Hamster-sized Caesar Salad

For this episode of  Cookin’ For Hamsters you will need:

1 Cucumber
1 Hard-boiled Egg
1 slice, Gouda cheese
1 slice, Ham
1 bunch Parsley (fresh)
1 slice bread, toasted (for croutons)
3 Pinenuts


You’ve have some serious mini-culinary talents, Mathijs. See more of Lucy’s culinary delights over at The HamsterTracker.



  1. Ham Salad! Well someone was going to say it.

  2. I can’t see the pictures. Waaah.

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Melissa, neither could I, so I clicked on the “cookin’ for hamsters” link above, and there I viewed the entire series. ☺

  4. I remember that hamster from another post! Cutest thing ever! And the salad? Compliments to the chef!

  5. I wonder if this works for gerbils, too?

  6. Aww I can’t see the pictures either but if you have not been to hamster tracker before you are in for a really awesome treat. Mathias is amazing and Lucy is too!

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    I’ve always really liked Mathijis and the way he “cooks” for his Lucy hamsters. What a cool guy. He’s really so nice.

  8. Jimbeaux says:

    I, too, am picture-less.

    Puttin’ the petite in bon apetite! 🙂

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Bet the salads are delivered in a cute little hamper.

  10. Hey, I couldn’t see the photos right away either, and y’know, I kind of work here. But they did show up, after a few page refreshes. Try pressing the F5 key.

  11. I did some refreshes, but still no pictures for me 😦 And when I click the individual pictures (because the links where the pictures should be are there) it gives me the CO equivalent of a 404. No cute hammies for me right now 😦

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    You know, I saw this on Hamster Tracker before and I was kind of tripping about what the heck for goodness sake is that contraption on Mathijis’ wrist?!! It looks like a computer on his arm or something. It’s more than a simple wrist watch. What the heck is that? Can I have one?

  13. And you can eat the bowl!

  14. Caesar Salad – just in time for the Ides of March, y’all!!

  15. katiedid says:

    No pictures for me either :*(….
    I even did the refresh thingy… barooooooo

  16. I right clicked on where the pics would be, and chose “view image.” When I returned to this page,the image appeared.

  17. no photos showeenk

  18. This is so adorable!! I really wish I’d known about this site when I had a hammie.

  19. I can HAz Peectures Now Yay.. I hit f5 a few times

  20. marthava says:

    Yeah. I have the little pics and then like a giant amount of white space after “bon apetit.”

  21. great idea! i’ve been brainstorming for mini food ideas for my hammy’s 2nd birthday this week 😀

  22. Kathleen in Canada says:

    I can’t see the pictures either. It insists there’s nothing there but gives me the option to create my own post (if only I had a username and password LOL).

  23. Sweeda88 says:

    OMG! That hamster is a doppelganger of my little Rosie! So cute!!!

  24. Agent 99 says:

    Love hammies!!! Love, Mathijs and Lucy, too.

  25. That hamster eats better than I do. Waaagh.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    I don’t imagine the Hampster gives a f**k about how the foods presented, but if it
    makes the owner happy, why not. However he’s missed afew tricks how about a drizzle of truffle oil and some balsamic vinegar.

  27. catlover says:

    You know when you mouse over a picture and it has a little comment there? Well why isn’t there one for the cooking step by step photos?

  28. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    What an adorable tiny salad. What an awesome hamster mommy to make such a lovely dish for her hamster! ! !

  29. I love the idea of these recipies for my dwarf hamster. Just wondering if anyone knows if its ok to feed your hamster cheese and the other ingrediants from the bloggers recipies? (other recipies on linked page)

  30. @LC from what i can tell its ok to give hamsters meat, cheese and egg in addition to a diet mainly of vegetables and grains. the major thing that needs to be avoided are sweets and overly sugary feed. heres a good link: http://www.hamsterific.com/nutrition.cfm

  31. I’m with the HAM peeps- no, I mean the ham in the salad! And egg? Not-so-natural for little hamsters! They don’t eat that stuff in the “wild”!

  32. Hamsters eating ham – isn’t that cannibalism? 😀

  33. @Queen of Dork

    That’s a Japanese wristwatch. There is a site that my husband goes to a lot that all these crazy watches that show the time in weird ways instead of the standard clock face and hands or digital. Like in binary or by position of the flashing lights on a screen or using fractions and percentages. They are fascinating but it would take me half an hour to work out what the time was if I used one. I don’t like to post a link as its a commercial site but if you do a bit of a google hunt I am sure you can find styles like that online.

  34. About Ingredients Used:
    (Please remember that hamsters are carnivorous… )
    I’ve always checked checked and re-checked all ingredients used in my recipes, to make sure the ingredients used are not harmful to (Dutch?) Hamsters!
    BUT, when in doubt, simply don’t use the ingredient or replace it with something else you are sure of that it’s hamster-friendly. Otherwise stated : Please use your (own) common sense!
    Furthermore I would like to mention that my hamster(s) all survived feeding one of the recipes without any complications. Needless to say that moderation applies on using ingredients other than the usual hamster food. I tend to cook for Lucy on (rare and) special (sometimes self made up 🙂 occasions.

    Tip: Clean cage the Day After Serving: Remove all leftovers (if any!), without them having a chance (or time) of going bad which could hurt your hamster!

    eLove: M&L

  35. Hams need protein too and they can get that in some nice, low-salt meats and with boiled eggs. But their regular ham chow usually has enough protein for them, so you don’t need to supplement (except for special occasions, as Mathijs pointed out :). If you want to see something special, give a cricket or meal worm to your hamster. They love it as a special treat. Also although they might love some fresh crushed garlic (as the alt text says)…don’t give it to them. Garlic is a no-no for hammies.

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    I have to love someone who loves a tiny rodent this much. That is just adorable.

  37. i wish I was this guy’s hamster………….

  38. Yes, I know this is a stereotypical female response, but whenever I see these entries from Mathijs, I wonder what he’d whip up for a girlfriend…

  39. Antikythera says:

    Mathjis, bravo, you take such good care of your critters. 😀

    I was surprised by the egg and stuff but then I remembered a book I had when I was a kid that showed a wild hamster eating his favourite food — a big fat earthworm.