Sell it, Smokie, Sell it

[Camera clicking sound] [Camera clicking sound]

Come on Smokie, Sell it!

That’s right, clutch the bone, show me some claws

And look up just a bit, show us your ear flops

And, take 5, there’s milk at the Kraft table—nice job!

Michele H. says this was Smokie’s first shoot, but we don’t believe her. Pet photography hovertexts by For Photography.



  1. Kitten pinup!

  2. Hot Tams says:


  3. wuyizidi says:

    ☑ gray
    ☑ tabby
    ☑ green eyes
    ☑ Scottish Fold

    Oh no’s, somebody discovered all my fatal weaknesses, and genetically engineered my personal kryptonite.

    /and they say Meg doesn’t post anymore 🙂

    [If They were to say that, then They would be mistaken. 😛 How did you do the checkboxes, btw? – Ed.]

  4. America’s next top model. What a beauty.

  5. Transpogue says:

    Look at those HUGE PAWFEETS.

    Pic #2 does it for me…. “My love, my all… eet eez gone from meh… oh wallow, wallow and despair….”

  6. Tineeeeeeeetabbeeeeeeeeeeee with beepable nose!!

  7. Hon Glad says:

    Smokey is smokin hot,
    anything he reccomends,
    boy, I’d buy the lot.


  9. marthava says:

    Kilt ded from all the softness and overall adorabuhlsness.

  10. BC in Toronto says:

    Reminds me of an Austin Powers movie.

    OK, predator coming! Now, burrow,
    burrow! You’re a lemur. It’s all you’ve got.
    I take it back. Be a tiger again.

  11. Pink fuzzy bones are clearly the latest must-have fashion accessory. I will look for this gorgeous creature in the next issue of Vanity Fair.

  12. d’awwwww….
    mush…. that’s ma brain….
    I SO miss da babehs.

  13. Cutest kitten in the WORLD, doesn’t he look like:

  14. StormCat42 says:

    NERMAL! I luvs Nermal!!!

    But I love this lovely Kitteh too… Wait… I have a choice? I can’t handle choice! Don’t give me a choice! Just tell me what I’ll like and be done with it!! AAAGGGGG *sploit*

    This user is no longer available due to technical difficulties…Please be patient…

  15. Those eyes!!!! Gorgeous. I’ll buy whatever this cutey is selling, and coming from a dog person, that’s saying something.

  16. Adorable ❤

  17. Scottish Folds make me melt.

    I’m a puddle.
    I’m going to evaporate into nothing.
    A kitten vaporized me!

  18. Katiedid says:

    Wow! What a beautiful cat! The ears kill me…now I’z deed…. X_X

  19. Auntie Meme says:

    I dunno…that second one’s a little Lindsay Lohan-smacks-of-desperation (please, please love me).

    And I fell for it. (the kitteh, not the lohan)

  20. Soph-cat says:

    Such pretty jade green eyes! And the pretty stripes! And those big furry toesies! *thud*

  21. That is just so stinkin’ cute!!!!! I can’t stand it!

  22. ButtaRumCake says:

    This is so what I needed.

    These past few weeks have been hellacious (family issues, school *midterm grades below*, health issues *nursing an inflamed right rotator cuff*)…I really REALLY needed this!!

    Midterm good news – English Comp/B-minus; Sociology/92; Math/100; Cultural Anthropology/TBA (I just took it today…should have the grades by Wednesday)

    I’ll be able to peek back in more often now that midterms are over…at least till finals roll around *siiiiiiigh*

  23. It’s obvious the camera just lurves Smokey, because there’s not one flawed pik in the lot: each photo is for the win…..!
    (Mebbee we should try to get his autograph right now; when he goes to Tinsel Town and becomes a major star, he’ll be just too busy for us……. just sayin’…… ) 😉


    That’s all I can say, cuz now the cute has made me


  25. Paunchie says:

    “show us your ear flops” 😆

    Green eyes? I thought they were grey! To match her fur! No? I love that eye liner at the corner of the eye look.

  26. Paunchie says:

    And PS pic no. 2 is killin me. Looks like she dipped her mouf in a saucer of meelks!

    Do you know, last night I had a dream I had taken some sort of essay test, it had been graded and I was checking out my score. I got points off for using the word “kitteh” D’oh!

    [Sounds like I was grading. Odd that I don’t remember it. 😉 – Ed.]

  27. that’s a really pretty face.

  28. talonsmom says:

    The little tailio is the cutest part of very cute pictures of a very cute kitty

  29. I’LL BUY IT!! Whatever it is, I’LL BUY!! =D

  30. ButterRumCake- YAY! YAY! I’m pullin’ for ya!

  31. wuyizidi says:

    @Ed – I goggled “check mark” and copied & pasted it from the Wikipedia entry:

    [Ah. 😆 That’s one way to do it. – Ed.]

  32. Natural beauty no makeup! AWwwwwe

  33. Bunnyfluffs says:

    I’m utterly in love. What a gorgeous little kittycupcake.

    and wuyizidi? Pure genius!!

