Bark, bark, bark-AWWWK!!

Talk about scrambled: According to the Daily Mail, when her owners saved hen Mabel from the chop, Mabel repaid the favor by keeping their pups warm. Hot dog!

Sent in by Zeki, whose letter says “asdfghl!” Gezundheit, Zeki.


  1. Hot Tams says:


  2. eggcellent!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Pups cry fowl; declare: “This is a poultry excuse for a mother! The other dogs will call us a bunch of yolkeles.”

  4. I am dying over the stubbular legs!!! Acccckkkk!!

  5. Miss Tara says:

    I worry about those pups growing up to be henpecked adults.

    (@260Oakley – BEAUTIFUL! You’re even more cracked than I am! And that’s quite a feather in your cap.)

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Further proof that puppies are chick magnets.

  7. 260Oakley, please stop long enough for me to catch my breath. 😀

    Mabel is eggactly what those rotties needed.

  8. That reminds me of one of my favorite breakfasts as a kid !
    Scrambled eggs & sliced hot dogs ! YUM !!!!!

    Does this qualify as “Farm Fresh Pups” ?

  9. BStrange says:

    Top right pup to top left pup: “Um, is it just me, or does this down comforter have legs?”

    Top left pup: “waaaaarmmmm…. *ksznerk-shuuu… snaps blearily awake* Huh? Did you say something?”

  10. In short, Rachael, might we call them a couple of “Rott”en eggs?

  11. (Second pic)
    Man: “Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t keep all my pups in one basket.”
    Meanwhile, the pups look like they’re brooding about something.

  12. egg-cellent post it was totally un-egg-spected. But please stop the egg-scruciating barrage of puns, i b-egg of you. any more and you’ll get egg-secuted, and there will be much rejoicing with k-eggs. I honestly expected you r-egg-ulars to come up with some more eggs-otic material

  13. egg-semplary post.

    I’m gonna steal them, and I will take momma chicken too =D.

  15. asdfgh!!!

  16. ant man bee says:

    Judging by the way that guy is looking at the chicken in pic numero 2, I’m not sure her being saved from the chop is totally a done deal…

  17. @ant man bee: I was thinking the same thing! He looks a little hungry…

    Cute post, adorable puppehs!

  18. doforanimals says:

    Looks like mama’s got some ‘splaining to do…

  19. The guy’s pretty cute too!

  20. thats so cute warm dogs are happy dogs lol

  21. What happens when they hatch?

  22. skippymom says:

    Is that George Stephanopoulos’s brother?

  23. metsakins says:

    I guess that’s what hap -hens, w-hen you save a hen.

  24. “mama’s got some splainin’ to do” <— good one 😀

    Guy is thinkin, I said make me an omelette, not a basket of puppies! And she's all wha??

  25. PS there’s four of em. Click on the daily mail link for to see their little puppy schnozzles. Sweet.

  26. @Camille:

    Depends what they hatch into! If it’s jackals, she’d better hope she can sing:

  27. Somewhere, there’s a confused momma rottie who’s trying trying to nurse a bunch of eggs.

    So cute! The easter egg hunt is going to be especially hard this year, the eggs won’t stay in one place!

  28. I must agree with ant man bee. That guy is thinking of how he’s going to prepare Mabel.

  29. Yet another example (nope, nawt gonna pun that one it’s been done over easy)
    of what happens when you feed a chicken genetically modified feed.

    The guy isn’t thinking about eating her, he’s thinking “Hmm, I *thought* that rooster was rather large.” (ducks –yeah yeah wrong bird so cry fowl!)

    These guys should try out as a team for the Cadbury Eggs commercial. They’re sure to give the Bunny a run for his money.

  30. Norwegian chick(en) says:

    Eggscuse me, anyone from Youlk`shire here…?…
    This post is so eggscelent! It really made me eggstatic! And all the youlk`ers out there with all the puns and words, hillarious! Wish I could do it too, but I am no eggspert so I doubt if I have much to contribute with even though I eggscavate my brain…Hen-ce the lack of words…just felt the need to eggsplain myself to you guys…
    …I almost felt my cholesterol went up with this post…hmm, why is that I wonder…My egg-zema flaired up also…am I allergic to something? It surely can not be because of this eggsquisite post…

  31. Left da Building says:

    Hmm, everyone seems a little uncomfortable with this situation except the owner, lost as he is in chicken bliss

  32. I love it… the story says that the pup’s mom is out in the yard while the chicken babysits. probably a young mother, you know how they are *sigh* *eye roll* always wanting to go out and party while someone else watches the kids!

  33. Yes! *fist pumps* I was hoping you’d post this.

    Just one thought: Couldn’t this sweet family find something a leee-tle more comfortable than bamboo for the pups to sleep on? Their hard puppeh noggins need cush.

    (Busybody out!)

  34. *drive-by linkage*

    And the circle of life continues. Suppose this’ll be the puppies above, when they grow up?:

  35. “Now you kids stay inside and just ignore those neighbor boys. You don’t want to turn out rowdy like them!”

    “Sigh…okay, grandma. Whatever.”

  36. BStrange, that was super cute. 🙂

  37. OMG Bstrange that is so funny and weird I love how the dog guards the chicken and then trys to keep it warm under her little head. sooo cute!

  38. Chickens are so awesome!!!

  39. First puppeh: Maaaaahm!!! You said you were going out; but the baby-sitter is a little white Hen!!!
    Second puppeh: It’s OK; she’s been here for awhile: she’s been keeping us nice and warm, just like a feather-bed comforter: but she’s the Real Thing……!

  40. santa monica, m**********r!!!

  41. In just a few months, these little guys will be bawking at the moon.

  42. victoreia says:

    Will they be hen-pecked when they grow up?

  43. 😆 The hen is thinking to herself “These are strange looking chicks.” 😆 The pups are thinking to themselves “This is one strange looking dog.” 😆

  44. D’awww… wonder how long they have to incu-bark for?

  45. The massive amounts of puns and the second picture had me laughing all day xD

  46. Hon Glad says:

    “Hi I’m Mable, ready and willing and able. To use my baby sitting service phone toll free on 66994-083356.”

    This infomercial has been brought to you by Zammo the wonder pile cream

  47. Zeki definitely deserves a pullet-surprise for journalism. If Mabel just put a capon, she’d be the perfect avian superhero. She better hurry, though–the cluck is ticking…

  48. ps: the guy looks like Michael York’s brother, Egg York (barely even a rim shot)

  49. Interspecies love is the whole reason I’m here. A friend of mine kept sending me links of dogs mothering pigs and sheep nuzzling chickens and the like. She knew I would just melt away from the cute… and that’s how I happened upon CO. Yowza!!

  50. bookmonstercats says:

    The hen is safe. You can’t chop a chicken called Mabel.

    It’s the law!!

    *Sits back and folds arms*.

    PS great puns, peeps.

  51. If only people would take a lesson from animals and just care for others no matter the differences.