Cat, trapped in refrigerator, eats own foot

Yes, it’s another “Airplane!” reference (it was just on TV Friday night). I suppose naming the cat Taters just made the foot seem even more delicious, Misty C.



  1. Is it wrong that this makes me hungry?

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Cat is just a feet and potatoes kind of guy.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Ow! Haha. He looks like he’s really nomming on himself…cats are so funny.

  4. My little Willow (he seemed like a dwarf when we got him) was just as bitey when we got him, but I figured it was an “oral” phase because he’d been the neglected runt of the litter. Now he’s the longest cat evah, with a double-jointed tail to boot, and he’s still just as bitey. Not a phase after all! But oh-so-luvabuhls! *falls into baby-talk voice*

  5. Biscuit Tin says:

    The human involved in that relationship is going to save a fortune on cat toys.

  6. Clearly this kitteh believes he haz a taste.

  7. lol one of my kitties does that, only not as cutely – she chews on her back claws!

  8. Paul, I believe you meant to say that this kitteh thinks “I HAZ A FLAVUR” 😀

  9. MarmieLover says:

    teh PINK!

  10. Pink toebeans Omm Nom NOM!

  11. Peenk toe beans in a light Bernaise.

  12. probably she got an itch?

  13. 260Oakley says:

    This cat’s offspring will, of course, be known as “Taters’ Tots”.

  14. That is one heck of a pedicure!

  15. choochoo says:

    she needs her nails trimmed! my cat always does this whenever his nails are getting too long!

  16. How is that an ‘Airplane!’ reference? I know most of that movie by heart, and I can’t think of anything that relates… I’ll use lack of coffee as an excuse in case I’m missing something obvious.

  17. I used to love doing this to my kitties. “What’s this? What’s this? YES! It’s your tail and you just chomped it! Yes you did!”

  18. Cute kitteh, horrible headline. Speaking as someone who’s kitten managed to sneak into the fridge behind my back, only to be discovered crying and shivering maybe an hour later when I went to put away leftovers: NOT funny.

  19. No fair! I saw people fingers holding the kitteh’s foot and tail. That’s cheating!

    @JC, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I completely missed the reference, too. I am eagerly awaiting a response to your query.

  20. The crunching sound at the end was a bit creepy – but other than that, I’d like to take a little nibble of that kitten paw, too! Made it look so appetizing the way he loves it up like that.

  21. Oh and I’m sure that red light is that little red light on cameras that goes on when its recording.

  22. @JC it appears in a tabloid headline.

  23. Copperbat says:

    Nomnomnom jelleh beans.

  24. i have a theory that refrigerators are the ideal habitat for your chinchilla

    but nobody lets me try it on theirs


  25. Rachael says:

    He looks determined to teach that naughty foot a lesson.

    260Oakley, you are truly on a roll. I stand in awe.

  26. Eeek, the headline is “BOY trapped in refrigerator eats own foot,” and the picture was of producer Howard Koch’s grandson.

  27. Madonna says:

    EEEK! I thought the red light you see in the beginning was blood… Glad it’s not!

  28. Madonna – I thought the same thing! GMTA!

  29. Hon Glad says:

    I reckon we’ve got a young un here and like all young uns, including us hoomans,
    every thing is tested and experienced via the mouth or the nose.

  30. This is the cutest pink foot I’ve EVER seen.

  31. Lyrical says:

    Don’t store Taters in the fridge! The starches break down into sugar. QED.

  32. Nomming all the little piggies so they won’t be running of to the market.

  33. I has a flavor.

  34. Taters looks like our Henry, though Henry does not have quite so much orange on his face. Orange tuxedo tabbies rock! And I volunteer to taste that paw and confirm its scrumptiousness.

    Cute video, and I’m glad that Theresa explained the Airplane! reference. It went right over my head, too.

  35. Padfoot_Lives says:

    “You eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannibal!”

    If you get THAT movie reference, you really are a movie geek!

    Cute kitty-cat.

  36. MsCatmattress says:

    I am, then, a confirmed geek. “The Big Bus.” A 70s groaner must-see!

