Seal Bomb

[Who needs another BOOOORING photo of penguins? Look over here!]

Mika W. says Squirrel Bomb is sooo 2009.



  1. Heeeeerrrre’s Johhhhnnyyyyy!

  2. There’s one at every party.

  3. I’ve been to CO 4 times already today and for some reason I got the urge to pop in again. O-M-G! I’m so glad I did. This is priceless!! Who gets this lucky? Lol! I got the belly laugh I needed. Now I’m good for the day.

  4. cornerblorp

  5. That silly ol’ squirrel got nothing on me!

    Look at meeee, maaaa! I’m on the bottom of the world!

  6. Now you can both squirrelize and blorpify your pictures.

  7. I can’t believe The Sealizzer has not been made into a web site yet. This picture has been up for over 5 minutes, People!

  8. Boom, baby!

  9. very cute…

  10. that is the jolliest face EVAH!

  11. i was hoping that someone would send this in – one of my fav photobombs 😀

  12. amygaspard says:

    oh. my. goodness. I was like awww penguins… I don’t know what they’re talking about- “boring penguins.” I love penguins… *scroll down scroll down* OMG! BAH HAHAHAHAHA! 😀

  13. BabyOpossum says:

    “Seals rule, penguins drool! Whooooo!!”

  14. Lerrinus says:

    Too funny! What a cute face! 😆

  15. A friend went on a cruise to Antartica. Someone had put up a sign, MDP – MORE DAMN PENGUINS. Not to be confused with ABC – Another Bloody Castle/Cathedral.

  16. Oh my gosh! I actually jumped with surprise! LOL!

  17. Rapwnzel says:

    I think he’s ready for a penguin Smörgåsbord… >_> I’m just sayin..

  18. Is this real? ‘Cause if it is- it’s the BEST!!!

  19. …and that GRIN on the seal…wow…

  20. DrPluton says:

    I need to set up a digital camera so that that seal shows up like that in every picture I take.

  21. I love the penguin directly above the seal, he looks like he’s heading out for his Sunday stroll…

  22. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  23. Jimbeaux says:

    He looks so happy! And who wouldn’t be, with all those pengies?

  24. What a great shot! Nothing like a little Corner Blorp to bring some happy to the photo…

  25. LOL Check out this Sea World Photo Bomb (via Digg)

  26. He’s clearly just trying to steal some of the attention that the all-black penguin has been getting…..

  27. SamiWammy says:


  28. lol!!! this just made my morning.

  29. Kaysy Anderson says:

    OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  30. omg that is hilarious!!!

  31. Hey goofball, it’s not spring break at the South Pole.

  32. @NTMTOM, No par-tays, no shindigs, no keggers, no hootenannies, no mixers, no raves, no box socials!

  33. Freaking. Awesome.

  34. Agent 99 says:

    You go, Seal.

  35. Awwww how cute dat is soooooooooooooo cool dat d person got a pik lik dat

  36. Best. Seal. Photo. EVAR!!!!

  37. Oh haaaaiiii!

  38. D.Ximenes says:

  39. victoreia says:

    Meg, love the avatar!

    Penguins have boring parties, anyway. (It’s the formal-wear…..)

  40. tamibrat says:

    CO WIN (period)

    I love that the penguins are all dancing about and the seal is totally in the corner like the Joker from Batman, ecstatically planning his mischief. This is going to make me smile for weeks. Yay for mischief planning.

    In fact, we have a room called the Plotter Room at work. Idk, why but its hilarious, and it totally needs this little pic so this seal can show everyone exactly how much fun plotting can really be. I may have to print this out. Since its already my desktop background. 😉

  41. omg this is fantastic.

  42. stuck in the kl blues again says:

    he looks like the cat who is about to swallow the canary er penguin. lunch and dinner.

  43. Selphie le Boffin says:

    I sent this is months ago, but whatevs, still cute now.

  44. OMG ,my tummy hurts now from laughing so hard. MEG Rules!

  45. OH HAI Are you taking MY picture!

  46. Is this not a repost?

  47. I laughed so much over this!!!

    “OHAI!!!! IS THAT A DIGITAL?!?!?!?”

  48. this is the cutest, cutest cutest photo ever!!!! is this for real?

  49. OMG! LOL! I had to cover my mouth, otherwise I would have waken my roommate w laughter!

  50. Hon Glad says:

    This idea should be given wings and have Sealio appear in all sorts of pictures. Obamma’s speeches, the Popes blessings Fashion show catwalk pictures etc.

  51. OHH I’m sooo hoping for a sealizer this time!

  52. X-D Sealio is all “SPRING BREAK, WOOHOOOO!”


  53. *chants*


  54. hooiskellie says:

    LOL!!! that is completely awesome.

  55. Glad you all liked it, it made me laugh.

  56. darkshines says:


  57. Sooo funny! I love it! And, if anybody hasn’t checked out Meg’s link yet, well, ya jus’ gotta!

  58. Funny, last night my husband and I were talking about seals and about sea otters. He has gone diving with them and says that they follow you while you’re down and swim in front of you looking directly into your breathing apparatus. He says it is not that they are trying to be disruptive, although this photo is definitely bombed by the seal, it’s that they are so curious they cannot help themselves…
    My husband says what surprised him the most is that they are NOT afraid. At all.

