my books have been “approved.”

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Two of my favorite things–daffodils and kittens!

    My cat tried to eat the leaves of my daffodils but I wouldn’t let her so she hates me now.

  14. Mary Jane says:

    Well, what did she expect when she set out a salad bar? Build it, and they will nom.

  15. Hey, are those the daffodils from Trader Joe’s–best spent 1.69 every time I go this time of year. I have to hide mine from my cats too, but they are too lazy to jump too high.

  16. kokobutterbuns says:

    When I’m on the couch and my attention is not on my cat & she knows it, she will nomnomnom on what is in my hands…pencil crayons, remote control, books, etc just to get some kind of reaction from me. Smart little critters!

  17. Hot Tams says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Naughty killy is just wrong.

  18. Sharkweeked.

  19. What a nawtie kittie. I had a cat that bit the heads of carnations. If we were silly enough to leave a vase within reach, he would bite all the heads off and drop them leaving just stalks….

  20. I had a marmie who would nom on any cut or potted flowers available. Sunflowers were noteworthy because the massive amounts of transferred-to-face pollen made denial of nomming impossible. One Easter, Malcolm Kitty snapped off every tulip in a gift pot, right at the base, and they were GONE. I couldn’t believe he’d eaten them all, and he didn’t get sick, but no sign of ’em. Not a petal. A month later, when switching out Spring wardrobe from the back of the closet, I found all the flower carcasses in a pile in the back-back-lowest-darkest corner. Wish I had video of the prolonged processes of dragging each prey-fleur to his lair! And much better than consuming them …

  21. I just did a blog on my chihuahuas and freesias! Love the pets with the flowers… it’s the best!

  22. Marcy Hunt says:

    Pretty sure that Daffodil bulbs are seriously poisonous to people. Careful!

  23. 260Oakley says:

    Budding floral arranger answers the question: Tu lip or not to tu lip?

  24. holligans says:

    eeeeaaarrggh, 260-O!

  25. Aww 🙂 How could you get mad at that little kitty face though?

  26. My Daisy leaves plants alone and prefers to painfully nom the hand that feeds her. Still, no lillies, no bulbs is the rule in the house. Obviously I can’t be trusted to not nom them myselfes.

  27. One of my students brought me daffy dills this morning & boy is my squirt bottle tired tonight ! mine- Mine- MINE ! !

  28. Oh, the classic feistiness of a calico!

  29. My husband insisted on bringing a lily home from the hospital because of the friend who gave it to him. I told him to hold it out of reach until I checked the internet– yep, poisonous to cats! It went into a closet overnight and then we gave it to a neighbor. Gotta check everything that comes into the house….

  30. You all might be amused by the exchange I had with my hubby yesterday. I was commenting that my daffodils looked very pretty, and he was quiet for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. I always thought they look kind of like cat butts.”

  31. P.S. My Oscar eats rose petals if he can get his paws on ’em. Fresh, dried, makes no difference. I keep trying to tell him that there is no deficiency in his diet that could possibly be remedied by rose petals, but he just gives me that “I don’t speak human” look.

    [Rose petals shouldn’t be a problem, anyway. – Ed.]

  32. 😆 Bad kitty 😆 Those daffodils are not for eating 😆 Ask your owner to plant lots and lots of CATNIP 😈 Then you, Honey, the kitty will be BOMBED out of her furry mind 😈

  33. Teeny Gozer says:

    This reminds me of the time my husband bought me a lovely bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses. Indy Jones, our Kliban-cat-looking kitteh, came over to investigate them in their tall crystal vase, and I pulled out a camera to get that pretty image… and as soon as the picture was taken, he opened his mouth and glommed an entire rose head in his mouth. He immediately released it unharmed and jumped away when I screamed… but how I wish I’d gotten that shot!

  34. Let me join the Kitty nom-flower club. Big Stan the Tux, looks on my flower arangements, as an easy alternative to nomming grass, to assist him in
    furball hurling.
    Humans have supposedly mistaken Daff bulbs for onions, with dire affect, IMHO they must be pretty darn thick!

  35. Thick Thicky McThickersons. :mrgreen:

  36. platedlizard says:

    My kitty has been dragging in leaves and bits of cedar leaf (or whatever it’s called) with the mini pine cones. She then spends a couple hours batting them around before settling in to dismember and ‘eat’ them! She doesn’t actually consume any of her ‘prey’, but that’s only because she doesn’t appear to like the taste.. very funny. (I’m glad she only hauls in greenery though!)