  34. Another Nermal fan here! In fact, I named one of our kitties ‘Nermal.’ He was a sweet, sweet marmie whom we lost under sad circumstances . . . but I won’t go there.

    But I’ll gladly go to the ‘Kraft’ table. Do they have macaroni and cheese? 😉 (Is Meg taking responsibility for that pun?)

  35. Darn it! That mysterious ‘Judy’ who’s been showing up recently is actually me. I accidentally typed in my (unfortunate) real name, now it keeps coming back to haunt me.

  36. Perfect timing. I spent a few hours this weekend at the shelter where I visit helping with a photo shoot to make our kitties look good on the website. I’d never tried to get cats to focus their attention before so the photographer could get good shots. I was a total idiot making clicking noises, dangling toys, doing whatever I could to get the cats to sit still. It’s harder than it looks.

  37. BStrange says:

    Even Smokie’s toe cleavage is cute, and that’s where kitties keep their cutlery. The rest of him(?) looks so ssssoooffffffttttttt.. *suffers qte-induced brain damage*

    @ButtaRumCake: “*nursing an inflamed right rotator cuff*”
    Speedy recovery to you! Inflamed joints are such a pain, mine have been tantruming lots in all this cold weather. Sore shoulders, especially, seem to want to sabotage themselves, like bug bites. (“Scratch me/Stretch me, I’ll feel better!” LIES!) Anyway, congrats-congrats-&wish you luck on the midterms!

  38. BStrange says:

    Oh and Juno, welcome back! Need the number of a good exorcist? 😀

  39. America’s next top squee! ykwim

  40. the second one…it is KEEEELLLING me!

  41. Noelegy says:

    This proves it: Kittens are therapeutical and the cost of obtaining and caring for them should be covered by health insurance.

  42. Everett says:

    Oh Lord, what a cute kitten. Perhaps, its a good thing that it is not mine, I could not say “No” to that adorable face EVER!!!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my. What a beautiful kitteh!!!! Work it, girl!

  44. Fleurdamour says:

    The giant paws are just SQUEE!

  45. chanpon says:

    StormCat42 is correct. This is Nermal, in the flesh! (o_o)

  46. Smokie’s eyes are a strange grey / green shade right now. Like all babies she was born with blue eyes, but the color is shifting. Both her parents have big copper-orangey eyes so I am hoping that she will too. I got her after goggling for the last two years over every cute kitty on cuteoverload!

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    MicheleH: She is such a pretty, little girl! Please keep us posted on the eyes.

  48. Keina and Kai says:

    Lil Smokie is the cutest kitten ever!!!!!!!!!!! Please give me one………now!

  49. Daphne Moss says:

    Loves da kitten…but not the folded ears. Like muffling her ears…
    Cat ears are like moveable little satellite dishes for a reason.

  50. victoreia says:

    @Noelegy: I totally agree! I got out of the hospital way earlier than they expected last summer, ‘cuz my kitties were calling for me!

  51. victoreia says:

    @Daphne Moss: Scottish Folds’ ears are like that naturally.

  52. silentk says:

    Oh man. I just want to **scoop** this kitten up and take her home with me. She will blend in with my other two gray tabbies perfectly- they won’t even notice she’s there.
    Why is it that the ears become so much cuter as soon as they’re called “ear flops”?? It’s magic!

  53. OMG…..if it is possible that is the cutest little kitty I have ever seen…..I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!!

  54. Noelegy says:

    I can see this being a way to unite everyone on the healthcare debate: If kittens are covered, then everyone wins! Yay!

  55. avoid using the flash (ie: using room lighting or photo floods)
    and READ the manual for your camera…

    the high speed multi-shot function can be your BFF (well next to the cutie)

  56. Sweeda88 says:

    The… EARS!!! MUST… nom…. EARS!!! *ded*

  57. revolution724 says:

    I…. have to admit, I looked at this and said “d’awwww,” aloud. Little fuzzy-head.

  58. There is a big rectangular white reflection in the eyes of all photos. If it is a “studio feature”, well then I just don’t like it. But a cute kitten it is indeed.

  59. Cuteeeee!!!! Nice shots, and she´s a natural model, alright! 🙂

    Looked at “For Photography”, and although the animal photos are fab, the guy/girl obviously has no idea of how to create a website! Hey, can I help? Contact me at 😀

  60. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at those ears!!!!
    Bring that into the club and you have yourself the instant close super weapon of mass cute provoking…

  61. Rachael says:

    That face, that ear flappage, those giant pawses, those perfectly eye-linered eyes, that leetle smudge of a nose. Oh. my. god!

  62. That kitten is too cute, however, I don’t really care for the ears..But it’s a cutie for sure. Very adorable.

  63. I think the ears are too cute. Dont think possible to take a bad pic. so innocent bet shes a trouble maker. LOL

  64. @Michele H 😀 Smokie is such a CUTIE 😀 😈 I would pick her up in a heartbeat and run off with her 😈 There are probably others here that would do the same 😆