  59. Debbie Downer says:

    Here’s a link to the original un-cropped photo:

    [Usually “originals” don’t come pre-captioned, you know? – Ed.]

  60. laineyg6 says:

    I wasn’t awake until I scrolled down a tad more. Since I use “awesome” to describe almost everything, I will be a little different today. This post is truly “scrumtulescent”.


  62. I’m ded from the qte. End of story.

  63. Re: the original uncropped photo :
    Sealio is saying: “O Hai, Mauuum” (IN RUSSIAN……!) 🙄

  64. T.U.M., cornerblorp is my new favorite word.

  65. Have you heard about that fishaholic seal Lindsey?



  67. Funnily enough, I was certain I’d seen this on CO first. I love this photo, full-frame, cropped whatever.

    Apparently it’s fairly common for a <a href=""Seal to stick his nose into a penguin photo.

  68. kokobutterbuns says:

    animals make the best photobombers!

  69. I’m going to make a bag of popcorn, this is just so funny it makes me want to mess around looking for other cute animal pictures…like I have the time, but ya know, when the urge strikes….Thank you! I’d love to see this little face in the corner of just about anything! S/he really is smiling! Cornerblorp, indeed!

  70. Theadosia says:

    @Hon Glad

    I would LOVE to see a picture of the Pope blessing fashion catwalk pictures. And it could happen, given that this current Pope is a bit of a fashionista himself.

  71. Paunchie says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s just so frickin funneh!!

    “fishaholic Lindsay”

    fisha-whaaaa??? LOL

  72. zeldapie says:

    hey HEY hey!

  73. LOL!
    Like the joker at every party ^_^

  74. Btw
    I would love to have that pic as a poster ^_^

  75. so did anyone combine the to pictures allready? I would love to see the two animals on the same picture.

  76. Fluidstatic says:


  77. Catherine says:


    There’s one in every crowd.

  78. dukesharp says:

    My friend at work is from the Ukraine and she says this roughly translates as “I’m the one who is always messing up the photos!”

  79. Penguin: BLA BLA BLA BLA
    Seal: YOOO DUUUDDEEES! Hey? Is this thing on? -snorfity sniff sniff- WASSAP?! OMG, AM I ON ANIMAL PLANET? CUTE OVERLOAD? DUDE, DUDE! -seal flipper flailingks- ykwim

  80. best.photobomb.ever.

  81. OOH!, Is so cute!!!
    me encantó!

  82. Ah Debbie, why u ruin the cute? Having bad day? Hopes u feels better soon.

  83. Hon Glad says:

    Theodosia – I ‘m crap at puctuation, oy vey, so shoot me already 8)

    However your version does make me visualise the Pope in drag, say in Lacroix, Lacroix sweety darling, sashaying down the cat walk followed by Obama in a pair of bumsters nipple piercings and a feather boa made of Haddock, followed by Senior Sealio and Madonna in full bag lady get up. Actually I better stop there before I give full vent to my fevered imagination. Walks off wondering how I can fit in Attilla the Hun Archbishop Makarios and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and of corse there’s Fanny the wonder dog and…….

  84. chauncey says:

    The Elephant Seal: Nature’s Drunk Frat Boy

  85. wow…the panguin 2nd from the left is itching his….crotch?????

  86. I *love* the expression on the seal’s face! Priceless!

  87. If this isn’t a “Hi Mom”, i’ll kiss your grits!

  88. That seal totally knows what he just did. Hilariously cute.

  89. clarissajanephotography says:

    I love the expression on its face!!

  90. By the way, no one told me everyone would be out of the office today!!

  91. This could be real. There was one in National Geographic involving a ground squirrel who did the exact same thing to a couple of tourists.
    But either way too funny !

  92. You all seriously need a visit to

  93. julianusginting says:

    wow…nice penquin…funny.. 😛

  94. Oh my God! Stop…too cute!!!

  95. Looks like a lot of my family photos and my kid sister hamming it up

  96. From bombs

  97. Funniest pic I have ever seen.

  98. I really love this picture !!! awesome :X

  99. MyLittlePonyTales says:

    HI! I’m your tour guide, Fred! today we are observing the habitats of penguins!

    okay, that wasn’t the best caption, i was just annoyed that there were 99 comments instead of 100.

    [Happens to the best of us. 😆 – Ed.]

  100. this is just fab! I laughed and laughed, so funny! Thank you

  101. that is fantastic!


  103. That takes skill

  104. Kathy Swanson says:

    What a great face!!!!! Such a cutie smile, the little dickens! I love it ’cause he’s just a little ham. 😎

  105. katyhunny says:

    So cutie seal. Sweet face and smile!

  106. zekenzoey says:

    look how his little nostrils are puckered . . . he buries the needle on the cu-te-ah-meter!

  107. Is this for real? Reminds me of something Miss Piggy would do…

  108. man….I’m struck!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!

  109. txredhead says:

    Yes, but does SealBomb have his own T-SHIRT??? Check it out!!

  110. Ah, it’s the perfect background on my work computer! Wunnderful!

  111. Work it baby!!!

  112. “HEY! What’s that you got there? A camera?”

  113. This one will always be just TOO funny.

  114. Carla Ann says:

    I LOVE this picture!

  115. cliffette says:

    He’s looking for his bucket..