  37. The flowers photo bombed the beautiful picture of kitty!

  38. Yeah, when I had to suddenly had to move, I asked a friend to take my 12 or so plants, some of which were 10 years old and many of them biiiiig. Imagine my surprise (I had had many cats, none of whom munched the flora), that when I went to pick them up, I called first, only to find out “My cat ate your plants.” NO mention of it when it actually happened, just the declaration when I called to pick them up a month later. Some things just ruin a friendship. Don’t let this happen to you!
    Morticia Addams would be proud of some of our Peepkittehs, as she lopped off those “ugly red things” from the rose branches with all of the “lovely thorns”!

  39. Momof12cats says:

    Baby’s breath is akin to catnip in our house. They will nibble off the tiny heads one by one leaving only a sad, spidery stem….

  40. This scene looks familiar. In the past 24 hours a bratty kitten has trimmed the leaves on my 15 year old ponytail palm and murdered three of my pepper seedlings.

  41. Nom de bloom.

  42. StormCat42 says:

    I’ve had many a Kitteh who enjoyed greenery… But the most interesting was my Marmie that would attack those extremely vicious and terrifying dryer sheets! I mean those things are terrifying when they’re cornered, but Tinker would take ’em down in no time flat!! Was quite amazing to watch… (I’m SURE she imagined herself being out on the great safari hunting something…)

  43. TrixandSam says:

    @ Lisa: in what part of the country do you live? Our TJ’s here in the west ‘burbs of Chicago have those daffodil bunches at $1.29 each. I get them by the sack full.

    I keep looking at Kitty’s eye, looking so intently at the target. NohhhhMMMMM!

  44. Resriechan says:

    Nom de Bloom FTW !!!!!!

  45. Honey is such a beautiful cat. 🙂 🙂 I love the expression on her face “I can’t believe they left these flowers within my fuzzy reach. I am going to nom the H*LL out of these flowers!”

    FYI…every year American Cancer Society has Daffodil Days. An excellent fundraiser for the Society, and we get to purchase cat food….er, I mean lovely daffodils! Here is the link to find out info for your state.

  46. Ever have your kitty give you lip? Mine talks back constantly…so fresh. If I say “NO” to something makes a low “anniann” sound. Very funny…I try not to laugh it only encourages such behavior. My kitty sits in the window sill. If he is too close to plant and it tickles his face then all a sudden he chomps leaf. Funny but NOT for my plant.

  47. Nothing says spring to me like the bright yellow daffadills or forsythia. I hope this little one enjoys his salad bar.

  48. @trixandsam: SF Bay Area, everything costs more here… but then I could be remembering incorrectly 😉

  49. NOOM…just wanted to see if you were lookin! LOL

  50. Is “craft service table” what you’re going for there in the hovertext?
    I think Meg used the same phrase the other day.

    Love the toothless puss gumming at the daffodils.

  51. d’oh, not in hovertext but regular text. Still.

  52. @Sarade, I had to find a new home for my ponytail palm. Ornj cat would nibble the leaves, which didn’t bother me, but Fatty would climb it till it fell over, dumping dirt all over the living room. Now I have zero plants in the house.

  53. Hence the reason my dear hubby sends flowers to work, and we do not have any house plants! When flowers eventually make it home they have to get locked in the family room at night.
    I wanted to ask the awesome peeps of CO for some good thoughts for my kitty Jack. He is anemic and we are not sure why, and the little old guy isn’t feeling too well. He tested negative for FeLuke and FIV (thank heavens, for the sake of my other 3!) but that means the diagnosis is still unclear. Anyway, just wanted to ask for some good vibrations sent his way!

  54. I have a calico kitteh that enjoys flowers verra verra much. She will climb to the highest parts of my house to reach a flower arrangement, knock it off its perch, and then happily munch all the petals she can get to before I come running into the room screaming her name. She also liked to use my big houseplants as a secondary litterbox, which is why Mandy’s house is completely sans plants. 😦

    Oh, and…*sends a multitude of good vibrations in Natalie’s general direction* 🙂

  55. @Natalie, purrs and good vibes on the way. How are Jack’s kidneys?

  56. @ Theresa, his kidney and liver functions are good. That’s why it’s baffling. He is almost 14, but has always been in excellent health, not overweight, active.

  57. Thought it was a lollipop!

  58. victoreia says:

    @Momof12cats: Baby’s breath suffers the same fate in my house… fact, with my first two cats, baby’s breath was preferred over catnip!