    Even freakier – Rene Auberjonois was in it, LONG before he played Odo, the guy who lived in a bucket, on Star Trek:DS9.

    Whoops. My geek is showing yet again.

  37. Those are going to be some clean paddy-paws!

  38. My little girl pommie, Tinkerbelle, used to lie back and chomp on her own toenails. I always speculated it was because of her intense fear of the dreaded toenail clippers. Cute kitteh!

  39. Padfoot_Lives says:

    Good job MsCatmattress! I agree, “The Big Bus” is a must-see. And it came BEFORE “Airplane”. 🙂

    In other news the kitty cat is still cute.

  40. Cleaningks.

  41. Jerilyn says:

    I think there’s a nail polish guaranteed to stop this sort of thing!

  42. dukesharp says:

    I wanna chew its foot too!

  43. Auto-omni-toebean-nomivore!

  44. Tastee toebeans!!!

  45. Ruby and Miaoux's Mommeh says:

    i bet those toe-beans taste like little shrimps!

  46. Is that foot kosher?

  47. tessamo says:

    Little pink sock! Little pink sock!….Little pink toes! Little pink toes!

  48. Anyone consider that maybe that poor puss has an itchy toe??

  49. Heather says:

    I left a comment about it being itchy and maybe having allergies but I don’t see it. Guess it did not pass inspectshun.

  50. kibblenibble says:

    TATERS! Isn’t that the darling marmie from awhile back with the extremely silly sleeping posishe? (On his back with paws up and privacy tailio.) I’d link it, but I’m computer illiterate that way. I remember him well, because I used the picture for my wallpaper for a long time. Sweet kitty!

  51. MickeyC says:

    So that’s where that headline is from! I actually remembered this as a real National Inquirer headline from the eighties! Weeeird…

  52. @Misty C 😆 Your kitty, Taters, is such a silly kitty chomping on her foot like that 😆

  53. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Oh goody. My prayers have been answered. My Boo Boo and Shunra are not The Stupidest Cats on The Planet. At least they don’t nom their own feet. So they’ve got that going for them.

    And look, when he’s done with his foot, he starts in on his tail. Genius like that, you can’t teach it in school.

    Ahhhh, who’m I kidding. I’d adopt him in a second. Wot a cutie.

  54. Sooooo cute! My own little bebbeh kitten Ruby does the same thing with her own tail…. 🙂

  55. BStrange says:

    I’m getting “Firefox prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page.” everywhere I go on CO today. It’s never happened before. I can view everything fine, it just comes with a side order of that message. Hmm.

    Anywho: Kitty appears to have swallowed the mini-him and is now not completely under his own control. Granted, this is vastly cuter than the Bruce Campbell version of the scene, but I’m still leavin’ before extra eyes sprout. 😀

    @tessamo, your “Mutts” reference ftw. 🙂

  56. BStrange says:

    For reference, I offer this clip. To those unfamiliar with Evil dead 2: please note my “violence and general grossness” warning before clicking this link to a bizarre low-budget movie scene involving a guy being attacked by his own hand.

    Clear enough for ya? Are we good? YAY. Those remaining may now press on!:

  57. BStrange says:

    Eh, I didn’t think the clip was that bad (and yet I skipped posting the “flying kiwi” vid awhile back because it has an implied sad ending… go figure). But I bow to editorial decision on this one, not everyone was raised on cheesy monster movies ‘n’things. This will forever be the Bruce Campbell Kitty to me, though. 😉

  58. I was preoccupied with trying to figure out the Firefox weirdness, and didn’t realize the post was back in place. Oops.. sorry for the skein of posts (gah) and thanks for fixing the rampaging bold text! [Hehehe – Ed.]

    Anyway, adding this before I shoosh: They only BEGIN with their own feet, as practice. Before long, the Greater White-Spotted Marmie will move on to bigger game, such as…. Watermelons?!

  59. “Nawm nawm nawm ma toes has a flavr”….ykwim

  60. What’s taters precious? Why not name him Scraps and send him to the moon?