  59. Natalie – I’m picking up good vibrations, I’m giving out ex-ci-tations,
    good good good, good vibrations.
    I’ll also give my Tibetan singing bowl an extra thwack for Jack, its supposed
    to have healing properties.

  60. My son used to bring his two kittehs to visit on weekends….each of them individually cleared two of my windows totally of houseplants, leaving leaves, plant debris and dirt scattered in two big messy heaps……
    (Son later said, “O did I tell you? They don’t like plants on windowsills, and will totally knock them down….) I said “GAAAAAAHHH” and “BLAAAAARGH”…….. 😯

  61. resriechan says:

    Grooviness & zen-filled days & nights to Jack & Natalie!!!

  62. Thanks to Theresa, Hon and Resrie! 🙂 He likes the Beach Boys too so I think that will help for sure.

  63. Nom de bloom = win. *nod, nod*

    Most of the cats I have cohabitated with didn’t maul greenery unless the pot was big enough to a) use as an illicit litterbox or b) nap in and smush the plants and cover them in cat lint (keyboards were also afforded the latter “honor”).

    There were a couple of exceptions, however: one bird and two cats who were all “Go Team Weed Whacker!” on any sort of thin-stemmed plant we ever owned. Especially any sort of fern. The cats ate the green bits off below and flossed with what was left, while above a tiny but surprisingly scissors-like beaksie systematically severed stems to crew-cut length (and made the fronds twitch alluringly, which just made the cats more interested). He tried the same thing with cat whiskers, which more than once necessitated his rescue after an understandable violation of the “we do not chomp family” rule on the cats’ part. For the most part they seemed satisfied to catch and release in hopes of having made their point… Lucky for him.

    @Natalie: Good vibes aplenty for you and the kitteh! A friend’s aging marmie-monster developed anemia and it was eventually traced to absorption difficulties which had developed as he aged. He was low on a vitamin or two also, but I can’t remember what anymore. He ended up needing periodic injections on top of a change of diet and that was about it, so here’s hoping Jack’s anemia winds up having a cause with such a relatively simple solution.

  64. skippymom says:

    If I have flowers in a vase on the table (which is not often) Francesco will approach them and pretend he’s going to nom them. He knows he’s not allowed, and he doesn’t really want to, but he likes to tease me.
    Sending many good vibes to Jack.

  65. Paunchie says:

    Trouble! With a capital T!

  66. BonzoGal says:

    Our girl cat, Hoohah, likes to sit in our houseplants. She doesn’t eat them or anything, she just seems to want to feel the dirt against her butt. I let her in the backyard a few times, but that doesn’t seem to suit. No no, that dirt has been trod upon by commoners. It’s houseplant-seating or nothing for Her Hhighness.

  67. Resriechan says:

    😦 I gotsa pic uv a leedle keeeten who we named Scooter (ginger kittaen, too-hoo!!!) who used to pose elegantly sprawled across a “lovely bit uv lavendah” in a flowerpot about a year ugo.

    But me no good-ah (gouda?) at the-uploada/ compooter stuffs. 😦

    (und de couleurs luuked pritty gouda togetha, too-hoo!!!
    Ginger kittaen, greeeeeen greenery and poiple flowerpoos….)


  68. they are toxic!.. i actually just had to look that up for somebody at work. if eaten they can really mess up your belly so be careful with your nibbley kittehs this spring.

  69. @Natalie 🙂 I hope that your dear sweet kitty, Jack, will be fine real soon 🙂

  70. I have a calico named Honey who is also a flower muncher. She snacked on some tigerlilies once and had an orange nose for a week. Looked like she had gotten into the Cheetohs!

  71. Natalie, I’m sending good thoughts and prayers for Jack’s full recovery. Poor little guy. Please let us know how he’s doing. *hug*

  72. Resriechan says:

    Mary — are you CERTAIN, that she HADN’T gotten, into the Cheetos????

    Do you have videographic evidence? cuz, ya know….cats….they sometimes can be sneaky…….fluffy & lovely, yet sneaky!!!

  73. Thanks, everyone for the well wishes! and I can weigh in on the pollen issue: one time (a long, long time ago) Jack snuggled some stargazer lilies and the pollen turned his white face greenish yellow. It was odd since the pollen was orange! But it definitely does stain. Will stain your clothes as well. I always cut those things off now when I get flowers. 🙂

  74. The Shazinator says: